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Shipman's field notes, Jan 1990


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1990-01-11: NM: Caballo Lake-Las Cruces

Notable:  Oldsquaw; Anna's Hummingbird
@Cab: Caballo Lake
@LC: Las Cruces
@day: Caballo Lake-Las Cruces
Oldsquaw @Caballo Lake
Hummingbird, Anna's 1 @Las Cruces

1990-01-13: NM: Bosque del Apache NWR

Notable:  Vermilion Flycatcher
@BdA: Bosque del Apache NWR
Flycatcher, Vermilion 1♂ @Bosque del Apache NWR

1990-01-19: NM: Moriarty

@day: Moriarty
Longspur, Lapland @Moriarty

1990-01-22: NM: Bosque

Notable:  Trumpeter Swan; Tundra Swan; Sedge Wren
@day: Bosque
Swan, Trumpeter @Bosque
The photo shows one Trumpeter on the right, two Tundras at center and left.
Swan, Tundra @Bosque
See Trumpeter Swan for a comparison.
Wren, Sedge @Bosque
I base my ID on the streaked crown, larger bill, and the not terribly strong pale superciliary stripe. It also behaved differently from Marsh Wrens: it was crawling through vegetation in a dry shelf, while I rarely see Marsh Wrens away from cattails and rushes where the vegetation has wet feet.
However, some authorities point to the black (not brown) barring on the tail, the rusty front half of the folded wing, and the black back with white streaks as pointing to Marsh. Send opinions to please.

1990-01-24: NM: Caballo, Elephant Butte

@day: Caballo, Elephant Butte
Loon, Pacific @Caballo, Elephant Butte
Gull, Glaucous-winged @Caballo, Elephant Butte
Gull, Glaucous @Caballo, Elephant Butte
Description: The classic all-white first-year bird. Huge.

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