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Shipman's field notes, Jun 1981


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1981-06-02: CA: Tiburon Center for Environmental Science

@day: Tiburon Center for Environmental Science
Twenty minutes on the pier.
Mallard @Tiburon Center for Environmental Science
Grebe, Western @Tiburon Center for Environmental Science
Pelican, Brown @Tiburon Center for Environmental Science
Vulture, Turkey @Tiburon Center for Environmental Science
Hawk, Red-tailed @Tiburon Center for Environmental Science
Behavior: Carrying 7/8 of a snake.
Gull, Western @Tiburon Center for Environmental Science
Tern, Caspian @Tiburon Center for Environmental Science
Dove, Rock @Tiburon Center for Environmental Science
Pigeon, Band-tailed @Tiburon Center for Environmental Science
Dove, Mourning @Tiburon Center for Environmental Science
swift sp. @Tiburon Center for Environmental Science
Hummingbird, Anna's @Tiburon Center for Environmental Science
Jay, Steller's @Tiburon Center for Environmental Science
scrub-jay sp. @Tiburon Center for Environmental Science
Crow, Common @Tiburon Center for Environmental Science
Swallow, Rough-winged @Tiburon Center for Environmental Science
Breeding: Nesting.
Swallow, Cliff @Tiburon Center for Environmental Science
Breeding: Nesting.
Swallow, Barn @Tiburon Center for Environmental Science
Breeding: Nesting.
Wren, Bewick's @Tiburon Center for Environmental Science
Wrentit @Tiburon Center for Environmental Science
Starling, European @Tiburon Center for Environmental Science
Towhee, California @Tiburon Center for Environmental Science
Finch, Purple @Tiburon Center for Environmental Science
Finch, House @Tiburon Center for Environmental Science

1981-06-04: CA: Bolinas, PRBO

@day: Bolinas, PRBO
Egret, Great @Bolinas, PRBO
Egret, Snowy @Bolinas, PRBO
Vulture, Turkey @Bolinas, PRBO
Hawk, Red-tailed @Bolinas, PRBO
Kestrel, American @Bolinas, PRBO
Gull, Western @Bolinas, PRBO
Dove, Rock @Bolinas, PRBO
Pigeon, Band-tailed @Bolinas, PRBO
Dove, Mourning @Bolinas, PRBO
Hummingbird, Anna's @Bolinas, PRBO
Hummingbird, Allen's @Bolinas, PRBO
Woodpecker, Acorn @Bolinas, PRBO
Vireo, Solitary @Bolinas, PRBO
Jay, Steller's @Bolinas, PRBO
scrub-jay sp. @Bolinas, PRBO
Crow, Common @Bolinas, PRBO
Swallow, Tree @Bolinas, PRBO
Swallow, Violet-green @Bolinas, PRBO
Chickadee, Chestnut-backed @Bolinas, PRBO
Creeper, Brown @Bolinas, PRBO
Bluebird, Western @Bolinas, PRBO
Robin, American @Bolinas, PRBO
Starling, European @Bolinas, PRBO
Towhee, Rufous-sided @Bolinas, PRBO
Towhee, California @Bolinas, PRBO
Junco, Northern @Bolinas, PRBO
Grosbeak, Black-headed #♀ @Bolinas, PRBO
Blackbird, Red-winged @Bolinas, PRBO
Blackbird, Brewer's @Bolinas, PRBO
Finch, Purple @Bolinas, PRBO
Finch, House @Bolinas, PRBO
Siskin, Pine @Bolinas, PRBO
Sparrow, House @Bolinas, PRBO

1981-06-15: CA: Stevens Creek Park

@day: Stevens Creek Park
Route 0730-0900, Chestnut Picnic Area.
Quail, California @Stevens Creek Park
Vulture, Turkey @Stevens Creek Park
Dove, Rock @Stevens Creek Park
Pigeon, Band-tailed @Stevens Creek Park
Dove, Mourning @Stevens Creek Park
Hummingbird, Anna's @Stevens Creek Park
Woodpecker, Nuttall's @Stevens Creek Park
Flicker, Common @Stevens Creek Park
Flycatcher, Olive-sided @Stevens Creek Park
Phoebe, Black @Stevens Creek Park
Vireo, Solitary @Stevens Creek Park
Jay, Steller's @Stevens Creek Park
scrub-jay sp. @Stevens Creek Park
Swallow, Violet-green @Stevens Creek Park
Swallow, Cliff @Stevens Creek Park
Swallow, Barn @Stevens Creek Park
Chickadee, Chestnut-backed @Stevens Creek Park
Titmouse, Oak @Stevens Creek Park
Bushtit @Stevens Creek Park
Creeper, Brown @Stevens Creek Park
Wren, Bewick's @Stevens Creek Park
Kinglet, Ruby-crowned @Stevens Creek Park
Wrentit @Stevens Creek Park
Robin, American @Stevens Creek Park
Warbler, Orange-crowned @Stevens Creek Park
Towhee, Rufous-sided @Stevens Creek Park
Towhee, California @Stevens Creek Park
Sparrow, Song @Stevens Creek Park
Grosbeak, Black-headed @Stevens Creek Park
Blackbird, Brewer's @Stevens Creek Park
Oriole, Bullock's @Stevens Creek Park
Finch, House @Stevens Creek Park

1981-06-17: CA: PRBO/Galwey, Bolinas Lagoon

@day: PRBO/Galwey, Bolinas Lagoon
Quail, California @PRBO/Galwey, Bolinas Lagoon
Cormorant, Double-crested @PRBO/Galwey, Bolinas Lagoon
Heron, Great Blue @PRBO/Galwey, Bolinas Lagoon
Egret, Great @PRBO/Galwey, Bolinas Lagoon
Egret, Snowy @PRBO/Galwey, Bolinas Lagoon
Night-Heron, Black-crowned @PRBO/Galwey, Bolinas Lagoon
Vulture, Turkey @PRBO/Galwey, Bolinas Lagoon
Osprey @PRBO/Galwey, Bolinas Lagoon
Hawk, Red-tailed @PRBO/Galwey, Bolinas Lagoon
Kestrel, American @PRBO/Galwey, Bolinas Lagoon
Willet @PRBO/Galwey, Bolinas Lagoon
Gull, Western @PRBO/Galwey, Bolinas Lagoon
Tern, Forster's @PRBO/Galwey, Bolinas Lagoon
Hummingbird, Anna's @PRBO/Galwey, Bolinas Lagoon
Jay, Steller's @PRBO/Galwey, Bolinas Lagoon
scrub-jay sp. @PRBO/Galwey, Bolinas Lagoon
Crow, Common @PRBO/Galwey, Bolinas Lagoon
Swallow, Tree @PRBO/Galwey, Bolinas Lagoon
Swallow, Violet-green @PRBO/Galwey, Bolinas Lagoon
Chickadee, Chestnut-backed @PRBO/Galwey, Bolinas Lagoon
Thrush, Swainson's @PRBO/Galwey, Bolinas Lagoon
Towhee, Rufous-sided @PRBO/Galwey, Bolinas Lagoon
Towhee, California @PRBO/Galwey, Bolinas Lagoon
Junco, Oregon @PRBO/Galwey, Bolinas Lagoon
Grosbeak, Black-headed @PRBO/Galwey, Bolinas Lagoon
Blackbird, Brewer's @PRBO/Galwey, Bolinas Lagoon
Finch, Purple @PRBO/Galwey, Bolinas Lagoon
Finch, House @PRBO/Galwey, Bolinas Lagoon

1981-06-18: CA: Tiburon; Galwey Cyn

@Bol: Bolinas Lagoon
@Gal: Marin Co.: Galwey Cyn
@Tib: Tiburon Center for Environmental Science
@day: Tiburon; Galwey Cyn
Missed According to Jules Evans of PRBO, there are Grasshopper and Rufous-crowned Sparrows between Stinson Beach and Audubon Canyon.
Grebe, Western @Tiburon; Galwey Cyn
Description: Western form, with green bill.
Cormorant, Double-crested @Tiburon; Galwey Cyn
Pelican, Brown @Tiburon; Galwey Cyn
Heron, Great Blue @Tiburon; Galwey Cyn
Egret, Great @Tiburon; Galwey Cyn
Egret, Snowy @Tiburon; Galwey Cyn
Night-Heron, Black-crowned @Tiburon Center for Environmental Science
Vulture, Turkey @Tiburon; Galwey Cyn
Osprey 1 @Bolinas Lagoon
Hawk, Red-tailed @Tiburon; Galwey Cyn
Kestrel, American @Tiburon; Galwey Cyn
Willet @Tiburon; Galwey Cyn
Gull, Western @Tiburon; Galwey Cyn
Tern, Caspian @Tiburon; Galwey Cyn
Dove, Rock @Tiburon; Galwey Cyn
Pigeon, Band-tailed @Tiburon; Galwey Cyn
Dove, Mourning @Tiburon; Galwey Cyn
Hummingbird, Anna's @Tiburon; Galwey Cyn
Woodpecker, Downy @Marin Co.: Galwey Cyn
Vocalizations: By call.
Jay, Steller's @Tiburon; Galwey Cyn
scrub-jay sp. @Tiburon; Galwey Cyn
Crow, Common @Tiburon; Galwey Cyn
Swallow, Violet-green @Tiburon; Galwey Cyn
Swallow, Cliff @Tiburon; Galwey Cyn
Swallow, Barn @Tiburon; Galwey Cyn
Chickadee, Chestnut-backed @Tiburon; Galwey Cyn
Bushtit @Tiburon; Galwey Cyn
Thrush, Swainson's @Tiburon; Galwey Cyn
Robin, American @Tiburon; Galwey Cyn
Mockingbird, Northern 1 @Tiburon; Galwey Cyn
Parasite Drive, Tiburon. That's Leonard Compagno's name for it. It says “Paradise Drive” on the sign.
Towhee, California @Tiburon; Galwey Cyn
Junco, Oregon @Tiburon; Galwey Cyn
Blackbird, Red-winged @Tiburon; Galwey Cyn
Blackbird, Brewer's @Tiburon; Galwey Cyn
Finch, Purple @Tiburon; Galwey Cyn
Finch, House @Tiburon; Galwey Cyn
Siskin, Pine @Marin Co.: Galwey Cyn
Breeding: Feeding young.
Sparrow, House @Tiburon; Galwey Cyn

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