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Shipman's field notes, May 1981


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1981-05-07: CA: Cupertino: 10305 Calvert

@day: Cupertino: 10305 Calvert
Mockingbird @Cupertino: 10305 Calvert
Breeding: Young mocker begged and got fed on the wire near the back palm tree. His tail was about half normal, breast is speckled, and its mouth is still being formed, but it flies well.

1981-05-13: CA: Cupertino: 10305 Calvert

@home: Cupertino: 10305 Calvert
Blackbird, Brewer's 1♂ @Cupertino: 10305 Calvert
Behavior: This grim scene took place on the sidewalk near my house. On the sidewalk directly across from my house, I saw the blackbird standing on smaller brown bird, which proved to be a juvenile House Finch, which was struggling. The blackbird jumped around to stay on top of the finch, pecking it repeatedly. Eventually the finch was dispatched and the blackbird started eating at it, the head first. I recovered the carcass: it looked half-fledged, and the eyes were definitely eaten. Couldn't be sure if the brains were eaten. I have no idea how the blackbird caught the finch.
Finch, House 1ϕ @Cupertino: 10305 Calvert

1981-05-25: NM: Palo Alto

@PA: Palo Alto
Oriole, Hooded a♂ @Palo Alto
Backyard on Calcaterra Court, maybe a half-mile from my old apartment at 3101 Middlefield Road.
I haven't seen this species in my Cupertino backyard this year that I know of, but this beautiful bird appearing here leads me more than ever to suspect that a greenish female oriole I caught on my Palo Alto hummingbird feeder was a Hooded.

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