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15.2. AgeSexGroup.readNode() (static method)

This method looks to see if the given node has any age-sex-group content and, if so, makes it into an AgeSexGroup instance and returns that. If there is no such content, it returns None. For the constructor, see Section 15.1, “AgeSexGroup.__init__().
# - - -   A g e S e x G r o u p . r e a d N o d e

    def readNode(node):
        """Check for age-sex-group content.
        age = node.attrib.get(rnc.AGE_A, None)
        sex = node.attrib.get(rnc.SEX_A, None)
        q = node.attrib.get(rnc.Q_A, None)
        count = node.attrib.get(rnc.COUNT_A, None)
        fide = node.attrib.get(rnc.FIDE_A, None)
        if  sex or age or q or count or fide:
            return AgeSexGroup(age, sex, q, count, fide)
            return None