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Shipman's field notes, Jun 1976


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1976-06-00: NM: Bosque del Apache; Socorro

@day: Bosque del Apache; Socorro
Nighthawk, Lesser @Bosque del Apache; Socorro
Robin, American @Bosque del Apache; Socorro
Blackbird, Yellow-headed @Bosque del Apache; Socorro
Grackle, Great-tailed @Bosque del Apache; Socorro
Cowbird, Brown-headed @Bosque del Apache; Socorro

1976-06-00: NM: Hobbs

@day: Hobbs
Goldfinch, Lesser @Hobbs

1976-06-00: NM: Las Cruces area

@day: Las Cruces area
Vulture, Turkey @Las Cruces area

1976-06-00: CA: Palo Alto

@day: Palo Alto
Sparrow, Song @Palo Alto
Palo Alto Baylands.
Salt marsh race. Questar 3.5".
Sparrow, House @Palo Alto

1976-06-00: CA: Santa Clara

@day: Santa Clara
Shrike, Loggerhead @Santa Clara
Questar 3.5".

1976-06-05: CA: Tomales Bay, Audubon Canyon Ranch

@day: Tomales Bay, Audubon Canyon Ranch
Quail, California @Tomales Bay, Audubon Canyon Ranch
Egret, Great @Tomales Bay, Audubon Canyon Ranch
Photo shows two eggs. I think I must have lugged the Questar all the way up the ridge trail to get this shot.
Jay, Steller's @Tomales Bay, Audubon Canyon Ranch

1976-06-15: NM: Las Cruces

@day: Las Cruces
Hawk, Swainson's @Las Cruces
Kingbird, Western @Las Cruces
Lark, Horned @Las Cruces
West of the Rio Grande on a hot, dusty dirt road.
Robin, American @Las Cruces
Questar 3.5", showing the famous “donuts.”

1976-06-30: CO: Rocky Mt NP (11,000 ft)

@day: Rocky Mt NP (11,000 ft)
Magpie, Black-billed @Rocky Mt NP (11,000 ft)

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