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4.2. XHTML for the month page

The page's title is “Shipman's field notes, monthname yyyy”.

The overall page structure has these parts:

The page table of contents consists of a sequence of li (list item) elements, one for each day-notes element in the input file.

Each entry in the page TOC starts with a simple link to the anchor for that day-notes element. If there were any notable birds inside that element, the entry is followed by a div containing the names of the notable birds. Here is an example:

        <a href='#D2007-09-30'>NM: 2007-09-30: Bosque del Apache NWR</a>
        <div class='loc-child'>
          <span class='notable'>Notable:</span>
          Osprey, Solitary Sandpiper, Sabine's Gull, Common Tern

The notable block is formatted by a CSS rule discussed in Section 5.7, “div.loc-child: Indented child block”. For styling of the label “Notable:”, see Section 5.2, “Inline markup rules”.