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Shipman's field notes, Sep 2003


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2003-09-01: NM: Socorro-Water Canyon-North Fork Road

Notable:  Pinyon Jay; Blue-gray Gnatcatcher; Townsend's Warbler
@NF: Magdalenas: North Fork
GPS: 340132n 1070752w Starting point, around 6800'.
GPS: 340200n 1071007w Turnaround, around 7600'.
@day: Socorro-Water Canyon-North Fork Road
@flats: Water Canyon road, U.S. 60-canyon mouth
Route Start 0915 MDT, straight up the North Fork road, turn around 1315, back to starting point 1615.
Vulture, Turkey @Magdalenas: North Fork
Soaring over the canyon.
Kestrel, American 1 @Water Canyon road, U.S. 60-canyon mouth
Woodpecker, Acorn @Magdalenas: North Fork GPS: 340137n 1070833w
Woodpecker, Hairy @Magdalenas: North Fork GPS: 340146n 1070849w
Flicker, Red-shafted # @Magdalenas: North Fork
Flycatcher, "Western" @Magdalenas: North Fork GPS: 340149n 1070915w
Description: Almond-shaped white eyering, greener back than most empids.
Kingbird, Western 1 @Water Canyon road, U.S. 60-canyon mouth
Shrike, Loggerhead 1 @Magdalenas: North Fork GPS: 340435n 1070513w
Vireo, Solitary 2 @Magdalenas: North Fork
Vocalizations: Question/answer song pattern; heard only.
Jay, Pinyon ~8 @Magdalenas: North Fork
Vocalizations: Heard at various points.
Jay, Steller's # @Magdalenas: North Fork
Vocalizations: Heard only.
Scrub-Jay, Western # @Magdalenas: North Fork
Several, well up and down the canyon.
Raven, Common 2 @Magdalenas: North Fork
Swallow, Violet-green 2 @Magdalenas: North Fork
Near canyon mouth.
Chickadee, Mountain # @Magdalenas: North Fork
Bushtit 8+ @Magdalenas: North Fork GPS: 340144n 1070847w
Nuthatch, White-breasted # @Magdalenas: North Fork
Gnatcatcher, Blue-gray 1 @Magdalenas: North Fork GPS: 340149n 1070901w
Quite tame; I approached within 15'.
Warbler, Townsend's 1 @Magdalenas: North Fork GPS: 340200n 1071006w
Warbler, Wilson's 1♂ @Magdalenas: North Fork GPS: 340147n 1070852w
Towhee, Spotted 1 @Magdalenas: North Fork GPS: 340147n 1070852w
Sparrow, Chipping 
1a @Magdalenas: North Fork
1i? @Magdalenas: North Fork
Description: Another sparrow with fine dark streaks on its breast.
Grosbeak, Black-headed 1♀ @Magdalenas: North Fork GPS: 340149n 1070901w
meadowlark sp. 1 @Water Canyon road, U.S. 60-canyon mouth

2003-09-02: NM: Socorro: home

@day: Socorro: home
Dove, Inca @Socorro: home

2003-09-04: NM: New Mexico Tech

@NMT: New Mexico Tech
Collared-Dove, Eurasian @New Mexico Tech
Tree just E of library
Vocalizations: 'woop wah-hoo' or 'wuh-oh hoo'

2003-09-05: NM: Socorro-Bosque del Apache-Bitter Lake

@BdA: Bosque del Apache NWR
@Bit: Bitter Lake NWR
@JO: Luis Lopez: Oldenettel residence
@Soc: Socorro
@day: Socorro-Bosque del Apache-Bitter Lake
Route 1300, @JO; 1330-1600, @BdA; US 380 to Roswell; 1830-1920, @Bit.
Goose, Canada 
# @Bosque del Apache NWR
# @Bitter Lake NWR
# @Bosque del Apache NWR
# @Bitter Lake NWR
Shoveler, Northern # @Bosque del Apache NWR
Pintail, Northern 
# @Bosque del Apache NWR
# @Bitter Lake NWR
Teal, Green-Winged # @Bosque del Apache NWR
Description: All in eclipse plumage.
Quail, Gambel's # @Bosque del Apache NWR
Grebe, Pied-billed 
@Bosque del Apache NWR
@Bitter Lake NWR
Grebe, Eared 1 @Bosque del Apache NWR
Grebe, Clark's 
1a @Bosque del Apache NWR
3i @Bosque del Apache NWR
Description: Two half-grown young with adult. One downy, half the length of the adult, soft orange mouth corners, mostly white with just a few dark features around the crown and back. Bill recurved slightly, not very short.
Cormorant, Neotropic 30+ @Bosque del Apache NWR
From the Boardwalk.
Cormorant, Double-crested 1+ @Bosque del Apache NWR
Pelican, American White 
~100 @Bosque del Apache NWR
Pond north of Boardwalk, but obscured from Boardwalk by reeds.
~50 @Bitter Lake NWR
Unit 15.
Egret, Great 2 @Bitter Lake NWR
Egret, Snowy 
# @Bosque del Apache NWR
# @Bitter Lake NWR
Egret, Cattle ? @Bitter Lake NWR
Description: Same size as a Snowy, but light bill.
Night-Heron, Black-crowned 1i @Bosque del Apache NWR
Description: Primaries gray; I was hoping for a bittern.
Ibis, White-faced # @Bitter Lake NWR
Vulture, Turkey # @Bosque del Apache NWR
Hawk, Sharp-shinned 1 @Bosque del Apache NWR
Hawk, Cooper's @Luis Lopez: Oldenettel residence
Description: Longitudinal streaking below.
Hawk, Red-tailed 1 @Bosque del Apache NWR
On county A101 just N of US380.
Kestrel, American # @Bosque del Apache NWR
Coot, American 
# @Bosque del Apache NWR
# @Bitter Lake NWR
Killdeer @Bosque del Apache NWR
Stilt, Black-necked 20+ @Bitter Lake NWR
Avocet, American # @Bitter Lake NWR
Yellowlegs, Greater 
# @Bosque del Apache NWR
# @Bitter Lake NWR
Willet @Bosque del Apache NWR
Near the Boardwalk.
Description: Mostly the plain dun-colored winter plumage, traces of stripiness near the tail.
Behavior: It spent the whole time perched in one spot on a sandbar, and held its left leg in an odd position, extending at a 30-degree angle to the vertical and away from the vertical right leg; possibly injured?
Sandpiper, Least @Bosque del Apache NWR
Scoped at 50m range.
Phalarope, Wilson's 1 @Bosque del Apache NWR
Near the Willet.
Dove, Rock # @Bosque del Apache NWR
San Antonio.
Dove, White-winged # @Socorro
Dove, Mourning # @Bosque del Apache NWR
Dove, Inca 
@Luis Lopez: Oldenettel residence
Roadrunner, Greater 
3 @Bosque del Apache NWR
1 @Bitter Lake NWR
Nighthawk, Common 3 @Bitter Lake NWR
Description: White mark closer to wrist than to wingtip.
Vocalizations: 'Peent' call
Hummingbird, Black-chinned # @Bosque del Apache NWR
Refuge feeders.
Hummingbird, Broad-tailed 1 @Bosque del Apache NWR
Refuge feeders.
Description: By wing whir.
Flycatcher, Olive-sided @Bosque del Apache NWR
Near E end of center road.
Phoebe, Black 
1 @Luis Lopez: Oldenettel residence
4 @Bosque del Apache NWR
Phoebe, Say's 1 @Bosque del Apache NWR
Kingbird, Cassin's 1-2 @Bosque del Apache NWR
Description: Dark gray head, white chin patch contrasting strongly with gray breast.
Kingbird, Western # @Bosque del Apache NWR
Some trees with 10 individuals at once.
Shrike, Loggerhead 
1 @Bosque del Apache NWR
1 @Bitter Lake NWR
raven sp. 
@Bosque del Apache NWR
@Bosque del Apache NWR
Pinyon-juniper habitat west of Carrizozo.
Swallow, Northern Rough-winged @Bosque del Apache NWR
Phil Norton Blind.
I wished I'd brought the scope, as there were about fifty assorted swallows perched calmly in a tree on the far side of the pond where they could have been studied at leisure.
Swallow, Bank 1+ @Bosque del Apache NWR
Swallow, Cliff # @Bosque del Apache NWR
About half of all swallows seen.
Swallow, Barn # @Bosque del Apache NWR
Mockingbird, Northern 1 @Bosque del Apache NWR
NM-1, N of HQ building.
warbler sp. @Bosque del Apache NWR
Not a lot of warblers showing, and none cooperating.
Sparrow, Clay-colored # @Bosque del Apache NWR
Description: Broad grayish-white line over eye, bordered above in black; clear gray nape; throat and chest clear whitish buff; dark malar streaks; light brownish auricular patch edged with darker brown; light brownish crown streaked with darker brown.
Sparrow, Brewer's @Bosque del Apache NWR
N side in mesquite.
Sparrow, Vesper @Bosque del Apache NWR
Description: White eyering, tail banners.
Sparrow, Lark # @Bosque del Apache NWR
Several flocks of 6-10.
Sparrow, Savannah ? @Bosque del Apache NWR
Description: Yellowish lores, streaky underparts.
Tanager, Western 1♀ @Bosque del Apache NWR
Grosbeak, Blue 
@Luis Lopez: Oldenettel residence
@Bosque del Apache NWR
Dickcissel @Luis Lopez: Oldenettel residence
On the back fence near the water source.
Blackbird, Red-winged # @Bosque del Apache NWR
Grackle, Great-tailed @Bosque del Apache NWR
Luis Lopez.
Finch, House # @Bosque del Apache NWR
Goldfinch, Lesser 
@Bosque del Apache NWR
@Bitter Lake NWR
Sparrow, House # @Bosque del Apache NWR

2003-09-06: NM: Rattlesnake Springs-Bitter Lake

Notable:  Upland Sandpiper; Verdin; Nashville Warbler; Black-and-white Warbler; Canyon Towhee
@Bit: Bitter Lake NWR
@BrL: Brantley Lake
GPS: 323051n 1042257w From US 285, the souternmost access point leads to the boat ramp SE of the dam.
GPS: 323304n 1042405w From US 285, the middle access point goes to the SW boat ramp.
GPS: 323430n 1042500w Sekrit Birder Entrance mentioned in the "NM Bird-Finding Guide" edition of 2002, leading to a gravelly point. Also known as Cheapskate Point.
@LA: Lake Avalon
@RS: Rattlesnake Springs
@WR: Washington Ranch
@day: Rattlesnake Springs-Bitter Lake
Route 0630-1100, @RS; 1100-1215, @WR; 1400, @LA briefly; 1445, @BrL entrances; 1730-1845, @Bit quickly around the loop.
Mallard # @Bitter Lake NWR
Teal, Green-Winged # @Bitter Lake NWR
Quail, Scaled @Brantley Lake
NW corner
Turkey, Wild 16 @Rattlesnake Springs
Not very wild! Several hung around the residence all day.
Grebe, Pied-billed @Rattlesnake Springs
Cormorant, Neotropic # @Bitter Lake NWR
Pelican, American White 50+ @Bitter Lake NWR
Unit 15.
One immature, sitting apart in Unit 16 and partially screened by vegetation, made me think I'd found one of the vaunted Roseate Spoonbills. It was facing me and I could see about the first six inches of its bill, which was pale, and its wings were white. I'd forgotten that immature American White Pelicans don't have the black wings. Then I saw the remaining foot of bill, which came to a sharp point. Dang.
Heron, Great Blue # @Bitter Lake NWR
Egret, Great 2 @Bitter Lake NWR
Egret, Snowy # @Bitter Lake NWR
Harrier, Northern 1ϕ @Bitter Lake NWR
Kestrel, American 
@Rattlesnake Springs
@Washington Ranch
@Bitter Lake NWR
Coot, American 
@Lake Avalon
@Brantley Lake
@Bitter Lake NWR
Killdeer @Bitter Lake NWR
Stilt, Black-necked @Bitter Lake NWR
Avocet, American @Bitter Lake NWR
peep sp. 
# @Brantley Lake
# @Bitter Lake NWR
Sandpiper, Spotted @Rattlesnake Springs
On the rim of the pond.
Yellowlegs, Greater @Bitter Lake NWR
Sandpiper, Upland 1 @Rattlesnake Springs GPS: 324612n 1042200w
South of Artesia on Eddy County Road 49 between US 285 and Haldeman Road.
Description: Lanky, big, long neck, small head, large dark eye, streaky plumage with two large tawny stripes on back, yellow legs. Habitat was a newly mown hayfield.
Phalarope, Wilson's # @Bitter Lake NWR
tern sp. 6+ @Lake Avalon
Long range. No reason to think they weren't all Forster's.
Dove, White-winged 2 @Washington Ranch
Dove, Mourning # @Rattlesnake Springs
Roadrunner, Greater 
@Rattlesnake Springs
@Washington Ranch
@Lake Avalon
@Brantley Lake
Owl, Great Horned 
1 @Rattlesnake Springs
Seen predawn, driving in where the road crosses the stream.
1 @Washington Ranch
In a tree in the afternoon. Detected by the whiting on the sidewalk below.
hummingbird sp. #♀ @Rattlesnake Springs
Woodpecker, Ladder-backed 
@Rattlesnake Springs
@Bitter Lake NWR
Wood-Pewee, Western @Rattlesnake Springs
Phoebe, Black 
@Rattlesnake Springs
@Washington Ranch
@Bitter Lake NWR
Phoebe, Say's @Rattlesnake Springs
Flycatcher, Vermilion # @Rattlesnake Springs
Kingbird, Cassin's # @Rattlesnake Springs
Kingbird, Western 
@Rattlesnake Springs
@Bitter Lake NWR
Shrike, Loggerhead 
@Rattlesnake Springs
@Bitter Lake NWR
Vireo, Bell's 1 @Rattlesnake Springs
In mesquite west of the spring area.
Vireo, Warbling @Rattlesnake Springs
Vocalizations: Like "solitary" song but many more notes (8-9) in first half.
Scrub-Jay, Western @Rattlesnake Springs
Vocalizations: Heard only.
Swallow, Cave / Swallow, Cliff @Rattlesnake Springs
Swallow, Barn # @Rattlesnake Springs
Verdin 1 @Rattlesnake Springs
Description: Nondescript tiny gray bird made me scratch my head, and then I heard its call and saw the rusty wrist.
Vocalizations: 'Snap' call.
Wren, Bewick's 2 @Rattlesnake Springs
Robin, American 20+ @Rattlesnake Springs
New-mown hayfield near Roswell.
Mockingbird, Northern 
@Rattlesnake Springs
@Brantley Lake
@Bitter Lake NWR
Starling, European # @Rattlesnake Springs
Warbler, Nashville 1 @Washington Ranch
Description: Green back, yellow underparts, gray head, full white eyering.
Warbler, Townsend's [fide Two birders I don''t know] @Rattlesnake Springs
Warbler, Black-and-white @Rattlesnake Springs
Trees just W of pond.
Description: Light median crown stripe eliminates Blackpoll.
Warbler, Wilson's 
# @Rattlesnake Springs
1 @Rattlesnake Springs
Roswell, on field edge, Red Bridge Road.
Towhee, Canyon 2 @Washington Ranch
Description: Plain brown large sparrows, buffy vent.
Sparrow, Chipping 
@Rattlesnake Springs
@Bitter Lake NWR
Sparrow, Clay-colored # @Washington Ranch
Tanager, Summer # @Rattlesnake Springs
Vocalizations: Fast "bijjit", sometimes "bijjity".
Cardinal, Northern @Rattlesnake Springs
3♂ @Rattlesnake Springs
1♀ @Rattlesnake Springs
Pyrrhuloxia 1♀ @Rattlesnake Springs
W of pond in dry scrub.
meadowlark sp. # @Rattlesnake Springs
Grackle, Great-tailed @Rattlesnake Springs
Many in newly mown hayfields around Artesia and Roswell.
Finch, House 
@Rattlesnake Springs
@Bitter Lake NWR
Goldfinch, Lesser @Rattlesnake Springs
Sparrow, House @Rattlesnake Springs

2003-09-07: NM: Boone's Draw-Melrose Trap-Bitter Lake

Notable:  Red-headed Woodpecker; Nashville Warbler; Townsend's Warbler
@BD: Boone's Draw
I saw no postings indicating that the area was closed. I worked just the northern half of the part north of the fence in the middle. Abundant shotgun shells and pristine ammunition boxes suggest that this is a popular spot for the dove season currently in progress, but I saw no hunters here.
GPS: 330737n 1033140w Road entrance.
@BL: Bitter Lake NWR
@EP: Elida: stock pond on NM 330
GPS: 335859n 1033858w None
@MT: Melrose Trap
New location: US 60, mp 354, then about a 200-yard hike from the highway. Blasting through the dense stands of young cottonwoods was rewarding but difficult with the camera rig. Next time, take the vehicle track that cuts through the middle and work around to the northeast corner above the trees on the east side. For some reason, the northeast corners of both Boone and Melrose had almost all the warbler action. Conjecture: these birds are coming from the northeast and drop into the first trees they see. At Melrose there was the added attraction of some pools of rainwater on the tops of two oil drums which made for hordes of drinking and bathing birds.
GPS: 342554n 1034807w Gate on US 60.
@day: Boone's Draw-Melrose Trap-Bitter Lake
Route Boone's Draw 1215-1400, Melrose Trap 1530-1715, quick pass around Bitter Lake about 1845-1930.
Gadwall @Elida: stock pond on NM 330
Wigeon, American 2 @Elida: stock pond on NM 330
@Elida: stock pond on NM 330
@Bitter Lake NWR
Pintail, Northern @Elida: stock pond on NM 330
Teal, Green-Winged @Bitter Lake NWR
Quail, Scaled # @Bitter Lake NWR
Small covey.
Bobwhite, Northern ? @Elida: stock pond on NM 330
Description: ID is presumptive based on large size and shmoo shape.
Grebe, Pied-billed @Bitter Lake NWR
Pelican, American White @Bitter Lake NWR
Heron, Great Blue 
@Bitter Lake NWR
1 @Elida: stock pond on NM 330
Egret, Great 2 @Bitter Lake NWR
Egret, Snowy # @Bitter Lake NWR
Heron, Green 1 @Bitter Lake NWR
Near the start of the loop.
Ibis, White-faced 100+ @Bitter Lake NWR
Vulture, Turkey # @Boone's Draw
Harrier, Northern @Bitter Lake NWR
Hawk, Swainson's # @Boone's Draw
Hawk, Red-tailed 
1 @Melrose Trap
# @Boone's Draw
Kestrel, American @Boone's Draw
Coot, American 
@Elida: stock pond on NM 330
@Bitter Lake NWR
Killdeer # @Bitter Lake NWR
Stilt, Black-necked # @Bitter Lake NWR
Avocet, American 40+ @Bitter Lake NWR
Yellowlegs, Greater # @Bitter Lake NWR
Sandpiper, Western 2 @Bitter Lake NWR
Description: Black legs.
Sandpiper, Least # @Bitter Lake NWR
Phalarope, Wilson's 
# @Elida: stock pond on NM 330
# @Bitter Lake NWR
Dove, Mourning 
# @Boone's Draw
@Bitter Lake NWR
Relaxed here, skittish elsewhere, probably due to the dove season in progress.
1 @Melrose Trap
Description: Tailless, half-grown remiges.
Roadrunner, Greater 
# @Boone's Draw
# @Bitter Lake NWR
Owl, Barn 1 @Boone's Draw
Nighthawk, Common 1 @Bitter Lake NWR
Woodpecker, Red-headed @Boone's Draw
1+a @Boone's Draw
Vocalizations: A half-second bubbling noise like a baby blowing spit-bubbles.
1i @Boone's Draw
flycatcher sp. 1 @Boone's Draw
Description: One bird landed in front of me and completely stumped me for ID. I thought it was some kind of miniature Myiarchus, as it had a gray breast, yellow belly, and what looked like a solid red tail. But the bill was all orange, both mandibles, and the size was more like an Empid, too small for any Myiarchus. No pictures, unfortunately.
Wood-Pewee, Western 
@Melrose Trap
@Bitter Lake NWR
Flycatcher, "Western" @Melrose Trap
Description: Almond-shaped eyering.
Empidonax sp. @Melrose Trap
Flycatcher, Gray @Boone's Draw
Phoebe, Black @Bitter Lake NWR
Kingbird, Western @Boone's Draw
Shrike, Loggerhead 
@Bitter Lake NWR
@Melrose Trap
@Boone's Draw
Raven, Chihuahuan @Boone's Draw
Vocalizations: 'Rack-rack' call
Wren, House 
@Boone's Draw
@Melrose Trap
Mockingbird, Northern 1 @Bitter Lake NWR
Near headquarters.
warbler sp. 1 @Melrose Trap
Description: Saw briefly one bird with a gray head and a pale superciliary stripe, somewhat like a Tennessee or eastern Orange-crown. Wish I could have seen it for more than five seconds!
Warbler, Nashville 
1 @Boone's Draw
1 @Melrose Trap
Warbler, Virginia's 
1 @Boone's Draw
1 @Melrose Trap
Warbler, Myrtle 1 @Melrose Trap
Warbler, Townsend's 
1♂ @Boone's Draw
2+♀ @Boone's Draw
1♀ @Melrose Trap
Warbler, MacGillivray's 1 @Melrose Trap
Studied at close range at the watering drum.
Warbler, Wilson's # @Boone's Draw
I must have lifted my binoculars 500 times today at @BD and @MT, only to find that I was looking at one of these. Fifty times as many of these as all the other warblers together.
Sparrow, Chipping 
I really need to brush up on my sparrow ID, as I'm not at all sure that all the streaky-breasted sparrows I saw were young Chippies.
@Boone's Draw
@Melrose Trap
Sparrow, Vesper ? @Boone's Draw
Photos of sparrows on the flats between the road and the grove.
Sparrow, Lark @Bitter Lake NWR
Sparrow, Lincoln's 1 @Melrose Trap
Studied at close range by the water drum.
Grosbeak, Blue 1♀ @Boone's Draw
Meadowlark, Eastern @Boone's Draw
Vocalizations: Identified by their little `pzrt' call.
Grackle, Great-tailed @Boone's Draw
Goldfinch, Lesser @Bitter Lake NWR
Lots of sunflowers.
Sparrow, House # @Boone's Draw

2003-09-08: NM: San Acacia

@day: San Acacia
Egret, Cattle @San Acacia

2003-09-09: NM: Socorro

@day: Socorro
Scrub-Jay, Western @Socorro
Swallow, Barn @Socorro
Phainopepla @Socorro

2003-09-10: NM: Socorro: home

@day: Socorro: home
Warbler, MacGillivray's @Socorro: home

2003-09-11: NM: Socorro

@day: Socorro
domestic goose sp. @Socorro
domestic duck sp. @Socorro
Heron, Great Blue @Socorro
Kingfisher, Belted @Socorro
Vireo, Cassin's @Socorro
Kinglet, Ruby-crowned @Socorro
Warbler, Wilson's @Socorro

2003-09-12: NM: Socorro

@day: Socorro
Swallow, Barn @Socorro
Phainopepla @Socorro

2003-09-13: NM: Socorro-Bosque del Apache

Notable:  Baird's Sandpiper; Stilt Sandpiper; Red-necked Phalarope; Vermilion Flycatcher; Gray Catbird; Rusty Blackbird
@A-101: Socorro Co.: A-101 (Farm-Market Road)
@BdA: Bosque del Apache NWR
@Bwk: Bosque del Apache: Boardwalk
@FL: Bosque del Apache: Farm Loop
@HQ: Bosque del Apache: Refuge headquarters
@JO: Luis Lopez: Oldenettel residence
@ML: Bosque del Apache: Marsh Loop
@NM-1: Socorro Co: NM Rte 1
@SeasRd: Bosque del Apache: Seasonal road
From the Eagle Scout Deck on the center road, north and rejoining the Farm Loop on the east side.
@day: Socorro-Bosque del Apache
Route Time 1100-1730.
Goose, Canada 1 @Bosque del Apache NWR
Gadwall # @Bosque del Apache NWR
Mallard # @Bosque del Apache NWR
Shoveler, Northern # @Bosque del Apache NWR
Pintail, Northern # @Bosque del Apache NWR
Teal, Green-Winged # @Bosque del Apache NWR
Duck, Ruddy 1 @Bosque del Apache NWR
Phil Norton Blind Pond.
The paucity of ducks in this pond today might have something to do with the retriever trials taking place on the NM-1 side of this same pond.
Quail, Gambel's # @Bosque del Apache NWR
Grebe, Pied-billed # @Bosque del Apache NWR
Grebe, Western 
1a @Bosque del Apache NWR
Description: Eye in dark.
1i @Bosque del Apache NWR
Description: Still with a lot of white in its plumage, but nearly adult size. Accompanying the adult.
Cormorant, Neotropic 30+ @Bosque del Apache: Boardwalk
Cormorant, Double-crested 2a @Bosque del Apache NWR
Pelican, American White ~100 @Bosque del Apache NWR
Heron, Great Blue @Bosque del Apache NWR
Egret, Cattle 5+ @Socorro Co: NM Rte 1
Just N of refuge boundary.
Ibis, White-faced 150+ @Bosque del Apache: Boardwalk
Vulture, Turkey # @Bosque del Apache NWR
Harrier, Northern ϕ @Bosque del Apache NWR
Hawk, Sharp-shinned 2 @Bosque del Apache NWR
Hawk, Swainson's 1 @Socorro Co.: A-101 (Farm-Market Road)
Hawk, Red-tailed 1 @Socorro Co: NM Rte 1
Behavior: Feeding on a power pole crossarm.
Kestrel, American # @Bosque del Apache NWR
Coot, American # @Bosque del Apache NWR
Killdeer # @Bosque del Apache NWR
Avocet, American 5+ @Bosque del Apache: Boardwalk
Sandpiper, Western @Bosque del Apache NWR
Description: There's not much peep habitat, just the Bwk pond and its various arms. I saw maybe four small peeps all day, and they all had shiny black legs.
Sandpiper, Baird's 6 @Bosque del Apache: Boardwalk
Description: Good thing I'd just bought the western Sibley field guide, because I'm pretty rusty at shorebirds lately. These birds were markedly larger than the small peeps in direct comparison, and had buffy chests, longish very slightly decurved bills, a regular scaly pattern on the back and folded wings, and wing extensions that came well beyond the tail tip, crossing to make an X. They were feeding directly under the east end, so I got numerous photos from maybe 20'.
Sandpiper, Stilt 1 @Bosque del Apache: Boardwalk
Description: The bill was quite long, about 60% longer than the head, but only about 5/8 as long proportionally as a dowitcher bill, and it was distinctly decurved and not as heavy. Legs greenish-yellow. Overall size roughly in Baird's-Killdeer range.
Behavior: Had a dowitcher-like sewing-machine fast probing motion.
Phalarope, Wilson's 3 @Bosque del Apache: Boardwalk
Description: Bill very long and thin. Crown and back with various brownish grays.
Behavior: Spinning behavior.
Phalarope, Red-necked 2 @Bosque del Apache: Boardwalk
Description: Bill about 2/3 vs. Wilson's, slightly thicker basally. Plumage mostly white and pearly gray, head white except pale gray crown.
Behavior: Spinning behavior.
Pigeon, Rock # @Bosque del Apache NWR
Dove, Mourning # @Bosque del Apache NWR
Description: Several were tailless, like the bird at Melrose Trap six days ago.
Roadrunner, Greater 4 @Bosque del Apache NWR
hummingbird sp. #♀ @Bosque del Apache: Refuge headquarters
Empidonax sp. @Bosque del Apache: Seasonal road
East end of seasonal road.
Phoebe, Black 3 @Bosque del Apache NWR
Phoebe, Say's 2 @Bosque del Apache NWR
Flycatcher, Vermilion 1♂ @Bosque del Apache: Seasonal road GPS: 334833n 1065222w
N of pump house.
Kingbird, Western 4+ @Bosque del Apache NWR
Only a few compared to the big mobs on 9/5.
Scrub-Jay, Western 
1 @Bosque del Apache: Refuge headquarters
1 @Bosque del Apache: Farm Loop
raven sp. 4-5 @Bosque del Apache NWR
Swallow, Barn # @Bosque del Apache NWR
Quite a change from 9/5 when I wished I'd brought my scope to the Norton Blind and had at least five species. There was a good breeze from the northeast and that may have kept the swallows from feeding there.
Catbird, Gray 1 @Bosque del Apache: Seasonal road GPS: 334829n 1065150w
Where the seasonal road almost meets the Farm Loop and turns north to parallel it, I saw this in a big dead tree.
Description: Medium-sized bird, dark gray overall, short mimid bill, black cap; in flight, the overwing view showed the blackish tail contrasting with the plain gray back. Did not see the vent area.
Sparrow, Chipping 
#i @Bosque del Apache NWR
1a @Bosque del Apache NWR
Sparrow, Brewer's # @Bosque del Apache NWR
Sparrow, Vesper 1? @Bosque del Apache NWR
Sparrow, Lark 20+ @Bosque del Apache NWR
Tanager, Summer 
1♀ @Bosque del Apache: Seasonal road
1 @Bosque del Apache: Farm Loop
Trees NE of Phil Norton Blind.
Vocalizations: Heard only; 2- and 3-syllable bubbling call.
Grosbeak, Blue 
Same tree as the Catbird.
1♂ @Bosque del Apache NWR
Same tree as the Catbird.
1♀ @Bosque del Apache NWR
Same tree as the Catbird.
Blackbird, Red-winged # @Bosque del Apache NWR
Blackbird, Rusty ? @Bosque del Apache NWR
Description: Icterid body plan and medium icterid bill, body pretty much all black except showing narrow, even rusty edges on folded wing feathers, giving it a scaly look. Head looked all dark. One abysmal photo.
Finch, House 1 @Luis Lopez: Oldenettel residence
Goldfinch, Lesser # @Bosque del Apache NWR
Sparrow, House # @Luis Lopez: Oldenettel residence

2003-09-16: NM: San Acacia

@day: San Acacia
Egret, Cattle @San Acacia

2003-09-16: NM: Socorro

@day: Socorro
Heron, Great Blue @Socorro
Dove, Inca @Socorro
Scrub-Jay, Western @Socorro
Swallow, Barn @Socorro
Kinglet, Ruby-crowned @Socorro
Thrasher, Curve-billed @Socorro
Warbler, Audubon's @Socorro
Warbler, Wilson's @Socorro
Tanager, Western @Socorro

2003-09-24: NM: Socorro: New Mexico Tech

@NMT: Socorro: New Mexico Tech
@TBay: Socorro: New Mexico Tech: Turtle Bay
domestic goose sp. 6 @Socorro: New Mexico Tech
domestic duck sp. 4 @Socorro: New Mexico Tech
Kingfisher, Belted @Socorro: New Mexico Tech
Near PRRC (Kelly Building)
Phoebe, Black 1 @Socorro: New Mexico Tech: Turtle Bay
Verdin @Socorro: New Mexico Tech GPS: 340348n 1065443w
Hard by golf green at the west end of North Drive.
Description: Chartreuse head, rusty shoulder
Vocalizations: 'tick^3', alarm notes? at golfers
Nuthatch, White-breasted @Socorro: New Mexico Tech
W. of PRRC
Robin, American 7+ @Socorro: New Mexico Tech
Warbler, Yellow-rumped # @Socorro: New Mexico Tech
Warbler, Audubon's @Socorro: New Mexico Tech
Warbler, Wilson's 
@Socorro: New Mexico Tech
16th hole pond
@Socorro: New Mexico Tech: Turtle Bay
Tanager, Western 1♀ @Socorro: New Mexico Tech
Vocalizations: 'bibbit' call, quick
Goldfinch, Lesser @Socorro: New Mexico Tech
Description: Black-backed form.

2003-09-25: NM: Socorro: New Mexico Tech: Turtle Bay

@TBay: Socorro: New Mexico Tech: Turtle Bay
Warbler, Wilson's 1 @Socorro: New Mexico Tech: Turtle Bay

2003-09-27: NM: Socorro-Bosque del Apache

Notable:  Osprey; Semipalmated Plover; Sanderling; Downy Woodpecker
@BdA: Bosque del Apache NWR
@RBA: Socorro: Riverine Park: Bosque Access
#4 exit: This is my favorite spot, and I hiked a good ways north from the end of the road on the trail on the river side, then headed back on the trail over by the cottonwoods.
@RCA: Socorro: Riverine Park: Confluence Access
#5 exit, where the flood control drains into the river.
@RIA: Socorro: Riverine Park: Island Access
#1 and #2 exits from the dike, going north from Otero St. in Socorro.
@RSBA: Socorro: Riverine Park: Sandbar Access
#3 exit.
@Riv: Socorro: Riverine Park
@day: Socorro-Bosque del Apache
@home: Socorro: 507 Fitch St. NW
Route Socorro Riverine Park 1000-1200 MDT, quick look at the Bosque del Apache Boardwalk around 1400.
Film Fr. 14, Downy Woodpecker
Goose, Canada 120+ @Bosque del Apache NWR
It seems to me their numbers are up over the summer population.
Mallard @Bosque del Apache NWR
Teal, Cinnamon @Bosque del Apache NWR
Shoveler, Northern @Bosque del Apache NWR
Pintail, Northern @Bosque del Apache NWR
Flocks of several score.
Duck, Ruddy 50+ @Bosque del Apache NWR
Grebe, Pied-billed @Bosque del Apache NWR
Grebe, Western 2 @Bosque del Apache NWR
Description: Possibly late immatures as they had less than the full black cap, although the eyes of both were in dark.
Cormorant, Neotropic # @Bosque del Apache NWR
Pelican, American White ~4 @Bosque del Apache NWR
Visible from the Boardwalk.
Heron, Great Blue @Bosque del Apache NWR
Ibis, White-faced 
# @Bosque del Apache NWR
# @Socorro: Riverine Park
In flooded fields off Chaparral Rd. NE of Socorro.
Vulture, Turkey @Socorro: Riverine Park
Osprey @Socorro: Riverine Park
Soaring near Boardwalk.
Hawk, Red-tailed 
1a @Socorro: Riverine Park: Bosque Access
1i @Socorro: Riverine Park: Bosque Access
1 @Bosque del Apache NWR
Kestrel, American @Socorro: Riverine Park
Crane, Sandhill 1 @Socorro: Riverine Park: Bosque Access
Heard one flyover; Robert Kruidenier at BdA says he's already seen three or four.
Plover, Semipalmated 2 @Bosque del Apache NWR
Allowed close approach from the Boardwalk.
Avocet, American 12+ @Bosque del Apache NWR
Sanderling 3-4 @Bosque del Apache NWR
Sandpiper, Western @Bosque del Apache NWR
Sandpiper, Baird's 1+ @Bosque del Apache NWR
Description: By long wings crossing behind tail, and buff chest.
Dowitcher, Long-billed 15+ @Bosque del Apache NWR
Gull, Ring-billed 3i @Bosque del Apache NWR
Pigeon, Rock @Socorro: Riverine Park
San Antonio area farms.
Collared-Dove, Eurasian 1 @Socorro: Riverine Park
San Antonio, one bird W. of NM-1 and S. of 4th St.
Dove, Mourning # @Socorro: Riverine Park
Dove, Inca 1 @Socorro: Riverine Park
Socorro, my yard.
Roadrunner, Greater 
@Socorro: Riverine Park: Island Access
@Socorro: Riverine Park: Sandbar Access
@Socorro: Riverine Park: Bosque Access
@Socorro: Riverine Park
Woodpecker, Downy 1 @Socorro: Riverine Park: Bosque Access GPS: 340508n 1065221w
The location is just east of the road about 2/3 of the way in, and I've seen this species two or three other times within fifty yards of this spot.
Description: Back white, tiny bill.
Flicker, Northern 
@Socorro: Riverine Park: Bosque Access
@Socorro: Riverine Park
Phoebe, Black @Bosque del Apache NWR
Phoebe, Say's @Socorro: Riverine Park
Chaparral Rd., Socorro.
Scrub-Jay, Western 
2 @Socorro: Riverine Park: Island Access
3 @Bosque del Apache NWR
Raven, Chihuahuan 
20+ @Socorro: Riverine Park
Once again the pig farm on Chaparral Loop, where it intersects Cassady Lane NE of Socorro, proves reliable for these birds.
Vocalizations: 'Rack-rack' call.
1 @Socorro: 507 Fitch St. NW
Verdin 1 @Socorro: Riverine Park: Bosque Access GPS: 340528n 1065235w
Half a mile or so north on the river trail.
Nuthatch, White-breasted 1 @Socorro: Riverine Park: Bosque Access
Kinglet, Ruby-crowned @Socorro: Riverine Park: Bosque Access
Phainopepla 3 @Socorro: Riverine Park: Island Access
Seen across the Low Flow Channel.
warbler sp. 2 @Socorro: Riverine Park: Confluence Access
One may have been a MacGillivray's, judging by its gray head and skulking habit.
Warbler, Wilson's 1 @Socorro: Riverine Park: Bosque Access
Tanager, Summer ? @Socorro: Riverine Park: Bosque Access
Vocalizations: Heard one `bzt' note that sounded like this species.
Blackbird, Red-winged @Socorro: Riverine Park: Bosque Access
Finch, House @Socorro: Riverine Park
Socorro, my yard.
Sparrow, House @Socorro: Riverine Park
Socorro, my yard.

2003-09-28: NM: Socorro

@Soc: Socorro
@TBay: New Mexico Tech: Turtle Bay
@home: Socorro: 507 Fitch
Heron, Great Blue 1 @New Mexico Tech: Turtle Bay
Vulture, Turkey @New Mexico Tech: Turtle Bay
Hawk, Sharp-shinned 2 @New Mexico Tech: Turtle Bay
Swallow, Barn # @Socorro: 507 Fitch
Kinglet, Ruby-crowned 1 @New Mexico Tech: Turtle Bay
Warbler, Wilson's 1 @New Mexico Tech: Turtle Bay

2003-09-30: NM: Alamillo (west of San Acacia)

@Alam: Alamillo (west of San Acacia)
Sora  [uncountable] @Alamillo (west of San Acacia)
In rehab care of Alan Kerr, caught at his place here.

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