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Shipman's field notes, Mar 1978


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1978-03-03: CA: Palo Alto: 3101 Middlefield Road

@home: Palo Alto: 3101 Middlefield Road
Waxwing, Cedar 22 @Palo Alto: 3101 Middlefield Road
Trees on Middlefield Road in front of #3101.

1978-03-04: CA: Palo Alto: 3101 Middlefield Road

@day: Palo Alto: 3101 Middlefield Road
Waxwing, Cedar 30-40 @Palo Alto: 3101 Middlefield Road
Trees behind #3101.

1978-03-05: CA: Palo Alto: city; home

@day: Palo Alto: city; home
Flicker, Yellow-shafted @Palo Alto: city; home
Outside my bedroom window on the second floor.
Description: Undertail coverts canary yellow. Head gray except milk-chocolate color of brown on the face, less so on the forehead, some on underside of base of bill but throat gray. Small crimson crescent on nape. Underparts salmon color, with black spots in white circles.

1978-03-06: CA: Princeton-Pescadero

@HMB: Half Moon Bay
@PB: Pescadero Beach
@PC: Pescedaro Creek mouth
@PH: Princeton Harbor
@PM: Pescadero Marsh
@PR: Pescadero Rocks
@SU: Stanford University
@day: Princeton-Pescadero
Wigeon, American @Half Moon Bay
Mallard @Pescadero Marsh
Teal, Cinnamon # @Pescadero Marsh
Shoveler, Northern @Pescadero Marsh
Teal, Green-Winged 2 @Pescadero Marsh
Canvasback @Princeton-Pescadero
Scaup, Greater @Princeton-Pescadero
Scoter, Surf @Princeton Harbor
Scoter, White-winged @Half Moon Bay
Goldeneye, Common 4♀ @Princeton-Pescadero
Merganser, Red-breasted 1♀ @Princeton-Pescadero
Duck, Ruddy @Princeton-Pescadero
Quail, California @Princeton-Pescadero
San Gregorio Beach.
Loon, Common @Half Moon Bay
Grebe, Pied-billed @Pescadero Marsh
Grebe, Horned @Half Moon Bay
Grebe, Eared @Pescadero Marsh
Grebe, Western @Half Moon Bay
Cormorant, Double-crested @Half Moon Bay
Cormorant, Pelagic 
@Pescadero Beach
@Half Moon Bay
Bittern, American @Pescadero Marsh
Near town.
Heron, Great Blue @Pescadero Marsh
Egret, Great @Pescadero Marsh
Egret, Snowy @Pescadero Marsh
Vulture, Turkey @Princeton-Pescadero
Hawk, Marsh @Pescadero Marsh
Hawk, Red-tailed @Pescadero Marsh
Hawk, Rough-legged @Pescadero Marsh
Escorted out by a Red-tail.
Kestrel, American @Princeton-Pescadero
Rail, Virginia @Pescadero Marsh
Vocalizations: By 'gruck' call.
Coot, American @Princeton-Pescadero
Plover, Black-bellied @Pescedaro Creek mouth
Plover, Snowy @Pescadero Marsh
Killdeer @Princeton-Pescadero
Oystercatcher, Black @Pescadero Rocks
Yellowlegs, Greater @Pescadero Marsh
Willet @Pescadero Marsh
Whimbrel @Pescadero Beach
Godwit, Marbled @Pescadero Marsh
Turnstone, Black @Pescedaro Creek mouth
Surfbird @Pescadero Rocks
Sanderling @Pescedaro Creek mouth
Also see photo under Least Sandpiper.
Sandpiper, Western 4+ @Princeton-Pescadero
Sandpiper, Least # @Princeton-Pescadero
Dowitcher, Short-billed @Pescadero Marsh
Vocalizations: 'tew^3'
Kittiwake, Black-legged 1i[fide Leonard Compagno] @Princeton-Pescadero
Gull, Mew @Princeton-Pescadero
Gull, Western @Princeton-Pescadero
Gull, California @Princeton-Pescadero
Gull, Herring @Princeton-Pescadero
Gull, Thayer's @Princeton-Pescadero
Gull, Glaucous-winged @Princeton-Pescadero
Tern, Forster's @Half Moon Bay
Dove, Rock @Princeton-Pescadero
Pigeon, Band-tailed @Princeton-Pescadero
La Honda Road.
Dove, Mourning @Princeton-Pescadero
Woodpecker, Acorn @Stanford University
Flicker, Common @Pescadero Marsh
Shrike, Loggerhead @Princeton-Pescadero
Scrub-Jay, Western @Princeton-Pescadero
Swallow, Tree 1 @Pescadero Marsh
Swallow, Violet-green @Half Moon Bay
Bushtit, Common @Princeton-Pescadero
Wren, Long-billed Marsh @Pescadero Marsh
Wrentit @Pescadero Marsh
Robin, American @Princeton-Pescadero
Mockingbird @Stanford University
Starling, European @Princeton-Pescadero
Yellowthroat, Common @Pescadero Marsh
Towhee, California @Princeton-Pescadero
Sparrow, Savannah @Pescadero Marsh
Sparrow, Song @Princeton-Pescadero
Sparrow, White-crowned @Princeton-Pescadero
Sparrow, Golden-crowned @Princeton-Pescadero
Blackbird, Red-winged @Princeton-Pescadero
Meadowlark, Western @Princeton-Pescadero
Blackbird, Brewer's @Princeton-Pescadero
Finch, House @Princeton-Pescadero
Sparrow, House @Princeton-Pescadero

1978-03-09: CA: Pt Reyes; Bolinas

Notable:  Eurasian Wigeon
@BL: Bolinas Lagoon
@LR: Limantour Road x Bear Valley Road
@PA: Palo Alto
@day: Pt Reyes; Bolinas
Gadwall @Bolinas Lagoon
Wigeon, Eurasian @Bolinas Lagoon
With American Wigeons.
Wigeon, American @Bolinas Lagoon
@Bolinas Lagoon
@Limantour Road x Bear Valley Road
Teal, Cinnamon @Bolinas Lagoon
Pintail, Common @Bolinas Lagoon
Canvasback @Bolinas Lagoon
Scaup, Greater @Bolinas Lagoon
Scoter, Surf @Bolinas Lagoon
Scoter, White-winged @Bolinas Lagoon
Bufflehead @Bolinas Lagoon
Goldeneye, Common @Bolinas Lagoon
6+♂ @Bolinas Lagoon
2+♀ @Bolinas Lagoon
Merganser, Red-breasted @Bolinas Lagoon
1♂ @Bolinas Lagoon
3♀ @Bolinas Lagoon
Duck, Ruddy @Bolinas Lagoon
Quail, California @Pt Reyes; Bolinas
Grebe, Pied-billed @Bolinas Lagoon
Grebe, Eared @Bolinas Lagoon
Grebe, Western @Bolinas Lagoon
Cormorant, Double-crested @Bolinas Lagoon
Heron, Great Blue # @Bolinas Lagoon
Egret, Great # @Bolinas Lagoon
Egret, Snowy # @Bolinas Lagoon
Vulture, Turkey @Pt Reyes; Bolinas
Hawk, Cooper's ? @Limantour Road x Bear Valley Road
Hawk, Red-tailed 3 @Pt Reyes; Bolinas
Kestrel, American @Pt Reyes; Bolinas
Coot, American @Bolinas Lagoon
Plover, Black-bellied @Bolinas Lagoon
Avocet, American 3 @Bolinas Lagoon
Yellowlegs, Greater 1-3 @Bolinas Lagoon
Willet @Pt Reyes; Bolinas
Curlew, Long-billed 4+ @Bolinas Lagoon
Godwit, Marbled # @Bolinas Lagoon
Sandpiper, Western @Pt Reyes; Bolinas
Less numerous.
Sandpiper, Least @Bolinas Lagoon
More numerous.
Dunlin @Bolinas Lagoon
Gull, Bonaparte's ? @Bolinas Lagoon
Description: Black head.
Gull, Ring-billed @Pt Reyes; Bolinas
Gull, Western @Pt Reyes; Bolinas
Gull, California @Pt Reyes; Bolinas
Gull, Herring @Pt Reyes; Bolinas
Gull, Glaucous-winged @Pt Reyes; Bolinas
Tern, Forster's 3+? @Bolinas Lagoon
Common Tern not eliminated.
Dove, Rock @Pt Reyes; Bolinas
Dove, Mourning @Pt Reyes; Bolinas
Hummingbird, Anna's @Pt Reyes; Bolinas
Kingfisher, Belted @Bolinas Lagoon
Sapsucker, Red-breasted @Limantour Road x Bear Valley Road
Woodpecker, Downy @Pt Reyes; Bolinas
Flicker, Red-shafted @Limantour Road x Bear Valley Road
Scrub-Jay, Western @Pt Reyes; Bolinas
Crow, Common 4+ @Pt Reyes; Bolinas
Olema, foraging on mudflats with gulls and shorebirds.
Swallow, Tree / Swallow, Violet-green 2 @Limantour Road x Bear Valley Road
Chickadee, Chestnut-backed @Limantour Road x Bear Valley Road
Bushtit, Common # @Limantour Road x Bear Valley Road
Large flocks.
Wren, Long-billed Marsh @Limantour Road x Bear Valley Road
Kinglet, Ruby-crowned @Limantour Road x Bear Valley Road
Wrentit @Pt Reyes; Bolinas
Bluebird, Western @Pt Reyes; Bolinas
On wires, Drake's Highway, east of Olema.
Robin, American @Pt Reyes; Bolinas
Thrush, Varied @Limantour Road x Bear Valley Road
Starling, European @Pt Reyes; Bolinas
Mesa Road, Bolinas.
Warbler, Orange-crowned @Pt Reyes; Bolinas
Unlike 99+% of my photos of this species, this one actually shows the orange crown.
Towhee, California @Limantour Road x Bear Valley Road
Sparrow, Song @Limantour Road x Bear Valley Road
Sparrow, White-crowned @Limantour Road x Bear Valley Road
Sparrow, Golden-crowned @Limantour Road x Bear Valley Road
Blackbird, Red-winged @Pt Reyes; Bolinas
Meadowlark, Western @Pt Reyes; Bolinas
Blackbird, Brewer's @Pt Reyes; Bolinas
Finch, Purple @Limantour Road x Bear Valley Road
Near the intersection of Limantour and Bear Valley roads.
Description: “Wine-colored” is exactly right: about a burgundy. Clear breast on males; females with cheek and eye stripe. Life bird.
Finch, House @Pt Reyes; Bolinas
Goldfinch, Lesser @Palo Alto
Goldfinch, American 
@Limantour Road x Bear Valley Road
@Palo Alto
Sparrow, House @Pt Reyes; Bolinas

1978-03-12: CA: PAB

@day: PAB
Avocet, American @PAB
Willet @PAB
Godwit, Marbled @PAB
Sandpiper, Western @PAB
Sandpiper, Least @PAB
Dunlin @PAB
Dowitcher, Short-billed @PAB
Vocalizations: By call.
Dowitcher, Long-billed @PAB
Vocalizations: By call.
Gull, Ring-billed @PAB
Gull, Glaucous-winged @PAB

1978-03-16: CA: San Francisco Bay: south end

@CH: Coyote Hills Regional Park
@Dum: Dumbarton Bridge
@SU: Stanford University
@day: San Francisco Bay: south end
Route Special trip to see the staked-out Saw-whet Owl. Thanks to Joe Morlan and the Coyote Hills naturalist.
Wigeon, American @Dumbarton Bridge
Mallard @Coyote Hills Regional Park
Teal, Cinnamon @Coyote Hills Regional Park
3-4♂ @Coyote Hills Regional Park
3-4♀ @Coyote Hills Regional Park
Shoveler, Northern 
@Dumbarton Bridge
@Coyote Hills Regional Park
Pintail, Common @Dumbarton Bridge
Canvasback @Dumbarton Bridge
Scaup, Greater @Dumbarton Bridge
Duck, Ruddy # @Dumbarton Bridge
Vast flocks.
Quail, California @Stanford University
Grebe, Western @Dumbarton Bridge
Cormorant, Double-crested @San Francisco Bay: south end
Egret, Snowy @Coyote Hills Regional Park
Hawk, Marsh @Coyote Hills Regional Park
Kestrel, American @San Francisco Bay: south end
Coot, American @San Francisco Bay: south end
Stilt, Black-necked @Dumbarton Bridge
Avocet, American @Dumbarton Bridge
sandpiper sp. @San Francisco Bay: south end
Willet @Dumbarton Bridge
dowitcher sp. @San Francisco Bay: south end
gull sp. @San Francisco Bay: south end
Dove, Rock @San Francisco Bay: south end
Pigeon, Band-tailed @San Francisco Bay: south end
Dove, Mourning @San Francisco Bay: south end
Owl, Northern Saw-whet @Coyote Hills Regional Park
This bird was a total stakeout: the naturalist pointed to the specific tree where it roosts every day. Still, it took us 25 minutes to find it. We had to look at several dozen pine cones to find the one with feathers. Life bird for me.
Hummingbird, Anna's @San Francisco Bay: south end
Hummingbird, Allen's @San Francisco Bay: south end
Flicker, Red-shafted @San Francisco Bay: south end
Phoebe, Black @Coyote Hills Regional Park
Scrub-Jay, Western @San Francisco Bay: south end
Bushtit, Common @San Francisco Bay: south end
Robin, American @San Francisco Bay: south end
Mockingbird @San Francisco Bay: south end
Blackbird, Red-winged @San Francisco Bay: south end
Meadowlark, Western @San Francisco Bay: south end
Blackbird, Brewer's @San Francisco Bay: south end
Finch, House @San Francisco Bay: south end
Sparrow, House @San Francisco Bay: south end

1978-03-17: CA: Marin County

@BBP: Bodega Bay pelagic to Cordelle Banks
@Bo: Bodega Bay
@day: Marin County
Route Novato, Marshall, Bodega Bay, out on the boat, Petaluma, Novato. Road note: The Petaluma route is much faster.
Chummed with popcorn, suet, and squid. Mammals: Northern Fur Seal; California Gray Whale; medium-sized whale, Minke or Sei.
Brant 2+ @Bodega Bay
Teal, Cinnamon @Marin County
Ditches near CA-1 north of Marshall.
Scaup, Greater @Bodega Bay
Scoter, Surf @Bodega Bay
Two-thirds of the local scoters.
Scoter, White-winged @Bodega Bay
About a third of the sizeable Bodega Bay scoter population.
Bufflehead @Bodega Bay
Merganser, Red-breasted @Bodega Bay pelagic to Cordelle Banks
Duck, Ruddy @Bodega Bay
Loon, Red-throated @Bodega Bay pelagic to Cordelle Banks
Loon, Pacific @Bodega Bay pelagic to Cordelle Banks
Loon, Common @Bodega Bay pelagic to Cordelle Banks
Grebe, Pied-billed @Bodega Bay pelagic to Cordelle Banks
Grebe, Horned @Bodega Bay pelagic to Cordelle Banks
Grebe, Red-necked 4 @Bodega Bay pelagic to Cordelle Banks
Bodega Harbor mouth.
Grebe, Eared @Bodega Bay pelagic to Cordelle Banks
Grebe, Western @Bodega Bay pelagic to Cordelle Banks
Fulmar, Northern @Bodega Bay pelagic to Cordelle Banks
Description: Very light phase.
Shearwater, Pink-footed 12 @Bodega Bay pelagic to Cordelle Banks
About 20 miles out.
Shearwater, Flesh-footed @Bodega Bay pelagic to Cordelle Banks
Roughly eight sightings, but those could all have been of the same individual.
Shearwater, Sooty @Bodega Bay pelagic to Cordelle Banks
The most numerous shearwater, but never more than 3-4 at once.
Shearwater, Short-tailed 1 @Bodega Bay pelagic to Cordelle Banks
Description: More even coloration in the underwings; small bill.
Shearwater, Black-vented 1 @Bodega Bay pelagic to Cordelle Banks
About five miles out.
Was called Manx at the time.
Cormorant, Brandt's # @Bodega Bay pelagic to Cordelle Banks
Near the coast.
Cormorant, Double-crested @Bodega Bay
Cormorant, Pelagic # @Bodega Bay pelagic to Cordelle Banks
Near the coast.
Heron, Great Blue @Marin County
North of Marshall.
Egret, Great @Marin County
US-101 north of Novato.
Egret, Snowy @Bodega Bay
Night-Heron, Black-crowned 2 @Bodega Bay
In trees.
Vulture, Turkey @Marin County
From CA-1.
Osprey @Bodega Bay
Over the inner bay.
Hawk, Red-tailed @Marin County
Kestrel, American @Bodega Bay
Thick along CA-1 south of town.
Coot, American # @Bodega Bay
Willet @Bodega Bay
Godwit, Marbled @Bodega Bay
Sanderling @Bodega Bay
Sandpiper, Western @Bodega Bay pelagic to Cordelle Banks
Kittiwake, Black-legged @Bodega Bay pelagic to Cordelle Banks
All the gulls were following the chum trail behind the boat.
Gull, Mew @Bodega Bay pelagic to Cordelle Banks
Gull, Ring-billed @Bodega Bay pelagic to Cordelle Banks
Gull, California @Bodega Bay pelagic to Cordelle Banks
Gull, Herring @Bodega Bay pelagic to Cordelle Banks
Gull, Glaucous-winged @Bodega Bay pelagic to Cordelle Banks
Jaeger, Pomarine 1 @Bodega Bay pelagic to Cordelle Banks
About five miles out.
Murre, Common @Bodega Bay pelagic to Cordelle Banks
Murrelet, Marbled 6 @Bodega Bay pelagic to Cordelle Banks
Good looks of three different pairs as the boat returned along the coast, north from Tomales Point near the Bodega Bay harbor mouth.
Murrelet, Xantus' 2 @Bodega Bay pelagic to Cordelle Banks
Auklet, Cassin's 12 @Bodega Bay pelagic to Cordelle Banks
Always too-brief glimpses, near and far.
Auklet, Rhinoceros 30+ @Bodega Bay pelagic to Cordelle Banks
Description: Some with full “horns.”
Dove, Rock @Bodega Bay pelagic to Cordelle Banks
Pigeon, Band-tailed @Marin County
Dove, Mourning @Bodega Bay pelagic to Cordelle Banks
Scrub-Jay, Western @Bodega Bay pelagic to Cordelle Banks
Crow, Common @Marin County
Marshall to Bodega Bay.
Description: By larger bill and wedge-shaped tail.
Raven, Common @Bodega Bay pelagic to Cordelle Banks
Marshall to Bodega Bay.
Description: By smaller bill and non-wedge-shaped tail.
Robin, American @Marin County
Starling, European 1 @Marin County
Warbler, Yellow-rumped @Bodega Bay pelagic to Cordelle Banks
Classical Tragedy Award. There were snorts of derision when this bird was called twenty miles out, but not from those who were looking. It was trying valiantly to overtake the boat, which was at cruising speed, and it hauled within perhaps a few feet of the stern in bursts, but then fell back. It was last seen alive disappearing below the stern. It was next seen in the mouth of a gull.
Blackbird, Red-winged @Marin County
Meadowlark, Western @Marin County
Blackbird, Brewer's @Marin County
Finch, House @Marin County
Sparrow, House @Marin County

1978-03-24: CA: Moss Landing; PAF: quarry; PAB

Notable:  Emperor Goose
@Bor: Boronda
In 2011, as I entered this notes, I have no recollection of why we went here or where we birded.
@ML: Moss Landing
@Mol: Castroville area: Molera Road
The notes say “Molera Road slough;” based on 2011-era Google Earth research, probably the Old Salinas River just north of the Salinas River State Beach.
@PA: Palo Alto
@PAB: Palo Alto Baylands
@day: Moss Landing; PAF: quarry; PAB
Route 0900-1300 Moss Landing; 1430-1750 Boronda; Baylands at dusk.
Missed No Black Turnstones.
Goose, Emperor @Moss Landing
Brant 2 @Moss Landing
Description: Bill mostly orange, but upper mandible lilac!
Stalked to within about 30'.
Wigeon, American @Palo Alto Baylands
@Moss Landing
@Palo Alto Baylands
Teal, Cinnamon # @Moss Landing
Shoveler, Northern @Palo Alto Baylands
Pintail, Common 1 @Castroville area: Molera Road
Canvasback 6 @Palo Alto Baylands
Scaup, Greater # @Moss Landing
Scaup, Lesser # @Moss Landing
Scoter, Surf @Moss Landing; PAF: quarry; PAB
Scoter, White-winged @Moss Landing
Merganser, Red-breasted @Moss Landing
2♂ @Moss Landing
5♀ @Moss Landing
Duck, Ruddy 
@Moss Landing
@Palo Alto Baylands
Quail, California @Palo Alto
Stanford campus.
Pheasant, Ring-necked @Palo Alto Baylands
1♀ @Palo Alto Baylands
1♂ @Palo Alto Baylands
Loon, Red-throated 5-6 @Moss Landing
Loon, Common 3-4 @Moss Landing
Description: Partial alternate plumage in some.
Grebe, Pied-billed 1 @Moss Landing
Grebe, Horned 6 @Moss Landing
Grebe, Eared 3 @Moss Landing
Grebe, Western 
@Moss Landing
@Palo Alto Baylands
Cormorant, Brandt's 2 @Moss Landing
Cormorant, Double-crested 1 @Moss Landing
Heron, Great Blue 1 @Moss Landing
Egret, Snowy 3 @Palo Alto Baylands
Night-Heron, Black-crowned 1 @Palo Alto Baylands
Vulture, Turkey @Moss Landing; PAF: quarry; PAB
Hawk, Marsh 1♂ @Palo Alto Baylands
Hawk, Sharp-shinned @Boronda
Hawk, Red-tailed @Moss Landing; PAF: quarry; PAB
Hawk, Rough-legged 3 @Castroville area: Molera Road
Description: Light phase.
Kestrel, American @Moss Landing; PAF: quarry; PAB
Coot, American @Moss Landing; PAF: quarry; PAB
Plover, Black-bellied 1 @Moss Landing
Description: Complete black belly.
Killdeer 1 @Palo Alto Baylands
Stilt, Black-necked 6 @Moss Landing
Avocet, American 
6 @Moss Landing
12 @Palo Alto Baylands
Yellowlegs, Greater 2-3 @Moss Landing
200+ @Moss Landing
# @Palo Alto Baylands
Godwit, Marbled 300+ @Moss Landing
Turnstone, Ruddy 6 @Moss Landing
Description: All in alternate plumage.
Sanderling # @Moss Landing
Sandpiper, Western # @Moss Landing
Sandpiper, Least # @Moss Landing
Dunlin # @Moss Landing
Gull, Bonaparte's @Moss Landing; PAF: quarry; PAB
Gull, Ring-billed @Palo Alto Baylands
Gull, Western @Moss Landing
Gull, California @Moss Landing
Gull, Herring @Moss Landing
Gull, Glaucous-winged @Moss Landing
Tern, Caspian 1 @Moss Landing
Tern, Forster's 
@Moss Landing
@Palo Alto Baylands
Dove, Rock @Moss Landing; PAF: quarry; PAB
Pigeon, Band-tailed @Moss Landing; PAF: quarry; PAB
On wires from I-280 near Wolfe Road.
Dove, Mourning @Moss Landing; PAF: quarry; PAB
Hummingbird, Anna's @Boronda
Vocalizations: Singing.
Flicker, Red-shafted @Boronda
Jay, Steller's 2+ @Boronda
Scrub-Jay, Western 
@Palo Alto
@Moss Landing; PAF: quarry; PAB
From CA-17.
Crow, Common 20 @Castroville area: Molera Road
Swallow, Tree @Moss Landing
Swallow, Violet-green 
@Moss Landing
Swallow, Barn @Moss Landing
Chickadee, Chestnut-backed @Boronda
Titmouse, Oak @Boronda
Bushtit, Common @Boronda
Wrentit @Boronda
Thrush, Hermit @Boronda
Robin, American @Moss Landing; PAF: quarry; PAB
Mockingbird, Northern @Boronda
Starling, European 2 @Moss Landing
Warbler, Orange-crowned @Boronda
Towhee, Spotted @Boronda
Towhee, California # @Boronda
Sparrow, Savannah 
@Moss Landing
@Palo Alto Baylands
Sparrow, Song @Moss Landing; PAF: quarry; PAB
Sparrow, White-crowned @Moss Landing; PAF: quarry; PAB
Sparrow, Golden-crowned # @Boronda
On horse exhaust.
Junco, Dark-eyed 3 @Boronda
Blackbird, Red-winged @Moss Landing; PAF: quarry; PAB
Meadowlark, Western @Moss Landing; PAF: quarry; PAB
Blackbird, Brewer's @Moss Landing; PAF: quarry; PAB
Finch, House @Moss Landing; PAF: quarry; PAB
Goldfinch, American #♂ @Boronda
Description: Alternate plumage.
Sparrow, House @Boronda

1978-03-26: CA: Palo Alto: 3101#22 Middlefield Road

@p3101: Palo Alto: 3101#22 Middlefield Road
Crow, American @Palo Alto: 3101#22 Middlefield Road
House list.

1978-03-29: CA: Monterey Bay pelagic (incomplete)

Notable:  Black Scoter
@day: Monterey Bay pelagic (incomplete)
Oceangoing tug Oconostota was primarily on a scientific trawling expedition. Thanks to Leonard Compagno's connections, I was allowed to tag along. Route from Moss Landing to Monterey, then a point off Big Sur, then about ten miles out, and back to Moss Landing.
In 2011 I researched the history of this vessel. It was laid down as YT-375 on 1944-04-03, and loaned to the Scripps Institution of Oceanography in 1962. The Scripps page says: “1962 - 1974 R/V Oconostota (The Oconostota was known as "The Rolling O" because of its unpleasant motion.)”. It was returned to the Navy in February 1975, then transferred on loan to Moss Landing Marine Lab in April 1975. Moss Landing's page shows its time there ending in 1979.
Relevant Web pages:
Partial notes.
Scoter, Black @Monterey Bay pelagic (incomplete)
Loon, Red-throated @Monterey Bay pelagic (incomplete)
Loon, Pacific @Monterey Bay pelagic (incomplete)
Loon, Common @Monterey Bay pelagic (incomplete)
Albatross, Black-footed @Monterey Bay pelagic (incomplete)

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