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Shipman's field notes, Jul 1979


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1979-07-03: CA: Cupertino: Tandem

@day: Cupertino: Tandem
Egret, Snowy @Cupertino: Tandem
Vulture, Turkey @Cupertino: Tandem

1979-07-07: CA: Palo Alto: duck club

@day: Palo Alto: duck club
Gadwall @Palo Alto: duck club
Mallard @Palo Alto: duck club
Scaup, Greater @Palo Alto: duck club
Duck, Ruddy @Palo Alto: duck club
Grebe, Pied-billed @Palo Alto: duck club
Heron, Great Blue @Palo Alto: duck club
Egret, Snowy @Palo Alto: duck club
Heron, Little Blue @Palo Alto: duck club
Vulture, Turkey @Palo Alto: duck club
Hawk, Marsh @Palo Alto: duck club
Hawk, Red-tailed @Palo Alto: duck club
Coot, American @Palo Alto: duck club
Killdeer @Palo Alto: duck club
Stilt, Black-necked @Palo Alto: duck club
Avocet, American @Palo Alto: duck club
Sandpiper, Spotted @Palo Alto: duck club

1979-07-14: CA: Cupertino: home

@day: Cupertino: home
Grosbeak, Black-headed ♀ @Cupertino: home
Vocalizations: 'peek'
House list #13.

1979-07-19: CA: Cupertino

@day: Cupertino
Magpie, Yellow-billed @Cupertino
Oriole, Hooded @Cupertino
Oriole, Bullock's @Cupertino

1979-07-19: NM: Stanford University

@SU: Stanford University
Woodpecker, Acorn 3 @Stanford University
What privileged woodpeckers these are, to be allowed to build a mast storage facility in the façade of one of the venerable buildings on the Stanford Quad.

1979-07-20: CA: Cupertino

@day: Cupertino
Oriole, Hooded @Cupertino

1979-07-21: CA: Cupertino: home

@day: Cupertino: home
Bushtit @Cupertino: home
House list #15.
Towhee, California @Cupertino: home

1979-07-24: CA: Cupertino: home

@home: Cupertino: home
Oriole, Hooded @Cupertino: home

1979-07-27: CA: Cupertino: Tandem

@day: Cupertino: Tandem
Shrike, Loggerhead @Cupertino: Tandem
Mockingbird @Cupertino: Tandem

1979-07-28: CA: Cupertino: home

@day: Cupertino: home
Tern, Caspian @Cupertino: home
Aerial, over the backyard.
House list #16.

1979-07-29: CA: Cupertino: home

@day: Cupertino: home
Towhee, California @Cupertino: home
Oriole, Hooded @Cupertino: home
Oriole, Bullock's @Cupertino: home

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