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4.8. XHTML for the form element

Each form element from the input file is rendered like this:

  1. A div element with class='form' wraps all generated content. For styling, see Section 5.12, “div.form: General form-related data”.

    Because the bird names of notable records are set in a red-bordered box, they need a little bit more vertical margin, so there is a variant rule for class='notable-form'.

  2. Display of the name or names of this form of bird. For the display of the bird name(s), see Section 4.9, “XHTML for bird form names”.

  3. If there is locality information attached to the If the input form element has loc-group or sighting-note content attached, it is rendered next. See Section 4.10, “XHTML rendering of form data”.

  4. If the form element has floc children, they are rendered next. See Section 4.13, “XHTML rendering of floc elements”.