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9. class DayNotes: Notes for one day

An instance of this class is a container for all the notes for one day within one state.

Attributes include:


The parent BirdNoteSet instance that contains this instance.


The lowercased postal code, e.g., 'nm' for New Mexico.


The date as a string, formatted as YYYY-MM-DD.


A DaySummary instance representing the day's general features. See Section 10, “class DaySummary: Daily context”.


A locality that includes all the day's notes, as a Loc instance. See Section 11, “class Loc: Locality code definition”.

9.1. DayNotes.title(): General title string

This method returns a string of the form

yyyy-mm-dd rr: dayloc

where yyyy-mm-dd is the date, rr is the region code (uppercased), and dayloc is the full name corresponding to the .dayLoc attribute.

Here's an example return value:

2007-09-05 NM: Hobbs