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Shipman's field notes, Sep 1976


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1976-09-02: CA: All

@day: All
Phoebe, Black @All

1976-09-03: CA: Palo Alto Flood Basin

@day: Palo Alto Flood Basin
Pelican, White @Palo Alto Flood Basin
Kestrel, American @Palo Alto Flood Basin
Sparrow, Savannah @Palo Alto Flood Basin
Photo date approximate.

1976-09-04: CA: Palo Alto Foothills Park

@day: Palo Alto Foothills Park
Dowitcher, Long-billed @Palo Alto Foothills Park
Woodpecker, Downy @Palo Alto Foothills Park
Chickadee, Chestnut-backed @Palo Alto Foothills Park
Titmouse, Oak @Palo Alto Foothills Park
Towhee, California @Palo Alto Foothills Park
Junco, Dark-eyed @Palo Alto Foothills Park

1976-09-08: CA: Palo Alto Flood Basin

@PAFB: Palo Alto Flood Basin
Kite, White-tailed @Palo Alto Flood Basin
Photo using a Vivitar 400 with a cheap doubler, f/11 at 1/125.

1976-09-15: CA: Palo Alto Baylands

@day: Palo Alto Baylands
Yellowlegs, Greater @Palo Alto Baylands
Yellowthroat, Common @Palo Alto Baylands

1976-09-16: CA: Point Lobos-Moss Landing

@ML: Moss Landing
@day: Point Lobos-Moss Landing
Cormorant, Brandt's @Point Lobos-Moss Landing
Pelican, Brown # @Point Lobos-Moss Landing
Curlew, Long-billed @Moss Landing
Sanderling @Point Lobos-Moss Landing
Phalarope, Northern @Moss Landing
Gull, Heermann's @Moss Landing
Vivitar 400mm, f/8, 1/250.
Sparrow, White-crowned @Point Lobos-Moss Landing

1976-09-17: CA: Palo Alto Baylands

@day: Palo Alto Baylands
Swallow, Violet-green @Palo Alto Baylands
Blackbird, Brewer's @Palo Alto Baylands

1976-09-24: NM: Hobbs: Ocotillo Park

@day: Hobbs: Ocotillo Park
Woodpecker, Ladder-backed @Hobbs: Ocotillo Park
Pewee, Western @Hobbs: Ocotillo Park
Meadowlark, Western @Hobbs: Ocotillo Park

1976-09-26: NM: Bosque del Apache

Notable:  Harris' Hawk
@day: Bosque del Apache
Quail, Gambel's @Bosque del Apache
Ibis, White-faced @Bosque del Apache
Hawk, Harris' @Bosque del Apache

1976-09-27: NM: Bosque del Apache; Socorro

@day: Bosque del Apache; Socorro
Kingfisher, Belted @Bosque del Apache; Socorro
Flicker, Common @Bosque del Apache; Socorro
Blackbird, Yellow-headed @Bosque del Apache; Socorro

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