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8.2. Linking to a Web page

To refer to a location on a Web page outside the current document, use the link element with an xl:href attribute that specifies the URL (Uniform Resource Locator) of the target.


The namespace prefix “xl:” refers to the XLink standard.

To use this namespace prefix, you must declare it in your root article element. For the format of this declaration, see the model.xml file in Section 5, “Overall section structure”


See <link xl:href="">Wikipedia</link>.

would display as: “See Wikipedia.”

You may use the “xl:href” attribute on any inline element to make that element a link to the external URL. Here is an example; the word “XLink” will be marked up as an application name, and it will also be a link to the URL shown.

    See <application xl:href='TR/xlink11/'>XLink</application>.