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Shipman's field notes, Apr 1981


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1981-04-01: CA: home

@day: home
Oriole, Bullock's @home
Vocalizations: 'ch-ch-ch', song
This morning, while still in bed, I heard one ratcheting out back. Must be the sugar water feeder. I may have heard one as much as two weeks ago but it's an uncertain recollection. Haven't actually seen one yet.
Goldfinch, Lesser @home
House list #24.

1981-04-02: NM: Cupertino: 10305 Calvert

@c10305: Cupertino: 10305 Calvert
Cowbird, Brown-headed @Cupertino: 10305 Calvert
House list #25.

1981-04-05: CA: home

@day: home
Kestrel, American @home
House list #26.
Oriole, Bullock's 1 @home

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