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5. The schema

How should a large collection of bird notes be organized into files? The author feels that a month's worth of notes is a reasonable size for one file. Files are named as yyyy-mm.xml, where yyyy is the year and mm is the month number. The overall organization places a year's worth of notes in one directory whose name is the year number. So, from the root directory, file 2004/2004-09.xml contains the notes for September 2004.

So to begin our discussion of the schema, we assume that each document represents all the notes for one calendar month.

5.1. The preamble

Here, in literate programming form, is the Relax NG Compact Syntax (RNC) schema for the document type that encodes the field notes. For more on the author's approach to literate programming, see Lightweight literate programming.

First, a little preamble:

# birdnotes.rnc:  Relax NG schema for bird field notes
#   $Revision: 1.56 $ $Date: 2015/07/30 01:07:03 $
# For documentation, see: