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14.3. xep.xml: Stock epilogue

The rest of the file is unaltered from the original xep.xml file.

  <!-- ======================================================= -->
  <!-- Language-specific data: hyphenation, line breaking, etc -->
  <!-- ======================================================= -->
  <languages default-language="en-US" xml:base="hyphen/">
    <language name="English (US)" codes="none en-US eng-US">
      <hyphenation pattern="hyphen.tex"/>

    <language name="English (UK)" codes="en-GB eng-GB en eng">
      <hyphenation pattern="ukhyphen.tex"/>

    <language name="Russian" codes="ru rus">
      <hyphenation pattern="ruhyphal.tex" encoding="koi8-r"/>

    <language name="French" codes="fr fra fre">
      <hyphenation pattern="frhyph_rx.tex"/>
    <language name="German" codes="de deu ger">
      <hyphenation pattern="dehyph_rx.tex"/>

    <language name="Spanish" codes="es esl spa">
      <hyphenation pattern="eshyph_rx.tex"/>
    <language name="Polish" codes="pl pol">
      <hyphenation pattern="plhyph_rx.tex"/>