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13. Including TeX and LaTeX math

You can include mathematical formulae written in TeX and LaTeX in your document. Here is an example:

There are some limitations:

13.1. Preparing a formula with LaTeX

To use a LaTeX displayed formula, the formula must reside in a separate file, and you must follow a specific structure. Here is the LaTeX source file for the example in Section 13, “Including TeX and LaTeX math”.

% lamath.tex: Sample of LaTeX math for inclusion in DocBook
  \int \tanh^{-1}{x\over a}dx =
  x \tanh^{-1}{x\over a}+{a\over 2}\log(a^2-x^2),\qquad
    \left(\left| x\over a \right| < 1\right)
  • The option [leqno] instructs LaTeX to place equation numbers on the left side.

  • The conversion process selects everything on the page and puts it into a rectangular box. Hence, a page number would force the box to be page-sized. The \pagestyle{empty} command suppresses page numbering.

  • The line \setlength{\textwidth}{6in sets the width of the text column to six inches, which matches the text column width in the PDF output from DocBook.

  • Use a line \setcounter{equation}{N} to set the equation number to one less than the desired equation number. A value of 13 here will number the equation as (14).

  • Place the equation in a \begin{equation}…\end{equation} environment so that the equation will be numbered.

The math itself is expressed using the usual LaTeX conventions.