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Shipman's field notes, Jan 1979


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1979-01-01: HI: Hawaii: NW saddle

@day: Hawaii: NW saddle
Io @Hawaii: NW saddle

1979-01-03: HI: Hawaii: Kona area

@day: Hawaii: Kona area
Amakihi, Hawaii @Hawaii: Kona area
Apapane @Hawaii: Kona area

1979-01-04: HI: Oahu: Paiko Lagoon; Kapiolani Park

@KP: Oahu: Kapiolani Park
@PL: Oahu: Paiko Lagoon
GPS: 211703n1574320w None
@SaltL: Oahu: Salt Lake
@day: Oahu: Paiko Lagoon; Kapiolani Park
Coot, Hawaiian @Oahu: Salt Lake
Gull, Western @Oahu: Paiko Lagoon
Any gull, any time in Hawaii, is unusual. When I heard about this bird from the Rare Bird Alert, I headed over right away. The mouth of Paiko Lagoon is shallow with a sandy bottom, so I took off my shoes and waded out carrying the camera. When I got too close, the bird moved further into the lagoon. As I followed it, the bottom changed gradually to about a foot of soft mud over coral. The soles of my feet were fairly well-lacerated by the time I gave up and started wading over toward a residential lawn, probably a house on Summer Street fronting on the lagoon. To add insult to injury, a smallish crab latched onto my left little toe until I pulled that foot out of the water, at which point it dropped off. When I crawled out of the water, the lady who lived in the house was very kind and let me use her hose to wash my feet off. It was all worth it to get these photos.
Canary, Yellow-fronted @Oahu: Kapiolani Park

1979-01-10: CA: Palo Alto; Cupertino

@day: Palo Alto; Cupertino
Kestrel, American @Palo Alto; Cupertino
Dove, Rock @Palo Alto; Cupertino
Dove, Mourning @Palo Alto; Cupertino
Hummingbird, Anna's @Palo Alto; Cupertino
scrub-jay sp. @Palo Alto; Cupertino
Crow, Common @Palo Alto; Cupertino
Towhee, California @Palo Alto; Cupertino
Finch, House @Palo Alto; Cupertino

1979-01-18: CA: Palo Alto Baylands

@day: Palo Alto Baylands
Wigeon, American @Palo Alto Baylands
Mallard @Palo Alto Baylands
Shoveler, Northern @Palo Alto Baylands
Pintail, Common @Palo Alto Baylands
Duck, Ruddy @Palo Alto Baylands
Grebe, Pied-billed @Palo Alto Baylands
Cormorant, Double-crested @Palo Alto Baylands
Egret, Snowy @Palo Alto Baylands
Coot, American @Palo Alto Baylands
Killdeer @Palo Alto Baylands
Stilt, Black-necked @Palo Alto Baylands
Avocet, American @Palo Alto Baylands
Willet @Palo Alto Baylands
Sandpiper, Western @Palo Alto Baylands
Sandpiper, Least @Palo Alto Baylands
Dunlin @Palo Alto Baylands
dowitcher sp. @Palo Alto Baylands
Gull, Ring-billed @Palo Alto Baylands
Gull, Western @Palo Alto Baylands
Gull, California @Palo Alto Baylands
Gull, Glaucous-winged @Palo Alto Baylands
Dove, Rock @Palo Alto Baylands
Dove, Mourning @Palo Alto Baylands
scrub-jay sp. @Palo Alto Baylands
Crow, Common @Palo Alto Baylands
Sparrow, Savannah @Palo Alto Baylands
Sparrow, Song @Palo Alto Baylands
Sparrow, White-crowned @Palo Alto Baylands
Blackbird, Brewer's @Palo Alto Baylands
Finch, House @Palo Alto Baylands
Sparrow, House @Palo Alto Baylands

1979-01-24: CA: Palo Alto: home sick 3 weeks

@day: Palo Alto: home sick 3 weeks
Robin, American @Palo Alto: home sick 3 weeks
Mockingbird @Palo Alto: home sick 3 weeks

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