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Bird photo identification problems

There is some question about the identification of these photos. Please mail any comments you might have to

Possibly Rusty Blackbird

Possible Rusty Blackbird photo Bosque del Apache NWR, NM, 2003-9-13. From my notes: ``Icterid body plan and medium icterid bill, body pretty much all black except showing narrow, even rusty edges on folded wing feathers, giving it a scaly look. Head looked all dark.'' Unfortunately I only got this one usable photo, and it's pretty bad.

``Solitary'' Vireo

`Solitary' Vireo photo #1 Separating the Plumbeous and Cassin's Vireo, both of which occur here in central New Mexico, is a challenge. These cruddy photos don't help much. This bird was photographed during an International Migratory Bird Day count, 2003-5-10, near Socorro, NM.
`Solitary' Vireo photo #2
`Solitary' Vireo photo #3

Sedge or Marsh Wren?

wren quiz photo #1 I spent some time crawling around in long marsh grasses at the Bosque del Apache refuge (NM) on 1990-1-22 and managed to get some decent pictures of this wren. I'm pretty sure it's either a Marsh or Sedge wren, but which, and why?
wren quiz photo #2

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