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Shipman's field notes, Oct 1976


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1976-10-00: CA: All

@day: All
Wrentit @All

1976-10-00: CA: Palo Alto Baylands

@day: Palo Alto Baylands
Gadwall @Palo Alto Baylands
Snipe, Common @Palo Alto Baylands

1976-10-03: CA: Palo Alto area

@PAB: Palo Alto Baylands
@SU: Stanford
@day: Palo Alto area
Cormorant, Double-crested @Palo Alto Baylands
Questar 3.5", 1/250, f/16.
Woodpecker, Acorn @Stanford

1976-10-04: CA: Palo Alto Baylands

@PAB: Palo Alto Baylands
Willet @Palo Alto Baylands
Vivitar 400mm, f/8, 1/500.
Meadowlark, Western @Palo Alto Baylands

1976-10-06: CA: Palo Alto

@day: Palo Alto
Murre, Common @Palo Alto
Rather unusual to see this species here, much less hauled out and standing up.
Hummingbird, Anna's @Palo Alto
Warbler, Yellow-rumped @Palo Alto

1976-10-07: CA: Half Moon Bay

@day: Half Moon Bay
Turnstone, Black @Half Moon Bay

1976-10-08: CA: Moss Landing; Golden Gate NRA; Tomales (town); Bodega Bay

Notable:  Red-shouldered Hawk
@GGNRA: Golden Gate National Recreational Area
@Tom: Tomales area
@day: Moss Landing; Golden Gate NRA; Tomales (town); Bodega Bay
With Leonard Compagno.
Scoter, White-winged @Moss Landing; Golden Gate NRA; Tomales (town); Bodega Bay
Loon, Pacific @Moss Landing; Golden Gate NRA; Tomales (town); Bodega Bay
Hawk, Cooper's @Moss Landing; Golden Gate NRA; Tomales (town); Bodega Bay
Hawk, Red-shouldered @Tomales area
CA-1 at its intersection with the Sebastopol Cutoff.
The first photo is one of my absolute favorites from the early years. The hawk was sitting on a wire as Leonard and I shot out the window. He has a nearly identical monochrome photo.
Gull, Herring @Moss Landing; Golden Gate NRA; Tomales (town); Bodega Bay
Owl, Great Horned @Moss Landing; Golden Gate NRA; Tomales (town); Bodega Bay
Wrentit @Golden Gate National Recreational Area

1976-10-10: CA: Palo Alto

@day: Palo Alto
Crow, Common @Palo Alto

1976-10-18: CA: Ano Nuevo-Pescadero

@AN: Ano Nuevo
@P: Pescadero area
@day: Ano Nuevo-Pescadero
Duck, Wood @Ano Nuevo-Pescadero
Loon, Red-throated @Ano Nuevo-Pescadero
Grebe, Horned @Ano Nuevo-Pescadero
Plover, Snowy @Ano Nuevo-Pescadero
The photo shows how well-camouflaged these birds are on dry sand and beach wrack.
Plover, Semipalmated @Ano Nuevo-Pescadero
Oystercatcher, Black @Ano Nuevo-Pescadero
Whimbrel @Ano Nuevo
Sanderling @Ano Nuevo-Pescadero
Gull, California @Pescadero area
Gull, Thayer's @Ano Nuevo-Pescadero
Flycatcher, Pacific-slope @Ano Nuevo-Pescadero

1976-10-21: CA: Palo Alto Baylands

@PAB: Palo Alto Baylands
Meadowlark, Western @Palo Alto Baylands

1976-10-23: CA: Baylands

@day: Baylands
Sandpiper, Least @Baylands
Vivitar 400mm.
Gull, Bonaparte's @Baylands
Wren, Long-billed Marsh @Baylands

1976-10-24: CA: Baylands

@day: Baylands
Grebe, Western @Baylands
Description: The left-hand bird, with the eye in dark. Compare the Clark's on the right, with its eye in white.
Grebe, Clark's @Baylands
See photo under Western Grebe.
Rail, Clapper @Baylands
I really should write a paper about mouse predation by Clapper Rails. Bent's Life Histories says nothing about vertebrate food items of this size, yet I saw these rails eating mice on several occasions. The first photo shows the unfortunate victim in the rail's beak.

1976-10-31: CA: Palo Alto: 3101 Middlefield Road

@home: Palo Alto: 3101 Middlefield Road
Hummingbird, Anna's @Palo Alto: 3101 Middlefield Road

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