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5. Overall structure of the local customization layer

In general, to produce a local customization of the DocBook-XSL Stylesheets, we need only write an XSLT file (with file extension .xsl) that imports the DocBook-XSL Stylesheets and then adds local customizations.

However, there is another significant complication. Customizing the title page format for either HTML or FO output is a two-stage process. First, one must create an XML template file that describes the format of the title page. Then, one runs it through xsltproc using a special stylesheet, template/titlepage.xsl in the DocBook-XSL Stylesheets. That step converts it into an XSL file, which is the part of the local customization layer that describes the title page layout. Here, we are using an XSL file to transform an XML file into XSL.

Our title customization files are called html-titlepage.xml and fo-titlepage.xml for the HTML and FO versions, respectively. The transformed files are html-titlepage.xsl and fo-titlepage.xsl. These transformed files are referenced by the base stylesheets.

These are the principal components of this customization layer for the Modular Stylesheets. All file references are relative to the root of our current customization layer, which is currently: