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14.2. xep.xml: TCC modifications

Here we begin the additional font declarations local to the TCC Linux configuration. All the fonts are public domain TTF and OTF fonts from the excellent FontSquirrel web site.

     !  TCC local font customizations.  Do not edit this file: it is
     !  extracted automatically from the documentation:

All the TCC local fonts are part of a font-group element.

    <font-group label='TCC local' embed='true' subset='true'

14.2.1. Gandhi Sans

The main display face is Gandhi Sans. This is not as stodgy or as heavy as Free Sans (which is close to Helvetica), but it is still relatively formal.

     !  DISPLAY FACES: Sans
      <font-family name="GandhiSans"
          ligatures="&#xFB00; &#xFB01; &#xFB02; &#xFB03; &#xFB04;"
        <font><font-data ttf='GandhiSans-Regular.otf'/></font>
        <font weight='bold'>
          <font-data ttf='GandhiSans-Bold.otf'/></font>
        <font style='italic'>
          <font-data ttf='GandhiSans-Italic.otf'/></font>
        <font weight='bold' style='italic'>
          <font-data ttf='GandhiSans-BoldItalic.otf'/></font>