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Shipman's field notes, May 2007


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2007-05-01: NM: Socorro County

@SocCo: Socorro County
@home: Socorro: 507 Fitch
Caracara, Crested [fide Pat Phillips] @Socorro County
Somewhere on the White Sands Missile Range within a dozen miles or so of Stallion Site, E. of San Antonio, NM.
Pat is reasonably competent casual birder, and he works as a security guard on the range. He is not allowed to have a camera, so there is no photo. I have discussed the birdlife of the area with him a number of times; he knows the field marks of most any common raptor that shows up out there. He saw the bird from fairly close range, about 20 yards atop a power pole.
Oriole, Bullock's @Socorro: 507 Fitch
Vocalizations: Typical oriole chatter; heard only.
First of the year.

2007-05-02: NM: Socorro: New Mexico Tech: Turtle Bay

@TBay: Socorro: New Mexico Tech: Turtle Bay
Count everything today.
Hawk, Cooper's @Socorro: New Mexico Tech: Turtle Bay
Gee, I wonder if this bird perched in the clearing had anything to do with the great lack of small birds today.
hummingbird sp. @Socorro: New Mexico Tech: Turtle Bay
Breeding: The possible nest I found a few days ago is now definite. The walls of the nest were built up and there was a bird sitting on it.
Kingbird, Western 1 @Socorro: New Mexico Tech: Turtle Bay
raven sp. 1 @Socorro: New Mexico Tech: Turtle Bay
Swallow, Barn # @Socorro: New Mexico Tech: Turtle Bay
Robin, American 1 @Socorro: New Mexico Tech: Turtle Bay
Starling, European # @Socorro: New Mexico Tech: Turtle Bay
Phainopepla 2 @Socorro: New Mexico Tech: Turtle Bay
Vocalizations: By 'whit' call.
Warbler, Audubon's 1 @Socorro: New Mexico Tech: Turtle Bay
Grackle, Great-tailed # @Socorro: New Mexico Tech: Turtle Bay
Cowbird, Brown-headed # @Socorro: New Mexico Tech: Turtle Bay
Vocalizations: Noisy and widespread the past week or so.
Sparrow, House # @Socorro: New Mexico Tech: Turtle Bay

2007-05-10: NM: New Mexico Tech

@NMT: New Mexico Tech
Quail, Gambel's 1 @New Mexico Tech
Perched high in an evergreen at the NW corner of Weir Hall.

2007-05-16: NM: Socorro->Clovis

@DB: DeBaca Co.
@GU: Guadalupe Co.
@NM: Socorro->Clovis
@SO: Socorro Co.
@TO: Torrance Co.
Film Started with existing roll of VC-400. [13,15] Swainson's Hawk.
Pronghorn, about 18 for the day.
Harrier, Northern 1ϕ @Guadalupe Co.
Hawk, Swainson's 
2 @Torrance Co.
1 @Guadalupe Co.
2 @DeBaca Co.
Hawk, Red-tailed 1 @Torrance Co.
Killdeer 1 @Guadalupe Co.
Collared-Dove, Eurasian # @Torrance Co.
Dove, Mourning 
# @Socorro Co.
# @Torrance Co.
Phoebe, Say's @Torrance Co.
Kingbird, Western # @Torrance Co.
Shrike, Loggerhead 1 @DeBaca Co.
raven sp. # @Torrance Co.
Raven, Chihuahuan 
1 @Torrance Co.
Breeding: Sitting a nest on a phone pole in the flatlands.
# @DeBaca Co.
Mockingbird, Northern # @Torrance Co.
Sparrow, Lark 1 @Torrance Co.
E. of Willard.
Bunting, Lark 1a♂ @Torrance Co.
E. of Willard.
Description: Alternate plumage.
meadowlark sp. 1 @Guadalupe Co.
Sparrow, House # @Torrance Co.

2007-05-17: NM: Clovis-Melrose Woods-Bitter Lake

Notable:  Black Tern; Scissor-tailed Flycatcher; Brown Thrasher; Yellow Warbler
@BL: Bitter Lake NWR
@Clovis: Clovis
@Mel: Melrose Woods
Formerly known as Melrose (Migrant) Trap.
@day: Clovis-Melrose Woods-Bitter Lake
Route 0930, leave Clovis. 1015, arrive Melrose Woods. 1330, leave Melrose Woods, to Roswell via Floyd. 1445, pass through Elida. 1455, enter Chaves County. 1545, arrive Bitter Lake, drove the loop. 1700, leave Bitter Lake.
Film Started the day at frame 17 of existing roll of VC-400 (started 2007-04-27-12:20). 1650, change to Fuji Superia 400; no shots on the new roll today.
Goose, Canada # @Bitter Lake NWR
Gadwall # @Bitter Lake NWR
Teal, Blue-winged # @Bitter Lake NWR
Teal, Cinnamon # @Bitter Lake NWR
Shoveler, Northern # @Bitter Lake NWR
Scaup, Lesser 1♂ @Bitter Lake NWR
In the flooded unit near the Skeen Visitor Center.
Duck, Ruddy # @Bitter Lake NWR
Quail, Gambel's # @Bitter Lake NWR
Ibis, White-faced # @Bitter Lake NWR
Vulture, Turkey 20+ @Melrose Woods
Kettling in the evening over a farmhouse near Atoka, south of Artesia.
Hawk, Swainson's 3 @Melrose Woods
Melrose-Elida leg.
Hawk, Red-tailed 
1a @Melrose Woods
1 @Melrose Woods
Kestrel, American 
1♂ @Melrose Woods
1♀ @Melrose Woods
Vocalizations: Very vocal all day.
# @Melrose Woods
Coot, American # @Bitter Lake NWR
Killdeer # @Bitter Lake NWR
Stilt, Black-necked # @Bitter Lake NWR
peep sp. # @Bitter Lake NWR
Tern, Black 28 @Bitter Lake NWR
Counted 7 from the observation deck of the new Skeen Visitor Center. Later counted 21 more some distance away, in Unit 7, I think.
Collared-Dove, Eurasian 2 @Melrose Woods
Dove, Mourning # @Clovis
Woodpecker, Ladder-backed @Melrose Woods
1♂ @Melrose Woods
Breeding: Poked his head out of a nest hole in a tree just N of the N fence. The photo doesn't show anyone home, but I observed both birds at the depicted hole later on.
1♀ @Melrose Woods
Breeding: Brought food to the male at the nest hole.
Wood-Pewee, Western # @Melrose Woods
Kingbird, Western 
# @Melrose Woods
Behavior: Noisiest and most conspicuous bird here. At least a dozen of them fighting and yelling all day long.
# @Bitter Lake NWR
# @Melrose Woods
Flycatcher, Scissor-tailed 1 @Melrose Woods
South of Floyd.
Shrike, Loggerhead 1 @Melrose Woods
East side of Chaves County.
Raven, Chihuahuan 2 @Melrose Woods
Swallow, Cliff # @Bitter Lake NWR
Swallow, Barn # @Melrose Woods
Robin, American 1 @Clovis
Mockingbird, Northern 
# @Melrose Woods
1 @Melrose Woods
Thrasher, Brown 1 @Melrose Woods
In the thickets of the very NW corner. Skulking low.
Vocalizations: I often hear the Curve-billed Thrasher that nests in my yard; nearly all its song components are musical, and there is virtually no repetition. By contrast, Northern Mockingbird incorporates lots of unmusical buzzes and mechanical noises into its song, and repeats everything at least 3x, sometimes many times more. This bird's song was intermediate: there were almost no unmusical components, and most bits were repeated twice.
Starling, European # @Clovis
Warbler, Yellow ♀ @Melrose Woods
Description: I tried to make this bird into a Wilson's, but there was none of the suggestion of a darker cap that female Wilson's all have. No breast streaking.
Sparrow, Lark 1 @Melrose Woods
South of Floyd.
Blackbird, Red-winged # @Bitter Lake NWR
Meadowlark, Western 
# @Bitter Lake NWR
Vocalizations: Singing.
# @Clovis-Melrose Woods-Bitter Lake
Grackle, Great-tailed # @Clovis
Cowbird, Brown-headed # @Melrose Woods
Oriole, Bullock's @Melrose Woods
Even more numerous than Western Kingbird, dozens were all through the woods and in the bushes around the outside.
Sparrow, House # @Clovis

2007-05-18: NM: Rattlesnake Springs-Brantley-Bitter Lake-Clovis

Notable:  Harris' Hawk; Wilson's Phalarope; Franklin's Gull; Thayer's Gull; Black Tern; Common Nighthawk; Scissor-tailed Flycatcher; Bell's Vireo; Yellow-breasted Chat
@Bit: Roswell: Bitter Lake NWR
@CBD: Carlsbad
@CP: Brantley Lake: Cheapskate Point
@Elida: Elida area
@RS: Rattlesnake Springs
@day: Rattlesnake Springs-Brantley-Bitter Lake-Clovis
Route 1115, leave Carlsbad; got a late start due to a tire problem. 1140, turn off US 62-180 to Rattlesnake. 1340, leave Rattlesnake. 1550-1630, drove into Cheapskate Point at Brantley Lake. 1740, arrive Bitter Lake. Did not drive the loop, just tried to get some Black Tern photos near the Joseph R. Skeen Visitor Center. 1830, leave Bitter Lake.
Film 1550, Finished Roll Of Fuji 400 Superia started 2007-05-17-16:50. Loaded another roll of the same stock.
A highly attractive rattlesnake of about 3' length was basking on the road to Cheapskate Point. The black and white 'raccoon stripes' on the tail were immediately apparent. I thought it might have been run over, so I backed carefully up alongside it, but it was merely trying to get warm on a chilly, overcast spring day. It rattled a bit and crawled off.
This was a good day to see Pronghorn; there were at least ten close to the highway on the Roswell-Clovis leg.
Duck, Ruddy 1 @Brantley Lake: Cheapskate Point
Turkey, Wild 1 @Rattlesnake Springs-Brantley-Bitter Lake-Clovis
Vocalizations: I kept hearing a sharp 'poink' noise and wondering what it was. Then it issued from this turkey as it flew over the pond.
Never saw or heard more than one at once, but I'll bet there are more back there.
cormorant sp. 1 @Roswell: Bitter Lake NWR
Heron, Great Blue 1 @Roswell: Bitter Lake NWR
Vulture, Turkey # @Rattlesnake Springs-Brantley-Bitter Lake-Clovis
Harrier, Northern 1 @Roswell: Bitter Lake NWR
Description: Regrowing rectrices.
Hawk, Harris' @Rattlesnake Springs-Brantley-Bitter Lake-Clovis
Perched in a tree behind the fire station near the front gate of Washington Ranch. It was still there when I left the area.
Description: Parts of its right wing seemed to be sticking out a bit; possibly injured?
Hawk, Red-tailed # @Rattlesnake Springs-Brantley-Bitter Lake-Clovis
Killdeer 1 @Roswell: Bitter Lake NWR
Dowitcher, Long-billed 10+ @Roswell: Bitter Lake NWR
Phalarope, Wilson's 1 @Brantley Lake: Cheapskate Point
Gull, Franklin's 5 @Brantley Lake: Cheapskate Point
Description: Various amounts of black on the head from solid to half-gray, half-white. One bird showed a strong roseate tinge to its breast.
Gull, Ring-billed 5 @Brantley Lake: Cheapskate Point
See the Mystery Gull below for photos.
Gull, Thayer's 1? @Brantley Lake: Cheapskate Point
Description: Just a bit larger and slightly heavier-billed than Ring-billed in direct comparison; see first photo. Bill solid black. Body marbled with dark gray. Wings are extremely worn, useless for identification. Legs pink. ID? Seems too small for Herring. The all-dark bill at this season suggests Thayer's. One correspondent said the "dove-like head" also suggests Thayer's.
Tern, Black 35+ @Rattlesnake Springs-Brantley-Bitter Lake-Clovis
Counted 35 birds in one quick sweep from the deck of the Skeen Visitor Center.
Behavior: One consistent behavior pattern for many of these birds was to fly south from the large flooded unit below the Skeen Visitor Center and, just as they crossed the road, drop down or wheel rapidly over the vegetation growing on the south side of the road. I'm not sure if this was feeding or play.
Many attempts to photograph them in flight both with 600mm analog (a0027-a0033) and 140mm digital (b1228-b1234) cameras. For terns, it's often better to use a shorter lens and find a spot where they'll fly relatively close to you.
Dove, White-winged # @Rattlesnake Springs
Dove, Mourning # @Rattlesnake Springs-Brantley-Bitter Lake-Clovis
Nighthawk, Common 1 @Rattlesnake Springs
Description: White closer to wrist.
Behavior: Flying fairly high.
Vocalizations: 'zreep'
Wood-Pewee, Western 
# @Rattlesnake Springs
# @Brantley Lake: Cheapskate Point
Phoebe, Black 1 @Rattlesnake Springs
Flycatcher, Vermilion # @Rattlesnake Springs
Kingbird, Cassin's 1 @Rattlesnake Springs
Perched right by the formal entrance gate of Washington Ranch.
Kingbird, Western # @Rattlesnake Springs-Brantley-Bitter Lake-Clovis
Flycatcher, Scissor-tailed 1 @Elida area
Just E of Elida.
Vireo, Bell's @Rattlesnake Springs
Vocalizations: Sporadically singing all over the area all day.
Photographing these dodgy little guys is a real challenge. This rather small and grainy photo, using an inferior Wal-Mart scan (our Nikon scanner is broken), was the photo highlight of my trip. It depicts the bird just jumping off its high perch to go skulk in the deep underbrush as it usually does. Getting any shot at all made me feel like Samurai Photographer.
Swallow, Northern Rough-winged 1 @Rattlesnake Springs
Swallow, Barn # @Rattlesnake Springs-Brantley-Bitter Lake-Clovis
Starling, European # @Carlsbad
Phainopepla 1 @Rattlesnake Springs
Chat, Yellow-breasted 1+ @Rattlesnake Springs
Sparrow, Black-throated 1 @Rattlesnake Springs
Tanager, Summer # @Rattlesnake Springs
Vocalizations: 'BEACH-uh-der'
Tanager, Western 1♂ @Rattlesnake Springs
Cardinal, Northern # @Rattlesnake Springs
Grosbeak, Blue 1♂ @Brantley Lake: Cheapskate Point
Meadowlark, Western # @Roswell: Bitter Lake NWR
Vocalizations: Singing.
Grackle, Great-tailed # @Carlsbad
Cowbird, Brown-headed # @Rattlesnake Springs
Oriole, Bullock's # @Rattlesnake Springs
Finch, House # @Rattlesnake Springs
Goldfinch, Lesser # @Rattlesnake Springs

2007-05-19: NM: Clovis-Melrose Woods-Socorro

Notable:  Scaled Quail; Mississippi Kite; Scissor-tailed Flycatcher; Warbling Vireo; Swainson's Thrush; Yellow Warbler; MacGillivray's Warbler; Northern Cardinal
@Mel: Melrose Woods
@day: Clovis-Melrose Woods-Socorro
Route 0945, arrive at Melrose Woods. 1420, leave Melrose Woods.
Film 0920, finish roll of Fuji 400 started 2007-05-18-15:50. Loaded roll of VC-400. [,20], probably Willow Flycatcher, also [,24]. [,28], MacGillivray's Warbler. [,30], bathing female Blue Grosbeak; 1/250, 1/125, 1/250. 1400, finished VC-400, loaded Fuji Superia 400. Last shots of a Mourning Cloak butterfly.
Also present at Melrose Woods were Jonathan Batkin, George Cox, and Andy Fenner.
Quail, Scaled 3 @Melrose Woods
Description: This is a new species for this location for me. As I moved south along the 'freeway' down the middle of the woods, I noticed these birds running away from me near the large stone structure just NW of the parking area. As they ran, I saw their distinctive crests, like the business end of a Q-tip.
Kite, Mississippi 2 @Melrose Woods
Near mile marker 388 on US-60, there is a large parkland on the north side of the highway, possibly including a golf course. These two birds were diving around near the large bushes on the south side of the highway.
Harrier, Northern 1a♂ @Melrose Woods
Encino-Mountainair leg.
Hawk, Swainson's 1 @Melrose Woods
Encino-Mountainair leg.
Hawk, Red-tailed 1a @Melrose Woods
Mountainair-Bernardo leg, in Abo Canyon.
Kestrel, American 2 @Melrose Woods
Wood-Pewee, Western # @Melrose Woods
Flycatcher, Willow # @Melrose Woods
Description: Big Empid, drab clay color overall, large bill.
Kingbird, Western # @Melrose Woods
Certainly the noisiest bird of the day in Melrose. At least a dozen birds constantly calling and sparring with one another.
Flycatcher, Scissor-tailed 1 @Clovis-Melrose Woods-Socorro
Just west of the village of Melrose.
Vireo, Warbling 1 @Melrose Woods
Raven, Chihuahuan 
1 @Melrose Woods
1 @Melrose Woods
Guadalupe County, between Vaughn and Encino.
Description: Saw the white neck underfeathering.
Thrush, Swainson's 1 @Melrose Woods
Description: A medium-sized thrush. In good light, shows a buffy pot-hook-shaped feature around the eye, similar to the eyering of the "Solitary" vireos. Breast with smallish triangular chocolate-brown flecks on a buffy background color. Upperparts generally a dun clay-brown.
Behavior: Stayed low, on the ground or on low branches barely above the ground. It took a lot of patience to get a decent look at this bird. I swear it deliberately hid behind things, trying to avoid me. Photos? Don't make me laugh. I tried and tried. Every time I got a line through the underbrush, it would move.
Mockingbird, Northern 1 @Melrose Woods
Warbler, Yellow 1+♀ @Melrose Woods
Warbler, MacGillivray's 1 @Melrose Woods
Warbler, Wilson's #♂ @Melrose Woods
Tanager, Western 
1♂ @Melrose Woods
1♀ @Melrose Woods
Cardinal, Northern 1♀ @Melrose Woods
I would never have found this bird if I hadn't been sitting and standing quietly near the north fence, trying to get a look at a thrush. She was usually more wary than the thrush. At one point she popped up onto the fence. Large size, stout bill bright reddish orange.
Grosbeak, Black-headed 3 @Melrose Woods
With all the reports of Rose-breasted Grosbeak here, I did look carefully at all these. I saw one male and two females. Neither of the females had the dark streaking across the breast.
Grosbeak, Blue 
1♂ @Melrose Woods
1♀ @Melrose Woods
Behavior: Came in to bathe in the top of a rusty barrel near the north fence.
Oriole, Bullock's # @Melrose Woods
Quite numerous in Melrose Woods, probably the most numerous species today. Active and conspicuous throughout the woods, and also swarming all over the scrubby surrounding vegetation.

2007-05-22: NM: Socorro: New Mexico Tech

@NMT: Socorro: New Mexico Tech
@TBay: Socorro: New Mexico Tech: Turtle Bay
@Terry: Socorro: New Mexico Tech: Terry Lake
@home: Socorro: 507 Fitch
domestic duck sp. 15 @Socorro: New Mexico Tech: Turtle Bay
Coot, American 1 @Socorro: New Mexico Tech: Terry Lake
Collared-Dove, Eurasian # @Socorro: New Mexico Tech: Turtle Bay
Dove, White-winged # @Socorro: New Mexico Tech: Turtle Bay
hummingbird sp. ♀ @Socorro: New Mexico Tech: Turtle Bay
Behavior: Probing in the wrinkled bark of an ash tree.
Kingbird, Western 1 @Socorro: New Mexico Tech: Turtle Bay
Swallow, Barn 
# @Socorro: New Mexico Tech: Turtle Bay
# @Socorro: New Mexico Tech: Terry Lake
Robin, American # @Socorro: New Mexico Tech: Turtle Bay
Thrasher, Curve-billed 1 @Socorro: 507 Fitch
Starling, European 1 @Socorro: New Mexico Tech: Turtle Bay
Tanager, Western 1♂ @Socorro: New Mexico Tech: Turtle Bay
Grackle, Great-tailed # @Socorro: New Mexico Tech: Turtle Bay
Sparrow, House # @Socorro: New Mexico Tech: Turtle Bay

2007-05-25: NM: Socorro: 507 Fitch

@home: Socorro: 507 Fitch
Quail, Gambel's 2 @Socorro: 507 Fitch

2007-05-28: NM: Socorro Co.

Notable:  Common Moorhen; Yellow-breasted Chat
@BdA: Bosque del Apache NWR
@SAPark: San Antonio: park on W side
@SocCo: Socorro Co.
Route 1130, arrived the nice little park on the west side of San Antonio, just south of US-380. 1140, at refuge headquarters. 1400, parked at "Catbird Corner" (where the seasonal road turns from east to north), walked a bit. 1520, left the refuge.
Film My prime rig is in the shop, so all photos were taken with my backup rig, a Questar 700/8 mirror. Support was my old cruddy plastic gunstock; shutter speeds were recorded to evaluate steadiness of this combination. 1130, started a new roll of Fuji 400 that was loaded on 2007-05-19T14:00 but no shots on that date. [,7] Ash-throated Flycatcher. [9,10] Western Kingbird 1/250(0), 1/1000(-2). [13,15] Western Grebe, 1/500 (-1), 1/250(0), 1/1000(-2); evaluate for steadiness, mounted on my old (crappy plastic) gunstock. [30,31] Western Wood-Pewee. Painted Turtle, 1/500, 1/250, 1/125. 1300, removed old roll (started 05-19T1400 Melrose), new roll of Fuji Superia 400. [2] Empidonax?. [,9] Western Wood-Pewee, 1/500-1/250-1/1000. [10,11] Summer Tanager 1/1000. [,14] Chat at 1/500. [15,16] flycatcher, 1/500, 1/250. [28,30] Black Phoebe: 1/60(0), 1/125(-1), 1/250(-2). [,34] Western Kingbird 1/250, 1/500, 1/1000.
Gadwall # @Bosque del Apache NWR
Wigeon, American 1♂ @Bosque del Apache NWR
Mallard # @Bosque del Apache NWR
Teal, Cinnamon 3+ @Bosque del Apache NWR
Shoveler, Northern # @Bosque del Apache NWR
Redhead 10+ @Bosque del Apache NWR
Quail, Gambel's # @Bosque del Apache NWR
Grebe, Pied-billed 1 @Bosque del Apache NWR
Aechmophorus sp. 4 @Bosque del Apache NWR
Grebe, Clark's 1 @Bosque del Apache NWR
Heron, Great Blue 1 @Bosque del Apache NWR
Egret, Great # @Bosque del Apache NWR
Egret, Snowy # @Bosque del Apache NWR
Ibis, White-faced # @Bosque del Apache NWR
Vulture, Turkey 1 @Bosque del Apache NWR
Sora 1 @Bosque del Apache NWR
Vocalizations: By grunting noises issuing from cattails.
Moorhen, Common @Bosque del Apache NWR
The last channel that intersects the road before the road reaches the Flight Deck.
Description: Bright red bill with bright yellow tip. Much white on the sides of the tail. I looked for the white blaze on the flanks, but it was invisible except for two brief postures where a very thin line of white showed.
Killdeer # @Bosque del Apache NWR
Avocet, American # @Bosque del Apache NWR
Sandpiper, Spotted 2 @Bosque del Apache NWR
Behavior: These two birds were foraging in the margin of the road, not all that close to the mud.
Phalarope, Wilson's # @Bosque del Apache NWR
Gull, Ring-billed ? @Bosque del Apache NWR
Description: The bird was a long ways out from the Flight Deck, and I didn't have a scope. Because of the fairly pale gray mantle, I couldn't see any reason for it to be one of the rarer gulls. The head was completely white.
Dove, Mourning # @Bosque del Apache NWR
Wood-Pewee, Western @Bosque del Apache NWR
Phoebe, Black @Bosque del Apache NWR
Photo shows characteristic mirror lens out-of-focus 'donuts'.
Phoebe, Say's 1 @Bosque del Apache NWR
Flycatcher, Ash-throated @San Antonio: park on W side
Kingbird, Western # @Bosque del Apache NWR
Mockingbird, Northern # @Socorro Co.
Phainopepla 1 @Bosque del Apache NWR
Vocalizations: Heard only.
Yellowthroat, Common @Bosque del Apache NWR
Vocalizations: '{witter witchy}^2 witter}' from cattails: is this a yellowthroat noise?
Chat, Yellow-breasted @Bosque del Apache NWR
'Catbird Corner', where the seasonal road turns N again after its short W->E leg.
Towhee, Spotted 1 @Bosque del Apache NWR
Vocalizations: Singing, heard only.
Sparrow, Lark 1 @Bosque del Apache NWR
Tanager, Summer 1♂ @Bosque del Apache NWR
Grosbeak, Black-headed 1 @Bosque del Apache NWR
Grosbeak, Blue 1♂ @Bosque del Apache NWR
Blackbird, Red-winged @Bosque del Apache NWR
Grackle, Great-tailed @San Antonio: park on W side
Oriole, Bullock's # @Bosque del Apache NWR

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