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Shipman's field notes, Nov 1987


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1987-11-06: NM: Bosque del Apache

@day: Bosque del Apache
Goose, Snow @Bosque del Apache
Goose, Canada @Bosque del Apache
Gadwall @Bosque del Apache
Wigeon, American @Bosque del Apache
Mallard @Bosque del Apache
Teal, Blue-winged @Bosque del Apache
Shoveler, Northern @Bosque del Apache
Pintail, Northern @Bosque del Apache
Teal, Green-Winged @Bosque del Apache
Canvasback @Bosque del Apache
Redhead @Bosque del Apache
Duck, Ring-necked @Bosque del Apache
Scaup, Lesser @Bosque del Apache
Bufflehead @Bosque del Apache
Duck, Ruddy @Bosque del Apache
Pheasant, Ring-necked @Bosque del Apache
Grebe, Pied-billed @Bosque del Apache
Grebe, Eared @Bosque del Apache
Grebe, Western @Bosque del Apache
Cormorant, Double-crested @Bosque del Apache
Heron, Great Blue @Bosque del Apache
Harrier, Northern @Bosque del Apache
Hawk, Sharp-shinned @Bosque del Apache
Hawk, Red-tailed @Bosque del Apache
Hawk, Ferruginous @Bosque del Apache
Kestrel, American @Bosque del Apache
Rail, Virginia @Bosque del Apache
Coot, American @Bosque del Apache
Crane, Sandhill @Bosque del Apache
Crane, Whooping  [uncountable] @Bosque del Apache
Killdeer @Bosque del Apache
Yellowlegs, Greater @Bosque del Apache
Yellowlegs, Lesser @Bosque del Apache
Sandpiper, Least @Bosque del Apache
dowitcher sp. @Bosque del Apache
Gull, Ring-billed @Bosque del Apache
Dove, Mourning @Bosque del Apache
Kingfisher, Belted @Bosque del Apache
Flicker, Northern @Bosque del Apache
Phoebe, Black @Bosque del Apache
scrub-jay sp. @Bosque del Apache
raven sp. @Bosque del Apache
Crow, American @Bosque del Apache
Chickadee, Mountain @Bosque del Apache
Verdin @Bosque del Apache
Wren, Marsh @Bosque del Apache
Kinglet, Ruby-crowned @Bosque del Apache
Starling, European @Bosque del Apache
Pipit, Water @Bosque del Apache
Sparrow, White-crowned @Bosque del Apache
Junco, Dark-eyed @Bosque del Apache
Blackbird, Red-winged @Bosque del Apache
Meadowlark, Eastern @Bosque del Apache
Meadowlark, Western @Bosque del Apache
Grackle, Great-tailed @Bosque del Apache
Finch, House @Bosque del Apache
Goldfinch, Lesser @Bosque del Apache
Sparrow, House @Bosque del Apache

1987-11-06: NM: Socorro

@day: Socorro
Dove, White-winged @Socorro
Dove, Inca @Socorro
Sparrow, White-crowned @Socorro
Junco, Dark-eyed @Socorro
Grackle, Common @Socorro
Finch, House @Socorro
Sparrow, House @Socorro

1987-11-08: NM: Socorro

@day: Socorro
Dove, Inca @Socorro

1987-11-20: NM: San Mateos; San Augustin Plains

Notable:  Northern Pygmy-Owl; Gray Catbird
@Durf: San Mateos: Durfee Canyon
@MT: San Mateos: Tres Montosas
Near Tres Montosas, on the Montosa Ranch, there is an iron water tank about a hundred yards north of US-60 between mileposts 98 and 99. The low drinking trough was alive with birds here late in the day. Because it is a reliable source of water at an interesting edge habitat—just where the piñon-juniper zone interfaces with brushy grasslands, this place is worth checking regularly for birds. This waypoint was estimated from Google Earth in 2009.
GPS: 340458n1072908w None
@day: San Mateos; San Augustin Plains
Quail, Scaled @San Mateos; San Augustin Plains
Hawk, Cooper's @San Mateos; San Augustin Plains
Hawk, Red-tailed @San Mateos; San Augustin Plains
Hawk, Ferruginous @San Mateos; San Augustin Plains
Hawk, Rough-legged @San Mateos; San Augustin Plains
Kestrel, American @San Mateos; San Augustin Plains
Owl, Great Horned @San Mateos; San Augustin Plains
Pygmy-Owl, Northern @San Mateos: Durfee Canyon
Days like this make it all worthwhile. I found this owl sitting in plain sight in daylight, and it allowed quite close approach. Note the bloody bill and bulging crop; perhaps it was logy from a recent meal. After many photos, I left and the bird was still sitting contentedly.
Woodpecker, Acorn @San Mateos; San Augustin Plains
Flicker, Northern @San Mateos; San Augustin Plains
Shrike, Loggerhead @San Mateos; San Augustin Plains
Jay, Pinyon @San Mateos: Tres Montosas
A good-sized flock of these came in to drink at the stock tank late in the day.
Jay, Steller's @San Mateos; San Augustin Plains
scrub-jay sp. @San Mateos; San Augustin Plains
Raven, Chihuahuan @San Mateos; San Augustin Plains
Raven, Common @San Mateos; San Augustin Plains
Lark, Horned @San Mateos; San Augustin Plains
Chickadee, Mountain @San Mateos; San Augustin Plains
Titmouse, Juniper @San Mateos; San Augustin Plains
Bushtit @San Mateos; San Augustin Plains
Nuthatch, White-breasted @San Mateos; San Augustin Plains
Nuthatch, Pygmy @San Mateos; San Augustin Plains
Wren, Bewick's @San Mateos; San Augustin Plains
Kinglet, Golden-crowned @San Mateos; San Augustin Plains
Bluebird, Western @San Mateos; San Augustin Plains
Bluebird, Mountain @San Mateos; San Augustin Plains
Solitaire, Townsend's @San Mateos; San Augustin Plains
Robin, American @San Mateos; San Augustin Plains
Catbird, Gray @San Mateos: Tres Montosas
This bird came in to drink near dusk. Compare the Northern Mockingbird in the foreground. The habitat photos were taken when I revisited the site 2009-06-16 to nail down the GPS coordinates. The first one shows the view from the nearest point on the highway, looking roughly northeast, with the Tres Montosas in the background. The second photo shows the piñon-juniper wood east of the tank, and the third shows the low drinking trough that seems quite bird-friendly.
Mockingbird, Northern @San Mateos; San Augustin Plains
Towhee, Canyon @San Mateos; San Augustin Plains
Junco, Dark-eyed @San Mateos; San Augustin Plains
meadowlark sp. @San Mateos; San Augustin Plains
Finch, Cassin's @San Mateos; San Augustin Plains
Finch, House @San Mateos; San Augustin Plains

1987-11-24: NM: San Augustin Plains

@day: San Augustin Plains
Harrier, Northern @San Augustin Plains
Hawk, Ferruginous @San Augustin Plains
Hawk, Rough-legged @San Augustin Plains
Kestrel, American @San Augustin Plains
Falcon, Prairie @San Augustin Plains
Dove, Mourning @San Augustin Plains
Flicker, Red-shafted @San Augustin Plains
Jay, Pinyon @San Augustin Plains
scrub-jay sp. @San Augustin Plains
raven sp. @San Augustin Plains
Lark, Horned @San Augustin Plains
Chickadee, Mountain @San Augustin Plains
Nuthatch, White-breasted @San Augustin Plains
Bluebird, Western @San Augustin Plains
Solitaire, Townsend's @San Augustin Plains
Robin, American @San Augustin Plains
Longspur, Chestnut-collared @San Augustin Plains
Towhee, Canyon @San Augustin Plains
Junco, Dark-eyed @San Augustin Plains
Finch, House @San Augustin Plains

1987-11-27: NM: Glenwood area

@MC: Mineral Creek
@day: Glenwood area
Mallard @Glenwood area
Duck, Ring-necked @Glenwood area
Scaup, Lesser @Glenwood area
Quail, Gambel's @Glenwood area
Turkey, Wild @Glenwood area
Hawk, Sharp-shinned @Glenwood area
Hawk, Red-tailed @Glenwood area
Kestrel, American @Glenwood area
Dove, Mourning @Glenwood area
Kingfisher, Belted @Glenwood area
Woodpecker, Lewis' @Glenwood area
Sapsucker, Red-naped @Glenwood area
Woodpecker, Hairy @Glenwood area
Flicker, Red-shafted @Glenwood area
Flycatcher, Dusky @Glenwood area
Phoebe, Black @Glenwood area
Phoebe, Say's @Glenwood area
Shrike, Loggerhead @Glenwood area
scrub-jay sp. @Glenwood area
Jay, Gray-breasted @Glenwood area
Raven, Common @Glenwood area
Lark, Horned @Glenwood area
Titmouse, Juniper @Glenwood area
Nuthatch, White-breasted @Glenwood area
Creeper, Brown @Glenwood area
Wren, Canyon @Glenwood area
Kinglet, Golden-crowned @Glenwood area
Bluebird, Western @Glenwood area
Thrush, Hermit @Glenwood area
Robin, American @Glenwood area
Warbler, Myrtle @Glenwood area
Towhee, Rufous-sided @Glenwood area
Towhee, Canyon @Glenwood area
Sparrow, Fox @Glenwood area
Sparrow, Song @Glenwood area
Sparrow, Lincoln's @Glenwood area
Sparrow, White-crowned @Glenwood area
Junco, Dark-eyed @Glenwood area
meadowlark sp. @Glenwood area
Siskin, Pine @Glenwood area
A few birds were feeding on catkins at the base of Mineral Creek.

1987-11-28: NM: San Mateos: Durfee Canyon

@day: San Mateos: Durfee Canyon
Partial notes.
Chickadee, Mountain @San Mateos: Durfee Canyon
Titmouse, Juniper @San Mateos: Durfee Canyon

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