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Shipman's field notes, Feb 1977


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1977-02-03: CA: PAFC, PAB

@day: PAFC, PAB
Gadwall @PAFC, PAB
Wigeon, American @PAFC, PAB
Mallard @PAFC, PAB
Teal, Cinnamon @PAFC, PAB
Shoveler, Northern @PAFC, PAB
Pintail, Common @PAFC, PAB
Teal, Green-Winged @PAFC, PAB
Canvasback @PAFC, PAB
Scaup, Lesser @PAFC, PAB
Bufflehead @PAFC, PAB
Goldeneye, Common @PAFC, PAB
Duck, Ruddy @PAFC, PAB
Grebe, Pied-billed @PAFC, PAB
Grebe, Western @PAFC, PAB
Egret, Snowy @PAFC, PAB
Kite, White-tailed @PAFC, PAB
Coot, American @PAFC, PAB
Killdeer @PAFC, PAB
Avocet, American @PAFC, PAB
Willet @PAFC, PAB
Sandpiper, Western @PAFC, PAB
Sandpiper, Least @PAFC, PAB
dowitcher sp. @PAFC, PAB
Gull, Ring-billed @PAFC, PAB
Gull, California @PAFC, PAB
Dove, Rock @PAFC, PAB
Dove, Mourning @PAFC, PAB
Starling, European @PAFC, PAB
Blackbird, Red-winged @PAFC, PAB

1977-02-04: CA: Bodega Bay, Tomales Bay

@BB: Bodega Bay
@BH: Bodega Head
@SCB: Salmon Creek Beach
@TB: Tomales Bay
@day: Bodega Bay, Tomales Bay
Wigeon, American @Bodega Bay, Tomales Bay
Mallard @Bodega Bay, Tomales Bay
Teal, Cinnamon @Bodega Bay, Tomales Bay
Pintail, Common @Bodega Bay, Tomales Bay
Canvasback @Bodega Bay, Tomales Bay
Redhead @Bodega Bay, Tomales Bay
Scaup, Greater @Bodega Bay, Tomales Bay
Scaup, Lesser @Bodega Bay, Tomales Bay
Scoter, Surf @Bodega Bay, Tomales Bay
Scoter, White-winged @Bodega Bay, Tomales Bay
Bufflehead @Bodega Bay
Goldeneye, Common @Bodega Bay, Tomales Bay
Merganser, Red-breasted @Bodega Bay
Duck, Ruddy @Bodega Bay, Tomales Bay
Loon, Red-throated @Bodega Bay, Tomales Bay
Loon, Pacific @Bodega Bay, Tomales Bay
Loon, Common @Bodega Bay, Tomales Bay
Grebe, Pied-billed @Bodega Bay, Tomales Bay
Grebe, Horned @Bodega Bay, Tomales Bay
Grebe, Red-necked @Bodega Bay, Tomales Bay
Grebe, Western @Bodega Bay, Tomales Bay
Cormorant, Brandt's @Bodega Bay, Tomales Bay
Cormorant, Double-crested @Bodega Bay, Tomales Bay
Cormorant, Pelagic @Bodega Bay, Tomales Bay
Pelican, Brown @Bodega Bay, Tomales Bay
Heron, Great Blue @Bodega Bay, Tomales Bay
Egret, Great @Bodega Bay, Tomales Bay
Egret, Snowy @Bodega Bay, Tomales Bay
Night-Heron, Black-crowned @Bodega Bay, Tomales Bay
Vulture, Turkey @Bodega Bay, Tomales Bay
Kite, White-tailed @Bodega Bay, Tomales Bay
Hawk, Marsh @Bodega Bay, Tomales Bay
Hawk, Red-shouldered @Bodega Bay, Tomales Bay
Lucas Valley Road x Nicasio Road.
Hawk, Red-tailed @Bodega Bay, Tomales Bay
Eagle, Golden @Bodega Bay, Tomales Bay
Kestrel, American @Bodega Bay, Tomales Bay
Coot, American @Bodega Bay, Tomales Bay
Killdeer @Bodega Bay, Tomales Bay
Oystercatcher, Black @Bodega Bay, Tomales Bay
Tattler, Wandering @Bodega Head
Willet @Bodega Bay, Tomales Bay
Godwit, Marbled @Bodega Bay, Tomales Bay
Turnstone, Black @Bodega Bay, Tomales Bay
Surfbird @Bodega Head
Sanderling @Bodega Bay, Tomales Bay
Sandpiper, Rock @Bodega Head
dowitcher sp. @Bodega Bay, Tomales Bay
Kittiwake, Black-legged @Salmon Creek Beach
Gull, Bonaparte's @Bodega Bay, Tomales Bay
Gull, Mew @Bodega Bay, Tomales Bay
Gull, Ring-billed @Bodega Bay, Tomales Bay
Gull, Western @Bodega Bay, Tomales Bay
Date unrecorded; may instead be 01-29.
Gull, California @Bodega Bay, Tomales Bay
Gull, Glaucous-winged @Bodega Bay, Tomales Bay
Dove, Rock @Bodega Bay, Tomales Bay
Dove, Mourning @Bodega Bay, Tomales Bay
Kingfisher, Belted @Bodega Bay, Tomales Bay
Flicker, Common @Bodega Bay, Tomales Bay
Phoebe, Black @Bodega Bay, Tomales Bay
Shrike, Loggerhead @Bodega Bay, Tomales Bay
Jay, Steller's @Bodega Bay, Tomales Bay
scrub-jay sp. @Bodega Bay, Tomales Bay
Crow, Common @Bodega Bay, Tomales Bay
Raven, Common @Bodega Bay, Tomales Bay
Chickadee, Chestnut-backed @Bodega Bay, Tomales Bay
Bushtit, Common @Bodega Bay, Tomales Bay
Wrentit @Bodega Bay, Tomales Bay
Robin, American @Bodega Bay, Tomales Bay
Starling, European @Bodega Bay, Tomales Bay
Warbler, Yellow-rumped @Bodega Bay, Tomales Bay
Towhee, California @Bodega Bay, Tomales Bay
Sparrow, Song @Bodega Bay, Tomales Bay
Sparrow, White-crowned @Bodega Bay, Tomales Bay
Sparrow, Golden-crowned @Bodega Bay, Tomales Bay
Blackbird, Red-winged @Bodega Bay, Tomales Bay
Meadowlark, Western @Bodega Bay, Tomales Bay
Blackbird, Brewer's @Bodega Bay, Tomales Bay
Finch, House @Bodega Bay, Tomales Bay

1977-02-08: CA: Palo Alto Baylands

@PAB: Palo Alto Baylands
Cormorant, Double-crested @Palo Alto Baylands
Harrier, Northern ϕ @Palo Alto Baylands
Gull, California @Palo Alto Baylands
The top bird is albinistic, but still shows the red and black bill spots.

1977-02-12: CA: Los Banos

@day: Los Banos
Goose, Greater White-fronted @Los Banos
Goose, Snow @Los Banos
Goose, Ross' @Los Banos
Scoping a flock of white geese in an open field, we found that most were Ross's, my lifers.
Goose, Canada @Los Banos
Wigeon, American @Los Banos
Mallard @Los Banos
Teal, Cinnamon @Los Banos
Shoveler, Northern @Los Banos
Pintail, Common @Los Banos
Teal, Green-Winged @Los Banos
Canvasback @Los Banos
Scaup, Lesser @Los Banos
Bufflehead @Los Banos
Goldeneye, Common @Los Banos
Duck, Ruddy @Los Banos
Pheasant, Ring-necked @Los Banos
Grebe, Pied-billed @Los Banos
Grebe, Eared @Los Banos
Bittern, American @Los Banos
There were several conspicuous bitterns, quite unlike my experience with them elsewhere. The first photo shows the behavior I call “I'm just another reed.”
Heron, Great Blue @Los Banos
Egret, Great @Los Banos
Egret, Snowy @Los Banos
Egret, Cattle @Los Banos
Ibis, White-faced @Los Banos
Kite, White-tailed @Los Banos
Hawk, Marsh @Los Banos
Hawk, Red-tailed @Los Banos
Eagle, Golden @Los Banos
Kestrel, American @Los Banos
Rail, Virginia @Los Banos
Coot, American @Los Banos
Crane, Sandhill @Los Banos
Killdeer @Los Banos
Stilt, Black-necked @Los Banos
Avocet, American @Los Banos
Curlew, Long-billed @Los Banos
Dunlin @Los Banos
Dowitcher, Short-billed @Los Banos
Dowitcher, Long-billed @Los Banos
Snipe, Common @Los Banos
Gull, Ring-billed @Los Banos
Gull, Herring @Los Banos
Dove, Rock @Los Banos
Dove, Mourning @Los Banos
Owl, Barn @Los Banos
Owl, Great Horned @Los Banos
Shrike, Loggerhead @Los Banos
Magpie, Yellow-billed @Los Banos
Crow, Common @Los Banos
Swallow, Cliff @Los Banos
Wren, Long-billed Marsh @Los Banos
Kinglet, Ruby-crowned @Los Banos
Robin, American @Los Banos
Mockingbird @Los Banos
Starling, European @Los Banos
Pipit, Water @Los Banos
Warbler, Yellow-rumped @Los Banos
Sparrow, Song @Los Banos
Sparrow, White-crowned @Los Banos
Junco, Dark-eyed @Los Banos
Blackbird, Red-winged @Los Banos
Meadowlark, Western @Los Banos
Blackbird, Brewer's @Los Banos
Sparrow, House @Los Banos

1977-02-20: CA: Monterey pelagic

@day: Monterey pelagic
Mallard @Monterey pelagic
Scoter, Surf @Monterey pelagic
Merganser, Red-breasted @Monterey pelagic
Loon, Pacific @Monterey pelagic
Loon, Common @Monterey pelagic
Grebe, Pied-billed @Monterey pelagic
Grebe, Horned @Monterey pelagic
Grebe, Red-necked @Monterey pelagic
Grebe, Western @Monterey pelagic
Albatross, Black-footed @Monterey pelagic
Fulmar, Northern @Monterey pelagic
Cormorant, Brandt's @Monterey pelagic
Cormorant, Pelagic @Monterey pelagic
Pelican, Brown @Monterey pelagic
Heron, Great Blue @Monterey pelagic
Kite, White-tailed @Monterey pelagic
Kestrel, American @Monterey pelagic
Coot, American @Monterey pelagic
Plover, Snowy @Monterey pelagic
Willet @Monterey pelagic
Godwit, Marbled @Monterey pelagic
Turnstone, Ruddy @Monterey pelagic
Turnstone, Black @Monterey pelagic
dowitcher sp. @Monterey pelagic
Kittiwake, Black-legged @Monterey pelagic
Gull, Sabine's @Monterey pelagic
Gull, Heermann's @Monterey pelagic
Gull, Mew @Monterey pelagic
Gull, Ring-billed @Monterey pelagic
Gull, Western @Monterey pelagic
Gull, California @Monterey pelagic
Gull, Herring @Monterey pelagic
Murre, Common @Monterey pelagic
Murrelet, Xantus' @Monterey pelagic
Murrelet, Ancient @Monterey pelagic
Auklet, Rhinoceros @Monterey pelagic
Dove, Rock @Monterey pelagic
Sparrow, House @Monterey pelagic

1977-02-24: CA: Palo Alto Baylands

@PAFB: Palo Alto Flood Basin
@day: Palo Alto Baylands
Dove, Mourning @Palo Alto Baylands
Owl, Burrowing @Palo Alto Flood Basin

1977-02-26: CA: Stanford

@day: Stanford
Blackbird, Tricolored @Stanford
The first photo shows two Red-winged Blackbirds for comparison.

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