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11.5. PDF inline element customizations

This section describes the customization of various inline elements for PDF output.

First we define templates for type styles that are not part of the stock stylesheets. As with the HTML inline customizations (see Section 7.5, “HTML inline element customizations”), we define templates similar to the stock inline.italicseq template and others defined in fo/inline.xsl.

11.5.1. The inline.italicsansseq template

The inline.italicsansseq template selects italic sans-serif font. It takes one parameter, the content to be marked up.

<!--inline.italicsansseq: Select italic sans-serif font-->
<xsl:template name="inline.italicsansseq">
  <xsl:param name="content">

The content is wrapped in an inline container that selects an italic font-style and a sans-serif font-family.

  <fo:inline font-style="italic" font-family="sans-serif">
    <xsl:copy-of select="$content"/>