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4.6. XHTML for day-annotation elements

Still inside the daily summary block, here is the XHTML generated for elements in the day-annotation pattern: route, weather, missed, film, and any undifferentiated para elements or loose text children of the day-summary element.

      <div class='loc-child'>
        <span class='loc-label'>type:</span>

The span portion is omitted for undifferentiated text; otherwise it shows the content type such as “Film”.

The text may be a single paragraph, or it may be broken into multiple paragraphs. See Section 4.7, “XHTML rendering of narrative elements”.

If there are multiple paragraphs of narrative, each is in a separate div below the run-in label. However, if there is only one paragraph, that is a special case, and the content of that one paragraph is placed directly in the parent div.