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Shipman's field notes, Feb 1983


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1983-02-03: CA: Cupertino; I-5 south

@day: Cupertino; I-5 south
Kite, Black-shouldered @Cupertino; I-5 south
Magpie, Yellow-billed @Cupertino; I-5 south

1983-02-04: CA: nr Colo. R.

@day: nr Colo. R.
Falcon, Prairie @nr Colo. R.

1983-02-20: NM: Bosque-Deming-Bosque

Notable:  Greater Scaup; Rusty Blackbird
@BdA: Bosque del Apache NWR
@day: Bosque-Deming-Bosque
Goose, Snow @Bosque-Deming-Bosque
Goose, Canada @Bosque-Deming-Bosque
Gadwall @Bosque-Deming-Bosque
Mallard @Bosque-Deming-Bosque
Teal, Cinnamon @Bosque-Deming-Bosque
Shoveler, Northern @Bosque-Deming-Bosque
Pintail @Bosque-Deming-Bosque
Teal, Green-Winged @Bosque-Deming-Bosque
Scaup, Greater @Bosque del Apache NWR
Bufflehead @Bosque-Deming-Bosque
Duck, Ruddy @Bosque-Deming-Bosque
Grebe, Pied-billed @Bosque-Deming-Bosque
Cormorant, Double-crested @Bosque-Deming-Bosque
Heron, Great Blue @Bosque-Deming-Bosque
Eagle, Bald @Bosque-Deming-Bosque
Hawk, Marsh @Bosque-Deming-Bosque
Hawk, Red-tailed @Bosque-Deming-Bosque
Hawk, Ferruginous @Bosque-Deming-Bosque
Eagle, Golden @Bosque-Deming-Bosque
Kestrel, American @Bosque-Deming-Bosque
Coot, American @Bosque-Deming-Bosque
Crane, Sandhill @Bosque-Deming-Bosque
Crane, Whooping  [uncountable] @Bosque-Deming-Bosque
Killdeer @Bosque-Deming-Bosque
Sandpiper, Least @Bosque-Deming-Bosque
Dunlin @Bosque-Deming-Bosque
dowitcher sp. @Bosque-Deming-Bosque
Snipe, Common @Bosque-Deming-Bosque
I rarely see any of this species just sitting around in the open, much less several of them.
Dove, White-winged @Bosque-Deming-Bosque
Dove, Mourning @Bosque-Deming-Bosque
Roadrunner @Bosque-Deming-Bosque
Flicker, Common @Bosque-Deming-Bosque
Phoebe, Black @Bosque-Deming-Bosque
Phoebe, Say's @Bosque-Deming-Bosque
Shrike, Loggerhead @Bosque-Deming-Bosque
scrub-jay sp. @Bosque-Deming-Bosque
Raven, Chihuahuan @Bosque-Deming-Bosque
Lark, Horned @Bosque-Deming-Bosque
Wren, Long-billed Marsh @Bosque-Deming-Bosque
Robin, American @Bosque-Deming-Bosque
thrasher sp. @Bosque-Deming-Bosque
Starling, European @Bosque-Deming-Bosque
Pipit, Water @Bosque-Deming-Bosque
Sparrow, Song @Bosque-Deming-Bosque
Sparrow, White-crowned @Bosque-Deming-Bosque
Junco, Dark-eyed @Bosque-Deming-Bosque
Blackbird, Red-winged @Bosque-Deming-Bosque
Meadowlark, Western @Bosque-Deming-Bosque
Blackbird, Rusty 1 @Bosque-Deming-Bosque
Grackle, Great-tailed @Bosque-Deming-Bosque
Finch, House @Bosque-Deming-Bosque
Sparrow, House @Bosque-Deming-Bosque

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