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Shipman's field notes, May 2011


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2011-05-03: NM: Socorro: New Mexico Tech

Notable:  Green-tailed Towhee
@NMT: Socorro: New Mexico Tech
Towhee, Green-tailed 1 @Socorro: New Mexico Tech
Casually foraging in the flowerbed just south of the MSEC building.

2011-05-04: NM: Socorro-Melrose Woods

Notable:  Orange-crowned Warbler; Black-and-white Warbler; Gray-headed Junco
@Mel: Melrose Woods
First time I've seen this site since a fire went through recently. About a third of the understory was burned out. Some of the larger cottonwoods are quite blackened on the outside but still have green foliage above. Still, the relatively dense stands of Silverleaf Poplar on the center of the west side are still fairly well intact, and the northern half or so of the woods proper are still mostly intact, although the understory vegetation is thin. However, the treeless habitat around the outside is in very bad shape, with large stretches completely denuded, forming a sort of a dunes microhabitat west of the woods.
@day: Socorro-Melrose Woods
Hawk, Red-tailed 1a @Melrose Woods
Kestrel, American @Melrose Woods
Empidonax sp. @Melrose Woods
@Melrose Woods
Bird #1.
@Melrose Woods
Bird #2.
@Melrose Woods
Bird #3.
@Melrose Woods
Bird #4; possibly the same individual as #3.
Flycatcher, Gray 1 @Melrose Woods
Behavior: Dips tail.
Kingbird, Western @Melrose Woods
Vireo, Warbling 1 @Melrose Woods
Raven, Chihuahuan @Melrose Woods
Wren, House @Melrose Woods
Kinglet, Ruby-crowned @Melrose Woods
Thrush, Hermit @Melrose Woods
Warbler, Orange-crowned 1 @Melrose Woods
Warbler, Black-and-white 1 @Melrose Woods
Warbler, MacGillivray's @Melrose Woods
In the second photo, note the bright yellow patch on the underwing.
Warbler, Wilson's @Melrose Woods
Towhee, Green-tailed # @Melrose Woods
Towhee, Spotted @Melrose Woods
Sparrow, White-crowned 1a @Melrose Woods
Junco, Gray-headed 1 @Melrose Woods
Tanager, Summer @Melrose Woods
Grosbeak, Black-headed 1♂ @Melrose Woods

2011-05-05: NM: Melrose Woods-Clovis WTP-Bitter Lake-Brantley Lake

Notable:  Mississippi Kite; Willet; Plumbeous Vireo; Gray Catbird; Ovenbird; Gray-headed Junco; Dickcissel
@Bit: Bitter Lake NWR
@CWTP: Clovis Water Treatment Plant
Easy to find and full of great birds, this will definitely go on my standard circuit from now on. Bill Wittman gave me directions and got my attention by saying he had eleven Whimbrels a couple days earlier. From the east-west main drag (where the Econo-Lodge is), go south on Prince Street. Look for a large green sign announcing the water treatment plant and turn east for a mile or so. Ask permission from whatever human you first encounter.
@Cheap: Brantley Lake: Champion Cove Road
@Mel: Melrose Woods
@day: Melrose Woods-Clovis WTP-Bitter Lake-Brantley Lake
Goose, Canada 1 @Clovis Water Treatment Plant
Gadwall # @Bitter Lake NWR
Wigeon, American # @Bitter Lake NWR
# @Clovis Water Treatment Plant
# @Bitter Lake NWR
Teal, Blue-winged # @Clovis Water Treatment Plant
Teal, Cinnamon # @Bitter Lake NWR
Shoveler, Northern 
# @Clovis Water Treatment Plant
# @Bitter Lake NWR
Duck, Ruddy # @Bitter Lake NWR
Grebe, Eared 1 @Clovis Water Treatment Plant
Description: Alternate plumage.
Cormorant, Double-crested 20 @Clovis Water Treatment Plant
Breeding: Nesting underway on the southern rim of the large water body. Count approximate.
Heron, Great Blue 1 @Clovis Water Treatment Plant
Egret, Great # @Bitter Lake NWR
Ibis, White-faced # @Bitter Lake NWR
hawk sp. @Bitter Lake NWR
I have no idea what kind of bird this is. It was a ways off and these pictures capture pretty much what I saw through binoculars. Possibly one of those southeast NM Red-tails with immaculate underparts. Size and shape about Buteo.
Kite, Mississippi 1 @Bitter Lake NWR
Soaring over the marsh just east of the Skeen Visitor Center.
Description: Sorry I failed to get any photos, but it was pretty unmistakable. Adult bird, slender wings, long dark tail with straight rear margin, underparts pale gray.
Harrier, Northern 1 @Bitter Lake NWR
Kestrel, American 2 @Melrose Woods
Coot, American # @Clovis Water Treatment Plant
Plover, Snowy 
2 @Bitter Lake NWR
1 @Brantley Lake: Champion Cove Road
Killdeer # @Clovis Water Treatment Plant
Stilt, Black-necked 
# @Clovis Water Treatment Plant
# @Bitter Lake NWR
Avocet, American 
# @Clovis Water Treatment Plant
# @Bitter Lake NWR
Yellowlegs, Greater 1 @Bitter Lake NWR
Willet 1 @Clovis Water Treatment Plant
Yellowlegs, Lesser 1 @Clovis Water Treatment Plant
Sandpiper, Baird's 1 @Brantley Lake: Champion Cove Road
Det. based on: black legs rule out Least; bill not as long as Western, not drooping; buffy band across breast, not as extensive as Pectoral; long wingtips crossing beyond the tail.
Dowitcher, Long-billed # @Clovis Water Treatment Plant
Phalarope, Wilson's 
# @Clovis Water Treatment Plant
In the photo, note the tiny food item near the tip of the bill.
# @Bitter Lake NWR
1 @Brantley Lake: Champion Cove Road
Gull, Franklin's 
# @Clovis Water Treatment Plant
9 @Bitter Lake NWR
1 @Brantley Lake: Champion Cove Road
Gull, Ring-billed 
2 @Clovis Water Treatment Plant
6 @Bitter Lake NWR
Woodpecker, Ladder-backed 1 @Melrose Woods
Empidonax sp. @Melrose Woods
@Melrose Woods
Behavior: Flicks wings and tail up together. Too much yellow and green to be a Gray.
Bird #1 for the day.
@Melrose Woods
Bird #2 for the day.
Flycatcher, Gray 1 @Melrose Woods
Phoebe, Say's 1 @Melrose Woods
Kingbird, Western # @Melrose Woods
Vireo, Plumbeous 1 @Bitter Lake NWR
Trees just north of the old headquarters building. Quite tame, giving me frame-filling photos.
Description: All plumage colors shades of white and gray. Distinct border between gray cheek and white throat. Secondary edges white, no tinge of green.
Swallow, Barn # @Melrose Woods
Wren, House @Melrose Woods
Kinglet, Ruby-crowned 1+ @Melrose Woods
Thrush, Hermit # @Melrose Woods
Scads of these everywhere. Most common bird here today.
Catbird, Gray 1 @Melrose Woods
Foraging on the “dunes” west of the woods.
Mockingbird, Northern 
1 @Melrose Woods
@Bitter Lake NWR
Warbler, Audubon's # @Bitter Lake NWR
Ovenbird 1 @Melrose Woods
Towhee, Green-tailed 3+ @Melrose Woods
Seems like there was one of these every time I turned around. Most were rather uncooperative for photos, though.
Towhee, Spotted 1 @Melrose Woods
Sparrow, Chipping 
# @Melrose Woods
# @Bitter Lake NWR
Sparrow, Lark # @Melrose Woods
Bunting, Lark @Melrose Woods-Clovis WTP-Bitter Lake-Brantley Lake
A short distance north of Elida along NM-330.
Junco, Gray-headed 1 @Melrose Woods
Tanager, Summer 1 @Melrose Woods
Tanager, Western # @Melrose Woods
Dickcissel 1 @Melrose Woods
Perched in a tree at the south end of the Pit.
Meadowlark, Western # @Bitter Lake NWR
Vocalizations: By song type.
Grackle, Great-tailed # @Clovis Water Treatment Plant
Oriole, Bullock's 1 @Melrose Woods

2011-05-06: NM: Rattlesnake Springs-Brantley-Bosque del Apache

Notable:  Cassin's Vireo; Brown Thrasher; Lucy's Warbler; Northern Parula; Palm Warbler
@BdA: Bosque del Apache NWR
@Cheap: Brantley Lake: Champion Cove Road (Cheapskate Point)
@Cot: Carlsbad Caverns NP: Cottonwood Day Use Area
@RS: Rattlesnake Springs
@SAnt: San Antonio
@day: Rattlesnake Springs-Brantley-Bosque del Apache
Goose, Canada # @Bosque del Apache NWR
Gadwall # @Bosque del Apache NWR
Mallard # @Bosque del Apache NWR
Teal, Blue-winged # @Bosque del Apache NWR
Teal, Cinnamon # @Bosque del Apache NWR
Shoveler, Northern # @Bosque del Apache NWR
Duck, Ruddy # @Bosque del Apache NWR
Quail, Gambel's # @San Antonio
Pheasant, Ring-necked 1♂ @Bosque del Apache NWR
Turkey, Wild 7 @Rattlesnake Springs
Grebe, Pied-billed # @Bosque del Apache NWR
Cormorant, Neotropic # @Bosque del Apache NWR
Cormorant, Double-crested 1 @Bosque del Apache NWR
Egret, Great # @Bosque del Apache NWR
Egret, Snowy # @Bosque del Apache NWR
Heron, Green 1 @Rattlesnake Springs
Ibis, White-faced # @Bosque del Apache NWR
Harrier, Northern 
1♂ @Carlsbad Caverns NP: Cottonwood Day Use Area
1♀ @Carlsbad Caverns NP: Cottonwood Day Use Area
Coot, American 
1 @Carlsbad Caverns NP: Cottonwood Day Use Area
# @Bosque del Apache NWR
Killdeer # @Brantley Lake: Champion Cove Road (Cheapskate Point)
Stilt, Black-necked 2 @Brantley Lake: Champion Cove Road (Cheapskate Point)
These two birds were resting comfortably right at the edge of the water.
Phalarope, Wilson's 
# @Brantley Lake: Champion Cove Road (Cheapskate Point)
The photo shows the lobed shape of the foot.
# @Bosque del Apache NWR
Gull, Franklin's 1a @Brantley Lake: Champion Cove Road (Cheapskate Point)
Gull, Ring-billed 2 @Brantley Lake: Champion Cove Road (Cheapskate Point)
Dove, White-winged # @Rattlesnake Springs
Dove, Mourning # @Rattlesnake Springs
Hummingbird, Black-chinned 1♂ @Rattlesnake Springs
Kingfisher, Belted # @Rattlesnake Springs
Woodpecker, Ladder-backed 1♀ @Carlsbad Caverns NP: Cottonwood Day Use Area
Phoebe, Black 1 @Bosque del Apache NWR
Flycatcher, Vermilion # @Rattlesnake Springs
Kingbird, Cassin's 1 @Rattlesnake Springs
Kingbird, Western # @Rattlesnake Springs
Vireo, Cassin's 1 @Rattlesnake Springs
Description: A very different-looking bird than yesterday's Plumbeous. Much green and yellow coloration, color change between the gray cheek and the paler throat quite gradual.
raven sp. # @Rattlesnake Springs
Swallow, Barn # @Rattlesnake Springs
Kinglet, Ruby-crowned # @Rattlesnake Springs
Thrush, Hermit # @Rattlesnake Springs
Mockingbird, Northern # @Rattlesnake Springs
Thrasher, Brown 1 @Rattlesnake Springs
On the grassy strip on the north side of the “ash grove” just east of the ranger's house.
Warbler, Lucy's 1 @Rattlesnake Springs
In mesquite north of the fence, west of the picnic area.
Description: Brief look showed an all-gray bird with a chestnut rump.
Parula, Northern 1 @Rattlesnake Springs
At the time, I reported Nashville, based on the general blue-and-yellow coloration. However, I did notice the dark bar between the yellow throat and the yellow breast at the time, and it bothered me. Not until I saw the photos did I realize the correct ID.
Warbler, Yellow # @Rattlesnake Springs
Warbler, Audubon's # @Rattlesnake Springs
Warbler, Palm 1 @Carlsbad Caverns NP: Cottonwood Day Use Area
Foraging under and in the smallish cottonwoods just to the right of the observation deck at the pond here.
Warbler, MacGillivray's 1 @Rattlesnake Springs
Yellowthroat, Common 1-3 @Rattlesnake Springs
Warbler, Wilson's # @Rattlesnake Springs
Chat, Yellow-breasted # @Rattlesnake Springs
Towhee, Green-tailed # @Rattlesnake Springs
Sparrow, Chipping 
# @Rattlesnake Springs
# @Bosque del Apache NWR
Sparrow, Brewer's @Rattlesnake Springs
This bird came in to drink at the small pool just west of the main pond. I like Brewer's rather than Chipping because the dark line through the eye and the “mustache” line are equally strong.
Sparrow, Lark # @Rattlesnake Springs
Bunting, Lark # @Brantley Lake: Champion Cove Road (Cheapskate Point)
Group of at least seven birds in mesquite along Champion Cove Road not far from US-285.
Sparrow, White-crowned 
# @Carlsbad Caverns NP: Cottonwood Day Use Area
# @Bosque del Apache NWR
Tanager, Summer 1♂ @Rattlesnake Springs
Cardinal, Northern # @Rattlesnake Springs
Grosbeak, Black-headed 1♂ @Rattlesnake Springs
Cowbird, Brown-headed 1♂ @Rattlesnake Springs
Oriole, Orchard 1♂ @Rattlesnake Springs
Finch, House # @Rattlesnake Springs
Siskin, Pine 1 @Rattlesnake Springs

2011-05-07: NM: Socorro: 507 Fitch

@home: Socorro: 507 Fitch
Bunting, Lazuli 1 @Socorro: 507 Fitch

2011-05-09: NM: Belen: Taco Bell Marsh

@TBM: Belen: Taco Bell Marsh
Mallard 1 @Belen: Taco Bell Marsh
Teal, American Green-winged 1♂ @Belen: Taco Bell Marsh
Duck, Ruddy 1♂ @Belen: Taco Bell Marsh
Egret, Snowy # @Belen: Taco Bell Marsh
Egret, Cattle # @Belen: Taco Bell Marsh
Coot, American 1 @Belen: Taco Bell Marsh
Stilt, Black-necked # @Belen: Taco Bell Marsh
Avocet, American 2 @Belen: Taco Bell Marsh
Phalarope, Wilson's # @Belen: Taco Bell Marsh
Swallow, Northern Rough-winged # @Belen: Taco Bell Marsh
Swallow, Barn 1 @Belen: Taco Bell Marsh

2011-05-14: NM: Socorro: North American Migration Count

Notable:  Bell's Vireo; Virginia's Warbler; Townsend's Warbler; Scott's Oriole
@NAMC: Socorro: North American Migration Count
@Riv4: Socorro: Riverine Park #4
@TBay: New Mexico Tech: Turtle Bay
0558-0803, foot, 0.5 miles, Turtle Bay.
0803-0903, car, 7.8 miles, city of Socorro.
0903-1103, foot, 0.8 miles, Riverine Park #4.
1103-1310, car, 26.3 miles, Socorro and farm fields.
Party of one. Total: 7.24 hours, 35.4 miles; 4.08 hours and 1.3 miles by foot, 3.12 hours and 34.1 miles by car.
Wigeon, American 2 @New Mexico Tech: Turtle Bay
Mallard 1 @Socorro: Riverine Park #4
Quail, Gambel's 2 @Socorro: North American Migration Count
Vulture, Turkey 1 @Socorro: North American Migration Count
Hawk, Sharp-shinned 1 @New Mexico Tech: Turtle Bay
Hawk, Swainson's 1 @Socorro: Riverine Park #4
Coot, American 1 @New Mexico Tech: Turtle Bay
Killdeer 1 @Socorro: North American Migration Count
Pigeon, Rock 24 @Socorro: North American Migration Count
Collared-Dove, Eurasian 11 @Socorro: North American Migration Count
Dove, White-winged 13 @Socorro: North American Migration Count
Dove, Mourning 9 @Socorro: North American Migration Count
hummingbird sp. 4 @Socorro: North American Migration Count
Flicker, Red-shafted 2 @Socorro: North American Migration Count
Wood-Pewee, Western @Socorro: North American Migration Count
The “Diagonal” off Hope Farms Road.
Empidonax sp. 4 @Socorro: North American Migration Count
Flycatcher, Gray 1 @Socorro: Riverine Park #4
Phoebe, Black 2 @Socorro: North American Migration Count
Flycatcher, Ash-throated 1 @Socorro: Riverine Park #4
Kingbird, Western 29 @Socorro: North American Migration Count
Vireo, Bell's 1 @Socorro: Riverine Park #4
Vocalizations: Heard only. Exactly the same as the songs of the Bell's Vireos I spent last weekend chasing all over Rattlesnake Springs. Phrases with a longer gap between them than the “Solitary” types; range of pitches narrower.
raven sp. 22 @Socorro: North American Migration Count
Raven, Chihuahuan 4 @Socorro: North American Migration Count
Swallow, Bank 1 @Socorro: North American Migration Count
Near the Low-flow Conveyance Channel.
Swallow, Barn 46 @Socorro: North American Migration Count
Nuthatch, White-breasted 1 @Socorro: Riverine Park #4
Wren, House 1 @Socorro: Riverine Park #4
Thrush, Hermit 2 @Socorro: Riverine Park #4
Robin, American 14 @Socorro: North American Migration Count
Mockingbird, Northern 17 @Socorro: North American Migration Count
Thrasher, Curve-billed 2 @Socorro: North American Migration Count
Starling, European 8 @Socorro: North American Migration Count
Phainopepla 1♀ @New Mexico Tech: Turtle Bay
Warbler, Orange-crowned 1 @New Mexico Tech: Turtle Bay
Warbler, Virginia's 
1 @New Mexico Tech: Turtle Bay
Description: Gray above, white below, large solid yellow area around the vent.
Seen through a chain-link fence that made it impossible to get a photo.
1 @Socorro: Riverine Park #4
Warbler, Yellow 2 @Socorro: North American Migration Count
Warbler, Audubon's 9 @Socorro: North American Migration Count
Warbler, Myrtle 1 @Socorro: North American Migration Count
Warbler, Townsend's 1 @Socorro: Riverine Park #4
At the southerly edge of the salt cedar thicket. Roughly 34°05′12″N, 106°52′27″W.
Warbler, MacGillivray's 1 @New Mexico Tech: Turtle Bay
Warbler, Wilson's 6 @Socorro: North American Migration Count
Towhee, Green-tailed 1 @New Mexico Tech: Turtle Bay
Towhee, Spotted 3 @Socorro: Riverine Park #4
Sparrow, Lark 2 @Socorro: North American Migration Count
On a Faculty Hill lawn.
Sparrow, White-crowned 8 @Socorro: North American Migration Count
Tanager, Summer 2 @Socorro: Riverine Park #4
Tanager, Western 2 @New Mexico Tech: Turtle Bay
Grosbeak, Black-headed 3 @Socorro: North American Migration Count
Blackbird, Red-winged 2 @Socorro: North American Migration Count
Meadowlark, Western 2 @Socorro: North American Migration Count
East end of Otero Road.
Vocalizations: By song type.
Grackle, Great-tailed 22 @Socorro: North American Migration Count
Cowbird, Brown-headed 2 @Socorro: Riverine Park #4
Oriole, Bullock's 3 @Socorro: North American Migration Count
Oriole, Scott's 1♂ @Socorro: North American Migration Count
On a south-facing slope just above the last segment of Calle de Lago. This is a few yards from the edge of the golf course, in scrub habitat, but also close to a popular feeder at a faculty residence.
Finch, House 14 @Socorro: North American Migration Count
Sparrow, House 18 @Socorro: North American Migration Count

2011-05-14: NM: Bosque del Apache (not part of NAMC effort)

Notable:  Common Black-Hawk; Hooded Oriole
@BdA: Bosque del Apache (not part of NAMC effort)
Goose, Canada # @Bosque del Apache (not part of NAMC effort)
Teal, Cinnamon # @Bosque del Apache (not part of NAMC effort)
Egret, Great # @Bosque del Apache (not part of NAMC effort)
Egret, Snowy # @Bosque del Apache (not part of NAMC effort)
Black-Hawk, Common 1 @Bosque del Apache (not part of NAMC effort)
Description: General size and shape Buteo-like. Head and shoulders a steel blue-gray, rest of body coffee brown. Large bill, yellow cere. Tail white with about six narrow black bands, the distal band wider, the very tips light. Upperwing gray with a small light-colored mark near the leading edge of the wing just inside the bases of the primaries.
Hummingbird, Black-chinned 1♂ @Bosque del Apache (not part of NAMC effort)
Oriole, Hooded 1i @Bosque del Apache (not part of NAMC effort)
Oriole, Scott's @Bosque del Apache (not part of NAMC effort)

2011-05-20: NM: Socorro: New Mexico Tech: Turtle Bay

@NMT: Socorro: New Mexico Tech: Turtle Bay
Empidonax sp. @Socorro: New Mexico Tech: Turtle Bay
Warbler, Yellow @Socorro: New Mexico Tech: Turtle Bay
Waterthrush, Northern @Socorro: New Mexico Tech: Turtle Bay
Warbler, MacGillivray's @Socorro: New Mexico Tech: Turtle Bay
Warbler, Wilson's @Socorro: New Mexico Tech: Turtle Bay
Tanager, Western @Socorro: New Mexico Tech: Turtle Bay

2011-05-22: NM: Socorro: 507 Fitch

@home: Socorro: 507 Fitch
Phainopepla ♀ @Socorro: 507 Fitch
Bunting, Lazuli 
♂ @Socorro: 507 Fitch
♀ @Socorro: 507 Fitch
These birds persisted for a week or two in my back yard. Perhaps the extremely dry conditions attracted them to my water feature.

2011-05-29: NM: Socorro: 507 Fitch

@home: Socorro: 507 Fitch
Bunting, Indigo 1♂ @Socorro: 507 Fitch

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