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5.12. The sighting-notes elements

The sighting-notes pattern is a set of optional child elements that can occur inside a form or floc element:

sighting-notes = ( desc? & behavior? & voc? & breeding? &
    photo* & para* )
desc = element desc { narrative }
behavior = element behavior { narrative }
voc = element voc { narrative }
breeding = element breeding { narrative }

Most of these child elements are simply containers for narrative; see Section 5.15, “The narrative elements”.


Plumage and other physical descriptions: feather colors and patterns, soft part colors, shape, and other static appearance details.


Notes on behavior other than vocalization.




Evidence of breeding—solid or circumstantial, attempted or successful. Courtship behavior, nest-building, eggs, young, fledging, and any other breeding behavior that implies that the locality of the sighting is the locality of breeding. Exclude sightings of young that are capable of independent locomotion.


Each photo element describes photographic evidence of the sighting. For the structure of this element, see Section 5.13, “The photo element”.


For any remarks about the sighting that don't fit into the other categories.