Meeting Minutes


SGA Meeting Information

For the Spring 2015 Semester, SGA  general meetings are held every other Tuesday at 8:00pm in the 3rd Floor Fidel Ballroom.  All students are encouraged to attend and bring up concerns they may have about the NMT campus.


Meeting Minutes

August 18th, 2015

NMT Tuesday August 18, 2015


  1. I. Call to Order (8:12)
  1. Approve agenda

Motion to approve agenda Approved

III. Approve minutes ( no previous meeting)

Motion to approve minutes Approved

IV. Student Concerns/ Announcements

  1. Inductions
  2. Vice President (Gabe Montoya)

We need inductions for all members of SGA. Freshmen Senators will later be inducted.

  1. Motion to change the agenda – inductions moved to first of New Business
  2. Senator (Daniel)

Toast masters is being made to instill better speaking skills in New Mexico Tech Students. Helps to develop soft skills involving speaking. Critical skill because everyone needs to be a good speaker to be successful. Involves practice going up and speaking to people.


V. Reports

a. Dean of Students & Sports Clubs (Malissa Begay)

Sport club fair on Monday the 4th, 10 Am to 3 PM. Sports council meeting on Wednesday at 12:15 in the ballroom. Friday September 4th packets are due. Intramurals rosters are due next Monday by 5 PM: soccer, sand volleyball.  Brainstorming on hosting student leadership luncheon. Give thought to continuing tradition. Usually very few people show up. Breakfast is also a possibility.

b. President (Zoe Diener)

Welcome everyone. Office Hours through 9 to 11 Monday to Friday. New office arrangement still in progress. Adjusting new contract of employment and adjusting code of conduct. Two new hires: executive office administrator. Bradley Stevens will be the new office administrator if approved. Alex Hoffman will be hired as Paydirt editor and chief.

c. Vice President (Gabriel Montoya)

Working on getting SGA office ready to go. Bridget Daughton has been hired as secretary. Club meeting mandatory to all clubs. Club fair August 25th and 26th. First come first serve. Club packets due September 5th by 8 PM in office. Not accepting online applications. Been put on Dominici conference Lauren wong as well. Reworked point system.


d.  Financial Report (Zoe Diener)

Drew Furnan as CFO pending.  Currently looking to fill position of AFO. Due on Friday to either email VP or president.


e. Supreme Court (Ali Scheer)

Freshman elections- september 4th 10 Am to 2 PM. Get freshman involved. Need senators help at booth. Applications for freshman election due August 31st

f. SAB Student Regent (Jen Johnson)

Successful welcome week. Pool party and block party. Tomorrow Movie night. Showing At Heart. Thursday is Comedy night at 8 PM. VLA tour on Sunday. Three interviews spring chair position. Carlos Calimate was chosen. Mat was chosen as the fall chair. Survey for 49ers theme – Greek Gods won. T-shirt design and schedule for 49ers pending. 1st meeting today decided that SAB meetings will be held alternating to senate meetings. Post surveys on the SAB facebook page. Want everyone to have input in events and surveys will be sent out. Suggestions for events welcome. Email

g. CFO (Drew Furnes)

h. SATD ( Kira Pelowitz)

Also at Ktech. Probably have hires done at the end of the week. Getting clubs settled in the sac. Favor of senate: need people to bring furniture. Need weight lifters and large trucks. Let her know if you have a club that wants into the SAC

i. Paydirt (Alex Hoffman)

No announcements. Plan tomorrow for course of action. Applications can be emailed in to the Paydirt email. Application involves resume. Also can be turned into Paydirt Office.

V. New Business

Inductions ( moved from student concerns and announcements):

Zoe Diener and Gabe Montoya sworn in: Gabe sworn in as Vice President as Zoe as President. Constitution can be found in binder

Senators sworn in:All senators including re-elected Senators. Contracts need to be signed.

Scott Raymond sworn in as Justice.

a. Committees

i. Committees announced. Listed below:

Legislative Committee: Joe Kerwin, JP Norman, Sean Standiford, Alex Meyer, Brandon B., Scott R., Freshman ( to be voted in)

Public Relations: Angelina Virgo, Allie Arning, Marco Martinez, Indi Blake, Jonathan B.

Finance: CFO, Luke Morell, Terrance Romero, Sean Walsh, Freshman

Club Advisory:  Celeste Herrera, Alan Gross, Jaia Lockett, Sawyer Gill, Allie Scheer, Freshman

Break taken for ten minutes. Committees will meet once every other week. Heads of committees please contact Gabe so that Gabe can tell you necessary information

b.         President Pro-Tempore

Need to be elected when Gabe is not there. Joe Kerwin nominated and accepted. Luke Morell also nominated and accepted.

Senator Joe: Very good understanding of constitution. Will give best. Will                                                make sure everything goes according to plan.


In favor of Joe Kerwin: 10

In favor of Luke Morell: 3

Abstain: 1

Joe Kerwin officially elected as president pro-tempore

c.         Point System (Gabe Montoya)

i. Changes to point system: section 5 Dress code. First time warning second time minus 1. Section 6: First time senators max of ten points, every semester after that two points are added to cap until 16, then after that one point until 20. Every senator starts at 5 points. Needs to be approved.


In favor: 10

Opposed: 0

Abstain: 4

Vote Passed

d.         Dress code

Dress code will be business casual. Two mistakes noted in the new point system. Reapproved with those changes. Pants are okay. New Mexico Tech T-shirt is acceptable as well. If there are any issues, exceptions can be made with point system.


e.         Retreat

Will be the weekend of september 12th or September 19th, 13th, or 20th. SAB is also welcome to come to the retreat. The senator retreat is a time where senators will be educated as to their roles in the SGA and everyone will become familiarized with regulations. People will get to know each other.

Drew suggests 19th. Someone suggests 12th and 13th. Time conflicts will have to be given to finalize a plan. Barbeque. Probably all-day event till five. Informal get-together afterwards.Celeste motioned to approve the 19th. Several seconds. Will be opened up to SAB. All in favor of having Retreat on 19th.


In favor: 26

Abstain: 5

Against: 0

Vote passed. Retreat officially for the 19th.


f.         Food

In past years have had pizza before the meeting. Some have suggested that as a group all will go out to eat a few times a month. Will not be with the meeting. Pizza was not conducive to SGA socializing amongst each other. Luke motion for dinners. Seconded.


In favor: 10

Opposed: 4

Abstain: 0

Vote passed. Dinners will happen instead of pizza.

Motion to end meeting with next meeting on September 1st.

VI. Adjourn

Meeting adjourned.


September 1st, 2015

SGA Minutes Tuesday September 1st, 2015


Will Benson

Scott Raymond

John Smith

Terrence Romero

Angelina Virgo

Will Benson

Daniel Beck

Jaia Lockett

Indi Blake

Sawyer Gill

Alex Meyer

Allie Arning

Sean Walsh

JP Norman

Sean Standiford

Celeste Herrera

Alan Gross

I.  Call to Order   ( 8:00 PM  )

II. Approve Agenda

Motion to approve agenda approved

III. Approve Minutes

Motions to approve minutes approved

IV. Inductions

a. Inductions: Will Benson, Pablo, and Jaia Lockett inducted by Alli Scheer


b. handout Binders

Binders handed out

V. Student Concerns/Announcements

VI. Reports:

1. Dean of Students & Sports Clubs (Melissa)

No report. Club packets due this Friday

2. President (Zoë Diener)

Not present

4. Vice President (Gabriel Montoya)

Met with Drew Furnes to go over budget. Notified senate on governor’s summit next wednesday. Travel Request forms need to be sent if you want to go. Notify clubs about due dates. Working on setting everything up. Retreat on 19th.

5. Financial Report (Drew Furnes)

We have been working closely to get club budgets and clubs going. Also went over SGA budgets. Finalized budget for 2015 but I need to go over math. Lina Virgo hired as assistant to the CFO.

6. Supreme Court (Ali Scheer)

New elections Wednesday through Friday ten to two. Constitution requires that a justice is present at a ballot box at all times the booth is open. Would like to deputize new justice to be available for this. Need senator from 11:00 to 12:15 on thursday, 10:00 to 11:00 on friday, 12:45 to 2:00 on wednesday. If approved and senator available please speak up during recess. Motion to vote on change. Vote Passes. Executive branch also approved.

Vote Passed by plurality

7. SAB (Jen Johnson)

The events we have had since last meeting were comedy and movie nights. Both successful. New slogan for 49ers is “Show Me Your Underworld“(greek god theme). Talk to SAB Chair about t-shirt ideas. Have been preparing the budget for Bordello. First meeting for Bordello tomorrow night in the gym. Lauren Long and Jamie Stevens are choreographers this year. Coffee mug winning for theme cup. Have until september 8th to vote. Pitch perfect for next week’s movie night. Need help with float anyone who wants to help should come up during recess. Last year was a flop so we don’t want that to happen this year. Next SAB meeting on September 21st. Jamie Stevens and Matt Stalcup are the new hires.8.

8. Student Regent  (Myissa)

Right now the board of reagents is working on presidential search – thursday from 12:00 to 12:45 and give feedback on president. Working on four- year incentive plan.

9. SATD ( Kira Pelowitz)

Still working on making sure clubs are set up and setting up the SAB in the sac. New hires made. Scooter and Jacob Skeeth. One more hire to be made. If anyone would like to help with last hire talk during recess. Also looking for DJ. Needs to be able to match beats.

10. Paydirt (Alex Hoffman)

Basically working on hiring new people for the office. New hires: Joshua Smith(Copy editor), Albert Reed, Chris Schmittle (photographer) Isaac Brown (writer) Danny Royer (web master). Concerning Miner’s ink, paydirt wants to restart the creative writing magazine. Allows students to express interest in writing. Average magazine is about 80 pages. Paydirt will be doing biweekly on-page fliers. Focusing more on social media such as twitter. Completely redid logo (sun silver and gold) working on budget with CFO also working on updating office (desks).

VII. Recess

Recess for ten minutes

VIII. New Business


1.  QuASAR oSTEM (Ryder Fox)

Looking to take 8 people to national conference this year. Great opportunity career fair there and workshops that allow you to meet diverse people. Would like to take 900$ for that. We have 1600$ from another committee.


2.CFO (Drew Furnes)

Based on how active club is, full amount of 900$ recommended.

JP motions to approved full amount.

Vote passes for 900$ by plurality


CFO (Drew Furnes)

Senate bill account gets refinanced to full amount of 17,00$. Once fund is empty it is empty for the rest of the semester. Extra money does not carry forward to the next semester.


VIII. Discussion

A. SAB (Jen Johnson)

Thursday September 10th in SGA office. Will start coming up with design for float and start building. Also discuss meeting and building times. Can give points for helping us out. Points will be given for helping out and docked for not doing anything.

Gabe: One senator has to attend at least one SAB meeting. It is not two. May be increased next semester depending on level of involvement. All senators must attend five percent of all events put on by SGA. If you help out with float, one point will be given.

Presidential forum held third floor ballroom. Senator payment- need I9 and W4 forms filled out otherwise you cannot get paid. Permanent GSA person to go at 1 PM on Friday afternoons at graduate student forum. Need under undergraduate. Luke volunteers as did Celeste. Next meeting I will not attend. President Pro-temp Joe will run it. I will double check on meeting place. Retreat agenda will come up next meeting. Please write resolution or senate bill that you can go over on the retreat. Better if resolution that is serious but does not have to be.


B. Chief of Justice (Alli Scheer)

Still need senator from 12:45 to 2:00 tomorrow.


C. Senator Celeste Herrera

Where are last year’s resolutions that the senators turned in?


D.Vice President (Gabe Montoya)

Yes they are lost but I would appreciate if you resubmitted any copies you have.

Club advisory committee meet with me after this.


E. GSA Senator (Daniel Beck)

Toastmasters huge success. So successful that if senators attend now, they will get half a point for SAB. Teaches great communication. Follow program and become a better speaker.

Next meeting is Wednesday at 6 PM in this ballroom.



How much do you think it would cost for the creative magazine?


G. Paydirt editor(Alex Hoffman)

Not familiar with prices yet, not part of Paydirt budget. That is why they will charge students for copy.


H. Vice President (Gabe Montoya)

please raise hands during the meeting if you have any questions.

VIIII. Adjourn

Motion to adjourn meeting until September 15th, 2015

(8:35 PM )


September 15th, 2015

Minutes September 15th, 2015


I. Call to Order


a.Approve Agenda

Agenda improved

II. Approve Minutes

Minutes approved

A. Inductions

James Steele, Ayden Sparks, Alex Meyer inducted by Alli Scheer

III. Student Concerns/Announcements

No concerns/ announcements

IV. Reports:


a. Dean of Students & Sports Clubs (Melissa)

Nothing to discuss. Governor’s Summit will be discussed. Lauren Long and Gabe at the Dominici conference which has to do with Melissa. 16 clubs this semester. Club budgets posted. Department paying for 10 faculty staff members and 20 students to run a half marathon. Start at gym and run to a cafe. Stop by office in gym and more will be explained.

b. President (Zoë Diener)

Governor’s summit powerpoint: John, Indi, Drew, Luke, Bradley, Zoe come to the front

Drew Furnes: Created the meta-major’s slide. Basically talked about how they want students to stay in new mexico and graduate in four years. Meta major is where the first year is standardized to, science, and humanities to keep people on track for a four year graduation rate. Florida – went for 3rd to two thirds student being on track for a four year graduation rate.

Jonathan Brandt: Local jobs and internships for local graduates. Trying to get students to stay in state once they graduated. Help increase four year graduation rate – know there are plenty of jobs around.

Luke Morell : Academic plans where mandating meetings with advisors. The students would be encouraged to take 15 credit hours each semester. Academic maps are also mandatory for each major. Co-requisites will also be required for classes. Success rates goes up in studies.

Bradley Stevens: All majors are basically reduced to 120 credit hours per semester. The best way to do this was “cleaning out the closet”. Revamping programs and taking out fluff was the best way to graduate in four years. Developing program with several other groups to create an ideal program.

Indi Blake: Terrible graduation rates in New Mexico. It costs the state a ton of money to have so few people graduating.

Zoe: Overall a good thing although it does lower the value of our degree from tech. No particulars at the summit meeting about the completion of the plan,  but a few thoughts were talking to businesses to see what they want in employees and conveying that need to universities. New Mexico Tech was the largest student group at tech!!! Everyone was invited to come to the summit. Let me know if you didn’t get my emails.


Alex Hoffman: Did anyone mention pre-college schooling and fixing high-schools?

Drew Furnes: Not directly addressed. Argued that it was not the topic of the meeting.

Indi Blake: Talked about raising the amount of tests might help. Controversial and seems counterintuitive.

Drew Furnes: Talked to people about improving high schools. They are very interested in doing that.

Zoe Deiner: Going to talk about lottery scholarships. Bordello changed to Burlesque as suggested by NMT attorney. President’s golf tournament this week. Next week voting on comic-con funding. Make cases for and against. Some people are exploring other ideas. Also bought office furniture. Talk to Joe about ideas for these funds.

c. Vice President (Gabe Montoya)

Joe (President Pro-Tempore): Working on setting up the senate retreat. If you are unable to make it please email Gabe with reasons why you can’t make it. Please meet with heads during recess (for new senators). Gabe wants people to hold one office hours in office each week.

d. Financial Report (Drew Furnes)

The past two weeks budget was finalized. Met with finance committee. Almost all club budgets worked out (for clubs that turned in packets on time). Next Friday allowing club’s to rebuttal their budget.

e. Supreme Court (Ali Scheer)

James Steele, Shannon Bales, and Ayden Sparks were elected as senators. DJ Bustos elected as new supreme court justice. Week before thanksgiving new senators will be elected.

f. SAB (Jen Johnson)

So I am talking about the changes for Bordello. If you want to know why the changes were necessary talk to me. Bordello is more modern now. Choreographers decided that men will also be getting a garter so that both females and males have garters. Come by and ask choreographers about dancing. This year’s bordello will be more focused on actual dancing. “Show me your underworld” slogan. Pilsner glasses, beer coozies, and key-chains will be given away. Need more volunteers for 49ers. Meeting times will be discussed. Need more dealers for casino night. Can work half the time or the full time. Can also get hours for clubs. Also need help with set up and clean-up for 49ers night. Already planning spring fling. Survey’s close November 2nd. Tell people to vote. Hope to get it finished by the end of the semester. October 28 movie night. Float meeting on Tuesday 22 in the SGA office at 2. Need senator’s help on float. If interested in doing the float come and talk to me if these times don’t work. Nailing down design next week. Emailed clubs asking if they want to host an event.

g. Student Regent (Myissa)

Not too much to report. Next meeting Monday at 1:30. Address Board of regents is considering governor’s proposal to reduce credit hours to 120 credit hours because they want to make it easier to graduate from tech.


h. SATD ( Kira Pelowitz).

Nothing to report.

i. Paydirt (Alex Hoffman)

Please help with our printers because we cannot print. On a separate note, Miner’s Ink advertisements have been sent out. Trying to get interest in it. The first flyer has been created. Danny Royer working on website but might start from scratch again because it is still glitchy. Might move over to 164. Formal budget constructed this week for things such as updates on computer and white board cleaner. Good and busy!


  1. Committees

Nothing to report


II. Recess (5min) (8:30) to (8:35)


III. New Business

    1. Bills
      1. AICHE

Kevin Reed:

Good evening everyone. My name is kevin Reed and I am the president of this club. William Sullivan is the Vp. As officers our job is to provide opportunities to our members. Would like to maximize experience. Two vans, 24 people. Costs 6500$. The SGA should support AIChe because we have already volunteered at the mud thing and at a homeless drive. Volunteer at president’s golf tournament. Also coordinating. Involves networking and opportunity to present research from NMT at a national level. Over half of the people going agreed to present a poster. T-shirt sales and work done we have fundraised 200$. Also doing drawing and bake sale planned for the center. Melissa Jarmillo estimated 1500$ and will get a better understanding of budget. 2800$ asked for from the SGA. Department gave us no money for the conference.


Concluded that 1875 dollars would be given to AIChE because we only have 17000 to give total. In reason was because of too many people going. Cannot fund so many people to go to one conference.

Motion to approve CFO recommendation.

Motion to approve 2400$ from crowd. Thirded.


In favor by plurality. Passed for 2400$.

  1. Physics Club

Jarek Henright:

President of physics club. Seek opportunity to attend meeting in Flagstaff, arizona. This meeting is held every semester. In this case we have a significant increase in people wanting to go. Want to take 12 people (4 females). Graduate school there that has a great observatory nearby (great for networking). Rather constrained in physics club covers many things. Travel costs total:

500$ travel

50$ registration (entire club)

1500$ hotel room fees

1080$ in food costs.

Obtained 550$ from NMT department. Will partition Dean of students for food costs. Turn to SGA for hotel costs. This assumes we want to avoid rooms of four. Considering the current state of the SGA’s senate bill’s fun, we recommend and request the amount of 900$ from the SGA. We have looked into cheaper hotel rooms. The rates will have increased by the time I actually book hotels. Do not like to reserve hotel rooms until we have the funding.

CFO: Recommend full 900$

Motion for the CFO recommendation seconded


Passed by Plurality for 900$


B. Large Event

Jen Johnson:

Many people think that this money will only go to comic- con. Would like to change it to a special spring event. WOuld like something kind of big. Could go to getting a large band, artist, or comedian here. Would like to wait till the September 29th meeting because this was last minute for everyone. Tech we don’t have a lot of money to do a lot of things. We want to do something that the student body really wants. We can vote on this September 29th. We want to put aside 20,000$ for this large event. The money for this does not come out of the money for the clubs.


Luke Morell motions to table topic until a later date.



Money exists. Not something to worry about. We need to decide if we want to focus on where this money is going and if we want it to go there. We need to decide if this is what you want to happen for the student body.

CFO: If you come to the retreat, I will explain how all the budgeting works.

IV: Discussion

    1. Governor’s Summit
    2. Retreat – Reminder for senator retreat this saturday from 10 to 3.


V. Adjourn

Motion to adjourn (8:55)


September 29th, 2015

NMT SGA Meeting Minutes Tuesday September 29th, 2015


  1. Call to Order (8:01)


  1. Approve Agenda

Agenda is approved


  1. Approve Minutes

    1. Inductions- Inductions for Patrick Dolce and DJ Bustos – inducted.


  1. Student Concerns/Announcements


  1. Reports:

    1. Dean of Students & Sports Clubs (Melissa)

Next club meeting in Fidel, Thursday, 12:30. Alabar run scheduled later. Is a fun run and there will be two shuttles which will shuttle you back and forth. The run is not timed and T-shirts will be given out.

Alex Hoffman: Is this free?

Mellissa: This is a free fun run.

  1. President (Zoë Diener)

As some of you may not know, Chief Justice Ali Scheer has resigned. I would like to nominate Jonathan Brandt.

Joe Kerwin

Point of clarification, why did Ali Scheer resign? I would like to put forth the resignation letter of Alli Scheer. I believe there was a manipulation of the constitution. I am concerned about the president calling upon a justice meeting where Ali was berated for her mistakes.

Gabe Montoya

Do you have an actual citation of the abuse from the meeting. You have 30 seconds to produce citation. Please pick this up after a later date with an actual interpretation. Was seconded.


Fair enough

Zoe Deiner

I would like to table the dispute.


You cannot table the dispute

Gabe Montoya

You will have a chief justice that will be the emergency chief justice (still Jonathan)

Zoe Deiner

This last couple of weeks I have been looking into extending the state lottery scholarship into the summer. Also working with quasar. Nothing else

  1. Vice President (Gabriel Montoya)

I have been looking into club budgets. Trying to be more transparent to the student body to please students. Checking on committees

D. Financial Report

Went through and changed the club budgets and finished the rebuttals.

E. Supreme Court (Jonathan Brandt)

Nothing to report

F. SAB (Jen Johnson)

Tomorrow at 8 PM next movie night Pitch Perfect 2. Jurassic World in the next couple of weeks. Matt will be sending out the emails tomorrow about when we will start building. Still starting our giveaways. Sending out volunteer sheet tomorrow for 49s. Still need dealers. Also survey for spring fling is posted. On SAB facebook page. Can vote on video games, roaring 20s. Also please suggest themes and giveaways to SAB. Would like to make it more student involved. Also in the process in getting things ready for NACA conference. Next SAB meeting in Weir 102 on October 6th. If you have any suggestions or questions please email SAB.

G.Student Regent (Myissa)

Finally had meeting. Points of highlight: Talked to accrediting committee; actually want to make sure we are accredited. Approved advertisement for presidential positions. Four year incentive plan; trying to get students to complete. Would like to get your opinions on what you would like.

H. SATD ( Kira Pelowitz)

So we are still setting up in the sack. Offices almost ready. Finally hired ktech DJ Dillan Neals. Looking for ways to update Ktech. Generate student interest.

I.Paydirt (Alex Hoffman)

Great turnout at SGA retreat. Moved offices no longer in 168 but in second to last office. New desks. Working on transition.


J. Committees

Celeste Herrera: I met with Will, Sawyer, and Jaia. Progress is being made.


  1. Recess (8:40 to 8:45)


  1. New Business

    1. Special Event

Jen Johnson

So as you know at the last meeting the special event was tabled. Now we have student opinions. We do not want it to be part of spring fling because spring fling is already crazy and takes alot of time and planning. Essentially we were spread too thin. We can do comi-con, famous bands, other ideas. We want to get as many students there as possible. Our first question was would you like to have a big event (yes). Comi-con won by two votes for main event. Music acts were like Taylor Swift – will never get someone that big. Someone suggested Circus. Renaissance Fair, magic tournament, offroading race, bubble soccer, carnival, musical, festival, prom formal, obstacle course, puppies, kittens. Some of the benefits of special event is that it is something for students to look forward to. We need special thing to keep us motivated. Place where people meet people. Comicon was on the Sunday of spring fling last semester. Very successful. Only month or two of booking and planning. Never hosted comicon before. Very successful . Students really enjoyed it.

Joe Kerwin: When in spring?

Jen Johnson: Before spring break. Spring break is the first week of april. Try to not schedule it on Easter week or science fair. Has been on the april 16,17,18 of April. Nice way to break up spring semester.

Benson: If you are planning on having it in March, what would you do during bad weather.

Jen Johnson: If it was outside we could easily use Fidel or Sac.

Joe Kerwin: How much is requested?

Gabe Montoya: No money requested currently. Zoe, Drew, and Jen will decide how much to allocate to this event.  We will use the money from the general fund. Have not been spending to the capacity of our efforts thus we have a higher general fund. Have to save 15% from general funds. The funding is there. Just asking for whether you support it.

Celeste Herrera: Can we overturn the financial requests for this?

Gabe: Yes you do have the power to do that to an extent.

Aiden Sparks: What did comicon cost last year?

Jen Johnson: 20,000 dollars

Gabe Montoya: We recuperated 4 to 5 thousand. About 15,000 after.

Sawyer Gill: Would funding be set at recuperating cost or initial cost?

Gabe: Initial

Joe: Are there any other ideas at the moment?

Gabe: Yes

Jen: Depending on the event, we might make it open to the public. Which would lead to recouped costs. Would charge more next year.

Gabe: Front cost for booking musician. Contractual obligation as well (i.e transportation, food, housing) Will usually be way higher than just the initial cost to book a musician.

Joe: Is this just to understand whether we support this idea?

Gabe: Yes.
Joe: I motion to move to a vote of whether to use this money on the special event.

Gabe: All in favor to support big event say aye.

Passed by majority.

Joe: Would like to motion to talk about this after the 6th bill has been passed.

Luke seconds

Jen: Costs will keep going up and will get more difficult to plan.

Gabe: This will be moved to the end of the meeting.

  1. Bills

    1. AISES (Candice Dahozy)

I submitted a bill with an estimate of 4,154$. We want to go to pheonix. So many want to attend this conference and higher attendance fee than usual. Thus we need more money. Valuable opportunity for us.

Joe Kerwin: How much are you requesting from other sources? and when did you submit bill?

Joe Kerwin: How long should it take for them to respond to these requests?

Candice: I can go to them tomorrow and see if they can get back to us. I had moment of doubt because funding was so small.

AFO: Recommending table bill until they have the funding from the dean of students?

Candice Dahozy: Registration goes up periodically. Registration will go up on the 5th by 50$.

Celeste Herrerra: Did you have a recommendation before tabling it?

AFO (Lina Virgo): Yes we thought that 1000$ would be good but the conference isn’t until November

JP Norman: I motion to approve the amount for 2,000$

Sawyer Gill: I motion to table.

Will Benson: Thirds the motion to table the bill.


In favor: 12


Abstain: 2


Gabe Montoya: Your funding will be brought up at the next meeting.


  1. EWB (Ryan Rose)

1800$ for Pheonix Arizona. Will learn about building communities and helping out places that need help. 8 people will be going. It is November 6 -8.

CFO: I reccomend 800$ because they have 8 people going.

Joe Kerwin: I motion to approve CFO recommended amount.

Passed by majority vote.


  1. NMTARC (Chris Croff)

We have put on laser tag event after bordello. We request 678$About 16 people at a time. Leads to long line. This year we decided to put in bill which would fund 50 poeple at a time and would get people through the line faster. Attached renting sheet.

AFO: We want to double  the amount of laser guns to 40,so we want to offer them 500$.



In favor full amount: 12

In favor for 500$: 3

Passes for full amount.


5.    SEG

We are requesting 500$. Places change how much they cost depending.

CFO: Recommends full amount.

Joe: I motion to approve the full amount.

Passed by majority vote.


6. SWE (Shannon Rivera)

SWE is active club on campus. Very active in events (i.e 49ers,spring fling, mud bog) Trip to national conference in nashville Tennessee. Go for three days. Very similar to events like ESCA. Members have to pay registration fee by their own. Asking SGA for 693.70$. Want SGA to pay for transportation and hotel fees.

Sawyer: Can you specify what you do for the school?

Shannon: Did carwash, helped put up signs for 49ers, cardboard regado, We will be having six members go.

AFO: We recommend 600$ based on current hotel prices.

JP Norman: I motion to approve full amount.

Celeste Herrera: I motion to approve the 600$

Luke : I second the 600$

Alan Gross: How do thirds work for voting?

Gabe: To remove the previous motion must third the second or first vote.  Have to specify which one they are seconding and thirding. Third 600$.

Joe Kerwin:  Our current balance is 10,000 dollars.

Passed for 600$ by majority.


7.Physics Club

Two weeks ago we requested money. This time we want to bring 8 students to the new conference (Four corners conference) 320 travel 720 food costs 620 hotels. We had an issue booking hotels because we booked them early. 488.70$ is now requested.

AFO: Recommend 489$.

JP Norman: Motions to approve 489$.

Passed by majority.


Gabe: Will be sending out powerpoint to better understand how meetings work. Will make chart. There will be a senator quiz next meeting on the chart. Also still have to go over which event.

Jonathan Brandt: I would like to cite section 7.3.1.b. States that the chief justice will be appointed by the president. Stated earlier that I was nominated. Should be put to vote now rather than discussion. Would like to proceed now with vote. 7.3.1 cited a second time. If they vote to not confirm the person who has been appointed, the next qualified person will then be voted on as to whether they are qualified.

Zoe Diener: I have contacted Bella bc she is the only other qualified person. David Yoon is also under debate as to whether he is qualified.

Joe Kerwin: David Yoon how long did you serve as an associate justice.

David Yoon: Held chief justice for 2.5 years.

Jonathan Brandt: If no qualified person applies, stipulation is void.

Will Benson: Move to recess for five minutes right now.

Joe: Motion to support Benson.

Gabe: You can discuss openly right now there is no reason for a recess.

Motion passed to recess by majority.


Recess (9:08) (9:11)

Alan Gross: In the event that Jonathan isn’t voted in does David want the motion?

David Yoon: Would depend.

Sawyer: Motion should be decided by roll call.


Roll call:

Alan Gross: no

Celeste Herrera: abstain

Jaia Lockett: abstain

JP Norman:yes

Sawyer Gill: abstain

Luke Morrell : yes

Spam Walsh: yes

Alex Meyer: yes

Alli Arning: yes

Will Benson: no

Joe Kerwin: no

Jonathan smith: yes

Indi Blake: yes

Aiden Sparks: yes

James Steele: abstain

Patrick Dolce: yes

Darwin Werthessen: yes


Gabe:Jonathan is confirmed as Chief Justice.

Simple majority vote.

David Yoon was inducted as a justice by Jonathan Brandt.


  1. Discussion

Sawyer Gill: I motion we should proceed with Comi-con and has recoup value.

Joe Kerwin: Motion to wait on deciding on this event. Also have made it clear how long polled people have been at school. As you can see, the total percent shows varied interests. I handed out fliers to anyone who was willing to fill it out.

Jen: When did you do this, how, and how do we know that it is not biased.

Joe Kerwin: Made sheet with choices and ranks. Gave stacks to multiple people to pass out in their classes. Also handed out in the game room. Wanted to get more input on what events are desired for the spring event.

Joe Kerwin: Events listed were renaissance fair, large music event, laser tag, other events are listed.

Jen Johnson: The SAB are students as well and planning events are time consuming and takes effort and people. Yeah we could do a lot of little events but we would need more volunteers and more employees. I ask clubs if they want to do events but I cannot rely on them fully to put on events. When we have volunteers most do not show up. Most of the time we rely on our own SAB members.

Indi Blake: Most common responses should be sent to the students because we don’t have a good idea of what they want.
Patrick Dolce: We had a program at previous school where SAB was more organized. All the planning fell on one person.

Gabe Montoya: The current SAB program is the head which is Jen Johnson and three SAB members who support them.

Patrick Dolce: They should have an actual person that is not a student.

Mellissa: That would be me.

Joe Kerwin: I would like to make a motion to make a cap of the funding spent on this specifically.

Gabe Montoya: The cap is already set at 20,000$. No more of a cap needed. Can motion to have multiple events.

JP Norman: I would like to motion to have a big-name comedian.

Alan Gross: Big name comedians are cheaper than big name music acts. Thus comedians are more feasible.

Celeste Herrera: I would like to motion to have smaller events. Just have a day when they had a lot of things on the field. Similar to a carnival, for example like laser tag.

Patrick Dolce: Should spread these events across the year so that more students can attend.

Indi Blakei: Our mission is to serve the students. It seems ridiculous to vote about what we want. The obvious thing to me is to decide what to do based on what the students want.

David Yoon: I got a survey about SAO.

Luke: I move to table this until next meeting. And send a survey out.

Jen Johnson: I can not have another meeting on top of mid-terms. I appreciate the new information. We need to stop planning.

  1. Adjourn

Motion to adjourn  (9:32)


October 13, 2015

NMT SGA Meeting Minutes Tuesday October 13, 2015

Call to Order
Approve Agenda
Motion to approve agenda approved.
Approve Minutes
Motion to approve the minutes approved.
Student Concerns/Announcements
No student concerns
Dean of Students & Sports Clubs (Melissa)
Nothing really. For gym we start in-door inter-murals next week (i.e volleyball, soccer,basketball). Not as many participants at local run as at previous semesters. About 25 people participated. Normally we have 45 people. So we are disappointed.
President (Zoë Diener)
We have been working on increasing student awareness for signing up for a club. Senators are not this list. If you are not on it, you can sign up here. Printed out birthday cards for students. Free fire and ice coupons on your birthday. Discussing lottery going through the summer on Friday. Meeting with Doctor on thursday to hear his output. Please come see me if you would like to hear my proposals. I will be meeting with Howl about ways to improve academic warning packet. If you have opinions about academic warning please come talk to me.
Vice President (Gabriel Montoya)
I have been up to making two new forms: community service grant and how to apply for that, and conference initiative grant. Other than that 49ers and facilitating other groups with community service grant. If you do have keys to our office, please let me know so that key control knows.
Financial Report (Drew Furnes)
Doing reimbursements and working on funds. Added 2000$ to current senate bill account.
Accurate total in account is 11,833$. (Not shown on pi chart).
Supreme Court (David Yoon)
SAB (Jenn)
Clash of the Titans for this movie night. Start of the scavenger hunt. Comedian coming saturday. T-shirts, coozies, and pilsner bottles will be given out throughout the events. Organizing club volunteers and getting things ready for casino night.

Student Regent (Myissa)
Presentation during new business.

SATD ( Kira Pelowitz)
We have mostly been getting ready for 49ers, making sure that the radio station runs and want to get more volunteers DJs. Also allocating equipment.
Paydirt (Alex Hoffman)
We have so far printed our first issue of Paydirt and have updated tab on SGA website. Also doing diversity week.

Joe Kerwin – meeting last night where we worked on things.
Celeste Herrera- nothing
Alli Arning- discussed updating website. Tried to figure out how to make it more user friendly and easy to navigate.

Recess (8:08 to 8:15)

New Business
Student Reagent (Myissa):
Working on four year incentive plan to help students get through in four years. The reason I am presenting it to you today is to get ideas from you and to help you better understand their ideas. Please interrupt me and give comments so that I can give to the board.
The main avenues that I have been working on right now is to increase the number of students coming back to campus through research. Trying to expand LLC. Trying to better plan students courses so that they can get through the program without having to take extra classes. If students are taking extra classes because they don’t know what to take, we need to address that. Freshman LLC looking into expanding it into sophomore year and making it required. Something that would make students feel more committed to tech. A lot of students come into tech not ready to take Calculus. Looking into reaching out to local colleges and having people get help for tech. People flounder around and can’t take classes when they need to. Trying to reach out to colleges and high schools.
Trying to reduce number of credit hours that classes are worth which would decrease total number of credit hours.
David Yoon – A lot of course are comparable to other courses at other schools. We go more in depth at this school because we split up difficult courses here into more credit hours.
Patrick Dolce – I signed up for 19 credit hours. Dropping down credits will make people need to take more credits to still get lottery.
Senator – Still go to class more within 16 credit hours.
David Yoon – Trying out system where they have 10 week courses and split it up into three trimesters a year. Would have three sessions a year. Stretching 16 weeks to ten weeks isn’t too bad. It also isn’t unheard of people to graduate in four years. We are focusing on the wrong side of the issue right now. We should focus on GPA, retention rates etc.
Myissa: More about required courses. Not looking to start slashing because we know that tech has a name brand that would be hurt by fewer courses. Trying to push the government to say hey guys this is not what tech needs. Other suggestions to incentivize students are to do a lunch each semester who are on track and doing well. Also looking into providing research to well-off students. Changing tuition for those who are staying five years. Also don’t think students should be penalized for double-majoring.
The governor mentioned that we would have just a broad category that everyone could generally follow. The Six Sigma Methodology is the method use to approach this situation. We are trying to take things slow and keep tech’s reputation good. Trying to address student’s not going to class. Looking at courses that are known for high fail out rates. Looking at how students losing their scholarship hurts them. We know that as soon as you transfer colleges a quarter of credits are dropped. We are trying to coordinate with colleges and help the transfer occur more smoothly.
Patrick Dolce – Very proactive in transferring process and even then some of my credits dropped. This made a great deal of difference. But I had 30 credit hours total that did not transfer over. The biggest thing I had to deal with is taking design classes that have more work than is really necessary for the course. Some classes need to redefine the amount of work you are doing.
Senator – UNM will pay tuition for 8th semester if you graduate in four years.
Myissa: The data we are looking at is that we are looking at student attendance of class. Students are taking a lot more credits than we actually require. Students on average are graduating with 180 credits. If it is because they are floundering around and don’t know what they are doing, we need to address that. We are looking at how scholarships affect student’s grades. You can see pretty easily that there is a big dropoff where people lose lottery at the end of their freshman year. Looking into the high dropout high failure rate. Looking at how to help people get through classes. Suggesting to get rid of busy work. We are looking into jobs how they affect the GPA of students. Even if we don’t enforce anything, we can still present data to students and keep them aware of the risks. This is a survey of what we could do better to help you in your classes and get through your classes. We are going to call students that have dropped out and ask them what we can do better and address the problem.
David Yoon – When are the results from the findings going to be implemented.
Myissa: We are already working on it. We are hoping to get some things by the end of this semester. Trying to get this done as fast as possible because we are really feeling the heat from the government.
David Yoon – Look at how well tech has prepared students. Some schools do not prepare students well enough in undergraduate level.
Myissa: Thank you for your comments!

IV ( Caroline Mckinney)
Request money for fall retreat. Originally requested 300$ because we had about 30 people going but then went down to 25 people. Now we are requesting 150$. Our attendance has grown a lot because our club attendance has also grown. Our fall-retreat we decided that this year we would ask for gas money to refund people. I got the actual numbers and it was about 150$
- AFO: Recommend 150$
Motion to approve full amount
Passes for 150$

AICHE (Andrew )
I am the treasurer for AICHE. The bill we are representing is about education. We do tutoring at the NM boys and girls ranch every weekend in math and science. Boys and girls ranch is a home for troubled children. The school is inadequate because they do not have the same opportunities. Very rewarding experience. Requesting funds for the gas to go there each week. We also request funds for demos such as physics demos.
We request 390$.
Senator – How many people go?
Andrew : Varies goes from 10 to 5.
CFO: We recommend 287$. The main reason is because this is a continuing event and the senate budget is not the highest. It does not represent tech in an equivalent way to conferences and such. Last night the finance committee met and average the suggested amounts.
Motion to approve full amount.
Motion to approve the full amount passes for 390$.
Josh and Austin
We submitted abstracts which have been submitted. Asking for 1,300$ to fill in expenses.We already do have some funding. So the funding would go to Josh and Austin.
CFO: We request that you grant them 1,200$
David Yoon: Did you ask someone else, I am pretty sure they would help.
Motion to approve CFO’s recommendation
Motion to approve CFO’s recommendation of 1,200$ passes.
This fall we want to go to a conference. We request 1620. That includes registration fees, flight, and travel fees. If we were to drive it would actually cost more.
CFO: Recommends 475$. The main reason that we suggest 475$ is because the main thing that got us was that we interpreted that was that you are presenting tech at an event and how tech works. So from my understanding this is not specific research of any kind.
Patrick Dolce: Given the SGA’s current budget we need to keep track of how many people need to go.
Alli Arning – Are you planning on asking other people for money?
ASME1: We are doing a fundraiser but we barely broke even.
Celeste: Melissa usually responds better to phone calls and she will meet with you the next day.
ASME1: We have already filled out paperwork and we are waiting for results.
Motion to approve 500$
Motion for 500$ passes.

Travel Bill – We will be taking 3 officers and 10 members. We are requesting funds for traveling.
-AFO – Recommends 151$. This is because on the total cost is 302$. What we did is we figured that we would lump them together and divide them by two.
Motion to approve CFO recommendation, seconded.
Passes for 151$.

We are requesting a travel grant for 302$ to travel on October 30th. We are doing financial things separately.
Celeste: What is the dual cost for both of your clubs?
Priced two vans. One van is 302$. We would not be able to fit everyone in one van.
Melissa: Where are you renting these vans. You are not allowed to have more than 11 passenger vans. So you cannot rent from tech. Will you rent from facilities.
David Yoon: Are you going to fit 25 people at once. I went on the same tour for 8 people do they really expect this many people to come.
ASM: Yes they invited all of us.
David Yoon: Yes you can approve an amount more than that listed in the bill.
Celeste: Motion to approve 453$ with the amendment that they they give the extra money to the other club. So 302$ + 151$ to ASME.
Motion for 453$ with stipulation passses.
7. Academics and Athletics ( Ronnie Martinez)
NMT brings in a lot of people to the gym with body building. A few professors have daughters who compete. We are starting a competition team. Our goal is to improve academics. Our group is advertising tech and we have all of these sports. We want to advertize that we are also an athletic school. It is good for an extra activity. It improves people. I have my first competition soon. My GPA went way up as a result of being on this team (2.8 to 3.6). Priorities change when you are on a team. We have sports teams and clubs where it is a group effort. With a team, what you put into it is what you get out of it. I did try to give you guys a break down. I know we are asking for a lot. We have to have more competitors at competitions. There is a competition in November where 6 total competitors will compete. Five more females have committed to a competition. It will be close to 1000$ per competitor.
David Yoon- Why come to student government vs. going to a bigger organization in Albuquerque.
We are not just trying to be successful in athletics. We use athletics to be self-building and further promotes us as students. There are students in Albuquerque who are paying out of pocket with a lot of money. After this event, sponsors are going to want to start funding this once we get out here. The success in the competition is what catapults you towards better academics. This club just started this semester. We had a lot of response from club members. Had first competition where I got second even though I had nothing. Tried to get some females here excited about it.
CFO – recommends 330$ due to looking at conference area and found that the average hotel cost was less.
Motion to approve the financial committees recommendation.
Motion to approve 150 $ because scope of club is small.
No seconds,
Motion for 330$ still stands.
Motion for 330$ passes.

8. Waffle (Alex)
Requesting money for waffle rave. But we have been keeping costs lower this semester. Lowered to 493$. Fundraised and raised money but it is just not enough to put on the event. We want to keep the event large enough to keep it having a large following.
-Senator – Maybe you should lower the amount of bracelets because 1500 bracelets is excessive.
- Melissa- Is this in bulk? – Yes
- Alex – I think that this is a more reasonable thing to let money go towards. We usually use all the glow bracelets.
- AFO – recommends 250$.
- Joe – recommends 200$
- Alli- motion to approve the full amount
- Motion to approve 100$.
- Motion for 300$.
- David Yoon: Last year they got 450$ and waffle rave is well attended.
- Alli- glow sticks are important to the waffle rave. Really fun last year.
- Alex – If we were to buy from a different distributor and at this point we wouldn’t really save any.
- AFO – notice that there are always boxes there sitting there at the end. Thus they don’t have to buy as much.
- Drew- Is there any way if we did order the full amount right now, we could save some for next year.
Alex – No shelf life would not be long enough.
Hand vote
200$ – 9 in favor.
493$ – 4
100$ – 0
300$- 4.
Motion to pass the 200$ amount
passes for 200$.

Gabe: If you have worked a job and have already been paid by campus. You have to fill out a one-time pay if you have never been paid by campus. Will send out in email dinner plans. Honestly rethink how you approach bills. Some of these clubs were just spitting out numbers. I try to have you guys be better educated on these clubs. Those vans were absurdly priced.
Joe Kerwin – Motion to adjourn meeting.
Gabe Montoya – Next meeting will not be held in here.



October 27, 2015

NMT SGA Minutes Tuesday October 27, 2015

Call to Order
Approve Agenda
Motion to approve agenda passed.
Approve Minutes
Motion to approve minutes passed.
Student Concerns/Announcements
No concerns or announcements
Dean of Students & Sports Clubs (Melissa)
5k zombie run on friday. Melissa not able to make it this week.
President (Zoë Diener)
Zoe not able to make it this week. Meets with councellors to get more student education for depression and suicide. Compared to MIT NMT has a large suicide per capita. Teaching for that and hoping to set up an education system. Going to do on trial basis. Meeting for clubs and working on lottery ideas.
Vice President (Gabriel Montoya)
Drew and I have been working on having water fountains similar to the ones in the gym by the office. New plumbing system has to be put in. Working on SGA bbq and switch up club packets with checklist on front. Also working on research grant for when students want to go and talk at conferences. Setting up paperwork for that. Starting to set up next semester’s time line and working on faculty representatives. Processing 49ers hours. Bridget working on shirt designs. Presidential committee is finally being applied to and will be looked at for upcoming elections.
Financial Report (Drew)
No senate bills this week and have ordered new computers for the offices. Other than that business as normal.
Supreme Court (Jonathan)
Three weeks from Wednesday 8th of November we will have fall elections. Senators up for election are Indi Blake, Sean Walsh, Alli Arning, and a few others. Get people to apply.
Ask Gabe for why some are asked to re- run.
SAB (Jen)
Zombie 5k registration at 5 in gym on friday. Race starts at 6 goes around golf course. 8 PM wednesday we are showing The Shining. 49ers over and I think it went well and let me know further suggestions. Put up 49ers review survey that everyone in the school should be getting. Updating SOP so that way next year it will go smoother with fewer problems. Outer space spring fling ideas. Slogans before winter break needed. That way we can start planning and can really focus on our special event. Get friends to send it in. NACA in two weeks. Next meeting November 2nd Monday at 6 PM in Weir 102.
Student Regent (Myissa)
Not too much to report gave new ideas. Progressing on four year plan and chair will meet with governor next month to discuss what we have been doing. Looking at constructing a new President’s Hall.
H. SATD ( Kira Pelowitz)
Winding down from 49ers and also updating SOPs. Hard drives on servers died. We are working on getting that fixed. We currently have zero listeners. We scheduled the SAC party for this Friday. People can get valid hours here if they need hours and are SGA hire.
Paydirt (Alex Hoffman)
Located in east corner of Fitch basement in design lab. Tomorrow morning the new articles will be submitted.
Nothing to report.
Recess (8:11 to 8:15)
New Business
Student Rep. for Faculty
Want to have student representative for faculty. Celeste has attended four meetings this year. So I will be sending out an email for the committees which contain the ADA. The academic assessment committee, the retention committee, the student discipline committee. But I will be sending out emails for these committees to get representatives. But I will be sending out email with explanation of what these committees are. Whoever wants to volunteer and do these will get whatever committee they want.
Celeste: When I was on the committee they appreciated that I was a committee and wanted a freshman that can stay with them for four years.
Everyone takes quiz.
Resolution Example
(Reads resolution)
Sawyer: Can you report off the top of your head the suicide rate of NMT.
Gabe: No but there have been btwn. 5-7 deaths and 2-3 suicides. I know this resolution isn’t serious but the resolution is the most powerful poll the senate has. Mentioned several resolutions that I would like you guys to write. Resolution for fidel parking lot fix-up and sidewalks to be put in between Torres to campus. Put one on the side for disabled people. The only stipulations for this is that it has to be authored and a senator has to present it. It is basically like you are presenting a bill from a club. Zoe and I will take it to administrations. The turnaround for resolutions is extremely fast. The walk-between Weir and Driscoll all the sidewalks were made level because of a senator resolution and fixed within a month. If a student comes to you with a concern, this is the tool you need to be using. Recommend that you seek out poeple who have previously written resolutions. Additionally every senator who writes one will get a point for writing one. Look at shirts.
I got the most votes for Friday November 20th with 11 to 12 votes. Where would you like to hold it.
JP: Bodega/ Chartwells.
Twisted Chile. Socorro Springs.
Celeste Herrerra : Could we go to Los Lunas to Chile’s.
Bodega: 15 in favor.
We are going to Bodega for dinner on November 20th.

Discussion (Gabe Montoya)
Need birth certificate, passport, work authorization to actually get paid. No person who is close to their max with their paper. Will send email with current seating is and will give out paperwork next meeting so that they will actually be paid. If you have already filled out an I9 and W2 form last year you do not have to fill out more. Brown bottom floor in hallway to your left is where you turn paperwork in next time. Make sure that is complete or you will not get paid. I know there was a problem last semester with people getting paid so make sure to fill out these forms.


November 10th, 2015

NMT SGA Minutes Tuesday November 10th , 2015

Call to Order (8:02)

Approve Agenda
Motion to approved agenda approved

Approve Minutes
Motion to approve minutes approved.
Student Concerns/Announcement.
No student announcements
Dean of Students & Sports Clubs (Melissa)
The sport’s club is organizing a canned food clothing drive. Get in touch with Dave if you were planning a food drive as well. Rugby team got to play international Australian Team. Cricket at UNM tournament.
President (Zoë Diener)
Part of the academic suspension committee of appeals so if anyone gets suspended they meet with me. John and I are working on the academic working packets. Rewriting cover page to make it seem warmer. It’s on Us week is working today and working with admin. Those who volunteered see me at recess. Alex and Josh resigned from Paydirt. Carson is the emergency hire and we are waiting until next meeting to approve him due to logistical errors.
Vice President (Gabriel Montoya)
Communicating with the senate for POC and working on dates for next semester ( i.e club fair ). Talked to Glory about putting in the water fountain outside the SGA office. Also scheduled meetings for next semester. Finished senator pay forms.
Financial Report ( Drew Furnes )
Basically we have gotten new computers for some offices. Also working on the One Time Pay form. Working on next year’s budget in the following weeks.
Supreme Court (Jonathan Brandt)
Having general fall elections in fidel atrium in November 18th. Talk to me at recess if you are up for re- election.
SAB (Jen Johnson)
Movie night on wednesday showing Jurrassic World. Theme is outer space for spring fling. Hopefully will have a slogan chosen by December 4th. Gives us enough time for t-shirt designs and such. We also have a drink survey. If you have any ideas for t-shirts or drink giveaways come talk to us. Looking at planning a comic-con and rennaissance fair. Chooses the most popular event off of both our survey and Joe’s survey. Midnight breakfast on December 4th. We also have free massages during finals week. Go to NACO conference leave tomorrow. Now will talk about the holiday party on December 5th at 6PM Saturday after finals. We will also have a raffle. One ticket for jacket or canned food item. Also get ticket for bringing a public item. If you have any suggestions for food right now we have pizza. Next meeting on November 16th.

Student Regent (Myissa)
The board of reagent’s will not be meeting until November 30th.
SATD ( Kira Pelowitz)
Paydirt (Carson)
I printed out seven little reports so we have publishing dates for the rest of the semester. Only take it if you want to turn something in. Next Tuesday we will come out with the next Paydirt article. Chris and Albert are here and they do Paydirt. We will have a full paper out next Tuesday. If you guys have any questions talk to me.
Alli – Public Outreach committee pulling outreach party to help students for next semester. If you are interested it will be November 20th. It would be nice if you are a senior or junior. There is also free pizza. The name of the event is Registration.
Celeste – Helped Gabe set up dates for next club fair and booked rooms.
( 8:13 – 8:17)
New Business
Robotics Club Bill
My name is Albert. So Tech is the best engineering school in the state. Currently it offers very few programs to students interested in Robotics. The idea of the robotics is to allow more students to pursue their interests in robotics through international competitions. Each year you spend time building a robot to complete a goal. To do this you need a robotics kit. To provide equality each kit require the same parts. Any money we receive will go towards this kit in order to build a car. We are requesting 850$. We would be able to reuse the parts from this kit for several years. The competition is in Arizona on March 5th. For the most part we have transportation. Only about 8 students go to the competition. 171$ is the initial amount of funding received from the SGA.
JP- Does the total cost include transportation and hotels?
Albert- Covers parts and registration.
CFO – We recommend 500$ because based on how much they have fundraised so far 500$ is enough.
Passes for 500$ by majority.

ASCE Club Bill
I am Eliot from ASCE. We are requesting money to go to a conference. We have fundraised about 120$ lately and have volunteered quite a bit this semester. Have recieved 500$ from a branch of ASCE. We have 38 volunteer hours currently.
We are asking for 1800$.
Will Benson – Are there any other hotels that are cheaper?
The hotels are further away and walking in January in Chicago is not an option.
CFO – We recommend 1000$.
Doyle – We made a small error in our estimate in the money that we could give out. We can give more money at each meeting. I recommend that we recommend that we grant 1600$.
JP – I motion to approve the full amount.
All suggestions on table.
In favor for 1000$ – 5
In favor for 1600$ – 7
In favor for 1800$ – 4
1600 $ passed by majority vote.

AISES Club Bill
We have submitted a senate to attend a national conference in Arizona. AISES conference biggest thing we have attended. On the day of the last meeting, more money had been given than actually quoted. We thought that we had more than enough funds to cover our costs. The balance I was quoted at the beginning of the year was 8,000. We have spent 5, 000$. This semester I believe AISES has been very involved, 40 volunteer hours completed. This is the one time of the year that we ask the SGA to help us with funding. We will appreciate any amount approved.
We have fundraised about 1000$.
CFO – We recommend 1,250$.
Doyle – I motion to give the full amount.
2,000$ passed by majority vote.

Senator Pay
There have been issues in the past with how the senator pay adds up. There are full explanations on where you stand and why. I need you to fill out this form and sign it.
(Senators called to the front)
I do have the difference column. If any senator goes over their cap they can get a ticket. I think it is fair that we don’t even have a raffle. If you still do want to do that we have to decide on a prize tonight. If you guys do meet your cap next semester, you can still use that. Constitution says that the prize can only max be 50$. For you it is 14. Brand new senators have a cap of 10. Every session you complete you raise by 1. You can only hit a cap of 20 and then you can go no further.
The average for this quiz was 4. It was about the constitution. The quiz was not overly difficult. It was kind of easy stuff you should know.
(Goes over quiz)
CFO does not approve discretionary funds.
The constitution can be changed three sessions after the most recent change.
The book of law is an historical document that can be changed at any moment. Constitution cannot be changed at any point.
21 Members on senate. 15 or 18 undergraduate students.
3 session are in a term.
The requirements for starting a club complete club packet, have 15 members, and 1 undergraduate position. Three days as outlined by our constitution.
You can get your tests back if you want them.
I will continue with this more next semester.
Might make them open constitution.
Booked dinner for November 20th at Socorro Springs. It is at 8 PM.
Motion to adjourn.
(9: 20 )


November 24th, 2015

Call to Order (8:05)

Approve Agenda
Motion to approve the agenda approved

Approve Minutes
Motion to approve the minutes approved

Student Concerns/Announcements
No student concern/ announcements
Dean of Students & Sports Clubs (Melissa)
President (Zoë Diener)
Shutting down for semester and making sure contracts are set up for next semester.
Vice President (Gabriel Montoya)
Been contacting clubs about volunteer hours for the rest of the semester. Wrapping up with senator dinner.
Financial Report
Drew is not here. We started to work on next years budget. Please pick up pie chart at the front of the room because that is the amount that we have left. Please listen to how we allocate money this meeting. If you go over that, the bills will be rejected and Zoe will not sign them.
Supreme Court (Jonathan)
SAB (Jen)

Midnight breakfast is being run this semester by you guys. Please sign up. We have a lot of people for the first slot but no one for the second slot. Our theme for spring fling is outer space. If you have any ideas, please talk to me because I want your input. Slogan ideas and ideas for giveaways will be taken into account. Tentative schedule for spring fling will be made. Midnight breakfast is December 4th and is free. Student massages during finals week. Massages in third floor ballroom. Free. We went to NACA. We will be putting out a survey and we went to educational presentations. If you are interested please come by. We are also making a lot of changes for what we learned. Holiday potluck is up there. We will have it on the fifth at 5 oclock. Last meeting is Monday dead week which is November 30th.

Student Regent (Myissa)
Not here
SATD ( Kira Pelowitz)
Not here
Paydirt (Carson Laudadio)
New article out. People really liked it. Everyone is excited that we actually have an article out.
Started working on the next article. Started working on interviews. We are pushing to get the next article up on finals week next week.


Recess (8:13) ( 8:17 )

New Business

SAB Selection
Jen Johnson – I just wanted to get your guy’s opinion on a comedian. When we put out a survey in the spring, students chose preferred parking which includes this comedian. He canceled because he has to be in America’s Got Talent. He already costs 4,500$. That should be his cost at his max. We want to see if you think Drew Lynch is funny enough to be put on the survey. We just want to keep the students happy. Here is a clip of him.
(Could not show clip due to technical difficulties)

All in favor of including him on the survey – 11 people
All opposed – 0 people
Passes to include Drew Lynch on survey


Cedric Gutierra – we are requesting money for a conference in st. louis missouri. We have fundraised quite a bit. This is a conference that only happens once every three years. We post events around the campus and help with move in day and fundraise. Very active around campus. This will be my only opportunity to go to st. louis because i will have graduated by the next one. 12,000$ is already fundraised. Need 4900$ from the SGA. We have 18 people going. The bulk of the amount fundraised is by people paying for it. We are filling up each car. Some cars include trucks that are two-seaters. We calculated how much this trip would cost it through the basic miles per person. We have not looked into renting a larger bus from the school.
AFO- recommend 970$. Based on us not paying for flights for individual people. Even with two tech vans.
Luke – motions to approve amount of 970$.
Passes for 970$ by majority vote.
National Society of Black Engineers
My name is jerry and I am the president of NSBE. We have a cookout every semester and we are a big part of 49ers. We have 10 people going. We have two students who have a car so all we need is gas. The other part of the budget is the hotel for two days. The price for hotel is very cheap and we got a good deal because we got it early and used hotwire.
Point of order: We do pay for graduate students. There is no students that cannot ask for money. There are other rules that graduate students are afflicted with but not this one.
Lina – We have been notified to be wary of graduate students.
NSBE – So pretty much there are two in each room for two days. That makes it five rooms per day. Two beds in each room. These are smaller sized beds.
AFO – We recommend 700$ because there are three students going.
Motion to approve the AFO’s committee
Celeste – we have payed for way more expensive hotels so I recommend 800$.
In favor for 700$ – 4
In favor for 800$ – 6
2nd vote
In favor for 800$ – 8
All opposed – 2
Abstaining – 1
Passes for 800$.
Motion to recess so that the financial committee can reconvene. (8:39)

I am requesting money for half of the students interested in attending the conference in Las Vegas , Nevada. We have approached a few other people. We want are trying to get poeple to schedule things for the end of the semester. Explosives engineers are a speceialized group and it is one of our only opportunities to connect with people in that community and get a job. There are three graduate students that I put on there. I tried to fit all I could. We are renting a NMT vehicle it seems quite costly but I think it would be less costly than individual cars and is safer than having people separate. 60C per mile. Comes with insurance. Two rooms for four nights. We will probably just double. One for the girls. For the hotel. There are 42 hotels around Las Vegas. It has been a crazy roller coaster and we really want to reserve those rooms. Can I get reimbursed if we are doing hotwire or We tried to give a decent cost per night at 130$ . That includes the hotel cost and fees. Registration is 50$. They take care of their own food. I have not done multiple rooms for the reservation.
Celeste Hererra – You can get reimbursed if it is a hotel thing. I bought a room and then I got reimbursed.
AFO – We recommend 750$.
Sawyer Gill – I wanted to recommend that you come towards the beginning of the semester when we have more money.
Will Benson – Point of Information – when is our first meeting next semester?
VP ( Gabe Montoya ) January 26th. We will be in here.

Passes for 750$ by majority vote.



My name is Mya Robinson. There is a conference in Las Vegas Nevada. It is linked with the CES and we want to let students to talk to people involved in consumer electronics. We have 7 undergraduate students who have asked for assistance in paying for it and one other student. 4 rooms and we have talked to another group and they are willing to match whatever you give us. Do you have any questions for us.
AFO – It would be cheaper to take a tech van. We base our recommendation off of your registration cost. Our recommendation is 1900$.
Motion to approve 1900$
Passes for 1900$ by majority.
If you haven’t gotten in your senator pay to me. Please turn it in soon. I will be processing those Monday or Tuesday of dead week. If you are not going to be a senator next year, please turn in your senator binder. Our end binder was 3$.

Joe motions to adjourn the meeting till January 26th.

Adjourn ( 8:51)


January 26, 2016

Call to Order (8:01)

Approve Agenda
Agenda approved


In the constitution a term is set up to be about one year ( spring, summer, and fall). Most people granted a leave for summer. So that is why people only think that is why it is two semesters. The seat is what resets. It doesn’t matter which individual fills the seat. Zoe stepped down, Lina stepped down, Marco, and Alli Gobble stepped down.

Approve Minutes

Motion to approve the minutes.


Aaron Melad, Robin Weston, Joe Kerwin, Emily Stirrup, Danielle Richards, Sawyer Gill all inducted by David Yoon.
Confirmation (Zoe Diener)
Last year the editor of paydirt resigned and Carson stepped in and did the job. I would like you to confirm Carson as editor in chief of Paydirt.
All in favor – 14
Abstain – 1
All opposed – 0
Carson is passed in as editor in chief.


Student Concerns/Announcements

For next time when you are voting can you start with abstain.

Dean of Students & Sports Clubs (Melissa)

Melissa Jaramillo doesn’t have much to report except that we have a spring student forum. That is pretty much the only thing. Five candidates. Sports club meeting at 12:15 in Quiet Lounge. Indoor soccer, indoor volleyball and that is it.

President (Zoë Diener)
At the end of last semester we started working with NMSU about the lottery. Trying to find money to make up for it. Hiring governmental affairs officer. Let me know if any of you are interested.
Vice President (Gabriel Montoya)
All I have been working on is working with the clubs. Trying to set up a digital lab to make things easier to set up. Next week for the student portion for each of their forums. Next week I will be setting up for COSGA. Please put in if you will be a student leader or in a club next semester. Also make note of if you will be at tech.
Financial Report (Drew Furnes)
17,500$ in our account. Zoe, Gabe, and I are thinking about starting a new account for student research. It is purely to help students to display their own research at a conference. To apply for the money, it will be similar to a senator forms.
Last semester we did have quite a few people ask for funds to go to show their research. This account would be made this semester.
Gabe: You need to present Kira’s bump in pay and you have to show a breakdown of the account. Public access to the account is available.
Gabe: These things have to be submitted at Thursday by 5 P.M.
Zoe: This is a modification to the budget not legislation.
Sawyer Gill: I motion to table this discussion until next meeting.

Supreme Court (Jonathan Brandt)

SAB (Jenn Johnson)
Tomorrow (Wednesday) is comedy night at Macey center (8:00). We are working on spring fling and the big event. There is also an acapella group that is coming.
G. Student Regent (Myissa)
We will be talking to new presidential candidates. It should be brutal. We will soon announce the final candidates.

H. SATD ( Kira Pelowitz)
Not here

I.Paydirt (Carson)
I am running paydirt this semester. I have done about 15 interviews. We hired 6 people. We have all seven people. We have one layout plus an additional editor. We should get everything to you in about two weeks. If you guys have any questions please come and talk to me about them.

Celeste – We still need a lot more people to volunteer for club committee.
Jaia – It is an art committee and they need a lot of people to bring tables and do art with kids. She needs a lot more people.

Recess (8:22 to 8:27)

New Business
Gabe – Do committee heads accept their committee? (Committee heads: yes )
Can I meet with PR while we do a short three minute break.
Point System (Gabe Montoya)
Gabe – Everything is the same except people starting at fives.
The typical ways to get points is to be the head of the committee. Going to additional events and helping clubs tear stuff down. I require you to go to two club meetings unless you have a written excuse. And then you are required to go through 75 or 90% of all SGA functions. This includes everything done by the SAB and us. There are more ways to lose points such as being tardy or dressing poorly. I wanted to make sure everyone knew about it. At least dress in a button up shirt and slacks / female equivalent.
Celeste: I motion to approve this senator point system.
Point system approved by majority.
Constitution Changes (Joe Kerwin)
Most of these corrections are those from last year. I really want you to go over this because we will be going over these corrections. The biggest change is the ethics policy. If you see anything wrong email me before the next meeting. Any questions as of now.
Gabe: Any questions for Joe.
Gabe: Can any of you modify the agenda to include SGA retreat.
Sawyer: I motion to modify the agenda to include SGA retreat.
Gabe: SGA retreat is usually held over the weekend and is to help familiarize senators and justices with their roles.
Joe: I recommend February 13th.
Celeste: Is it going to be here or Albuquerque?
Gabe: Here
Dolce: I recommend the 20th.
Robin: How long is the SGA retreat?
Gabe: 9 to 3 or 4. Depends on how much bonding time we have.
Robin: February 21st.
Will Benson: I recommend February 6th.
Melissa: SAB band where there is a dinner for students. We do not know if it will be free.
Danielle: I will be out of town for 20th and 21st.
February 20th date
All in favor – 9
Abstain – 0
Opposed – 7
Luke: I move to modify the date to February 7th.
Jaia: I motion to hold our senate retreat on February 21st.
February 21st:
In favor: 9
Opposed: 3
Abstain: 3
SGA retreat passed for February 21st.
VIII. Adjourn (8:49)
Joe: I motion to adjourn this meeting until the next meeting.
XI. Candidate Presentation

February 23, 2016

NMT SGA Minutes Tuesday February 23, 2016

Call to Order (8:02)
Induction of Luke Youngman by Jonathan Brandt.
Approve Agenda
Agenda approved
Approve Minutes
Minutes approved
Student Concerns/Announcements
No student concerns or announcements

Dean of Students & Sports Clubs (Melissa Begay)
Sports club meeting tomorrow. There is a survey regarding the new website and we would like input. Next week there will be a townhall meeting.

President (Zoë Diener)
There are two documents. The first is my presidential report summarizing my activities. The second regards the vetoes of the bills which were accidentally vetoed because I was lobbying in Santa Fe for lottery scholarship.
Vice President (Gabriel Montoya)
Business as usual. Set up senate retreat.
Financial Report
All club budgets completed and rebuttals. All budgets have been finalized and sent to budget and analysis. Also bought new computers. Also gone over the 2016 to 2017 budget changes for the SGA. Business as normal.
Supreme Court (Jonathan Brandt)
We have elections coming up next week (thursday and friday). We have four candidates for president and four for VP. We will need senators to help run the elections. There will be a sign up form in the SGA office. There will be a debate March 1st at 7 PM in fidel ballroom.
Motion to allow senators to help run elections passed by majority vote.
SAB (Jenn Johnson)
The valentine’s dinner was a success. Hope to continue tradition. Theory of Everything next movie night. Ktech at Larage will happen this Thursday at 5PM. 49ers survey is posted on facebook and would like everyone to vote. Spring Fling is 7-10 of April. Comedian is Tracey Ashley. Next SAB meeting at March 2.

Student Regent (Myissa)
Dr. Wells chosen as new president and will take over at the start of July. At the meeting we are accepting the audit for NMT.
SATD ( Kira Pelowitz) (Not here)

Paydirt (Carson Laudadio)
Good evening, we are trying to print tomorrow. Paydirt has never been produced a week after it has been published. One of them had a family emergency and stayed behind to get work done. We are working really hard. We really hope that we have news tomorrow and get the paydirt article out. Show your friends and please congratulate staff.

Recess (8:12 to 8:17)
Old Business
Gabe Montoya: These bills have automatically been vetoed. I have looked through Robert’s Rule’s of Order and you do have to overturn a veto with the ⅔ majority of senate.
Motion to vote on bills for the full amount passed last time (seconded)
Opposed – 4
In favor – 15
Motion to vote on old bills again for the full amount passed last time passed

New Business
We are looking to take 23 people to a conference in Denver Colorado.. We need this many people to compete. We have fundraised 800$ for materials and received 1500$ from ASCE club. We have 23 people who definitely are planning on going. We will continue to fundraise. We usually take 18 to 25 people. We need 23 people to do well. we have already committed to this conference. I have tried to get this conference funded by our department but there is purely not money. We have not tried to receive Melissa Jaramillo’s funding. We usually do bake sales and we do have a raffle for fundraising. We get a ton of donor’s by companies but since it is tax season many are not willing to part with money. Money given would cover just lodging. We chose the most convenient option because we have to get to the middle of downtown Denver by 8AM. We have to bring a trailer to the hotel.
CFO recommendation: 1810$ because it covers more than the registration fee which is the priority.
Celeste Herrera: I would like to make a motion for 2300$ (seconded)
Luke: I would like to make a motion for 1810$ (seconded)
Vote for 2300$
In favor: 13
Vote for 1810$
In favor: 3
Bill passes by majority vote for 2300$.

3. AIChE
AiChE wants funding for our conference in April. We will be renting two vans. The extra individuals who would like to go have to drive at their own cost. We have a chemE car and we will be competing in the Research competition and Jeopardy. We fundraise through a barbaque. We have asked for 1500$ funding. We have lowered our request to 2000$. All people going will be paying for their own registration. Usually we complete over 100 volunteer hours. We got these from the AiChe website because it is close to the conference and we get a deal. The number of people on the team are typically 8 people. We have 8 officers and 5 junior officers. On the Chem E jeopardy team we have another five members. Plus the people who do the research paper competition. We have 28 people committed to going. We have another five people who have expressed the desire to go. In the past for regionals we took 15 people because it was in boulder and we didn’t have a chem E car. We also have a plan to practice beforehand.
CFO recommendation: 1080$. We saw only 10 people who were confirmed as going while others were just maybe.
JP: Motion to approve full amount.
Patrick Doyle: Motion to approve CFO recommendation (1080$)
In favor: 9
In favor: 4
Abstain: 4
In favor:8
Bill passes for 2000$
Drew: You are currently sitting at 9,000$ for the rest of the semester.
4.NSBE (Jerry)
The senate bill presenting today is for a conference taking place in Boston in March. We are looking to take 12 people. We have to fly because it is across the country. WE have been able to raise a total of 5,000$. Melissa gave us 1500$. President gave us 3,000$. Socorro chamber of commerce: 300$. We raised 5,000$ total. Approximately 16 community service hours. We went on conference last year but this year’s conference is national. We have about 2,100$. After we requested, we did get some extra money from brown hall. We are not using public transportation because it is not very easy to coordinate 12 people. We got a total of 4500$ from Brown hall. So far we have 10 people committed. We are not refunding their registration fees so that we know that they are committed. 100$ is about the registration fee. We do not plan on doing any more fundraising because we have already fundraised quite a bit and we have volunteered quite a bit.
CFO: We recommend 1,034$. This covers half of the hotel and we don’t pay for food. (seconded)
Patrick Doyle: Motion to approve 1000$. (seconded)
Emily Stirrup: Motion to approve the financial committee’s amount.
Celeste Hererra: I motion to approve 1200$ (Seconded)
JP: I would like to motion to approve 1500$.
Aaron Melad: It is not in the constitution that we don’t fund graduate students.
Bill for 1034$
In favor: 7
Bill for 1200$
In favor: 8
Bill for 1000$
In favor: 1
Bill passes by majority vote for 1200$.

5. NMT Veteran’s (Moises Veleta)
Baton memorial march is a event we would like to participate in. We as student representatives from track club and veterans club. We want to attend this event. We are taken 8 students. The DAV are not providing any funds this year because we have not asked them. The march starts early in the morning and it is a marathon which can take 6-8 hours and everyone can be very tired. The hotels cost 52.55$ for a night. Last semester we did 23 community hours. This semester we have done 28 hours. We are definitely willing to do more. The reason we have not sought funding is because it is my first time doing it for this club. The proceeds of the actual event go to the white sands missile range and goes to veteran’s associations. The teams are maxed at five. If you are an individual you have to pay 110$. We would love to bring back pictures and give a presentation to the student body. While at this event we will wear NMT apparel. All the members are committed to the event. Last year only five people went. This does take place the last day of spring break. We will take personal vehicles.
CFO: 870$. This covers registration and we don’t pay for food.
Motion to approve financial committees amount (seconded)
Bill passed for 870$ by majority vote.

6. Physics
We are going to host a conference. We need funding for a few various expenses. I ask for 250$ from the SGA. This event is only open to Society of Physics students. I am guessing 35 to 40 people will be attending. We are expecting people from NMSU and ASU to come. I would not exclude Tech students if they wanted to come. We are spending the money on liquid nitrogen. The last event we had 80 people and we went way over a cannister. This event will be only advertized to physics club students. It does not fall under the event grant category. We do have a few fundraiser events planned which is if something goes terribly wrong. The main means of communication with the physics club is primarily email. We got 500$ from another source. Last semester we had over 50 volunteer hours. We visit students of all ages and tutor and do demos. We are paying for the ice cream social and snacks throughout the event. We are paying for breakfast and dinner. We are hoping to give a very good impression of tech.
CFO: Recommends 300$.
JP: Motion to approve full amount.(seconded)
Celeste: Motion to approve CFO recommendation.(seconded)
Motion for 400$. (not seconded)
Vote for bill for 350$
In favor:7
Vote on bill for 300$
In favor: 8
Vote on bill for 300$
Abstain: 3
In favor: 7
Opposed: 7
VP had to vote due to the event of a tie. Gabe Montoya votes against passing the bill and turns it over to the senate.
JP: Motion to approve full amount (seconded)
Celeste: Motion to approve 300$.(seconded)
David Yoon: Pick the bigger amount.
Vote on bill for 350$
In favor: 13
Vote on bill for 350$
In favor: 4
Bill passes for 350$.

We are five seniors in environmental engineering. We would like you to help us fund a environmental design competition. The rocky mountain design competition is in Colorado. The first trip on March 3rd is to a water treatment facility that we are basing our design on. The second trip is for the competition. The competition is a great opportunity to represent NMT. The students pursuing a career in environmental engineering will make them a better candidate for jobs. If we win we will compete at the national design competition in Louisiana. Without support, we will not be able to go. Two students have to compete in this competition to graduate. So far we have only received 500$. The cents per mile is 68 cents. We are not planning on fundraising as the event is quickly coming up. We have approached Melissa and they have the same amounts that you see. The tour is for retrofit a plaque which is hard to do and we need to talk to the chief engineer. The trip is going to include a meeting with the mayor and the original designer of the plants now. This is the first time that we are doing a design competition in 6 years. Our department did not know we would be competing. It is required because two students had to complete a design thesis. It is still possible to do fundraising. We are paying for a lot of this because it is mainly the experience for us. The first trip we will be up there for four days. It takes about 9 hours to get up there. We are leaving on a Tuesday. We are meeting with both the mayor and the public safety department. The competition is three days total. I don’t think the plant would pay for any students to compete. There is a compensation in that you get a fully paid trip to a national competition.
CFO: Recommends 560$. Believe that they need to do some of their own fundraising.
Sawyer: Motion to approve CFO recommendation (Seconded)
Bill passed for 560$ by majority vote.

We are requesting 2463$ to travel to Arizona for a historical reenactment tournament. Participants will be leaving this Thursday and twelve people are going. It is a camping event. The 70$ registration fee will cover everything. We will be lodging with a former tech alumni. We are requesting money to get there because it is a long way. We didn’t do any fundraising because the event is this week and in the past we have paid for it ourselves. We are taking personal vehicles. We haven’t thought of taking tech buses.So we are dividing our camping gear among many different vehicles. We have fulfilled eight volunteer hours this semester. It is still important for individuals to learn about history. one of the members traveling participates in a tournament almost every month. We are going to represent NMT by wearing our tabbards. There will be people who recognize our design. We are getting reimbursed for both gas and wear and tear. We use that rate because it was cited from the tech website.
CFO: Recommend 830$. Non academic event. (seconded)
Emily Stirrup: Motion to approve CFO’s amount.
Celeste Herrera: Motion to approve 840$. (seconded)
JP: Motion to approve 500$. (Seconded)
Vote for 830$
In favor: 7
Vote for 840$
In favor: 4
Vote for 500$
In favor: 4
Vote for 830$
Not passed by majority vote.
Aaron: Motion for 840$
Motion for 500$
Vote for 840$
In favor: 6
Vote for 500$
In favor: 9
Bill passed for 500$.
Sawyer Gill: I would like to request an interpretation of whether not signing the bills is considered a neglect of office.
David Yoon: President has the ability to veto any bill. Does not go against anything in the constitution. This does not need to be interpreted. This is very solid rule within 5.7.2. (cites 5.7.2.)
Luke: Does reading her letter count as presentation?
David Yoon: She did mention in her report that she did veto the bill and I would count that as a presentation.
Joe Kerwin: It does not mention in the extra days why she did not sign the bill.
David Yoon: There is a fine line between whether she intentionally neglected the bill or intentionally vetoed it. If you believe there was a neglect of office you can bring it up as a subpoena. There needs to be evidence on both sides.
Aaron Melad: Neglect of office means that she doesn’t sign the bill and says she didn’t sign the bill because she didn’t mean to sign the bill.
David Yoon: That is a reason.
JP: Is it okay for the senate to make a vote on whether the senate wants to make a subpoena for Zoe. I would like to amend the motion for all five justices to investigate this case as to whether it was a case of neglect.
Luke Morell: I would like to have it for an emergency meeting next week seeing as March 8 a few people will not be here due to conference.
David Yoon: They have to push a request for a regularly scheduled meeting.
Patrick Doyle: If an emergency meeting is called and the justices have not rendered a decision. What happens at the emergency meeting.
Melissa Begay: Can there be a meeting when everyone is available?
David Yoon: I don’t think it is a relevant matter.
JP: If an interpretation was presented at that meeting, action would be taken later at another meeting.
JP: I would like to amend the motion for all five justices to investigate this case as to whether it was a case of neglect that will be presented on March 8th at this emergency meeting.
Motion passed by majority vote that all of the justices will conduct an investigation of the negligence of the president and present a decision by March 8.

David Yoon: What is the current budget?
CFO: Our current budget is 6,000$.
David Yoon: This is ridiculously low. We are not half way through the semester and we are down to less than half. For future reference you need to think more about what you are approving.
Sawyer Gill: Tonight we funded several bills which justifies the amount of money spent.
Celeste: We should keep our standards more consistent. We are giving different clubs different clubs. I felt like we discriminated and probably should have given everyone a bit less.
JP: I think that the amount we give money should be given more to research groups that represent the school directly. If a club does more volunteer hours then I think we should give more money appropriately.
David Yoon: Paying for research groups is good and all, but not all conferences are equal. One is for personal benefit. There were a couple of bills given to people giving presentations. When you go to a competition is not the same level of calibre as to go to a conference like IEEE. There is individual types of conference.
Kelsey: For that 6,020$ does that take into account the vetoed bills.
Gabe Montoya: Yes.
Patrick Doyle: We should have re-evaluated each of the old bills. We have two different bills presented to us about design team projects.
Luke Morell: We did fund the full registration for the veteran’s club. We decided that the inductrack was going to get 0$. But we still wanted to give the other bill 560$ because we do want to support research presentations more.
Aaron Melad: We should have these conversations while the bills are being presented.
JP: Lawrence-Livermore is actual coming down to our design clinic. They are looking at using our designs in the future.
Patrick Doyle: For the remainder of this semester I would really appreciate that we actually consider CFO’s recommendation more.
Joe Kerwin: I would like to make a motion to adjourn this meeting till March 8th. (seconded)
Adjourn (9:45)

March 8,2016

NMT SGA Minutes Tuesday March 8, 2016

Call to Order (8:02)

Approve Agenda
Agenda approved

Approve Minutes
Minutes approved

Student Concerns/Announcements
No student concerns or announcements.
Dean of Students & Sports Clubs (Melissa)
Nothing to report
President (Zoë Diener)
Reported by Bradley: Working on degree audit. Trying to get resources added up. Expect a survey soon about the classes you would like to see in the summer. Zoe is writing a letter of inquiry for a grant. She is trying to increase the ease with which students can transfer courses.
Vice President (Gabriel Montoya)
Nothing to report (JP is reporting for Gabriel as President Pro-Tempore)
Financial Report (Drew Furnes)
Still working with admin to finalize the budget for next year. Please use the 6,020$ wisely remaining.
Supreme Court (Jonathan Brandt)
We have investigated Mrs. Deiners action and found no problem with her actions according to the constitution. Joe was elected VP and Gabe was elected president with 197 votes. There were a couple of issues during this election. One of the mechanical engineering teachers presented extra credit for voting for Gabe. However, Gabe won by a large majority anyway thus it was decided that the effect that the teacher’s words had on the students was negigible.. Joe tore up a bio during the election. Although Joe had the right to oppose the bio’s content, the way that he did so was considered a violation of the constitution. It is very likely that he will be brought up for disciplinary action for next meeting.
SAB (Jen Johnson)
Nothing to say
Student Regent (Myissa)
Our next meeting is after spring break on Monday so we really have nothing to say.

SATD ( Kira Pelowitz)
Nothing to say
Paydirt (Carson Laudadio)
Nothing to say
Recess (8:07 to 8:10)

New Business

Alan Gross
Sawyer Gill: I motion to allow Alan Gross to take a leave of absence. (seconded)

Vote by majority passed to allow Alan Gross to take a leave of absence.

Experimental Sounding Rocket (David Yoon)
My name is David Yoon. We are requesting a total amount of 1,467$. That is all itemized in the list. This is our fourth year competing. We were given 5,000$ by the NM consortium. However we are no longer receiving that fund due to reasons beyond our control. So we have a test launch in a month that is down in TRC and we are taking 14 people with a few faculty.
Drew Furnes: This is just a test flight, not the competition?
David Yoon: The competition is more than three times the cost of the flight. The actual use of the facilities and the personnel has already been paid for. This is just for the test flight.
Danielle Richards: How long ago were you notified that you would not be receiving funds.
David Yoon: Beginning of the semester.
Danielle Richards: Why did you never raise money for this?
David: Fundraising is very ineffective. We are more effective at designing and building a rocket as opposed to selling burritos.
Will Benson: Would it be feasible to travel there and back both days?
David Yoon: No, we are doing a dry run on the eigth. We get dinner and relax for four hours. We start our set-up for 8:00 AM which is a four or five hour process. There is no point in driving back to Socorro.
Will Benson: Would it be possible to camp out there?
David Yoon: We are taking LLC members. There are about 40 people present and it is actually like a conference so we have to use the hotel’s conference room.
Bradley: Is it required that you take all 12 people?
David Yoon: Yes.
David Yoon: Let’s say that we take 6 people. There is a ground station crew, logistics crew etc. If you just split this into four groups that is at least 2 people a group.
Patrick Doyle: Given the fact that this is for test flight and not a competition we recommend 0$.
David Yoon: This is a highly publicized event. This event from last year caught the attention of multiple companies. A guy from last year got an interview out of this and we have various alumni that are working at SpaceX because of their involvement with this team. Observers from MIT, Missouri State, UCLA, UCSD are coming and possibly participating.
Celeste Hererra: I would like to make a motion to grant 300$.
CFO: Your launch is not till April 8 and I would like to see you do some fundraising before this event. We have another senate meeting before then.
Emily Stirrup: Motion to approve the CFO’s amount (seconded)
Luke Morrell: Motion to table the bill (seconded)

Vote for 300$
In favor 0
Vote for 0
In favor 2
Vote for tabling bill
In favor 11
Vote will be tabled for next meeting.

Mini Baja
Mini Baja: I wrote this bill to request funding for our travel expenses. We have been fundraising throughout the year through many companies. We have raised enough money for the completion of our vehicle. The SGA came up as a way to obtain money for travel. We have to drive because we have to transport our vehicle. We are staying five nights at a hotel. The competition is in Florida. We did the phone athon. We also got some money from ASME. Two companies here in Socorro also gave us money. We did look for the cheapest hotel options with three people in each hotel rooms and four hotel rooms. We were looking at different options. Dorman is a smaller town. We had to go closer to the city so that we could get a better hotel option.
Luke Jungman: How many are male?
Mini Baja: All of them. We might be able to squeeze them into fewer rooms.
We are using an individual’s transportation to get down there.
1,042$ was used for our competition fee. We have an overall budget for the expense of the vehicle and for our competition.
Patrick Doyle:We recommend $1,046.
Emily Stirrup: I motion to grant the CFO’s recommendation. (seconded)
Vote for $1,046 passed by majority vote.

Shooting( Troy Vegil)
I am asking in 500$ in funding for me to go to the 2016 NRA rifle championships. It is a national competition. I qualified and have costs already worked out and purchased. I will be splitting a room and fees for vehicle with a student from UNM. Last year the SGA supported this giving out 500$. Last year I placed 60th out of 82 in air rifle. These scores are in the top ten of air rifle and the top twenty of smallboard. That is a rough estimate of how this could go. I would be representing NMT at this competition. It is a chance to let people know we are here. I have gone out to other sources to ask for funding and have received 250$ from two clubs. Our budget at the gym has been overdrawn and thus we cannot get funding from there. Anything I cannot raise I will be paying for myself.
Bradley: Is there a Ubber where you are going?
Troy: No there is no Ubber.
Will Benson: Was this originally budgeted in your sports club?
Troy: No because there is a certain score you have to reach to even get into the competition. It is a total of four nights at a hotel.
CFO: We recommend 80$ to help out with fee. We wish we could give more but we have to be conservation considering the current state of budget.
Emily Stirrup: Motion to grant CFO recommendation (seconded)
Troy (rebuttal) – We have gone to other sources and they do not have enough to give. Please consider giving more support. Last year you gave more support
Senator: Have you done any fundraising?
Troy: We have done some but the money will not be seen till March.
Matt Stalcup: You could fundraise by selling food over spring fling.
Troy: People will be gone that weekend for another competition.
Motion for $80 is passed by majority vote.
Robotics (Chris Schmittle)
We are requesting reimbursements for a competition this past weekend. We ended up taking five students and only one vehicle. The entire trip cost 500$. We got two hotel rooms for two nights and they were 92$ a piece. 50$ was spent in gas. As a club our entire purpose was to compete in this competition. It looks good for our school and helps to raise our reputation. We have gotten 300$ from an emergency fund for this trip.
Celeste: You don’t have to pay back the money from the emergency fund?
Chris: No.
VP: Are you the only club that works on robotics on campus?
Chris: Yeah there are no clubs that work on robotics to our extent. The people are primarily sophomores and freshman in this club and it really helps to spark their interest.
Recess for Finance Committee (8:43 to 8:45)
CFO recommendation: We recommend 133$.
Emily Stirrup: I motion to approve the 133$.
Patrick Doyle: We take the average of each person’s opinion of what is best at each CFO meeting. This was the average.
Motion for $133 passed by majority vote.
Sawyer Gill: Motion to adjourn till next meeting.
Indi Blake: I think we should have given more to the rocket club and I wish we had had more of an opportunity to discuss it.
David Yoon: I think Drew cheated on this bill. This is a real bill. It was an exercise to reject a bill outright. We actually have budget of more than you guys. The bottom line is that I would not have tabled the bill and would have taken a firm stance of 0$. I don’t think that the recommendation of the bill was unbiased. I find it very biased.
Jaia Lockett: I tabled it because I wanted you to come back in two weeks and we could give you money after you fundraised.
David Yoon: For future reference don’t make rash decisions. I think the system is broken. In ten minutes deciding on thousands of dollars.
Drew Furnes: Today we spent $1,259.
David Yoon: Food for thought.
Indi Blake: Maybe they should have to show up after we have discussed it and we could come to more of a consensus.
Danielle: I think we should come together as committees and discuss them.
Celeste: Last year the club committees both gave recommendations.
DJ Bustos: If it comes down to where these clubs need money right away we have to just give them the money or just let them fall through.
Drew Furnes: Read the bills ahead of time.
JP: If someone asks you for the CFO recommendation do you have it before the meeting?
Drew: Yes. Monday at 8PM.
Patrick Doyle: This year we had a huge flux of design teams. The design teams will always ask for 1000$+ of money.
David Yoon: Honestly, three years ago, there should have been a record that forbade approval of bills from a design clinic team for the reason that it is not open to the whole school. Everyone pays a fee to the school. The fraternity and the sorority is not open to everyone on campus. Neither are design teams.
JP: If anyone has something along those lines that they want to change please come to the legislation committee.
Sawyer Gill: Motion to adjourn meeting till next meeting (seconded)
Adjourn (8:57)

March 22nd,2016

NMT SGA Minutes Tuesday March 22, 2016

Call to Order (8:03)
Approve Agenda
Agenda Approved
Approve Minutes
Minutes approved
Student Concerns/Announcements
No student concerns or announcements
Dean of Students & Sports Clubs (Melissa)
Dominici conference around the corner applications are due soon. If you would like to go you should contact administrators.
Gabe: The Dominici conference is run by NMSU with the president and speakers come in internationally and give talks. A foreign affairs officer came in last time who went to Iraq and Israel. They split you up into groups and get to ask questions. The travel, hotels, and meals are covered. You also get a 250$ VISA gift card that can be spent in any way you want. If any of you are interested you should come and talk to me and I will send out the flier tonight.
Melissa: Nominations are due the 28th.
President (Zoë Diener)
Academic warning process is getting underway.
Vice President (Gabriel Montoya)
I got back from COSGA and am doing travel reimbursements. I am trying to get SOPs set up and am meeting up with the next VP Joe Kerwin so that he will not repeat my mistakes.
Financial Report (Drew Furnes)
We are working with the work order to get the printer printing correctly. The senate budget remaining is 4,000$. Let me know if you need the adobe program on your computer.
Supreme Court (Jonathan Brandt)
Nothing to report
SAB (Jenn Johnson)
The next movie night is next Thursday which is Inception. The 49ers survey for next semester is on the Facebook page. Please go and vote. There are two out of the three giveaways. We are just waiting on the T-shirts. Thursday will be comedy night. Tracey Ashley will be the comedian. The carnival for spring fling will run till midnight. During the carnival there will be bands, bubble soccer, and a sketch artist for a total of six hours each day. Everything is free to students. There will be vendors. On Friday of spring fling there will be student clubs selling food. Volunteers are needed for the dunk tank during spring fling. I do have the times as well. There is plenty of space. Volunteer sign ups will go out this week. The next SAB meeting is on the 28th in Weir 102.
Student Regent (Myissa)
Hey so we had our meeting yesterday. Our tuition will be increased by 5%. That is the last thing we wanted to do. But they took 1.2 million from our budget. We are also trying to increase the salaries of the faculty.
Celeste Herrera: Does the lottery still cover 90% of tuition?
Myissa: Yes as far as I know. So it is about a 300$ increase.

SATD ( Kira Pelowitz)
We just got back from conference we pretty much nailed down our road map for two years. We are getting ready for spring fling at this stage. The first SAC party will be the first weekend before spring fling.
Paydirt (Sara Digregorio)
We are planning on printing by tomorrow. It should be a full issue. I was instructed to open the floor up if you have any questions.
Melissa Begay: Can you add a tentative spring fling schedule to paydirt?
Sara Digregorio: Yes I will ask.
Melissa Begay: I wanted to put down the link to a health and wellness blog in your article and I emailed it to you.
Sara Digregorio: We will get on that.

Recess (8:15 to 8:20)
Old Business
Experimental Sounding Rocket (David Yoon)
In the meanwhile, I fundraised. Our total budget exceeds 10,000$. Our rocket is less than five pounds without the motor. It is all semantics.
CFO: Can we move this on?
JP: I motion to approve the amount of zero dollars (seconded)
Motion passed to give zero dollars by majority vote.
New Business
Disciplinary action
Johnathan Brandt
Gabe Montoya: As current chair it is completely up to me as to how the proceedings go. Jonathan will make a defense. Afterwards there will be a discussion and the senate can make a motion. If you chose to remove the individual you will need a ⅔ vote for removal. During this time there will be no character or personal attacks. If you go away from fact I will shut you down.
Lucas: Can people outside the SGA ask questions?
Gabe Montoya: It is also the job of the justices to decide if this is being done constitutionally.
JP: I motion to bring up Jonathan Brandt for disciplinary action (seconded) (thirded)
Lina Virgo: Many students have commented that they didn’t have to put their ID number on the vote. Jonathan ignored emails about fliers to be posted at school. He claimed that he had asked another justice to hang the bills but no other justice was asked. The elections started late and ended up to an hour early. The election ballot box had campaigning material closer than 25 feet. Than candidates were not given the courtesy of reading the other candidates bios. If Jonathan had read the bios given to him he would have seen that the bios contained campaigning material.
Jonathan Brandt: I did not require any one student to put their 900 number is because it is supposed to be by secret ballot which would go against that rule. Yes that might have meant that someone voted twice. I did announce the elections in senate meetings twice. That should count as advertising. I asked Brandon Baldonado to put up the fliers but I did only ask once. To my knowledge, the elections never ended early. Other than that, it is just hearsay. Candidates were never given the courtesy of reading others bios, Joe Kerwin was in the office and he handed me a stack of all the bios which means that he at the least had the opportunity to see the bios. There is also no definition of what is campaign material thus I thought it was mine and the other justices duty to decide what is acceptable. There is no statement that said that candidates cannot be near the ballot box. The candidate did not talk about the election and simply ate his lunch.
Indi: Is it because you are the chief justice that all these responsibilities fall on you?
Jonathan: As chief I am the head of the judicial branch and I have to delegate tasks. I did ask Brandon to disperse the printed fliers. But that was the one time that I asked anyone to do so.
Aaron Melad: Would you consider that the elections were well advertised?
Jonathan Brandt: Yes they could have been advertised better but we did have a record turn-out of voters.
Gabe Montoya:If you do make a comment please raise your hand first.
Lucas: Is there a record of the election ending early?
Lina Virgo: I have been in the office during election times and the ballot box was taken out late and turned in early.
Jonathan Brandt: Can you name dates?
Lina Virgo: Thursday
Jonathan Brandt: I was not in charge during Thursday.
Lina Virgo: People are less likely to vote more than one time if we have their 900 number.
Kiera Pelowitz: Even if you weren’t collecting 900 numbers you could just keep a list of them and just mark them off. I think it is a weak argument.
Gabe Montoya: It says in the constitution that the chief justice may chose the method of voting.
Joe Kerwin: Prior to the election you were required to let other candidates see the bio.
Jonathan Brandt: Celeste approached me two days before the election.
Lina: Heavy campaign material includes changes they wanted to make at the school.
(Pulls up Celeste’s bio on projector as example)
Bradley Stevens: Is there a place where campaign material is defined?
Lina Virgo: Do you know what an election is?
Bradley Stevens: Yes
Lina Virgo: There you go.
David Yoon: Wouldn’t you consider all bios campaign material?
Lina Virgo: Most of us had a strict biography of who we were.
David Yoon: Why did you single out Celeste’s bio?
Lina Virgo: It was the most dense in campaign materials.
David Yoon: Can you pull up Lina’s bio?
Gabe Montoya: Are you arguing about what is campaign material?
Lina Virgo: Yes
Gabe Montoya: Moving on
Aaron Melad: So you did look at all of them and did not find campaign material?
Jonathan Brandt: Yes.
Aaron Melad: So it is important that all candidates must approve the bio.
Lucas: Can you read the exact sentence in the constitution that says that you have to approve campaign material.
Lina Virgo: Cites something in constitution.
Sawyer Gill: As far as the debate goes, I think that it was probably inappropriate that the bios were so different. I think what would have been more appropriate would be to just have a photo.
Luke Morrel: I think a bio should have biographical material about them; not future plans.
Celeste Herrera: I was one of the first candidates to give Jonathan my bio. Jonathan told me it should be similar to the senate bios. I was under the impression that future plans would be allowed as the senate bios allowed future plans.
Sawyer Gill: Celeste, I do not want you to think I am attacking you.
David Yoon: On the days that I was on the ballot. I made sure that I turned in the ballot box at two o’clock. The bios in the last four years have been in the same fashion. Are you going to penalize someone for doing something that is precedent?
Emily Stirrup: I think that all of the bios should have been approved by all of the candidates.
Aaron Melad: I think that the bios should have been shared so that each candidate could revise their bio in the fashion that they desired.
JP: I never received any notice about campaign material.
Indi Blake: I would like to yield the floor to Lucas.
Lucas: The constitution could be interpreted as election material should be allowed.
Celeste Herrera: The advertising prior to the election. After the meeting, Joe Kerwin asked me if I was okay with the campaign not being advertised. As far as I am concerned, the election was not going to be advertised by the justices excessively.
David Yoon: The posters above chartwells were also considered within 25 ft.
Jaia Lockett: I was also approached about the election not being properly advertised.
JP: My main issue was not being aware on time.
Jonathan Brandt: I understand that it did open late on the last day. None of the other justices were available at that time. I did ask the senate to volunteer.
Bradley Stevens: Jonathan also mentioned them in the executive cabinet meeting minutes.
Joe Kerwin: Do you send those minutes out to the general public.
Bradley Stevens: The general public can request them.
Lina Virgo: Did you send out an email to have senators volunteer at the ballot box.
Jonthan Brandt: I announced it at both the meetings.
David Yoon: The fact that some campaign posters were just posters with pictures attached to them, would you not consider any bio campaigning material as well?
Aaron Melad: I don’t think saying it [election times] at a senate meeting counts as advertising.
Joe Kerwin: At what time did you receive the email for the advertisement of the elections?
Jonathan Brandt: A week and a half after I requested them. So then in response to Aaron’s statement, the meeting minutes are emailed out to everyone on the SGA mailing list. Whether they read them or not.
Sawyer Gill: That is the problem because the general public does not read the minutes.
Aaron Melad: Jonathan didn’t get people to approve it ahead of time. But if we decide to bring charges I think the charges shouldn’t be too severe.
Luke Morrell: What can we do besides remove him?
Gabe Montoya: Removing him, alternative punishment, or dropping the charges. With all of those you need majority vote except for the removal of which you need two thirds majority vote.
Suan: I think that campaign material should be defined for future reference.
DJ Bustos: I would suggest to the senate that an amendment be made to the constitution so that later it could be easily dismissed or pursued.
David Yoon: I would recommend against doing that. It is not disciplinary at all. It would need to be done through a referendum and would be complicated.
Sara Digregorio: I think there should be a way to keep people from voting for more than once.
Scott Raymond: You need to make an interpretation on whether the bios were campaign material. In the event that there was a request for a recount we would use the ID numbers.
Patrick Doyle: There should be a definition of what a bio is in the constitution as well.
Jaia Lockett: Campaign material is open to interpretation so if anyone had a problem with it they should have gone to the justices.
Celeste Herrera: I think this is a part of the constitution that should be revised so that your elections are taken more seriously in the future.
Robin Weston: I motion to drop charges.
Motion to drop charges.
In favor: 9
Opposed: 5
Abstain: 4
Motion to drop charges dropped.

Zoe Diener
Jonathan Brandt: Because it is the president you do have to impeach her before you can bring disciplinary action.
Scott: Point of clarification: Impeachment is not removal; it is simply stating that you will hear the charges against the president.
Motion to impeach Zoe:
In favor: 11
Opposed: not needed
Motion to impeach Zoe passed by majority vote
Will Benson: I make a motion to not have Gabe mediate the following proceedings.
Gabe Montoya: If it is deemed that I cannot carry out the proceedings unbiasedly, someone is allowed to co-chair this with me.
Luke Morrell: Why would we want to remove you from your chair?
Celeste Herrera: I received a phone call from David Yoon asking me to bring Zoe up on account of Gabe. I think that shows he is impartial.
Zoe Diener: I nominate Scott Raymond. (passed)

Scott Raymond is co-chair of the following proceedings:

Joe Kerwin:Zoe has failed to show up for office hours and show up for student concerns and has lied to the senate. Zoe has directly affected student due to her neglect to show up to her hours. For the automatically vetoed bills, I believe that Zoe’s claims of being busy during that week were fraudulent. I hope you treat this with the upmost importance.
Zoe Diener: There is a letter from Dr. Mosley that shows that I have been making efforts to revise the lottery scholarship. I was elected to represent the students. I went up that Tuesday and the bill had past the prior day. It is in my presidential report what the bill was. I argued that the bills that were automatically vetoed did not affect any club. The lie that Joe claims happened, I made a comment about how we are making the lottery task force. We had talked about it in person. I didn’t lie but Joe found emails that I had talked about with the other presidents from other schools where my efforts had flopped. I held a forum last year about problems at tech. I am very available by email. I could probably be in my office a bit more but I schedule a lot of meetings during my office hours. I actually say when my office hours are for sure on my door. Jaimi ( who had a complaint ) never sent me a personal email. The emails printed out for speak to my efforts throughout the school year. I also have printed out my contract which does not say that I have to be nice to anyone. Sierra Cahall also wrote a email in my defense saying that he felt that Joe has bullied him into writing a complaint against me.
I have witnesses to my professionalism who will speak.
Ryder Fox: Quasar undertook a great task in diversity week. From the beginning of that semester, Zoe worked closely to see how the SGA could be involved. She has also been involved in a proposal on campus for Quasar. I can say that I and all Quasar members know who she is.
Lewis Jenka: I am the student who has spent a semester on academic warning and then two more semesters on academic probation. I talked to Zoe about how to improve the academic warning process. She then arranged a meeting with me and sent out a survey to all students to see what people think about the process and tried to get the ball moving. I recently talked to Dr. Zegray, who is also on the committee that governs the academic warning process. Just as a student who wants to see the academic warning packet resolved, I think Zoe has done a great job with listening to my concerns.
Sara Digregorio: I just started working with the SGA paydirt. Before I knew Zoe, she was the first person who brought up relevant issues and she asked what my opinion was as a student. Flash forward again, Zoe lobbied once and asked me to go with her. She isn’t doing these things behind people’s back. She wants SGA to be well represented and transparent. Working at Paydirt, Zoe has attended meetings, given out suggestions. Zoe is open to new ideas about how to make the school better. Zoe started going through the logistics of some of my suggestions as soon as I suggested them. Her actions also support that she wants a transparent and representative government.
Zoe: I think there needs to be more communication between the senate and the president.
Jonathan Brandt: Regarding the letter from Jaimi, it states that students come in with their concerns and you aren’t there. Are there other people who could answer their concerns?
Zoe Diener: Yes, i.e Bradley.
Zoe Diener: The Role of the president is defined as the head of activities and since the time that the constitution, many of those tasks were further delegated to the point that you can decide what to do with your presidency.
Joe Kerwin: I made a statement that she made a fraudulent claim that is directly in conflict with the ethics policy in the constitution.
Aaron Melad: In what capacity did you represent the lottery scholarship.
Zoe Diener: There was a bill put forward by the lottery company. The lottery is losing a lot of money along the borders, but if they made the jackpot forward they thought they would gain back a lot of revenue. A floor for the bill was put forth and approved. The new lottery bill got shut down on the grounds that it was too risky. We tried to implement it but I found that this needs to be something for the next generation of leaders to go. I asked everyone I could to go with me to this bill but I most people were unable to do. Doctor lopez called me the day before the bills needed to be signed and I didn’t have the time. I wasn’t going to let the students not get their money but I would have gone about it in other ways.
JP: Does it concern you that Tech only went one time to a meeting with other schools?
Zoe Diener: It does but we (UNM and NMSU) signed something that said that we would all be on the same page when we lobbied for the bill.
Lina Virgo: You only went up to lobby once?
Zoe: Yes.
Gabe: The process for this is that a motion gets sent to me. I have to hand it off to the president pro-temp. It is out of anyone’s hands except for the senate because she has officially been impeached.
Lewis: So now people can bring up anything they want against Zoe?
Scott: It cannot be personal.
JP: It was discussed that on the ASGA conference, some people did not fill out a full application.
Zoe Diener: There were five slots initially but there ended up being enough money for a few more. Jaia said she would pay for herself and was running for president at the time. The registration for her was paid for her by my discretionary. We did get more applications than we have slots.
Will Benson: On average how many hours do you put forth to the presidency.
Zoe Diener: I really couldn’t give you a number. I don’t spend as many hours in the office as I should but I would prefer a president who was actually doing stuff instead of spending time in the office doing homework.
Lina Virgo: What is your relationship with your advisor?
Zoe Diener: I think it is fine.
Lina Virgo: When is the last time you talked to your advisor?
Zoe Diener: Not anytime recently.
Danielle Richards: How many students do you think interact with in person and over email outside the SGA and friend group?
Zoe Diener: In person very few. In email it varies week to week.
David Yoon: Of all the initiatives that you have taken have you done surveys for all of them?
Zoe Diener: No, I don’t think that students reply when they get bombarded with emails.
JP: Was there a reason you weren’t on the committee for the presidential search?
Zoe Diener: I applied but I wasn’t picked.
Bradley Stevens: One of the things that was mentioned is how many students you speak to. I speak to a lot of students that come to the office. For the surveys, we attempted to send out two or three surveys. The last time I tried to email out a survey it all bounced back.
Danielle Richards: A lot of the times that I came into the office Zoe was not there. A lot of the information being relayed to her is not communicated to the students at tech.
Jonathan Brandt: As senators it is your job to make the direct contact with the students and then relay that information to the president. How often do each of you speak to students during your office hours.
David:The initial question about the resolutions shows that it is not just the president who is doing the job. The senate is supposed to be the liaison between the students and SGA. Everyone here could have better communication with the students.
Zoe Diener: I think one of the big things with communication is that it is a tech problem and a SGA problem. The SGA is not well liked. I started the birthday cards initiative to start communication between the students and SGA. I was elected and I am doing what I think is best.
Kiera Pelowitz: I feel like it is inappropriate to penalize a single member of the SGA for not reaching out to the students.
Danielle Richards: I want to point out that we are talking about things were we are talking about charges to Zoe which is why I am using her as an example. I haven’t been to a cabinet meeting but I don’t know if my concerns are going to reach the cabinet meeting and vice versa.
Drew Furnes: I have heard student concerns in the past and later on that week, I relayed it to everyone in the cabinet meeting.
Aaron Melad: What is the birthday card thing?
Zoe Diener: We do birthday cards to PO boxes. You can have one. If you PO Box number is for some reason confidential you might not have gotten it.
JP: The presidential position is salaried and because of that we hold the president to a higher standard.
Lucas: What is the most efficient use of the president’s time is? Being proactive at meetings or waiting in an office.
Joe Kerwin: I feel that since we have a lottery session and most of us receive the lottery scholarship. I think that taking the time to push the lottery should have taken precedent. A lot of student’s communicated to me that there was a lack of understanding on their position on the lottery scholarship. There were at least four members who went up there five times at NMSU and UNM.
Zoe: UNM and NMSU have a ton of money. All the people who went up were fully paid. I am just one student. At the senate meetings when I said this is happening, I would love for the senators to offer insight.
David Yoon: The lottery scholarship was never a part of the president’s duties. Another position is being created.
Joe Kerwin: Not all the members were paid for UNM and NMSU. I am sure that NMSU would have been more than willing to put you up if asked. My understanding from UNM, they thought that we would take more of initiative than we did. Certain members felt insulted.
Jonathan Brandt: How many techies do you know who can just take time out of their week to go down to lobby? Also we should not care about what other SGAs from other schools think.
Lewis: UNM has 20,000, NMSU has 15,000, and NMT has 2,000 students, just for clarification.
JP: We sign an agreement saying that we are going to support them and I think that concerns us when we fall back on our promise. We need a good relationship with the big schools because we are a small school.
Indi Blake: Shouldn’t we be the senators going up to lobby then? We should be the people going up and lobbying. It is a bit nuts. I wonder if this discussion would be better spent talking about lobbying trips.
Zoe Diener: Basically we can go back and forth but it is hearsay. The bottom line is that I did what I thought was best at the time. I think that it isn’t something that should be talked about anymore.
JP: We believe that the president should be communicating with the students. We are not getting enough information.
Indi Blake: It is on us. Rather than spending this time now arguing we could be doing something useful.
Luke Morrell: Can you repeat the grounds for impeachment?
(Joe finds papers to repeat grounds for impeachment)
Aaron: I think that this is the most fruitful and informative session where we talked to you. Maybe in your addresses that you have to the senate they could be longer and a bit more informative. An hour or two for the entire student body is actually worth it.
Zoe: I really think that you can’t condemn someone for doing the job differently than you would do yourself. The constitution should be redone for next year.
Joe repeats charges

In favor of dropping charges: 11
Opposed: 1
Abstain: 6
Motion to drop all charges passed
Adjourn (10:04)


August 23, 2016

NMT SGA Minutes: Tuesday August 23, 2016


  1. I.         Call to order (8:01)
  2. II.         Approve Agenda
  3. III.         Approve Minutes
  4. IV.         Robert’s Rules
  • Review Robert’s Rules to address past controversy. Review 3rd Rule. Proceed not with 3rds—Majority is in favor
  • Joe explains motions. Chair will not recognize discussion if not in form of motion.
  • When individual of audience wants to speak, senator says “I would like to reserve my time for audience member to speak.”—None opposed
  1. V.         Inductions:
    1. Justice

Melissa Begay inducts Justice Baldonado

  1. VP & President

Justice Baldonado inducts President Montoya and VP Kerwin

  1. Senators

Justice Baldonado inducts senators Morrel, Jungmann, Benson, Coultas-McKenney, Troyer, Daughton, Norman, and Stevens (and Miller, late)

  1. VI.         Student Concerns/Announcements


  1. Reports:
    1. Dean of Students & Sports Clubs (Melissa Begay)
  • First sport cub council meeting Wed Sept 7. Sport club budgets will be due Friday Sept 9. Melissa is planning to request budget proposal from each sports club every semester—providing budget plan will improve organization.
  • Conducting hikes for student to promote well-being—first is Sat August 27. Every hike will leave at 9 am from pool (this one lead by Peter Mozley). Do one once a month during first 4 months of fall semester.
  1. President (Gabriel Montoya)
  • Met with UNM re: lottery.
  • Hired Dylan Meals as SATD
  • Jenn as SAB
  • Matt Stalcup as Fall Chair
  • Carlos Talomante as Spring Chair
  • (Need graphic designer)
  • Drew Furnes as CFO
  • Emily Silva as AFO
  • Ali Sheer as Chief Justice—All approve
  • Hiring for Public outreach position and executive office administrator
  1. i.     Confirmation of Executive Cabinet

Will be Ali Sheer (all approved)

  1. Vice President (Joseph Kerwin)
  • 3 orientations during summer—club fairs during each of them.
  • Club meeting is August 29 (Mon) at 6:30 MSEC 101.
  • Club fairs are August 30 & 31 (Tue & Wed) from10-2 in Fidel (office will open at 8)
  • Sports Fair is Sept. 1  (Thurs) from 10-2 in Fidel
  • Community day is Sept. 7 (Wed) from 9-3 in Fidel
  • Did office cleanup
  1. Financial Report (Drew Furnes)
  • Created a master sheet in excel used to organize finances to be accessible to all students. Increasing transparency so people know how money is being spent.
  1. Supreme Court (Ali Sheer)
  • Justice Baldonado inducts Chief Justice Sheer
  • Freshman election Aug 31-Sept 2. Freshman senator Apps due This Friday.
  • Need to hold emergency elections to replace non-freshman senators. Need approval to host emergency elections at same time as freshman elections & allow people to help at voting ballots.

Senator Norman: motion to approve both—All approve (1 abstaining)

  1. SAB (Jenn Johnson)

Fall Chair Stalcup:

  • 49ers (through the decades) is coming close & senate support is necessary as voice of students (share ideas). Senators—please be involved.
  • Need slogan suggestions, giveaway suggestions.
  • Need help with float suggestions (Rt. 66) and float committee.
  • Need volunteers to help with all upcoming events, especially 49ers and the parade float.


SACD Johnson:

  • Worked on getting giveaways (mugs and laundry bags). The advertisement chair has left the school but her help over the summer was much appreciated.
  • Jumpstarted Toga—app used to share school events with app users.
  • Welcome week is going very well so far. Movie night Wed, comedy night Thurs, KTEK at LaRaj is cancelled due to Kira being gone, MRO tour Sunday at 10:30.
  • Need burlesque instructor. If you know anybody interested, PLEASE refer them to Jenn.
  • Need to have a better tailgate! Involve clubs by having them do games, sell stuff, promote themselves, etc.
  1. Student Regent (Myissa)
  • Retreat was moved to Sept. Her term as student regent is ending December 31. Tell those who are interested that they are encouraged to apply (must be enrolled until 2019).
  • Senator Stevens: Qualifications?
  • Regent Weiss: Be responsible
  1. SATD (Dylan Meals)
  • Working to create an operating manual for equipment procedures.
  • Conducting interviews on Friday for studio engineer, audio tech specialist, residential DJ
  • KTEK is changing—no more music streaming due to competition Pandora & other music streaming media.
  • Taking on a podcast format instead.
  • Making efforts to collaborate with Paydirt.
  • Senator Benson: What is process if student wants to be in a podcast?
  • SATD Meals: Currently working on promotion for student to do podcast. Guidelines as to whether or not it can be posted are on Paydirt website
  1. Paydirt (Alan Gross)
  • Developed website. Currently locked but has been developed.
  • Beginning projects intended increase readership
  • Have 2 positions open for journalists
  • Want to start offering ad space in future. Hopefully generate income so that they can do better projects in future, maybe even host a free burrito event for Paydirt community
  • First issue in first week of September (hopefully)

10.  Committees

  • Disperse into your committees
  1. Recess (8:39 – 8:46)
  2. IX.         New Business:
    1. Committees
  • Changes in seating to be made upon formal request (email if needed)
  1. President Pro-Tempore
  • Senator Benson nominates Senator Norman
  • Senator Furnes nominates Senator Jungmann
  • Senator Norman gives speech: Has been in senate since 2nd semester, was PPT previously
  • Senator Jungmann gives speech: Is the seat of ME, been in senate for last semester, would appreciate opportunity as PPT
  • In favor of Senator Norman: 10
  • In favor of Senator Jungmann: 1
  • Senator Norman is approved as Presidential Pro-Tempore
  1. Point System
  • Will follow same rules as before. Can achieve up to 20 points (start with 5)
  • Are required to hold one office hour per week as senator.
  • It is mandatory for senators to attend at least one SAB meeting
  • Senators are asked to help Jenn with set up and take down of an event at least once. Help accumulate volunteer hours.
  • Questions?
  1. Meeting Refreshments
  • Have had pizza before meetings in the past. It provides an opportunity for groups proposing bills to socialize with senate before meeting.
  • Options are having one big dinner dinner at local restaurant with the SGA crew or have pizza before each meeting.
  • Senator Norman: In favor of pizza so as to not miss out on one dinner opportunity
  • Senator Coultas-Mckenney: Are sandwiches a possibility instead?
  • VP Kerwin: Can discuss alternative foods. Suggestions anyone? (none)
  • In favor of pizza: All
  • In favor of dinner: None


  • Senator Norman: anything in place for dress code?
  • VP Kerwin: Business casual or NMT shirt.
  • President Montoya: Shorts?
  • VP Kerwin: No.
  1. Senate Retreat
  • Tentatively will be held on Sat. September 17, 10-2. Is intended to be a collaborative group day.
  • Time chosen for event is most reasonable because previous week is Labor Day, following week is pie fest and 1st wave of exams.
  • Suggestions for alternate days?
  • Senator Morell: Should we wait for freshman senate before choosing a date?
  • VP Kerwin: Need to rush to get reservation—Fidel fills up fast.
  • Senator Norman motions to support Joe—September 17 will be set date of Senate Retreat.
    • Senator Norman: Is this mandatory? Consequences?
    • VP Kerwin: Can be excused but should be present.


  • Accepting suggestions for retreat activities.


  • Do not have SGA representatives yet
  • Freshman Senators have until Friday Aug 26 to sign up
  • Points are rewarded to people who are collecting collect sign ups.
  • Senator Norman: Are freshmen required to submit a bio for elections?
  • Chief Justice Sheer: IF they want to. New procedure requires bio approval so this must be done ASAP.
  1. X.         Adjourn (9:00)



September 6, 2016

NMT SGA Agenda: Tuesday September 6, 2016


  1. I.         Call to order (8:02)
  2. II.         Approve Agenda
  3. III.         Approve Minutes
  4. IV.         Inductions:
    1. Freshman Senators

Chief Justice Sheer inducts Freshman Senators Grace Hendricks and Jessie Gilliam

  1. Justice

Chief Justice Sheer inducts Freshman Justices Aurora Blackwell and Katheryn Husmann

  1. V.         Student Concerns/Announcements

None (skipped)

  1. VI.         Reports:
    1. Dean of Students & Sports Clubs (Melissa)

Would like to collaborate with Dr. Wells to plan a fall student forum. Dr. wells would like to speak with students regarding tuition increase

1st sports club council meeting Fidel quit lounge September 7 at 12:30

1st community hike was great. Next hike is this weekend. This time there will be more hiking groups so as to accommodate the various fitness levels.

  1. President (Gabriel Montoya)

Budget has been finalized. Has been speaking with UNM and NMSU regarding The Lottery.

Reviewing the student handbook (is to be rewritten)

Has hired EOA (Emily Allen)

  1. Vice President (Joseph Kerwin)

Has been organizing sports fair and club fair

September 7 is Community Day

Club packets are due Thursday September 8 at 5pm. Will spend time Friday and this weekend to check and finish club packets.

Senate retreat 9/17 10am here in ballroom (freshmen will get details soon)

GSA members will contact us with a new GSA representative

  1. Financial Report (Drew Furnes)

Finalized budget. Will be covering first two senate bills today

Waiting for club budgets to do further work. Will decide a date to go over club budgets together.

  1. Supreme Court (Ali Sheer)

Freshman elections went well (3 freshman senators and 1 alternate)

First shot at electronic voting went well

November 16-18 for next elections

  1. SAB (Jenn Johnson)

Hired an Ad Chair (Nick Goodwin).

49ers theme will be decades. Working on designs for 49ers t-shirts (hopefully to be ordered by the end of the week). Have found 2 choreographers for burlesque this year (one of which is Nick). Working on coming up with events for 49ers and planning on expanding the tailgate (hoping to have a slogan picked tomorrow). We are welcoming all designs for t-shirts or glasses!

  1. Student Regent (Myissa)

Big retreat is Thursday and Friday of this week in Albuquerque.

Has ABET Accreditation Committee coming next week

  1. SATD (Dylan Meals)

Hired for DJ position and station engineer.

  1. Paydirt (Alan Gross)

*Not present; working on Paydirt

Working on finalizing first edition of Paydirt (to be released tomorrow).

10.  Committees

A few senators have resigned à appointing Will Benson to be new Club Advisory.

  1. Recess (8:14)-(8:21)
  2. New Business:
    1. SAE

Justin Fann (team lead for SAE design)

Design Competition to take place March 10-12, 2017. Total cost of competition (travel and all) should be near $6000

Propose bill for $1500 to pay mostly for competition registration ($1000) Rest of funding needed for new materials ($500) (Foam, wiring, landing gear, etc.)

Has spoke to Ms. Jaramillo Fleming and she has granted them funding.

Other funding resources: company in Farmington, Eclipse Aerospace (couple thousand dollars to cover travel, hotel,)

Senator Benson: Can you speak about the phonothon?

They tend to donate whatever we request. Gather a list of alumni, call them and ask if they would like to donate.

Senator Norman: Where did funding come from last year?

Jaramillo-Fleming donated for travel. Other funds from a golf tournament

Financial Committee recommendation:

$1000 to cover registration in full. Cannot cover cost of materials.

Approved: 13

Opposed: 0

Abstaining: 2


  1. QuASAR

Conference will be in Denver, November 10-13, 2016. Total cost will be near $4000 this year. Asking for funding for lodging (about $1500). Usually have 1 sponsor for every 3 students.

At conference, students will be presenting research they have recently been involved with.

The conference is important to the campus as a whole. Helps to renew and introduce brand new policies (inclusion and respect for various communities on this campus). Helps to inspire the southwest regional OSTEM conference. Allows LGBTQ+ students on NMT campus the opportunity to engage in their field of study. Provides experience and helps to get their name out to recruiters.

Senator Norman: How many rooms?


Senator Benson: Any other fund raising plans?

Asking for donations from donors (Melissa Jaramillo-Fleming and Van Romero). Also plan to host multiple fundraisers between now and the time of the conference.

CFO Furnes: Will you be using your account funds for this?

Aware that they are well supported by funds.

Senator Daughton: Where is the research done?

Various REU opportunities that students have had over the summer.

Financial Committee recommendation:

$1014. Fair amount to cover gas and lodging.

Senator Stirrup motions to approve; Senator Jungmann seconds.

Approve: 14

Deny: 0

Abstain: 1

  1. Senator Resignations

Senator Resignations: Aaron Melad (scheduling conflict), Jaia Lockett (too busy to participate)

Do spots remain vacant until next voting period?

Will speak with Ali about filling those spots—if we NEED senators, there will be an emergency election to fill.

Reminder to all that we are having refreshments before each meeting.

  1. IX.         Discussion
  2. X.         Adjourn (8:34)


September 20, 2016

NMT SGA Agenda: Tuesday September 20, 2016


  1. I.         Call to order (8:03)
  2. II.         Approve Agenda
  3. III.         Approve Minutes
  4. IV.         Student Concerns/Announcements


  1. V.         Inductions:
    1. Freshman Senator

Chief Justice Ali Sheer inducts Freshman Senator Greg Strobel

  1. VI.         Reports:
    1. Dean of Students & Sports Clubs (Melissa)

(Jenn reporting in Melissa’s stead) The boys’ soccer team won their first game in a few years.

  1. President (Gabriel Montoya)

Jenn and Gabe met with group running the new website. Asking student body and SGA to share ideas for the website.

This Friday (September 23) is Higher Education Summit. If you’re interested in attending, please let Gabe know. There will be a 5% cut in funding for Higher Education, resulting in 5% tuition increase.

Honor code has been sent to students—PLEASE fill it out.

Because of 5% tuition increase, there will be a student forum held at some point this semester (details to be determined).

Will be sending all senators contact information for the executive cabinet

  1. Vice President (Joseph Kerwin)

Senate retreat was held the previous weekend.

Club budgets have been finalized.

Joe has been working with Gloria on figuring out details of key-card accessibility.

Joe has been working with Jenn to set final details for 49ers in place—there will be volunteer opportunities during 49ers FYI

  1. Financial Report (Drew Furnes)

50 club packets have been reviewed and their budgets have been finalized (as of 5pm today). $16,107 left for clubs this semester. The full list for the budget is online.

  1. Supreme Court (Ali Sheer)

There will be another emergency election for senators and justices (next Wednesday and Friday, September 28-30); will need volunteers to help out. Voting will be done electronically again. Need senators to volunteer help with running the election—this will first require a motion.

In favor: All

Opposed: None

Senator Benson: Do you have enough senator candidates?

Our open seats are for 2 senators and 1 justice

For every candidate that a senator refers, that senator will receive a point

Senators do not need to be sophomores in order to vote

  1. SAB (Jenn Johnson)

49ers is 4 weeks from now and the theme is decades. All giveaways have been ordered (they will be retro candies, soda glass, hacky sack, t shirt)

Toga is going very well—posting events weekly.

In regards to clubs asking questions about adding events to Toga—include title of event, date of event, description of event, and host of the event

Have planned to have hypnotist for welcome week of spring semester

Should have 49ers schedule finalized by next week

  1. Student Regent (Myissa)

Met with regents. Sounds like budget cuts from across the state are likely to occur—tuition increase will result.

Myissa will be attending the Higher Education Summit this Friday.

  1. SATD (Dylan Meals)

(Gabe reporting in Dylan’s stead)

Dylan has been working with new hires to start setting up podcast system with Paydirt.

Crew has been cleaning up SAC so that clubs’ belongings can be identified. They are asking SAC clubs to help with SAC upkeep—involves asking clubs to take turns tiding up and prevent SAC from becoming cluttered.

  1. Paydirt (Alan Gross)

First issue has gone out 2 weeks ago. 5 winners were picked for the raffle—was a 12% chance of winning. There were very many entrants and they are hoping to increase those numbers.

If you like blogging, Paydirt can make arrangements for you to blog on the Paydirt website.

Next issue of Paydirt is to come out tomorrow (Wednesday, September 21). Issue is on the topic of student activities and encouraging students to be more active.

There will be a 49ers issue in 2 weeks—want it to be a very special issue so Paydirt is asking all to send in ideas

Senator Troyer: Where are the new issues being placed?

Paydirt has been leaving them on tables around campus. Only issue with this is that custodians may have been throwing them out—Paydirt is hoping to get designated newsstands to solve this. New issues are also available outside of the Paydirt office and online at the Paydirt website.

10.  Committees

Nothing to report

  1. Recess (8:17)-(8:21)
  2. New Business:
    1. Bills
      1. ASME

VP of ASME reporting.

Funding is requested for rip to White Sands Missile Range for Jacob’s Tour on Sep 30. 17 students are planning to attend to see solid and liquid fuel motor testing. Will require $320 for transportation, $80 for 2 DDCs—$400 total.

CFO Furnes: DDCs will be covered by SGA—funding request on their behalf isn’t necessary. Have ASME done fundraising?

Have received $50 from the President’s Golf Tournament. Otherwise no—it’s early in the year and ASME has all new officers. They plan to fundraise but haven’t had the opportunity. Plan to collaborate with SAB to do dunk tank; plan to raffle; plan to host golf tournament next semester (this semester wouldn’t be possible)

AFO Silva: Do you know how much money is in your club account? Do you plan to use it?

Account balance is currently $2175. ASME does not plan on applying any of those funds to event—they want to keep their balance above $2000 because they have not previously had a great budget, and the goal is to keep building on their funds.

CFO Furnes: Records show you have $10,800.

Freeport McMillan gives Baha money—they donated $3000 to wrong account, which happened to be ASME’s. Additional $2500 from other source, so remaining balance should be about $2100. Reason for minimum balance of $2000 in club account is in support of efforts to set up program to reimburse students who sign up to take the FE.

Senator Coultas-McKenny: How many take the FE?

127 students have taken the FE this past semester. We haven’t reimbursed anyone yet, but all students graduating from ME dept have to take it. Want to set up scholarship so that FE can be paid for by ME dept.

CFO Recommends $319

In favor: 14

Opposed: 1

Abstaining: 0

Bill is passed at $319

  1. SEG
    President of SEG reporting.

Proposing bill for trip to Death Valley to do Geo-field mapping. Opportunity is important for skill development. Group is requesting $900 to cover the cost of a van rental among other expenses. 6 students are planning to attend. The trip will be lead by Dr. Chavez from mineralogy Dept.

Senator Gill: Do you know how many volunteer hours your club did last semester?

At least 12 hours.

Senator Stevens: Do you plan to fundraise?

Yes. They are hoping to host bake sales every few weeks. They are also planning to do mineral raffle.

Senator Coultas-McKenny: Have you requested funding from VP in admin?


CFO Furnes: How many people will be attending in total?

6 students, Dr. Chavez, and an Industry connection—8 individuals total.

Industry connection is an advisor who connects the SEG club to mining companies. He works for mining consulting firms so he offers an insider’s input and industry perspective. He is not affiliated with NMT but he is an advisor of the SEG club.

CFO recommends $760—3 undergraduate and 3 graduate students going. Every student is automatically claim a student activity fee, which is designed to benefit student. It wouldn’t be good use of student funds to pay for professor and advisor on this trip. Van rental will not be paid in full but almost in full

In favor: 15

Oppose: 0

Abstain: 0

  1. Physics

Jared Canright reporting

Requesting funding for trip to San Francisco for Physcon Quadrennial Physics Congress. Event will take place November 3-5 and 5 students will be attending (the estimated cost per individual is $200—$3000 total) Attendance is important for career pursuit and development of physics knowledge. Events will include a tours of Google X, NASA Ames research facility, center for astrobiology, Stanford’s Linear Accelerator facility; and talks by Nobelaureates. There will be a poster section to allow opportunity for attendees to practice presentation skills and network for graduate school.

Expenses: Plane tickets are offered at $350 each (cannot drive due to safety concerns). Will require 4 hotel rooms for 4 nights, 15 plane tickets, and 15 registrations. Physics club has fundraised this semester with Krispy Kreme donut sale and will continue to fundraise throughout semester. Physics club has asked University Relations to donate $1500, Physics Dept. to donate $2500. Society of Physics is offering $600 for writing research reports (do not know if this will be received). This is an important event because it is a very rare opportunity that will only be available to these students once seeing as it occurs once every 4 years.

Senator Coultas-McKenny: Have you done a cost analysis to compare flight expenses to driving?

They have done a rough estimate and driving would be a few hundred dollars cheaper; though, this doesn’t seem worth the time and safety risk.

ASME: How many students will be presenting?

5 students as of right now.

Senator Benson: Are all 15 attendees committed to attend?


Senator Stevens: D you know how much money is in your club account?

$448. We plan on using those funds towards this event as we may need to exhaust all of our funds for this conference.

Senator Troyer: Will attendees have to pay any expenses?

Everyone not presenting will cover his or her own registration cost. Food not covered by registration will be paid for individually.

CFO recommends $2700. Intended to cover cost of registration

In favor: 15

Oppose: 0

Abstain: 0

  1. Materials
    President of ASM reporting

Requesting funding for MS&T Convention in Salt Lake City October 22-28. Attending the conference will benefit the individual student and NMT as a whole. NMT is relatively small and unknown but our research is on par with large-scale universities. Attending this conference will show that NMT is up to national standards. MS&T 16 has broad audience of scientists and researchers who attend both local and large-scale conferences. Requesting $5192 to support 11 students. Group will travel by van. Some students will be working for the conference to alleviate total cost. ASM has submitted request to their parent organization requesting funds, but these requests are not guaranteed to be awarded. Group will be staying in recommended student housing to lower cost.

Senator Gill: Please request funding from Mrs. Jaramillo-Fleming

She denied our funding

Senator Coultas-McKenny: Has funding from Mrs. Jaramillo-Fleming been denied or is it pending?

It is pending

Senator Coultas-McKenny: Is registration going to be paid for by attendees?

Total cost of registration will be lowered by members working at the conference—they will be able to attend the conference as laborers and not have to pay registration.

Grace: How much money in your club account?

Depending on event grants being deposited, there should be $700 (with grant) or $470 (without grant).

CFO recommends $1450 to be averaged between funding for van costs and for registration.

SME: What about expenses to cover lodging?

Bottom line, it is a very expensive trip and we can’t award that much for one event. One thing that will always try to be covered is registration ($1375-$1500). The recommended total was averaged between registration and cost per van.

Senator Norman: Motion for $1600 award

In Favor of $1600: 8

Opposed to $1600: 5

Abstaining: 3

Motion for $1600 is passed

In Favor: 10

Oppose: 3

Abstain: 2

$1600 is awarded.

  1. IX.         Discussion

Emergency elections will be held next week Wednesday through Friday 10am to 2pm. Remember the point system.

Please try to attend the student forum this Friday.

President Montoya: Senator Norma, can you explain $1600?

It is slightly less than half of the lodging fees. Fundraising is difficult on this campus and they may not be able to get other donations.

  1. X.         Adjourn (8:56)



October 4th, 2016

NMT SGA: Tuesday October 4th, 2016


  1. I.         Call to order (8:00)
  2. II.         Approve Agenda
  3. III.         Approve Minutes
  4. IV.         Student Concerns/Announcements
    None reported
  5. V.         Inductions:
    1. Senators
      Chief Justice Ali Scheer inducts Senators Sean Standiford and Josh Livingston
    2. Justice
      Chief Justice Ali Scheer inducts Justice Junon Safoula
    3. VI.         Reports:
      1. Dean of Students & Sports Clubs (Melissa)
        Jenn Johnson to deliver brief report in Melissa’s stead.

She has been helping get students ready for 49ers

  1. President (Gabriel Montoya)
    Community Honor Code: Many have not yet taken the survey. PLEASE do so as soon as possible. Meetings regarding the community honor code are every Tuesday at 8am in 3rd floor Fidel. Input from all students, staff and faculty is highly valued because it affects us individually, future students, and the campus as a whole.
    Dr. Wells and budgetary cuts: Because of the situation within state, there will be massive budget cuts beyond those mentioned to take place in higher education. Santa Fe is still trying to figure out where funds will be taken from for budget cuts. Because of this, schools are allowed to raise tuition at any point in the semester (though they don’t plan to do so). There will be a Student Forum November 3rd on the topic of the community honor code and the tuition increase. PLEASE get as many people as possible to attend. And regarding student concerns—please let me know what your concerns are so I can relay them to administration.
    Induction for Dr. Wells: All are encouraged to attend this fantastic event.
    Greek Life: Have been meeting with Melissa Jaramillo-Fleming regarding the absence of funding for Greek Life over the past 3 years—this can be changed by amending the student handbook. If anyone wants more information regarding why Greek Life will be included, contact me. I have been doing research on how other schools do Greek Life and would like to be able to match them.
  2. Vice President (Joseph Kerwin)
    Been working on keeping the office organized, doing housekeeping and making sure meetings occur as scheduled.
  3. Financial Report (Drew Furnes)
    Club budgets are finalized—$1300 left for club budgets. Senate account will have $1000 and $800 will be allocated for event grants.
  4. Supreme Court (Ali Sheer)
    Emergency election went well. Fall elections will take place November 16-18. I will be sending a reminder if anyone would like to rerun for their position.
  5. SAB (Jenn Johnson)
    49ers is next week and the schedule will be posted tomorrow. It goes as follows: 

    1. i.     Wednesday: Health and Safety fair at 1 pm (Fidel). Movie night at 8 pm (Gym Pavilion). Scavenger hunt will begin at the movie. We want more participants this year and are going to include some awesome prizes.
    2. ii.     Thursday: Belly dancers at 7:15 (Macey). Come early and get giveaways!
    3. iii.     Friday: There is no school and paint the M starts at 9 am (golf course parking lot; sign up should be soon). Rugby tailgate from 1-4 pm (Athletic Field). We want clubs to be very involved—this is a great volunteer hour or fundraising opportunity! There will also be alumni soccer and rugby game to take place as well.
    4. iv.     Saturday: Saturday is Walk for Freedom at 10 am (Tech Field). Parade will follow immediately after to start at 11 am and there will be a barbeque at the Gym Pavilion afterward. Casino night will take place from 4-8 pm (Macey) and a live auction will take place immediately afterward. Last call for the live auction will be around 7:45 pm for and burlesque will begin at 8:30 pm.
    5. v.     Sunday: There will be free food and Gatorade at 11 am (Gym Pavilion). The sketch artist will return one last time and there will also be live bands. Scavenger hunt to end at the end of the day.

Senators: it is important to have you present as volunteers—it is your duty and we need the help. Email us this week so we can schedule you in. Please be professional and take it seriously.
Email for volunteering
Student Regent (Myissa)
Have the same information to deliver as President Montoya had. Biggest issue is currently the budget—budgets are already tight and the cuts could be severe, but Dr. Wells is working very hard to find necessary funds. We may have to increase tuition (last resort). PLEASE tell us your concerns because we need and want to know.

  1. SATD (Dylan Meals)
    Jenn Johnson reporting in Dylan’s stead.
    Getting new SATD employees organized and training. They are being assigned to 49ers events so that they can help with setup. The last SATD hire has been finalized.
  2. Paydirt (Alan Gross)
    VP Kerwin reporting in Alan’s stead.
    New issue of Paydirt tomorrow. Has had a successful turnout for raffles. Working very hard on issues.
  3. Committees
    Nothing to report.
  4. Recess (8:17-8:24)
  5. New Business:
    1. Bills
      1. IV

Recently hosted student retreat at which 20 students attended; we are pleased to see that people are looking to IV for community. We would like to request $325.43 to cover travel for 10-15 people to attend the Lone Tree Ranch retreat during the first week of October.
Senator Stirrup: Did you consider taking NMT vans? It should be $244 to take 6 vehicles instead.

We calculated the rates and taking NMT vehicles was more expensive. We have fewer students going this time.

Senator Benson: The actual cost for travel is less than the $325.43 that is requested? What is the actual cost?

The estimate of $345.43 was based off of a mileage rate of $0.80 per mile
Senator Stevens: Why didn’t you fundraise?

We were having new student events every weekend and these events were the priority—this left us with few opportunities to fundraise.

Senator Stevens: How much money is in your club account?

AFO Silva: $430

Senator Stevens: Will you use any of this for the retreat?
We are using it for scholarships.

CFO Recommends $165—School vans should be $112 for fewer people than you took so $165 should be enough.

Senator Benson: Motion for $200 based on extra members attending.

In favor for $165: 5

In favor of $200: 9

In favor: 10



Bill is passed for $200

  1. AICHE

President of AICHE reporting.

Bill is for AICHE annual conference in San Francisco to take place November 11-14. We are trying to take about 20 members as we had the past 4 years. We would like to take so many because it is a wonderful opportunity and it looks great for the school to have its student attending. Many professionals, grad schools and large companies will also attend so I had attendees submit resumes for it as a part of the application process. The conference also hosts a poster session for attendees to present research. There will also be career and skill building workshops where professionals from the field speak to attendees. We have considered flying but decided to rent 2 vans to make the commute in 18 hours. We plan to rent 5 hotel rooms for 20 people and the rooms won’t be reserved in downtown San Francisco (too expensive), but will instead be about 10 miles away from the conference to save money. We have fundraised by asking Melissa Jaramillo-Fleming (has granted us $1500). Other fundraisers have included community trash pick up, 50/50 raffle (ongoing from now to 49ers), and burrito sale which takes place about every week. We would love to represent NMT at a national level.

Senator Stirrup: Any other national competitions you will be in?

We have competed in CHEME jeopardy and won so we (NMT) will be representing our region at the national levels against school like MIT.

Senator Morrell: What is the prize for jeopardy?


Senator Benson: I imagine it’s quite competitive to get one of these 20 spots. How are attendees chosen?

The application process is open to the entire AICHE club and all members are encouraged to send me an email if they are interested. Application includes resume (to show level of commitment) and cover letter (to show what you’ve done for AICHE, how you’ve been involved, etc.).

Senator Coultas-McKenney: How many of the 20 attendees will be presenting research?

Currently there will be 6 presenting but there could be as many as 8.

President Montoya: Are any of them applying for research grants?

They all have been encouraged to.

Senator Stevens: How is the requested total of $2500 to be used?

The total will mostly cover registration but we will also need some to cover travel.

CFO Recommends $2100—This should cover registration and some leave wiggle room.

Senator Daughton: Motion to approve for original total of $2500

In favor of $2100: 8

In favor of $2500: 4

In favor: 12

Opposed: 0

Abstain: 3

Bill is passed for $2100.

  1. SHPE

President of SPHE reporting.

The SHPE conference was held in Baltimore last year and it yields many opportunities for its attendees because it allows them to learn about many types of career opportunities.

This year it will be in Seattle from November 2-6. We are trying to take 12 members this year because it is important for us to take advantage of workshops and career fairs.

We were able to take 18 members last year with a budget of $10,000. Would like to do the same this year but only have $1000. We have received $1800 from Melissa Jaramillo-Fleming. We have researched transportation modes and round-trip airfare would cost about $128 per flight by first driving to Phoenix (7 flights have been booked). Still need money for other 5 flights and hotel.

We are doing a burrito sell as fundraiser either before or after the M Mountain Run. Have other ideas for Halloween/Dia de los Muertos such as hosting a sugar skull sale (or make your own sugar skull). Our next meeting will be held this Thursday regarding volunteering opportunities during 49ers. We are also planning to volunteer for Science Olympiad. We have always been involved as volunteers in the Socorro community and on NMT campus.

Senator Stirrup: You have listed that SHPE has done 9 volunteer hours this semester. Is this correct?

Not sure. We had almost no volunteer hours last semester (I was not here last semester). We don’t know where we stand now but we will volunteer as much as we need to.

Also, we were informed at the beginning of the current semester that we had volunteer hours completed last semester, and we have detailed record to show it; however, these volunteer hours were not accepted because they were submitted a semester late. Volunteer hours will be turned in on time from now on.

Senator Miller: What are the qualifications for individuals who are allowed to go?

People who have academic experience but lack experience outside of their academics are encouraged to attend. We also like to take students who need jobs (seniors). The procedure for choosing attendees is asking club members to submit a resume and cover letter—this lets us see interests, experience, graduation dates, etc. We always want to take people who require additional experience.

Senator Stevens: Will anyone be presenting research here?

Research is not presented at this conference.

Senator Blake: The cost has changed?

We estimate $773 to cover use of an NMT vehicle and gas; $128 per person for 7 flights. We will have to wait and see how the rest will turn out because the remaining expenses are tentative. We have requested $5000 but since we had some money for flights, we are looking for more toward $4000 because we still need to cover hotel and 5 flights (We will be driving overnight to Phoenix; flying out from there is $60 and flying back is $130).

Senator Stevens: How much money is in the SHPE account?

$125. Early registration and flights have exhausted our funds. We are using all available funds to attend this conference.

CFO Recommends $1660—Our budget isn’t large enough for us to grant $4000.

In favor: 15

Opposed: 0

Abstain: 1

Bill is passed for $1660.

  1. IX.         Discussion
    1. Student Forum

Student Forum will be held on November 3. I implore you all to attend because more students’ input results in better circumstances for all students in the future. It will be held in Workman 101 at 5:30 pm. It is a great place to discuss your concerns concerns and provide feedback. Normally it can takes months for administration to respond to your concerns, but at the student forum, concerns are addressed almost immediately—they take this very seriously.

Senator Blake: Are there flyers to advertise this? This would be great for HR.

Yes, we will be putting them up near the time of the forum so that it stays fresh in everyone’s minds.

Concerns that have been previously addressed include the amount of water we waste. In response, administration asked the NM Board of Engineers to report water usage in past 5 years and has shown it to actually decrease—just an example to show how proactive they are regarding concerns presented at the student forum.

  1. COSGA

The COSGA conference will take place in the spring in College Station TX, but we would like to bring it to your attention now. Registration should normally be $350 per student, but early registration is $100 if it’s done now (each person must register through their own email). Those planning to attend need to provide a resume and cover letter. Early registration is in December, and registering early means we will be able to stay in same hotel as other schools’ SGAs. The hotel will be an extra cost outside of the registration fee, but early registration helps to alleviate total cost. There will be at least 10 forum periods put on by other SGAs and they discuss how they dealt with commonly faced issues. They always have awesome speakers.

We will not attend ASGA this year or anymore.

  1. SGA Picture
  2. X.         Adjourn (8:57)




October 18, 2016

NMT SGA Agenda: Tuesday, October 18


  1. I.            Call to order (8:03)
  2. II.            Approve Agenda
  3. III.            Approve Minutes
  4. IV.            Student Concerns/Announcements


  1. V.            Reports:
    1. Dean of Students & Sports Clubs (Melissa)

Gym Activities: Our next student hike is this Saturday (October 22) on the Socorro single track. It is 2.5 miles from campus but we are still taking shuttles for students who wouldn’t be able to drive there. It will be a 5.5 mile easy hike.

The Owl Bar Run (now The Crane Run in order to bring The Crane restaurant business) will be Friday November 18. Participants will be running to The Crane restaurant in San Antonio from the NMT Gym during The Festival of The Cranes. It is a fun run with no start time, there will be 2 shuttles to bring people back to Socorro from San Antonio (one at 11am and the other at 5:30 pm). The Crane restaurant is a block away from the owl bar, so it is basically the same distance as the Owl Bar Run.

Business Involving Melissa Jaramillo-Fleming: We are looking for new student regent. Advertisements were sent out yesterday and should be posted everywhere. The due date for applicant is Friday Nov 18. If you are interested and would like more information, PLEASE contact me.

Business Involving Dr. Wells: Want to have an SGA luncheon on Friday October 28 in Brown 210 from11:45 am to 1:00 pm

Reminder that the student forum will be held on Thursday November 3 in Workman 101 from 5:30 pm to 7 pm. The forum will cover topics like the tuition increase and the community honor code (Dr. Wells will be there). Please submit all of your concerns so that they can be addressed. ITC facilities, Chartwells, student health services, admissions, etc. will be represented at forum so issues with any of them can be addressed.

  1. President (Gabriel Montoya)

First, a word from Sharon Sessions: I am trying to recruit volunteers for Lego League. We received a $50,000 grant for expanding the robotics programs to the local schools. The competition will be on December 3rd. Participant teams will build robots out of Legos. Most coaches have been identified and there a lot of teams which is why we need volunteers to help with the abundance of children. If anyone would like to participate, please email We need a minimum of 6-12 NMT students to participate during after elementary school hours (after 3pm).

This would count as volunteer hours.


President Montoya: Business as usual regarding lottery scholarship. Been spending the last few weeks helping with 49ers (thank you everyone who helped).

  1. Vice President (Joseph Kerwin)

Also been spending last few weeks helping out with 49ers. Reminder that there will be a leadership luncheon with Dr. Wells as Melissa had mentioned. Points will be allocated to senators who attend the luncheon and volunteer for Lego League.

We finally have GSA representatives!

If you or anybody you know helped with 49ers and need to claim club volunteer hours, submit a Completed Volunteer Hours form ASAP (remind other clubs to do the same).

  1. Financial Report (Drew Furnes)

You were all given a handout to show how much money is remaining in club accounts. $1000 has been added to club budgets.

  1. Supreme Court (Ali Sheer)

Fall election will be November 16th through 18th in Fidel. Anyone who is eligible for reelection will be notified next week if they would like to re-run for their position. If you would like to re-run for your position, please notify her ASAP.

Senator Benson: Are you still allocating points for senators who recommend individuals to run for senate?

We will decide that when the time comes.

  1. SAB (Jenn Johnson)

We will be having a movie night next week (The Conjuring) in Workman 101. There will be 2 more movie nights after this next one (we will be showing Finding Dory in November and Elf in December).

There will be a costume contest on Friday, October 31 in Fidel. Administration will be presenting their costumes first and student volunteers will judge them. Student will present their cosutmes afterward and admin will judge their costumes—please spread the word so that everyone knows student are not judging other students’ costumes! We have prizes for the 3 best costumes.

49ers went mostly well compared to last year—huge thanks to everyone who helped out.

We have a few SAB meetings left. The next meeting will be regarding themes for Spring Fling and we will be deciding on the top 5 themes for students to vote on. Please get all of your friends to vote!. Let me know if you have suggestions or ideas for events of any sort.

SAB meetings are at 6pm every other Monday (senate bye weeks) in Weir 102. Next meeting will be Monday, October 24.

  1. Student Regent (Myissa)

The regents will not be meeting again until beginning of November. If you know of anyone who will be attending NMT until December 2018 and is eligible to run for the position of Student Regent, please have them contact me.

  1. SATD (Dylan Meals)

With close of 49ers we will have our once-a-semester work party.

We have been working with work services to make process of reserving the SAC or its equipment more clear and easier. I’ve also been working to get podcasts up and running.

  1. Paydirt (Alan Gross)

The new issue of Paydirt is to be delivered tomorrow. The theme for this one is Halloween and fall stuff mostly.

I’m glad everyone has seen the new Paydirt newsstands.

We still haven’t booted The Stall Street Journal back up, but we plan to do so soon. Also, you are all welcome to participate in the Paydirt food certificate raffles. Senators can participate, but certain committee members cannot be allowed to participate for reasons of conflict of interest.

10.  Committees

Nothing to report.

  1. VI.            Recess (8:19-8:28)
  2. New Business:
    1. Bills
      1. EWB

Engineers Without Borders’ Treasurer reporting

Over 49ers weekend, we went to Las Vegas for the Engineers Without Borders Regional Conference. We requested $800 to cover transportation (traveling about 1200 miles round trip; expense calculated using the $0.60 per mile mileage rate) and we used NMT vehicles to travel there.

Senator Stirrup: Why do you have documented that you’ve done 100 miles of intercity driving?

We were far away from the conference. It got moved to Hendrickson (suburb of Las Vegas) due to presidential debate.

Senator Stevens: Did you do any fundraising?

We raised $110 this semester. This was enough to cover an addidtional individual’s registration (registration costs $125).

Senator Stevens: How much money is in your club account?

$1258 as of September.

Senator Stevens: Do you plan on applying that to your travel?

We plan on applying those funds to hotel space

Senator Benson: How many active members do you have?

We have about 12-13 active members.

Senator Stevens: Why didn’t your club complete the required 12 hours of volunteer service last semester?

We did. All hours were completed last semester and we have completed 8 hours so far this semester.

CFO Recommends $747—to cover intercity travel and slightly more.

Senator Norman motions to approve $800

In favor of $800: 14

In favor of $747: 3

Abstaining: 0

In favor of passing bill: 17

Opposed: 0

Abstaining: 0

Bill is passed for $800

  1. SWE

Society of Women Engineers’ President Reporting

We have submitted a bill to attend the SWE National Conference in Philadelphia. We are requesting funds to pay for Airbnb—it will cost $516 for 2 nights of lodging. SWE has always had active volunteers. This semester, we have thus far helped with events such as VLA tours, welcome week pool party, and 49ers casino night moctkail bar. Everyone attending has submitted their own registration.

Senator Stirrup: How did you decide which SWE members should attend the conference?

We decided who should attend based on amount of hours each member has put in and the cover letter that they had submitted for the conference.

Senator Benson: About what percent of club members will be able to attend the conference?

We have around 12 or 15 members who attend meetings and about 6 to 8 of those members will be attending. So a rough majority of our club members should be attending.

CFO Recommends $516—cover full amount requested.

In favor: 17

Opposed: 0

Abstaining: 0

Bill passes for $516

  1. AISES

American Indian Science and Engineering Society Treasurer reporting

We have submitted a bill to attend the AISES National Conference in Minneapolis, MN. We are requesting funding for lodging and meals. AISES has done a lot of community outreach and volunteer work. We try to host events to bring in alumni to offer opportunities for Native Americans in campus, try to do outreach to schools in the surrounding area.

Senator Stevens: What amount of funding are you actually requesting?

Requesting funding for lodging which would total to $1200. We have 4 people going, 3 of which are undergrad.

Senator Stevens:  Have you gone to Brown Hall to request funding from admin?

No, I haven’t thought to do that yet.

Senator Hendrickson: How did you decide which members of AISES would attend?

We chose attendees based on their academic performance, number of community service hours, and public speaking skills.

Senator Stevens:  How much money is in your club account?

$6110.93 as of September 22. We have since fundraised $1000 from Socorrofest, which will be used for registration and travel.

CFO Recommends $860—This will cover a significant portion of the travel cost.

In favor: 16

Opposed: 0

Abstain: 1

Bill passed for $860

  1. Discussion


  1. IX.            Adjourn (8:42)



November 1st, 2016

NMT SGA Agenda: Tuesday November 1, 2016


  1. I.            Call to order (8:02)
  2. II.            Approve Agenda
  3. III.            Approve Minutes
  4. IV.            Student Concerns/Announcements


  1. V.            Reports:
    1. Dean of Students & Sports Clubs (Melissa)

Student forum this Thursday. Anybody will have the opportunity to address administration with any questions or concerns. Will be in Workman 101 from 5:30 – 7:00pm. Main topics will cover tuition increase and the community honor code. Gabe will be sending a list of student concerns to Melissa once a majority of them have been compiled.

Melissa Jaramillo-Fleming: Reminder to all that the application for student regent is due November 19. Please tell anybody who you think will be interested in applying.

The next student hike will be on Sunday November 13 in the Bosque (at beginning of Festival of Cranes). It will be an easy hike (2.5 mi), very gorgeous, birds everywhere, hoping for nice weather. The hike will be lead by Festival of the Cranes guide.

The Crane Run will take place on the Friday of Festival of Cranes (November 18).

  1. President (Gabriel Montoya)

After meeting with Dr. Wells, I’ve started to take inventory of clubs possessions to address the proposal for club storage. By doing so I’ve been going through club packets to see each club’s inventory. This semester, clubs have claimed about $21,000 in inventory.

I’ve set up a meeting with Dr. Wells so that we can start working on important business.

Again, the student forum will be held this Thursday (reminder that it is run by SGA). It is VERY important that everyone attends because everyone has the opportunity to ask admin ANYTHING and an answer will always be provided.

Still trying to get in contact with the higher-ups regarding the Lottery Scholarship.

  1. Vice President (Joseph Kerwin)

I’ve mostly been processing volunteer hours from 49ers. I’ve been receiving many requests for volunteer hours, so I’m keeping as many clubs as possible in the loop about upcoming volunteer events. On that note, Exploration Day is this Saturday if anyone would like to volunteer.

This Friday there will also be event at the Community Youth Center at which volunteers will be helping kids make salsa.

Let me know if you are interested in helping at any of these events.

  1. Financial Report (Drew Furnes)

We haven’t received any senate bills for this meeting so we have been doing normal business (reimbursements, DPs, etc.).

  1. Supreme Court (Ali Sheer)

Elections for spring semester senate will be held November 16 – 18. Flyers have been distributed and a school wide email will be sent out to inform students. It will be an electronic election held in Fidel Atrium. This election, we are going to re-implement the point system. If a senator can recommend freshman candidates (and said candidate is elected), the recommender will receive points.

  1. SAB (Jenn Johnson)

We had the costume contest yesterday. Please give me your feedback so that we can make it better next year.

There was a movie night last week and only 8 people showed up. Please spread the word so that more people know about these events. Next films will be Finding Dory (November) and Elf (December).

Last week, the SAB voted and decided to do student massages and midnight breakfast for finals week. Please sign up to help serve food at midnight breakfast.

A 49ers review survey and a Spring Fling theme survey will be sent out next week. There are 5 themes to vote on. We plan to have a theme by winter break so that we can spend the break planning for Spring Fling.

  1. Student Regent (Myissa)

Please attend student Forum this Thursday. Anybody of importance who has the power to make changes will be present. It is very important that everyone has the opportunity to speak to them.

I encourage everyone who will be here through December 2018 to apply for the position of Student Regent. It’s a great experience and looks fantastic on a resume.

The next regent meeting will be held next Thursday, November 10.

  1. SATD (Dylan Meals)

President Montoya reporting in Dylan’s stead

Dylan has been working with Auxiliary Services on fixing the forms used for renting out equipment to organizations. They are trying to make the process a simpler service. Dylan is still planning the SAC clean up day.

  1. Paydirt (Alan Gross)

There will be a new issue of Paydirt tomorrow. The Stall Street Journal was re-launched last week. We just received 8 new newspaper stands that they plan to have set up in time for the new issue tomorrow.

10.  Committees

Nothing to report.

  1. VI.            Recess (8:14–8:19)
  2. New Business:
    1. Disciplinary Action

The senator point system states that missing 2 consecutive meetings results in notification to the senate. The senate then has the power to discipline at their discretion.

Sawyer missed 2 consecutive meetings so you all have the ability to proceed with section 8.3. He sent the following email:

Hey Joe,


Sorry for missing the meeting, I had to drive to Belen unexpectedly.

I realize I have missed two meetings consecutively and according to the senator handbook you will dock me 7 points and bring me up for removal. Naturally, I accept the consequences you decide on. On a side note, part of the reason I missed the meetings, is that I neglected to put the meetings in my calendar. I’ve fixed that and I will make the meetings for the rest of the year assuming you don’t lick me out.





Sawyer has the opportunity to make a statement and then the senate has the opportunity to discipline him as seen fit.

Senator Gill: I don’t have a particular excuse besides being forgetful and neglected to put the meetings in my calendar. In my defense, I helped with 49ers events and attended the meeting with Dr. wells.

As per Section 8.3, senators must make a motion for disciplinary action, which must pass VP Kerwin’s approval.

In the past there has been members who have been brought up for removal after missing meetings, but I don’t remember it following through has never happened.

President Montoya: This has happened before. This is in the hands of the senate and that’s why this is being brought to your attention right now.

Points have already been for this behavior.

Senator Blake: Do you want to stay on the senate?


No motions.

  1. Greek Life

President Montoya: Presenting resolution that treats organizations violating Title IX (discrimination on the basis of sex), such as fraternities and sororities, as clubs so as to allow them funding by the SGA.

Technically, any individual who pays the student activities fee is a member of the SGA.

Hierarchy of rules in ascending order: our bylaws, Club Constitutions, the SGA constitution, the Student Handbook, State Laws, Federal Laws. If rule is superseded by an order higher on the hierarchy, than an overruling will occur.

Basically, funding should apply to any student organization. We used to give funding to Greek Life and this was stopped about 3 years ago since their requirements violated enough rules such that we weren’t required to grant them funding. In order to amend this (since Greek Life does so many volunteer work and events), we have been working with the Dean of Students to amend Student Handbook to supersede the constitutions such that funding Greek Life will be allowed

Senator Norman: Regarding other student groups: will this affect groups like Tau Beta Pi (TBP)?

Yes, this isn’t specific to Greek Life.

A student can always be in TBP by academic merit, Greek life doesn’t handle things in the same way.

The main reason this is being brought up is so that we can have an open discussion to become aware of what is going on.

After next meeting when we vote on this, I will bring this to Melissa Jaramillo-Fleming so that this can be changed.

Senator Norman:  The amount of volunteer work that Greek Life does is extraordinary—food drives, tutoring, so much. It’s all recorded but not reported to the SGA (since they are not treated as a club).

Senator Jungmann: What level of funding will they be receiving?

They will be treated just as any other club. They enter on probation but will easily work their way out of probation due to their community service requirements (each individual is required to volunteer around 50 hours for Greek Life).

Senator Norman: They are always doing activities that contribute directly to the students.

We stopped funding Greek Life when the sorority attended a sisterhood retreat. We had been paying a ridiculous amount for them to attend this as they eventually requested that we pay for the entire thing (around $3000) and at that point it seemed illegitimate to be paying for many of their events. The controversy even challenged veto laws because we had to veto so many of their bills.

Senator Stirrup: What does this mean for other clubs? Will we allow other clubs to discriminate based on sex?

Senator Strobel: I tried to avoid slippery slope scenarios when preparing this resolution. There is an exclusion clause that has a list of the organizations that lack these rules like social fraternities, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, etc. You would have to fall into a special category to be able to work around discrimination. I know my proposal isn’t very consistent and perfect, but this is being brought to your attention now so we all will know what to expect. The final draft will be much more clear.

  1. Discussion

VP Kerwin: I will be sending out email tomorrow to clubs saying that the student forum will be an SGA volunteer hour opportunity. There will be sign in sheet at the door and any club with a member present will gain volunteer 2 hours for their club.

  1. IX.            Adjourn (8:39)



November 15, 2016


NMT SGA Meeting Minutes: Tuesday November 15, 2016


  1. I.         Call to order (8:04)
  2. II.         Approve Agenda
  3. III.         Approve Minutes
  4. IV.         Student Concerns/Announcements

Jenn Johnson: The Techies Stand Up club are advocating for those on campus who have been victims of rape. This coming Friday (November 18), they will be handing out safety pins to people who want to declare themselves as a safe space for victims. This is NOT intended to be political and is meant to help students who don’t feel welcome and make sure that they know that they have a place on campus. The event will be from 11am-1pm in Fidel. As senators it would be awesome for you to support this cause.

Also, the COSGA Big Event is a huge volunteering event within the community. Participants do things like cleaning parks, local areas, etc. If you’d like to go above and beyond as a member of the Senate then I urge you to get involved.

Techies Stand Up meets in MSEC 101 every Tuesday at 7:00pm.

  1. V.         Reports:
    1. Dean of Students & Sports Clubs (Melissa)

Message from Melissa Jaramillo-Fleming: Deadline to submit an application for student regent position is this Friday.

Again, the Crane Run will be held this Friday (November 18). It will be a fun run/walk. There will be shuttles transporting individuals from The Crane to Socorro at 11 am and 5pm for those who will need to be driven back. Sign in (and start) will be at Tech Gym. There you can pick up a t-shirt then begin running 13.1 miles (half-marathon). At The Crane, participants will be given a free drink and snack. There will be water stations at miles 4 6 8 and 10.

  1. President (Gabriel Montoya)

I will be going to UNM this Friday (November 18) to discuss the lottery with UNM and NMSU (if NMSU sends reps.). The meeting will be at 2pm on Friday—let me know if any of you would like to join.

I’ve also been meeting with Dr. Wells and Dr. McDaniel. We’ve been discussing the student perspective. I will also be attending a college fair in Santa Fe. Otherwise I’ve been doing inventory and office duties.

  1. Vice President (Joseph Kerwin)

Senator Norman reporting in Joe’s stead

Been mostly working on entering club volunteer hours and fulfilling office duties.


  1. Financial Report (Drew Furnes)

Emily and I have been redesigning the club budget form so that it’s easier for students to understand what information is required. Hopefully the new form will become effective next semester. It also includes a sample budget so that clubs will know how to submit their club budget form.

  1. Supreme Court (Ali Sheer)

We have 10 applications for 8 senator spots. We will need current senators to host the voting stations on Wednesday and Thursday from 10-11am and Friday from 10am-1pm

Senator Benson: May we make a motion to suspend the restrictions that keep senators from helping at the polls?


Senator Benson: Motion to suspend restrictions.

In favor: 16

Opposed: 0

Abstain: 0

Motion to suspend restrictions and allow senators to help at the voting polls is passed.

  1. SAB (Jenn Johnson)

The midnight breakfast sign up sheet is out now. There will be 2 shifts—one from 11pm to midnight and the other from midnight to 1pm. It will be held on the Friday night before finals start, and there is a lot of awesome breakfast food to be served. Your responsibility as a volunteer is to serve kids food and wear a cute hair net. If you have a math final scheduled late on the following Saturday, please try to take a later shift for the event.

2 movie nights remain this semester—one on the 30th (Finding Dory) and another on December 7th (Elf).

Student massages will also be given during finals week on Tuesday and Wednesday. There are two opportunities each day. They are FREE and awesome for relieving stress.

Spring Fling survey has been posted on Facebook so please share it with as many people as possible.

The large event for spring semester will be separate from spring fling this year, and it will be another carnival. Spring fling is expected to be March 23-26, and the big event is expected to be held April 8-9 (the weekend after is Easter and the weekend before is science fair.)

  1. Student Regent (Myissa)

The regent meeting was just held. The budget was adjusted in response to state cuts, but tuition has NOT increased and it should not for a while. Again, regent applications are due this Friday so please continue to spread the word to ensure that we have as many applicants as possible. It is important that someone who can be a good voice for the students of NMT is selected.

  1. SATD (Dylan Meals)

No one available to report

  1. Paydirt (Alan Gross)

Next issue to be printed tomorrow.

10.  Committees

Nothing to Report

  1. VI.         Recess (8:18 – 8:21)
  2. New Business:
    1. Greek Life Resolution

Senator Strobel: As we all know, I am presenting a resolution to allow the Greek Life associations to be treated as clubs so that they can receive funding. The student handbook restricts that funding is only allowed to clubs who do not discriminate on the basis of sex. Since Greek life is sex-exclusive, they are not allowed to receive funding from the SGA. There are a section of exclusions where certain groups supported by the SGA are allowed to discriminate on the basis of sex.

Change from last week: a major concern is that this change may be manipulated so that any new or existing clubs could discriminate on the basis of sex. I made a correction such that only Greek Life associations can be treated as SGA clubs while discriminating based on sex. If any new club has just reason to discriminate on the basis of sex (Boy Scouts, Camp Fire Girls, etc.), they will have to be approved at our discretion.

In favor: 13

Opposed: 3

Abstain: 0

Resolution to amend the Student Handbook has been passed.

  1. Discussion

Nothing to discuss

  1. IX.         Adjourn (8:25)


November 29th, 2016

NMT SGA Meeting Minutes: Tuesday, November 29


  1. I.         Call to order (8:00)
  2. II.         Approve Agenda
  3. III.         Approve Minutes
  4. IV.         Student Concerns/Announcements

None to report.

  1. V.         Inductions:

Chief Justice Ali Scheer inducts freshman senators Matthew Dougherty, Katherine Baker, Dominic Fascit, Zachary Alvarez, Seth Weiss, and justice Junon Safoula. Sawyer Gill and Sean Standiford have been reelected to their seats.

  1. VI.         Reports:
    1. Dean of Students & Sports Clubs (Melissa)

Nothing to report from Melissa Jaramillo-Fleming or from sport clubs.

The last student hike is this Saturday at Chupadera peak. It will be 9.5 miles and about 6 hours total. Sign in sheet is in my office for anyone who is interested in attending. This time we will have a trail leader who goes at a quicker pace for those of you who would like to hike quickly. Vans leave at 9am and it will be chilly (about 30-40°)

  1. President (Gabriel Montoya)

With the semester coming to a close we have been figuring out the transition to next semester. We are still in the process of doing office inventory.

I attended the lottery meeting with UNM and NMSU on Friday, November  17; Joe will update you on the details from that meeting later. I’ve also been talking to admin about student plans. I’ve met with Dr. Wells regarding changes on campus and student involvement. I’ve also met with Dr. McDaniel regarding establishing a relationship between he and the SGA. It looks like we are aiming for 3 meetings a semester with him regarding student concerns.

Also been working on getting resolution to admin to amend student handbook.

Will be attending college fair in ABQ to represent NMT next Thursday.

I’ve been asked by Dr. Wells to create a memo regarding the student opinion on the 120 credit hours issue, hopefully to be finished by the end of this semester.

Please let me know if you have questions about anything

  1. Vice President (Joseph Kerwin)

Getting ready for next semester by scheduling meetings. The club meeting will be held in one of the third floor Fidel ballrooms because Workman won’t be available for the event. Flyers to announce the meetings will be going up within the next week or two. Please let club heads and club members know to be on the lookout.

COSGA is going to take place February 25-28. In order to make it affordable (registration is expensive) so on the first week back to school next semester, we will finalize the attendees (we will be taking 8 people). We will drive so attendees should plan to miss all Monday classes and maybe Thursday classes as well. Be on the lookout for an email if you are interested.

  1. Financial Report (Drew Furnes)

AFO Emily Silva reporting in Drew’s stead.

Have been doing normal business. Attention to all senators: we are wrapping up the semester and have $5000 left in the club budget. We do not have to spend it all. Please take caution when allotting it to the clubs at this meeting. It is actually best if the remainder of the funds isn’t exhausted only because the funds are there.

  1. Supreme Court (Ali Sheer)

Fall elections went well. We are planning for next semester’s elections and have reserved Fidel atrium for Presidential and Vice-Presidential elections

Senator Benson: What are the dates for the Pres/VP election?

February 22. Regular spring elections will be held during the 3rd week of April.

  1. SAB (Jenn Johnson)

There are 4 events remaining this semester. Tomorrow night is the November movie night (Finding Dory in Workman 101), and the final movie night Wednesday of next week (Elf, also in Workman 101). Midnight breakfast take place a week from this Friday (December 9). We still have volunteer shifts that need to be filled by senators (especially the midnight to 1am shift). The sign up sheet is located on the SAB office door. Also, there will be student massages during finals week (no volunteers needed) and they are free so take advantage of that!

We have taken inventory of everything in the SAB’s possession. It will by typed up and reported to Gabe ASAP.

Over break I will be moving offices and tidying things up in the office.

For spring semester, we will have a movie night on the first Wednesday of welcome week, and comedy night/musician the following day (Thursday, January 19).

Also—the theme for Spring Fling this year is outer space so please let me know of any slogans or designs that you have to offer (there is a lot of time to come up with something creative!).

  1. Student Regent (Myissa)

The regents have had their last meeting for the year. They have appointed the group who will be interviewing the applicant for the student regent position. They have interviewed 2 so far and have 7 left. Will hopefully come to a decision soon.

  1. SATD (Dylan Meals)

President Gabe Montoya is reporting in Dylan’s stead.

They hosted the worker party for clubs who do most of their activities in the SAC. They weren’t able to complete the entire inventory, but they will have the recorded inventory as of yet reported to Gabe soon.

  1. Paydirt (Alan Gross)

President Gabe Montoya is reporting in Alan’s stead.

The last issue of The Stallstreet Journal should be published by the end of the week, and they are pumping out the last Paydirt issue (to be issued Wednesday of dead week).

On other business, they are figuring out how to setup ads for next semester and searching for an advisor for Paydirt.

10.  Committees

Nothing to report.

  1. Recess (8:14-8:20)
  2. New Business:
    1. Bills
      1. TRB Conference

Requesting funding to attend the Transportation Research Board Conference (the total cost is $1080.46 and $528.00 is being requested).

By presenting at the research conference, I will have the opportunity to enhance my personal career and enhance the reputation of NMT.

Senator Stevens: You say you have $518 from us already—when did this happen?

I filled out a research presentation grant form to cover the cost of registration.

Senator Coultas-McKenny: Have you asked Melissa Jaramillo-Fleming about funding?

No I have not.

Senator Coultas-McKenny:  You can also request funding from the Vice-President of Admin & Finance.

Senator Stevens: Do you plan to fundraise?

Yes if it’s necessary. The process is such that one applies in August and although acceptance is decided in October, one doesn’t recieve notice until November 15. The late notice makes it difficult to prepare.

CFO Recommends $519

Senator Stevens: Motion to approve $563.00

In favor: 16

Opposed: 0

Abstain: 0

Bill passes for $563

President Montoya: Everyone, remember to not give away money just because we have it. We work hard to maintain a system such that clubs are granted funds assuming that funds will need to be conserved for future meetings. We don’t want to give the impression that clubs can submit bills for the last senate meeting of the semester if they want to receive a larger sum of funds. Keep it fair.

  1. NMT Rehabilitation Design Team

Requesting funding to attend the International Conference on Bioelectronics, Biosensors, and Biochips (the total cost is $6404.15 and $5212.15 is being requested).

The total expense is very costly—I know you can’t meet them, but we are trying to get as much help as we can.

Our design team is working to design a device to be used in the case that an elderly individual breaks their arm and requires a cast.  UNMH has asked us to develop a sensor system that tracks how much the balance of an elderly person changes when they are wearing a cast. This allows them to determine how big of a problem the added weight of a cast is and how we can solve the problem. We submitted an abstract to propose our solution and are trying to attend the conference in order to present our findings.

Some of our members will be in various places throughout the US at the time of the conference—one attendee will be located across the country so he is paying for his own flight (we can’t afford the expense).

Senator Stirrup: I see that you included the cost of your advisor’s attendance. Everyone: remember to refrain from giving funds to advisors because these are funds allotted for students.

Senator Stevens: Are you planning on fundraising?

Yes—we will most likely have to next semester

Senator Benson: You’re doing this project with UNMH—are able to seek funding for this from them?

We are referring to them as our sponsors but they are actually just our partners. We have considered requesting funding from them but we feel that asking them for funding would be problematic.

Financial Committee Recommends $2100

In favor: 15

Oppose: 0

Abstain: 1

Passes for $2100

  1. TMS Bladesmithing

Requesting funding to attend TMS Bladesmithing Competition 2017 (the total cost is $2877.27and $1200 is being requested).

There is a Bladesman competition every 2 years (this is the second one to take place) and we have made a blade for the competition. We are only looking for funding for the team (8 individuals) but there are two additional students who would like to attend. Funding is being requested to cover lodging, gas, registration, SEM time, and miscellaneous supplies.

Financial Committee Recommends $1060

In favor: 15

Oppose: 0

Abstain: 1

Bill passes for $1060

  1. IX.         Discussion

Lottery scholarship: We spoke with UNM and NMSU, NNMU, and NMHU regarding the liquor excise tax. Over 60% of the funds go toward the Lottery Scholarship, but that isn’t going to be happening anymore. Proposed solutions are to renew the liquor excise license (not likely to happen), back loading the funds (40% cover 40% of freshman tuition, 50% of sophomore tuition, and 100% of junior and senior tuition), or the allowance of a gap year such that students can receive funding after taking a year between high school and college.

Another topic we covered was how to apply the Lottery Scholarship funds. In New Mexico, we apply funds from the Lottery first, and funds from other scholarships apply afterward. The proposed solution is to instead apply funds from other scholarships first, and the Lottery will apply afterward if it’s needed. This would lower student refunds but save the funds for students in need.

Since we are a small school, we don’t have very many contacts. We will be visiting the Roundhouse to discuss the topic and encourage NMTSGA senators to speak with us and represent NMT at the events. The process for creating a New Mexico Tech Day is in the works.

There will be a meeting next week for the University Presidents of New Mexico to discuss how they will handle the Lottery Scholarship. There may be an extension for 1 year of the liquor excise tax. Right now, the Lottery only covers about 90% of tuition costs—of that, 30% comes from liquor excise tax funds. Also, the guy who started the lottery wasn’t reelected, so we will be dealing with different legislators to figure out what we can do.

Senator Morrell: How many other states have lottery?

Maybe 29, so a fair amount.

Senator Benson: What is the tentative date for New Mexico Tech Day?

I have it in my emails, I will let you know when I have a concrete answer.

One-Time pays: Old senators stay and fill out your one time pay forms. You must have an I-9 filled out .

  1. X.         Adjourn (8:43)


January 24th, 2017

NMT SGA Meeting Minutes: Tuesday January 24, 2017


  1. I.            Call to order (8:02)
  2. II.            Approve Agenda
  3. III.            Approve Minutes
  4. IV.            Inductions:
    1. Senators

Chief Justice Ali Scheer inducts senators Sean Standiford and Gavin Griffin.


  1. Justices

Bryce Hart is not present to for induction.


  1. V.            Student Concerns/Announcements



  1. VI.            Reports:
    1. Dean of Students & Sports Clubs (Melissa)
  • Nothing to report from Melissa Jaramillo-Fleming
  • Regarding sport clubs: The first sports council meeting will be tomorrow (Wednesday, January 25th) at 1pm in the library’s Tripp Conference Room.
  • Club budgets are due tomorrow (Wednesday, January 25th). This year we are doing two separate budgets—one for the fall semester and a different one for the spring semester
  • Sports Fair will be this week Thursday (January 26th) from 10am-2pm


  1. President (Gabriel Montoya)
  • Have been arranging meeting with Dr. Wells and Dr. McDaniel. Smoothing things out with budget and analysis.
  • There has been a change in a few of the employment contracts. Julianna Khenaisser has been hired to serve as SAB Advertising Chair. Allie Arning is decreasing her hours with Paydirt to 7 hours per week—the other 5 hours per week will need to be filled with additional employee. The funds for a new employee are there already and will not need to be reallocated from elsewhere.
  • Many individuals from NMT will be meeting this Thursday in Santa Fe for NMT Day at the Round House. I’ll be meeting with David Manzano and Dr. McDaniel to discuss how to lobby for this event.


  1. Vice President (Joseph Kerwin)
  • Spent winter break setting up for club and sport fairs. Note: if any of you are in a club, the packets are due February 2nd at 5pm in my office—don’t miss the deadline.
  • Otherwise I have been finalizing details for the COSGA trip.


  1. Dr. Stone

I am an NMT community liaison. I go to community council meetings and share the concerns of the city to NMT and vise versa. Various school rankings have been disclosed lately, one of which listed NMT as #1 in the state overall. Within the rankings is a breakdown of categories in which the school could score—the “local community” category received a C-. The mayor of Socorro would like to know what the city can do to make life here better for students. What would you like to see?

VP Kerwin: I’ve also sent an email to clubs asking them what they would like to see change in or added to Socorro. One notable change of mention is to introduce a dog park. Also, many student would like to have the movie theatre revived, bring a bowling ally, etc.

Reintroducing a movie theatre is being discussed.

Senator Gill: I also think a movie theatre would make life a bit more enjoyable. Maybe it would be possible for the school and city to collaborate and subsidize the project together.

SATD Meals: It would be nice if local restaurants could host stands or food trucks at NMT events.

Senator Stevens: Would it be possible for us to use Chartwells swipes at restaurants? Here we pay about $8.00 per meal so they might equate.

CFO Furnes: Could we add more sidewalks? Some streets don’t have them so people are often walking in the streets.

EOA Allen: I suggest fixing the roads because many of them are torn up, so bad in some places that it’s a hazard.

I will consider all of your suggestions. Please ask your peers as well what they would like to see change in Socorro.The next city council meeting is a week from Monday so I would like to have feedback by that point.

Matt Dougherty: Are there plans to replace a grocery store in the location of Smiths?

There is speculation, possibly Sprouts. We have been in contact with their CEO but they tend to sell bulk and organic groceries.

We would really like to have better working relations between Tech and the town. Please discuss this with other students as well. If you or your fellow students have any other ideas, my email is


  1. Ronna Kalish (Performing Arts Series)

The Community Arts Party is a hands-on arts and crafts party for all ages. It is a huge event that will happen on Feb 4th at Finley Gym. We will need volunteers to help hauling projects to the gym, assist with hosting projects during the event, and to help with cleanup, take down, and hauling afterward.

Some of the projects we do include tie-dye shirts, jewelry making, clay sculpting, making water rockets, button stamping, leather working, etc. It is tons of fun.

Last year I came to the SGA meeting to ask for help and thus we had a huge amount of help—so much that it was nearly a joint effort NMT students and The City of Socorro. Some clubs even hosted projects.

For the last 3 years, AISES has hosted the tie-dye project. Any clubs are welcome to do the same and host other projects, as they would like to.

Need groups to run button stamping and rocket making.


What would be the best way to give everybody access to the sign up sheet? If people were to give us their emails, would we be able to send it to everyone’s email so that they may have access to it?

VP Kerwin: I made a sign up sheet for volunteers to sign themselves onto work. We can forward the sign up sheet to you. You will enter what club you are volunteering for and during what time.


  • Friday, February 3rd we will need help hauling the projects from Macey Center to Finley Gym and then setting up the projects. This takes about 3 hours and we will begin at 1pm. We use volunteers’ trucks (2 additional trucks would be nice) to take things to Finley Gym, which is located right off of the plaza. It is a lot of work for a few people, but split between many will make it loads easier and help us to do so more quickly.
  • Saturday, February 4th we will need help running the party, cleaning up, and hauling the projects back to Macey Center. The event starts at 10am on Saturday until 3pm—if you’re helping, then please show up by 9:30am.

It is a great way to collect volunteer hours. We use a sign-up sheet to keep track of hours volunteered by individuals to make sure that your club is compensated by the SGA for your work.

Also, there are many PAS shows coming up. “Beauty and the Beast” is our next show and it is absolutely worth seeing.


One more thing: If you do surveys, we would like to do a campus-wide survey to get student input on a “Dancing with the stars” show being put on by the PAS. The Utah Ballroom Dancers will be our dancers. As our stars, we would like to have 3 local individuals and 3 individuals from NMT—Melissa Begay will be one of our dancers. We would like student input as far as who from NMT the student would like to see participate in this event. We are looking for 1 Student and 1 faculty member.


Please email us at


  1. Financial Report (Drew Furnes)
  • We haven’t had much to do lately. The club meeting was held yesterday so club budgets will be in shortly—once they are in, we will begin sorting through them and figuring out a budget.


  1. Supreme Court (Ali Sheer)
  • Presidential and Vice-Presidential elections will be held on February 23-25. Since a few senators left the Senate this semester, this will also be an emergency election. Tell your peers that we will need applicants. The application deadline is February 17th.


  1. SAB (Jenn Johnson)
  • Toga will be up and running tomorrow. If you’re a member of a club and would like your events to be posted on Toga, please send your events to If events are sent to the SAB email, they may not be seen and I cannot guarantee that your event will be posted.
  • January 28th we are hosting a Metalfest at which 4 metal bands will be playing music in the SAC. The event starts at 4pm and runs to 8pm. It is free to all students.
  • The first SAB meeting will be on January 30th in Workman 101 at 6pm. SAB meeting occur during the bye-weeks of the Senate meetings.
  • Feb 13th we will be hosting a Valentines Day dinner. We only have 64 tickets for this event. Starting next week, you can go to the SAB office, Anine’s office, or Melissa’s office to sign up. The cost will be $5 per student. The dinner will consist of chicken, green beans, salad, dessert, and sparkling cider. Even if you’re single, you’re invited to attend.
  • The next movie night will be on February 22nd.
  • Spring Fling is March 23-26. We hope to have the giveaways for this ordered by Feb 14th. The theme is outer space—if you have any slogan suggestions for spring fling then please let us know ASAP. This year spring fling is going to be smaller than usual, but we will again have a carnival on a separate occasion (which is April 7-9)
  • The SAB NACA conference is approaching. Upon returning, we hope to have an awesome line-up of entertainers for you to choose from for 49ers and spring fling.


  1. Student Regent (Myissa)
  • The new student regent for NMT is Emily Silva. She will take over as soon as the Senate approves her (should be sometime within the next month).


10.  SATD (Dylan Meals)

  • Joe and I discussed having students produce podcasts for the KTEK network to serve as volunteer opportunities for clubs. We are still working out details, but there will be a cap on the number of hours a club can attain from this. We plan to allot SGA hours for clubs, and SAC hours for SAC clubs. This would be a great way to allow student voices to be heard. We figure if the podcast had more student content it may be listened to more frequently—by the students for the students.
  • There is an upcoming work party, probably around mid February. I will send out a notice within the next week or two.


11.  Paydirt (Alan Gross)

The next issue of Paydirt is expected to be released by tomorrow (January 25th) sometime in the afternoon.


12.  Committees

Senator Benson: I am your Club Committee chair. About 45 clubs attended the club meeting last night at which CFO Furnes, AFO Silva, VP Kerwin, and I presented this semester’s material to them.

I’ve discussed with Senator Norman and VP Kerwin the possibility of hosting a student forum in the near future. The forum would allow us the opportunity of informing fellow students of what we do in the SGA and receiving feedback from them as far as what they recommend we do differently or additionally.


  1. Recess (8:35) – (8:40)
  2. New Business:
    1. President Pro-Tempore

The President Pro-Tempore has the responsibility of stepping in if I (the VP) am absent for a Senate meeting and thus require a substitute mediator. At the beginning of each semester, we must elect a new President Pro-Tempore, which we will be doing now.

Senator JP Norman is nominated.

Senator Norman: I served President Pro-Tempore for the previous two semesters. I have had to mediate 2 meetings before, and on both occasions everything ran without problems.

In Favor: 16

Opposed: 0

Abstain: 0

Senator JP Norman is elected as President Pro-Tempore


  1. Robert’s Rules

Every action in the Senate must be done through a motion. The front cover of your senate handbook is a cheat sheet for how this should be done. If you have questions, let me know or Google an answer (be sure to find a solution in laymen terms). Last semester we made a correction to Robert’s Rules, which allows someone to reserve time for another individual to speak. Are there any new proposed modifications?



  1. Robotics Club (Albert Reed)

We are here because we are on probation for submitting our volunteer-hour form late. The work was done at a movie night last semester. We signed in, but granted it was finals week, I submitted the form a few weeks late. It benefits the school outreach program that we are not on probation (we work with Troylyn who is the NMT Outreach Coordinator). We do a lot of work with the local elementary schools as far as preparing them for robotics competitions. We gave about 3-4 hours per week last semester to coach middle school teams. This semester, they will compete in 2 more tournaments and it’s something that they enjoy a lot. Additionally, we are hosting the robotic arm competition at Science Olympiad this year. We can only do so much for the community because of our abundance of volunteer support.

VP Kerwin: Reminder: any club can be taken off of probation with consent of the Senate. It is up to you as a Senate to make the final decision as to whether or not they remain on probation.

Senator Stevens: What other volunteer work have you done for the SGA?

We’ve only worked at the movie night (6 SGA hours) but we do a ton of other hours with Troylyn (general volunteer hours).

Senator Benson: Do you think you’ve learned your lesson about submitted your forms late?

Yes, we will be more responsible and not turn in paperwork late. Even being on probation for this long has been tough.

In favor of removing from probation: 16

Opposed: 0

Abstaining: 0

Robotics Club is unanimously removed from probation.


  1. Senator Office Hours

Each senator is required to devote 1 hour per week to SGA office hours. The students appreciate it when you’re present to answer questions—Delaney would know because she does a fantastic job at responding to students. Please send me an email to set up your office hours.


  1. COSGA

I seriously encourage you to miss 3 days of class to attend this conference. Although we are s STEM school, it’s fascinating to see what hundreds of other liberal-arts-oriented students pursue and do for their school.

President Montoya: I’ve attended COSGA twice. We drive to College Station, TX to meet with a bunch of other people over the course of about 5 days. The people you will meet are very friendly, intelligent, social, and interesting liberal arts majors. You get to hear about the other student governments, and the things they do at their universities. Even if you don’t want to pursue anything in politics or government, it is a great learning experience and its fun to mingle with a different community. The conference will be February 24th-28th. If you miss class for the conference, you are completely excused by administration. Also, everything is paid for. You get a food stipend but all of your meals should be provided.


  1. Lottery Scholarship

The liquor excise tax is sun setting. This affects the Lottery Scholarship and means that tuition coverage is going from 90% to 40%. There are 3 different legislations trying to be passed—I’d like to know if you agree or disagree with them.

1)      Extend the liquor excise tax—tax on all liquor made in excess. Will not fully recover to 90% but to 85%.

2)      Allow a gap year—only NM and AR don’t allow a gap year to be taken between high school and college. There are (probably outdated) studies that show how students who take the gap year and save money to attend school the following year end up saving more money.

3)      Back loading—shift a majority of the scholarship to be allocated toward juniors and seniors. Freshman get 40% of tuition covered, sophomores get 60%, juniors and seniors get 90% or what is left. Front loading is a waste because so many people drop out after first few semesters.

VP’s opinion: Back loading may not be best because it deters students who may otherwise be able to afford a college education from attending since they can no longer afford the first few years of college.

Senator Dougherty: For gap year: how much would the Lottery Scholarship cover if this is chosen?

Possibly 60% total.

President Montoya: We would love to keep the tax but it is an issue because it is not a tax on all alcohol—only on alcohol that is made in excess. I think that the gap year approach is a hit-or-miss, but between front loading and back loading, back loading is the better of two evils.

Senator Benson: Would back loading affect tuition coverage of current juniors and seniors?

We’re not exactly sure, but I think current juniors will be grandfathered in. We will get copies of the legislature later this week.



1)      Extension

In favor: 14

Opposed: 2

Abstain: 0

2)      Gap year

In favor: 10

Opposed: 2

Abstain: 4

3)      Back loading

In favor: 5

Opposed: 7

Abstain: 4

  1. Senate Retreat

The Senate Retreat is an event for Senators at which we gather for a couple of hours over the weekend to learn the Constitution—what date will work best for you all? I’m trying to plan this around major events like the Community Arts Party.

[No suggestions]

Senate Retreat will be scheduled as soon as possible.

  1. IX.            Discussion

No further matters to discuss.


Adjourn (9:03)


February 7th, 2017

NMT SGA Meeting Minutes: February 7, 2017


  1. I.            Call to order (8:00)
  2. II.            Approve Agenda
  3. III.            Approve Minutes
  4. IV.            Student Concerns/Announcements

None to present.

  1. V.            Inductions
    1. Justices

Chief Justice Ali Scheer inducts Justice Bryce Hart.

  1. VI.            Reports:
    1. Dean of Students & Sports Clubs (Melissa)

Nothing to report from Melissa Jaramillo-Fleming or from the Sports Committee.

A day or two ago I had emailed the Senators regarding the possibility of renovations on the gym. It’s nothing to hold your breath over, but it is now the top priority renovation. We’ve put together a survey to collect opinions regarding what you would like to see in the new facility. We need to talk to Melissa Jaramillo-Fleming in order to send the survey out to all students. We were able to send it to all admin, faculty, and staff, but we want to have the student opinions. For those of you here: please fill the survey out and share it with your friends.

There will be a student hike this weekend on Saturday (February 11). We will be leaving at 9am from the swimming pool parking lot. We are planning to hike about 6 miles in the Quebradas and we can expect to see some petroglyphs. We are limiting the trip to 20 students; there are currently only 11 signed up. Send me an email if you would like to join.

Please bring plenty of water and snacks.

  1. President (Gabriel Montoya)

The Thursday after our last Senate meeting was NMT day at the Round house. We talked with regents regarding the tuition increase and how we might be able to approach it.

I’ve been communicating with UNM regarding the Lottery Scholarship. There are 5 bills being presented as possible solutions to decreased funding from the Lottery Scholarship (email me for the details)

I’ve been communicating with Dr. Wells (President) regarding campus events.

I’ve been communicating with Melissa Jaramillo-Fleming regarding prospective changes to NMT’s student handbook.

I’ve been meeting with Dr. Wells (VP). He would like to be able to speak with you all at the next Senate meeting regarding your concerns.

I’ve set up a meeting to be held between Dr. McDaniel, Joe, Drew, and myself—the purpose of the meeting is for Dr. McDaniel to receive input regarding everything going on with student body and the SGA’s budget.

Otherwise I’ve been doing business as usual.

  1. Vice President (Joseph Kerwin)

We have 3 new GSA representatives: Jose from Physics, Lindsey the Petroleum Masters Student, Francesca the first year Masters student.

I’ve been finishing up club packets As of Saturday the club budgets have been finalized and they are currently in the rebuttal phase.

Otherwise I‘ve been doing business as usual.

  1. Financial Report (Drew Furnes)

Emily, myself, and the Finance Committee finalized the club budgets this weekend. We received 53 club packets and created 52 club budgets. We will be accepting rebuttals until this Friday (February 10) at 5pm. Given out $17,558.66 out of $18000 available. If you would like the details as to how we distributed funds then please get a hold of me either in person or through email.

  1. Supreme Court (Ali Sheer)

Justices have interpreted the Constitution and unanimously decided on qualifications of Vice Presidential candidates for the upcoming election.

Eligible VP candidates must have held office in the form of SGA Senate, SGA Justice, or other SGA Agency for at least one term. Qualified SGA Agency positions include Paydirt-Editor-in-Chief, SACD, CFO, AFO, Vice-President, Chief-Justice, AV Director, and SACD Fall or Spring Chair.

The Presidential and Vice-Presidential debate will be held on February 22nd at 6 pm in 3rd floor Fidel Ballroom. We are asking that Senators create debate questions to be addressed at the debate.

Elections will be February 22-24.

  1. SAB (Jenn Johnson)

Spring Fling this year is space themed and will take place March 23-26. The slogan is “Techies: too alien for Earth, too nerdy for space.” We now have a design for Spring Fling so we can begin ordering giveaway t-shirts and cups.

The carnival will be held on April 7-9.

We have an upcoming movie night on Feb 22nd where we will be showing Frank & Lola. We will be returning from NACA and our Spring Chair will be in Mexico at the time, so if you can offer help running the movie night we would greatly appreciate it. We will be meeting ta the gym at 7:15 to begin setup.

Also, the SAB will be going to NACA (the national SAB conference) Feb 17-22. There we plan to book Spring Fling, welcome week, and 49ers comedy nights (that way the next office won’t have to worry about it).

February 13th is the FREE Valentines Day dinner so come by either the SAB office or Melissa and Anine’s office (in NMT Gym across from the reception desk) to pick up your tickets. We have 64 tickets and have only given away 24 so far—please spread the word. You can still go if you’re single J There will also be a PAS show afterward. If you would like to attend the show then you would have to pick up another ticket from the NMT Bookstore.

  1. Student Regent (Myissa)

The State Senate has yet to approve Emily Silva as NMT’s new Student Regent.

At the most recent Regents meeting we approved the audit for NMT. We have also recently given approval for the school to pursue a PhD program in Electrical Engineering.

  1. SATD (Dylan Meals)

Gabe reporting in Dylan’s stead.

Dylan has been trying to figure out whether or not to run KTEK as shortwave radio transmission or podcast. He’s been trying to set up schedule for when podcasts would be published, but he is taking ANY suggestions for what to do with podcast.

He is planning to have the SAC cleanup day on February 18th. This is mostly for SAC clubs who are required to do a majority of their volunteer hours through the SAC. On SAC cleanup day they help clean and renovate the SAC.

  1. Paydirt (Alan Gross)

Gabe reporting in Alan’s stead.

A new issue of Paydirt will be coming out tomorrow afternoon.

10.  Committees

Nothing to report.

  1. Recess (8:17-8:23)
  2. New Business:
    1. Rodrigo

I’m a PhD student from the E&ES department. There is a HYDRUS workshop that I want to attend in Prague March 27-29. I would like to request funding to help me pay for registration and airfare (most of which will be covered by myself).

CFO Furnes: You are only attending the workshop to learn about HYDRUS software? Is there anyway to learn how to use the software without being present at the conference?

A committee member of mine recommended me to use HYDRUS to supplement my research but he wouldn’t be able to teach me all of the features that I will need. This is why I will need to attend a HYDRUS conference myself.

Senator Stevens: Is the only course you can attend in Prague?

Yes, it’s the only one available that I would be able to attend soon enough such that I will still be able to complete my research before I plan to graduate next fall. There will be one in June, which will be too late for me to attend although it is in Colorado.

Senator Stevens: Are you going to present research?

No, just attend the HYDRUS workshop.

Senator Norman: Drew, does he qualify to receive a research grant?

No, he is not presenting research here.


CFO Recommends $122—cover the cost of flight.

Senator Norman: I propose giving $200.

None to second the motion, bill stands for $122

Approve: 16

Oppose: 0

Abstain: 0

Bill passes for $122.

  1. Cooney Mining Club

Cooney mining is club for Mineral Engineering department. We are requesting $2400 to send 24 club members to the 2017 Annual Society of Mining, Metallurgy, and Exploration Conference & Expo in Denver on February 19-22. Since there will be hundreds of mining engineering professionals attending, this will be a fantastic opportunity for us to network. Our department also operates a booth at this conference so by attending we will be able to run the booth and expand the notoriety of our department and university. We are requesting funding to pay for 2 NMT vans ($1,255.20) and the remaining $1,144.80 we would like to use for hotel expenses. We will use these funds to reserve 5 rooms.

Senator Stevens: How many volunteer hours has your club done?

In the Fall semester we volunteered 32 hours for Casino Night.

Senator Stevens: How many undergraduate and graduate students will be attending?

There will be 6 undergraduates and 18 graduate students attending. There will also be 6 professors gong with us—the total number of attendees claimed does not include advisors.

Senator Stevens: How much money is in their account?

CFO Furnes: I don’t have the records on me.

We probably have around $300 right now.

CFO Furnes: First, may we please have a 5-minute recess? We didn’t know that this many people will be attending the conference.

  1. IX.            Recess (8:31-8:33)

GSA Representative Lindsey: You are presenting at this conference?

Yes we have a few individuals presenting. A Uranium project in our department has 5 or 6 students presenting. We also have professors who want to present information.

Senator Dougherty: How many members total are involved in the Cooney Mining Club?

We probably have about 35 active members.

CFO Furnes: Of the 24 students, are they all still wanting to go?



CFO Recommends $2400—Their cost of registration is $2,280. We rounded up since they are a very active club.

Approve: 14

Oppose 0

Abstain: 2 (Senators Standiford and Livingston did not return from recess)

Bill is passed for $2400.

  1. X.            Discussion

I had recently sent out an email asking each Senator to confirm an office hour. If you haven’t set them up yet then please let me know through email.

If you need to contact Ali with your questions for the debate, please send them to me and I will forward them to her.

  1. XI.            Adjourn (8:36)



February 21st, 2017

NMT SGA Meeting Minutes: February 21, 2017


  1. I.            Call to order (7:59)
  2. II.            Approve Agenda
  3. III.            Approve Minutes
  4. IV.            Student Concerns/Announcements

None to present.


  1. V.            Reports:
    1. Dean of Students & Sports Clubs (Melissa)

Melissa Jaramillo-Fleming: Domenici conference is approaching and we will need applicants. Hopefully you senators will be interested—contact me if you are. The application deadline is in April.

Tomorrow is the Sport Club Council’s February meeting. Dave Wheelock will host it at 1pm in the Tripp room of the library.

Student hikes for march are in the process of being arranged. One will occur on either March 4th or 5th and March 25th has been confirmed. I will send out an email regarding the hikes if anyone is interested in attending.

  1. President (Gabriel Montoya)

Domenici conference: I highly encourage anyone even slightly interested to go. Basically, one student is chosen to attend the conference and represent NMT. It’s a great opportunity as this student is one among many others who are able to ask questions to well known individuals.

Been having meetings in Santa Fe regarding the Lottery Scholarship; I will be going to Santa Fe to meet with Senators tomorrow.

Myself along with Drew and Joe have been meeting with Dr. Cleve McDaniel to discuss what the SGA is doing.

Have been meeting with Melissa, Anine, and Jenn to discuss SAB functions.

At the last legislature meeting there were only 5 bills regarding the Lottery Scholarship being discussed. Right now, there are 20 bills being considered. One bill pertains to FAFSA such that undocumented students will not be able to apply and receive Federal financial aide, and FAFSA will instead become need-based. This will also affect many NMT students whose parents work for the university—as they have tuition waived they will not qualify for Federal financial aid. It is proposed that they enter a suspension year (to be discussed later in the meeting). Funding will stay the same for this year—the following session will be used to research reasonable solutions to the Lottery Scholarship dilemma. I want you to vote on this.

Regarding the race for President and Vice-President: Both Albert Reed and Celeste Herrera have been disqualified and are unable to run. This is because we are required to uphold the interpretation of the Constitution made by the Justices. Contact me if you have questions.

  1. VP of Academic Affairs (Douglas Wells)

I am here to listen to you and know what your concerns are. If you have any issues or if you know if issues that your fellow students are facing then please inform me.

  1. Vice President (Joseph Kerwin)

These past few weeks I have been finalizing COSGA, dealing with volunteer hours, bills, and grants. I’ve also been trying to get new water filters for possibly all of the filtered water bottle water fountains on campus. Apparently we have 2 in the gym, 1 in Fidel, and 1 at the pool.

  1. Financial Report (Drew Furnes)

Lately we have been doing reimbursements as normal. The executive cabinet budgets are due at the end of the month so Emily and I will be working on next years budget. We are hoping to optimize the budget entirely.

  1. Supreme Court (Ali Sheer)

Been preparing for the Presidential and Vice-Presidential elections. They begin tomorrow (February 22) and end Friday (February 24). Voting will be electronic. I’ve also been working on sorting out the budget for the judiciary branch.

  1. SAB (Jenn Johnson)

Carlos Talamante is reporting in Jenn’s stead.

This month’s movie night will be on February 22nd and we are showing Frank and Lola. We will need volunteers since most of the SAB is currently at NACA. The SAB members currently at NACA plan to book 3 comedians: for Spring Fling, Fall 2017 welcome week, and 49ers.

We are in the process of ordering giveaways for Spring Fling.

  1. Student Regent (Myissa)

Gabriel Montoya reporting in Myissa’s stead.

The next Regent’s meeting will be on March 6th. Our incoming Student Regent Emily Silva has not yet had a confirmation date set. When that date is confirmed, you all will be informed as soon as possible.

  1. SATD (Dylan Meals)

We are still seeking student podcasts/interviews. Contact me if you have any ideas for this.

Senator Benson: What kind of material do you want for the podcasts?

We are looking for a 15-20 minute podcast on basically anything. No profanity or anything that the school would not want to publish.

10.  Paydirt (Alan Gross)

We’ve been doing our regular thing at Paydirt. We have been selling ad space—now we have a little more money to play with so we are thinking about doing projects that students might be able to appreciate. Some such projects being considered are NMT parody t-shirts or an NMT-themed Cards Against Humanity expansion pack. Whatever we do, the item would be sold at whatever the retail price would be. If anyone has suggestions for any other sort of project then please let me know.

Otherwise we’ve been setting things up for a smooth transition to next year. Most of our staff will be leaving after this year as they are graduating. With that, we have been trying to figure out how to pass the baton to an entirely new crew.

Senator Benson: How much does ad space cost?

It costs us bout $100 to produce each page of an issue. We charge accordingly for NMT-related organizations. For those not affiliated with NMT, the cost doubles. We based that off of the costs of ad space from previous Paydirt offices (they used to charge more). Using paper as a medium makes it more expensive since it costs $350 to print each issue.

Senator Benson: Can you buy a quarter page or..?

You can buy a quarter or a half page

If you are a club and have an event coming up, let us know. We may throw it in the issue if we feel like it is something that the campus may need to hear.

11.  Committees

Nothing to report.


  1. VI.            Recess (8:13) – (8:19)


  1. New Business:
    1. SCA Bill

On February 24 we are hoping to attend the historical Estrella War reenactment in Queen’s Creek Arizona. We are also hoping to represent NMT in their fencing tournament. Want to send 8 people in 2 cars (122.72). Admission is $70 per person. We will need $682.72.

Senator Stevens: Drew, how much money is in the senate bill account?

About $15,400

Senator Stevens: How will you be getting to the event?

We are taking personal vehicles. It is much cheaper.

Senator Gill: Isn’t it anachronism? Not anachronisms?

Either work.

Senator Stevens: Have you requested funding from any other source?


Financial Committee Recommends $642—to cover entire cost of registration and most of the cost of gas.

Senator Gill: I motion to approve the bill for full amount of $682.72


In favor of full amount: 13

Opposed: 0

Abstain: 0

Bill passes for full amount of $682.72


  1. SAE Bill

SAE is part of the Mechanical Engineering Design Clinic. We are tasked with designing an RC aircraft. We take the aircraft to a competition where it is given various tasks to accomplish. The competition will be held in Fort Worth, Texas on March 10-12. We are requesting funding to cover transportation and hotel. We are taking 11 students. Some of our attendees are graduating this May, but most are juniors; thus, this experience allows them a chance for exposure so that they may perform better in the future.

Senator Stevens: How many volunteer hours have you completed?

We are not an SGA club

Senator Alvarez: Do you have a sponsor?

We sought funding from local business and companies. We have received $1500 from one company but they do not sponsor us. That money was used to pay for materials.

Senator Gill: Your class requires you to attend this competition for a grade? Why do they require you to attend if they will not pay?

Probably because of pay cuts.

Senator Gill: Have they funded you in the past?


Financial Committee Recommends: $650

Senator Stevens: Can I request the breakdown of that recommendation?

Two committee members recommended $1000, and one committee member recommended $0 since this is an event that is required by the department.

Senator Miller: I motion to approve $949.08 to cover hotel.


In favor: 13

Oppose: 0

Abstain: 1

Bill passes for $949.08


  1. NMTsat Bill

On April 25-28 we plan to send 8 members of the satellite project to attend a workshop in San Luis Obispo, California. Attending this will allow us the opportunity to learn more about the CubeSat Developers Workshop and network with other individuals. It will be a great opportunity to allow our undergraduate members to learn more. We will take 2 personal vehicles (which will save about $600) and we booked our hotel reservation 4 months in advance to save money.

Senator Stevens: Why are you requesting $594.12?

We were previously donated an amount of $1500. The original cost was $2094.12.

Senator Stevens: Do you plan to fundraise for this?

We still have time to.

Senator Stevens: Is NMTSat part of your department? Have they funded this workshop in the past?

NMTSat is a collaborative project between the mechanical engineering and Electrical Engineering departments. No official department ever funded this.

Senator Alvarez: You are a team?

Yes, we are a group of students building a cube satellite. Once the components are finished, we put the parts together to make a satellite.

Senator Alvarez: HSI STEM grant gives money to interdisciplinary design teams.

Senator Dougherty: Do you plan to put the satellite in orbit?

Not all the way in space, but we do hope to send this to orbit the lithosphere.

Financial Committee Recommends $500

Senator Stevens: I motion to approve $594


In favor: 13

Oppose: 0

Abstain: 1

Bill passes for $594


  1. ASCE Bill

We would like to send 22 students to our regional conference in Salt Lake City, Utah. We will need to cover hotel, travel, and registration expenses. At the conference we will compete in the concrete canoe and steel bridge competitions. The conference also allows our students the opportunity to meet other professionals.

Senator Miller: You chose your hotel on the basis of having issues with parking? Like, an inconvenience in parking? Your registration says that parking is paid for.

The parking issue is due to our trailer. The hotel allows us to park the trailer, which will hold our canoe and bridge, free of charge.

Senator Stevens: Brown hall funding?

We have not requested funding from them because, if we make it to nationals, we will have only 2 weeks to raise $15,000. We plan on attending nationals, so we plan to save wait until then to request funding from Brown Hall.

Financial Committee Recommends $2487 to cover transportation.

Senator Gill: I motion to approve $2533.50 to cover hotel.

Senator Stevens: I motion to approve $1650 to cover registration.


In favor of 2500:12

In favor of 1600: 2

Abstain: 0

Bill passes for $2533.50


  1. Lottery Resolution

20 bills regarding the Lottery Scholarship are currently being discussed in The Roundhouse. Gabe wants us to talk amongst ourselves so we can vote. The Council of College Presidents wants to have suspension year. This will allow them some time to thoroughly consider what to do about the Lottery Scholarship. During this year, nothing will change (90% of lottery still applies); during the next year, the coalition will figure out the best course of action

Senator Miller: What is the purpose of this vote?

Gabe is going to Santa Fe tomorrow and he will relay the consensus here to the Senators there.

Senator Miller: Should we try to poll this with the student body?

He is going to Santa Fe tomorrow. After that, I’m not sure when there will be another opportunity to relay this information. The legislation is in its second half, so voting is likely to occur sooner than later. I’m sure we are on the final straw.

Do you think we should we have a suspension year to allow them time to do more research? Do you all have any comments?

Senator Stevens: Will we still get lottery?

My understanding is that nothing changes for 1 year so that they can spend time deciding on the best choice of action.

Senator Benson: I motion for 2-minute recess so people who don’t want to participate in this discussion can leave, and the rest can discuss this amongst themselves.

  1. Recess  (8:40-8:42)

Resume Discussion

Senator Miller: During the suspension, will the students who admit at that time be grandfathered in or will they be subject to what legislation decides?

I can’t be certain but the legislation that is developed can be written to do either.

Senator Dougherty: What do UNM and NMSU have to say about this?

UNM agrees with the suspension year. NMSU wants back loading and a gap year, probably because they have done research themselves and know that this would be better for their own institution.

Senator Benson: Why haven’t they done more research in the past?

That’s a good question. They’ve had about twenty years to do research.

Senator Miller: What other bills do you now of?

I think they are proposing additional tax on food or a general tax raise.

Senator Benson: I’m opposed to making it need-based. A lot of students here come to NMT because they are able to receive a refund check. If this is prevented, it could result in less students enrolling here.

Senator Miller: Are we voting on…?

Gabe wants us to vote on whether or not we support having a suspension term.


In favor of suspension year for research: 14

Opposed: 0

Abstain: 0

Senate is unanimously in favor of suspension year


  1. IX.            Discussion

Nothing to discuss.


  1. X.            Adjourn (8:49)



March 7, 2017

NMT SGA Meeting Minutes: March 7th, 2017


  1. I.            Call to order (8:02)
  2. II.            Approve Agenda
  3. III.            Approve Minutes
  4. IV.            Student Concerns/Announcements

None to report.

  1. V.            Reports:
    1. Dean of Students & Sports Clubs (Melissa)
  • Not much to report for sport clubs.
  • Instead of Hosting the Owl Bar Run, we are again going to do The Crane Run this year. It will be 13.2 miles (a half-marathon) on April 28th.
  • The next student hike will take place on Saturday, March 25th. This is during spring fling, so the hike will take place early in the morning at 8 am. We are expecting to be back by noon or 1pm. We will be hiking Polvadera Peak.
  • There will be a leadership luncheon Thursday, March 23rd 11:30am-1:00pm in Brown Hall 210 with Dr. Douglas Wells. Here, attendees will be able to share ideas more directly and formally with administration. They serve great food and it’s an awesome opportunity to communicate with administration.
  1. President (Gabriel Montoya)
  • The legislative session ends next week—I will be in Santa Fe throughout spring break to wrap things up. None of the 20 bills regarding the Lottery Scholarship that were previously considered are going to pass; right now only the Liquor Excise Bill will pass. We don’t know exactly what happen but I will keep you all updated. If the Liquor Excise Bill does pass, the Lottery Scholarship will cover 80% of tuition costs; if it doesn’t, then only 65% will be covered.
  • Due to budget cuts in higher education, it looks like a tuition increase will need to happen (probably about 5%). There will be a student forum on March 28th in the 3rd Floor Fidel ballroom in order to address this. We will send out a questionnaire to collect questions to be answered for this event. We have also discussed this with PR committee so that they can reach out to students and get opinions.
  1. Vice President (Joseph Kerwin)
  • Work lately has mostly been regarding bills. We learned a lot at COSGA and would like to implement some of what we learned. Two main takeaways: we should consider incorporating a community outreach appointee who will go to city council meetings and what not. Other schools have been able to overcome poor relations with their community by doing things to foster a better relationship. Other takeaway is developing a safe-ride program to prevent/reduce drunk driving over the weekends and spring fling/49ers events. Hopefully information from other schools will help us get ahead on this.
  1. Financial Report (Drew Furnes)
  • Work has been doing reimbursements as usual.
  1. Supreme Court (Ali Sheer)
  • The fall semester general election will be held April 19th-21st. Those of you who are up for reelection will be notified via email.
  • Alex Hoffman was disqualified from running in the Presidential election, but new evidence from Alex may prove otherwise. I will keep you updated.
  1. SAB (Jenn Johnson)
  • I was at NACA during the last senate meeting. At NACA we booked a mind reader for spring fling. We also booked 2 comedians for the fall semester (welcome week and 49ers)—the comedian for welcome week is pretty low-key, and the comedian for 49ers is more well-known and hilarious. At the next meeting SAB (March 28th), we will present what we learned at NACA.
  • Carlos and I recently attended a GSA meeting. Hopefully the SGA can continue to have graduate representatives because the GSA was very willing to help us with spring fling.
  • Spring fling will be March 23rd-26th and is a little more low-key than before, but we will also have the carnival to follow it. This year we are bringing the mud-bog back. On the Sunday we will be doing glass etching, and on Friday we will have a sketch artist at the barbecue and there will also be a drag show.
  • The spring-fling volunteering sheet has been developed, but there have been delays because we’ve faced some difficulty in finalizing everything. We really need people to volunteer for the drag show. The proceeds from the event are going to charity. All you have to do is dress in drag, strut your stuff, and then you are auctioned. We really need volunteers!
  1. Student Regent (Emily)
  • We had a regents meeting in Santa Fe yesterday. They talked to us about some of the bills and mentioned it’s likely that none of the bills regarding the Lottery Scholarship are going to pass since none of them will really fix the problem.
  1. SATD (Dylan Meals)

Gabe reporting in Dylan’s stead.

  • Still looking into the possibility of reviving KTEK as a HAM radio station. If this happens, coverage will only extend across campus.
  • Still looking into podcasts.
  • There will be a masquerade waffle rave at the SAC during spring fling.
  1. Paydirt (Alan Gross)

Joe reporting in Alan’s stead.

  • In tomorrow’s issue we are asking students to write and submit jokes for an NMT-themed Cards Against Humanity expansion pack. I recommend hat you go full out because what makes it into the expansion pack will be up to their discretion.

10.  Committees

  • Senator Norman: Our committee has been doing general edits for the Constitution.
  • Senator Benson: I don’t have anything to report for the Club Advisory Committee, but I do have a report regarding COSGA. I highly recommend that all underclassmen senators attend. COSGA gives you the opportunity to meet delegates from other schools and altogether it’s a fantastic leadership experience.

I went to 3 different workshops. They involved expanding our outreach to the community and the Capital, transportation at universities, and funding organizations on campus. If you would like to know more then come talk to me because I took a ton of notes and collected contacts.
As for our SGA, I think we do a great job at funding clubs and student organizations granted we have such limited funds. Joe mentioned that we should try to do more with the Socorro community to foster a better relationship with the locals. I suggest planning events with them. It is also important that we try to improve relationships within the NMT community as a whole. It would be nice to provide students with more things to do on campus over the weekend so they don’t feel like they have to go home instead. I like the idea of promoting intramural sport events (like soccer and rugby) so that people feel inclined to attend our home games. Maybe we can have concession booths at such events. I highly encourage you to bring me any ideas that you think could help us accomplish these goals. Thanks! Promote the Techie spirit!

  1. VI.            Recess (8:19)-(8:24)


  1. New Business:
    1. Materials Conference

This bill is submitted for 11 students who attended the TMS conference in San Diego. We are requesting reimbursement because they have already attended (bill was originally submitted for the previous Senate meeting but was instead pushed to the next). TMS is a materials engineering conference with a lot of different presentations. Our attendees spent their own money to go to the conference so it we would like to be able to support them.

Senator Miller: On transportation you requested $250 for emergencies. Can you elaborate on that?

Emergencies would concern running out of gas (the gym doesn’t provide gas cards) or some case of the sort in which we might need some extra money. That can be subtracted out because we wound up not needing an emergency fund.

Senator Benson: In that case, what total are you requesting for reimbursement?

Registration is $170 per student and we had 11 students ($1870).


Finance Committee recommends $1200

In favor: 12

Opposed: 0

Abstain: 3

Bill passes for $1200.


  1. SHPE

We are asking for $1300 to attend our regional leadership conference March 30th-April 2nd in Denver. The funds we are requesting will be used to cover a van rental and the cost of registration (registration is $80 per person for 10 people).

Senator Gill: Have you considered asking Melissa Jaramillo-Fleming for funding?

We asked her for funding last year. What we usually do is submit a senate bill first and then ask Melissa if she can help us cover the remaining expenses.


Finance Committee recommends $975: 2 committee members recommended $800 to cover registration, and 2 others recommended $1300 so $975 is the average recommended value.

Senator Miller: I motion to approve $800

Senator Norman: I motion to approve $1000

In favor of $800: 9

In favor of $1000: 7

Approve: 16

Oppose: 0

Abstain: 0

Bill passes for $800.


  1. NSBE

We are going to Kansas City, Missouri March 27th for the NSBE conference. Last year we had 6 students go and at this conference they all had the opportunity to have interviews. This year we have 13 students planning to go and the total cost comes out to $6500. The cost of registration is $1500. We have received $3000 from Melissa Jaramillo-Fleming and have applied for an additional grant through which we received $500—this means that we still need $2500. We did community service last week.

Senator Gill: Generally we don’t fund graduate students.

President Montoya: We do fund graduate students, but it typically happens that we don’t.


Finance Committee recommends $2500

Senator Miller: I motion to approve $1500 for registration

Approve of 1500: 9

Approve of 2500: 7

In favor: 16

Oppose: 0

Abstain: 0

Bill passes for $1500


  1. Intervarsity

We submitted a bill to receive help for our spring break chapter camp. The bill originally said that we would be taking 34 people, but we are now up to 42 people. We will be bringing more students that UNM and Northern Arizona University, so we are representing a large portion of students. We originally requested $2200 but were given $1500 from Melissa Jaramillo-Fleming so we are now requesting only $520. Since we are taking more people, this added a few cars which this increases our cost a small bit. We compared the cost of vans vs. cars and found that taking vans would be more expensive than taking personal vehicles. We are only asking you to help us cover travel because we have fundraised and covered registration on our own.

Benson: I motion to approve $520


In favor: 16

Oppose: 0

Abstain: 0

Bill passes for $520


  1. Belly Dance

We submitted a bill requesting coverage to host a belly dance seminar, which will be open to all students on the evening of March 26th. The host of this seminar has requested $150 to cover his travel: $75 seminar fee and the cost of hotel.

AFO Silva: This event can be covered with an event grant, but since the host is traveling there are complications so this is instead being presented as a senate bill.


Finance Committee recommends $113

Senator Norman: I motion to approve the full amount of $113

In favor: 16

Oppose: 0

Abstain: 0

Bill passes for $150

  1. Materials Workshop

I want to host a professional development workshop here at NMT where we have professionals come down from Albuquerque to give mock interviews, presentations, and advice. Want to increase the accessibility of these resources to students so that they can have this experience without having to go far from Socorro. The cost of hosting this event comes out to $970. Melissa Jaramillo-Fleming has given us $600 so we are requesting $370 to cover poster printing, room reservations, and room cleaning.

Senator Benson: Is this event open to all students free of charge? If so, couldn’t you cover this with an event grant?

Yes. There was an issue with event grant. I don’t quite remember what.

President Montoya: An event grant caps at $300 so it would be easier to cover this event all at once rather than a portion covered by an event grant and the remaining portion covered at the senate meeting.


Finance Committee recommends $600

Senator Miller: motion to approve $370

In favor: 14

Oppose: 0

Abstain: 2

Bill passes for $370

  1. Discussion

We have 3 meetings left this semester. In that time, we will have to go over the budget and make adjustments to the Constitution. Constitution adjustments need to happen before the general elections. I recommend reviewing the Constitution material before the meeting and sending me your suggestions. The next meeting is 2 weeks from today

  1. IX.            Adjourn (8:48)



March 21, 2017

NMT SGA Meeting Minutes: March 21st, 2017


  1. I.            Call to order (8:00)
  2. II.            Approve Agenda
  3. III.            Approve Minutes
  4. IV.            Student Concerns/Announcements
  5. V.            Reports:
    1. Dean of Students & Sports Clubs (Melissa)
  • Student leadership luncheon this Thursday from 11:30 to 1:00 Brown Hall 210 (middle conference room on second floor).
  • Student hike this Saturday, March 25 (Polvadera Peak). We are leaving the swim center parking lot at 8:00 A.M. sign up with me in my office or email me by 3:00 pm Friday.
  • Please come support me and the other NMT staff and faculty at the PAS’ Shall We Dance Socorro on Friday evening at Macey center. It should be a HOOT! You have to witness Dr. Wells dance the Tango. This could be a once in a lifetime opportunity. It starts this Friday at 7:30.
  1. President (Gabriel Montoya)
  • Last week was the end of the legislative session. The Governor said she would not sign the budget so we are being pushed into another session.
  • We have decided to move the Student Forum because of everything going on with the Lottery Scholarship.
  1. Vice President (Joseph Kerwin)
  • I’m currently working with JP to wrap up constitution corrections. This Sunday on March 26 we will be meeting in the SGA Office at 12:30 to finish the constitution corrections. I encourage you to bring your suggestions and give us a hand. Lunch will be provided for those who show up.
  • Leadership luncheon is this Thursday from 11:30am to 1pm.
  1. Financial Report (Drew Furnes)
  • All of the executive budgets have been submitted so we will start sorting through them quickly.
  • The Senate account has $6178 remaining for semester.
  1. Supreme Court (Ali Sheer)
  • Spring elections are April 19-21. Applications are due April 14th.  There will be 7 spring chairs open but 2 of those positions are up for reelection. Otherwise we need people recruited.
  • VP Kerwin: Senator points will be awarded to those of you who can recommend individuals who are elected into office. I will award more points for underclassman recommendations.
  1. SAB (Jenn Johnson)
  • Spring fling starts Wednesday of this week.
  • Wednesday: Metal show from 4-8pm at the SAC. It will be free to all students.
  • Thursday: Mentalist duo at 8pm Macey Center. Doors will open at 7:30pm. We will have giveaways at this event
  • Friday: Barbecue, belly dance performance, and butt-sketch artist from 1-5pm at the Gym Pavilion. The drag show is cancelled due to a lack of participants. We will have giveaways at this event. Saturday: Mudbog from 9am-3pm at EMRTC mudbog pit, soccer tournament from 10am-3pm at the athletic field (participants will have to pay an entry fee), frisbee tournament from 1-3pm on the athletic field.
  • Sunday: Movie marathon and glass etching in Fidel Commons and Fidel Atrium. Movies we are showing are Alien, Alien II, Wall-E, and Spaceballs. The glass used for the etchings will be the one received as giveaways (each student only gets one, which they can choose to etch if they like).
  • All events are free for students. Still need volunteers for Thursday night. If you see us struggling at any event then please help out. I think you all get senator points for doing so.
    • We are having the carnival April 7-9th. Keep in mind all cars need to be vacated from the swimming pool/athletic center, Driscoll Hall, Presidents Hall, and West Hall parking lots by April 3rd (please encourage your friends to park elsewhere). The carnival is free for NMT students. Presale tickets are cheaper for nonstudent individuals who want to attend ($18 as opposed to $25).
    • Volunteers for Thursday: we need you at Macey at 7 to help with setup. We also need help at the end of the show—Macey Center charges a lot for trash left behind.
    • Since the drag show was cancelled we will have the dunk tank and the Indian Student Association barbecue. Show up and sign a waiver if you want to do dunk tank.
  1. Student Regent (Emily)
  • I am not yet confirmed as the student regent. The session ended and they said they didn’t have time to confirm any more regents. Luckily there are loopholes but for the time being it is on the down low. Because of that I’m not the student regent yet, but we will sort it out.
  1. SATD (Dylan Meals)

No report to deliver.

  • SACD Johnson: There is also a masquerave on Friday from 9pm-1am. Masks will be provided. From 9-1. We will need 2 people to be there the entire time to cook waffles. (WAFFLE RAVE IS COMING BACK)
  1. Paydirt (Alan Gross)
  • Paydirt is still working on an NMT-themed Cards Against Humanity expansion pack. They’ve received a lot of submissions so far but they still need more. Alan has talked about either reducing the price of the expansion pack for individuals if they submit multiple contributions or paying them for their submissions.

10.  Committees

  • Senator Miller: We will start advertising student forum once we know the date.
  1. VI.            Recess (8:12-8:17)
  2. New Business:
    1. AADE Bill

AADE is going to Elite Well Services in Artesia. Alumni of the petroleum department give back to our dept. they are making it possible for us to attend a field trip to a frac job. This event will be big for our department because it is not often that our upperclassmen get to attend these events (less than half of graduating seniors been to a frac job before). We have attempted to do things like this in the past, but they get cancelled often; everything for this one still looks like it is in order to happen.

Note: The date for the trip has been postponed by a few weeks. Also the bill we submitted states we are asking for $920 but we are only asking for $500—we have fundraised $400 for the event but $920 is the total cost. We only want to ask for what we need.

Senator Gill: You are taking 12 individuals?

Yes. We will need 2 vehicles and 3 rooms (4 people to a room) to accommodate for everyone.

Senator Benson: How did you decide who will attend the field trip?

AADE had some officers switch positions and I’ve thus become president. I’ve decided to open up the opportunity to all students. As a freshman, AADE sponsored me to go on 3 field trips and I would like to provide the same opportunity for all of our students based on equal opportunity (and volunteer hours)

CFO Furnes: Why are you staying in a hotel? Is it necessary?

SPE planned to attend a frac job on a separate day, but that wound up being moved to the same day as our trip. They took the earlier time slot so we can’t tour until 3pm. Staying in a hotel makes it so that we don’t have to return at late hours of the night, especially since the site is further away than Artesia/Roswell. I believe this will be safer than driving back in the dark.

Senator Stevens: Are you planning on asking Brown hall for funding?

I emailed Van Romero and Melissa Jaramillo-Fleming but they have not yet responded (they have been hard to get a hold of) so I’m still waiting on a response.

Danielle Richards: To get funding from Melissa Jaramillo-Fleming I recommend filling out a form to submit to her—it is the quickest way to get a response and it is what she will ask you to do.

Finance Committee recommends $500

Approve: 17

Abstain: 0

Oppose: 0

Bill passes for $500

  1. AICHE Bill

We are asking for funding to attend our regional conference. It is a good opportunity to network with our region and attend helpful workshops. The workshop is being held in North Dakota for the first time, so attendance will be more expensive than usual. We are asking for $1500 to sponsor some very dedicated students to compete in competitions. We’ve competed well in Chem-E Jeopardy in the past (placed 2nd in nationals, losing to Stanford but beating MIT). We are a very active club on campus. We are fundraising—Melissa Jaramillo-Fleming has given us $1500, we are currently doing a 50/50 fundraiser (which will end tomorrow), and we are planning to hold a burrito fundraiser and trash pick up event. Even with all of this fundraising, we will have expenses that need to be covered for our attendees.

Senator Benson: Are you going on the trip or are you sending underclassmen?

I will be going because I need to attend a president’s meeting. Otherwise we will be taking a very dedicated sophomore member and some cabinet members. We are taking 6 people so that we can have a Chem-E car team (requires 4) and a team for Chem-E jeopardy (4 plus an alternate). Everyone who attends will have a purpose.

Senator Benson: You sent a lot of members to the regional conference when it was held in San Francisco.

We took at least 20 people to the last 3 conferences but this one is a lot farther away and we won’t be able to drive in this case. We are instead flying to a nearby city and renting a car to drive in since this will be cheaper than flying or driving directly to the destination.

We held an open poll to find out who wants to attend the conference (they knew that they would have to pay a little bit out of pocket to go to the conference). It is a good conference to put us on the radar.

Finance Committee recommends $975: Cover the costs of the rental car ($300) and registration ($775). Taking averages of our votes comes out to $975.

Senator Miller: Motion to approve $1075 to cover rental car and registration expenses in full.

Senator Norman: Motion to approve full amount of $1500.

In favor of $1075: 5

In favor of $1500: 12

Approve: 17

Oppose: 0

Abstain: 0

Bill passes for $1500.

  1. Discussion
  • Reminder that the leadership luncheon is this Thursday.
  • The PAS show will be huge this year so try to attend.
  • I will send you an email regarding constitution corrections. Again, it will be this Sunday at 12:30.
  1. IX.            Adjourn (8:33)



April 4th, 2017


NMT SGA Meeting Minutes: April 4 th , 2017
I. Call to order (8:00)
II. Approve Agenda
III. Approve Minutes
IV. Student Concerns/Announcements
None to present
V. Reports:
1. Dean of Students & Sports Clubs (Melissa)
 Melissa Jaramillo-Fleming is looking for student nominees to attend the
Dominici Conference. I’m wondering if any students have asked a faculty
about being nominated or if they are showing interest in attending. The
conference is in September but there is a lot of prep work to be done
before hand for those who are selected, which will likely consist of some
work over the summer (conference calls perhaps). The deadline to apply is
April 20.
 The sport club banquet will be on Friday April 28.
 Our annual half marathon will be run from the NMT gym to the Crane in
San Antonio. It will also be on the 28 th of April.
 We are having another student hike on the Mesa Trail (in the Magdalenas)
this Saturday. Email me or come by my office if you are interested. The
hike will be about 3 miles and we are leaving at 8 am. It will be lead by
Dr. Peter Mozley.
2. President (Gabriel Montoya)
 Jenn Johnson is no longer the SACD so I have appointed Carlos
Talamante as an emergency hire. He is the current spring chair and has a
lot of experience in the SAB. Since this vacates the position for Spring
Chair I have appointed Calla Lang to replacing him. She has been active in
SAB all year. I need your approval for this.
VP Kerwin: An active consent vote is required for any Executive
positions that are being filled. Spring Chair doesn’t require active
consent (passive consent is required in that case) but since I’m
going one I decided to combine your consent as one vote.
In favor: All unanimously in favor
Oppose: 0
Abstain: 0
 Otherwise I have been planning out future expenditures and setting up the
Budget with Emma from Budget and Analysis.
3. Vice President (Joseph Kerwin)
 I’ve mostly been doing budget stuff and working to finalize things for the
end of semester. The next Senate meeting is scheduled to be our last
meeting of the semester, but there will be 3 weeks to follow during which
time there exists the opportunity that we may have an emergency meeting
if necessary. Be prepared.
 We will be looking at the budget during the next Senate meeting but there
also may be bills and what not to present.
 Otherwise I’ve been doing normal paper work.
4. Financial Report (Drew Furnes)
 We haven't been very busy lately. We’ve mostly been working on the
budget for next year. We just need to get it to Emma in Budget & Analysis
for approval. After that you all can look it over and give your approval.
5. Supreme Court (Ali Sheer)
 Spring general elections are April 19-21 and applications for the race are
due April 14.
 The justices have been dealing with Constitutional issues. We are hoping
to have finalized our findings by next Monday.
Melissa Begay: April 14 th is an academic holiday.
Then applications will be due April 13 th since they must be submitted no
less than 3 days prior to the elections.
6. SAB (Carlos Talamante)
 Spring fling went well. A lot of us in the SAB felt that spring fling didn't
quite happen since spring fling and the carnival were several—in the
future we would like to rejoin them.
 The carnival is going to happen this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. The
SAB will be hosting events and giving out popcorn and cotton candy. This
is also one of the last major volunteer opportunities for the semester.
Please get a hold of me if you have any questions.
 The 49ers schedule for next semester is being finalized. We are making an
effort to bring back some of the more traditional events.
Melissa Begay: On the Friday of the carnival, will Chartwells have
a free barbecue for students?
Yes Chartwells will be giving food for free from 6 until the food runs out.
We are encouraging other clubs to sell food on the other days of the
Carnival since there won’t be many food options aside from popcorn and
cotton candy.
7. Student Regent (Emily Silva)
 There will be a Regents meeting this Friday (April 7 th ) in Torres
Conference Room at 9 am. It should last for about 3 hours and you are all
welcome to attend.
Melissa Begay: What will be the agenda for the meeting?
Normally it would discuss the budget. The budget hasn't been approved
yet so the meeting will cover stuff like professors who are up for tenure.
8. SATD (Dylan Meals)
 We have purchased a transmitter and amplifier so hopefully by the end of
April KTEK will be transmitting. We will not be officially up and running
until the Fall semester.
Melissa Begay: How is the podcast going?
We have many podcasts. They are going okay but we could use more
because the more podcasts we have, the less music we will need to
broadcast. Carlos Talamante has a political talk show. If any of you have
clubs or that like to host a podcast, contact me or Casey.
9. Paydirt (Alan Gross)
 We’ve been doing some housekeeping. We are trying to make certain that
Paydirt will have staff for next year.
 Regarding the Cards Against Humanity New Mexico Tech expansion
pack, we are still accepting potential jokes. There are guidelines to the
submissions we would like (would prefer something like 1 black card for 4
white cards). We welcome dirty jokes but they will be edited or rejected if
they are too inappropriate.
 The next issue of Paydirt will be issued the Wednesday after tomorrow.
10. Committees
Nothing to report
VI. Recess (8:13-8:18)
VII. New Business
a. Constitution Corrections
About a week ago I sent the Senators an email regarding the proposed
Constitution corrections. The following are the major corrections that had
been brought to my attention. If you have suggestions for additional edits,
now is the time to do it. Does anyone have additional suggestions?
Senator Dougherty: There is a part in section 7.4 that says NMT
instead of NMIMT.
Chief Justice Scheer: Can we change the requirement that 1 Justice
be present at Senate meetings to 2 Justices present at meetings?
 Ethics section correction: we need to change impartiality to partiality
for the sake of correctness.
Senator Strobel: There is a clause containing an “an” where there
should be an “at”.
Any other suggestions? Do we want to discuss any further typos?
 Definition corrections: 1 is regarding the definition of a “term” and the
other is “active campaigning.” Does anyone have questions or want
me to clarify?
 Addition of Governmental Affairs Officer to Executive staff: The
Executive Cabinet believes communication between NMT and
Socorro is very poor and we realized that this could be an easy fix by
adding an officer who will be in charge of this. The description of the
position is presented in the correction; I won’t challenge your
intelligence by reading this to you.
Senator Benson: In the definition of the GAO’s duties, are we only
considering the main universities in NM?
There are around 25 universities throughout the state. We are mostly just
considering the main universities who consistently work with legislature.
Senator Stevens: Will this position be directly under the President?
Or will it be equal as CFO or VP?
It will be under the Executive branch (appointed by the President,
approved by the Senate).
Senator Benson: Will this officer have employees underneath
No due to our university being a small one. I don't see this position
growing any larger than one that would require help from general
volunteer hours.
 Election process corrections: It’s been brought up by multiple senators
and individuals that the “25-foot rule” for active campaigning is too
small. We have changed it to 100ft for active campaigning.
GSA Representative Rasmussen: Have you measured 100ft from
the Fidel Atrium? I’m curious where 100ft from the voting polls
would be.
The diameter of the atrium is a little under 100ft so we would like it so
that you would need to be outside of here.
Senator Benson: A lot of schools do their elections as an online
ballot. Would that be feasible here?
It could be. That's under the jurisdiction of the Justices. Personally, I
advise against putting that in the Constitution so that we won’t be bound
to always do online voting.
Senator Jungmann: I think we should do this because most
upperclassmen live off campus and often don’t ever enter Fidel.
At first we did online voting. The problem was that since we have so
many CS majors, they would continuously figure out how to hack our
Its null and void that upperclassmen don't go in Fidel because there is the
Bookstore, Post Office, Student Health Center, etc. where all students
have a need to go at some point. It is up to the Justices to decide where
they do voting. They have done voting in Fidel because it is the most
central location. They can host voting in multiple places (like the Library)
if they would like.
Senator Stevens: Let’s leave it up to the justices.
 Budget Corrections: Our budget currently has a cap of 85% (though
we are allocated 90%) of our anticipated revenue for the year. We
want to change the 85% to 90%, partly because Budget & Analysis
along with the VP of Finance wants us to spend the funds that we have
not been using. Also, we want to be able to tap into the previous funds
that we have saved up from the past 5 years. We would also like to
include a clause stating that Budget & Analysis can grant the SGA
permission to exceed the 90% (if needed), instead of having an
emergency meeting to make this possible. If the budget is overspent
without approval, the President and the CFO will be brought up for
disciplinary action based on gross.misconduct.
Senator Benson: What would we consider approval?
Budget & Analysis would have to sign off on the budget. It doesn't get
presented to us until Emma approves it. They can always kick it back
down to us for revision. Sometimes the budget is overspent without
approval. This is to prevent that from happening.
Senator Benson: Ali, why would you like 2 Justices at a senate
We would like for more than 1 Justice to be responsible for attending each
Senator Benson: What happens when we can’t have more than 1
It will be up to the Chief Justice to make certain that Justices are properly
scheduled to attend meetings.
If you approve of these corrections, they will be put on the ballot during
elections and will have to receive a majority vote in order to be written in.
Impartiality to Partiality
In favor: 19
Oppose: 0
Abstain: 1
Definition Corrections
In favor: 15 (Legislative Branch), unanimous (Executive Branch)
Abstain: 1
Oppose: 0
Governmental Affairs Officer
In favor: 15 (Legislative Branch), unanimous (Executive Branch)
Abstain: 1
Oppose: 0
Modification from 25ft to 100ft
In favor: 15 (Legislative Branch), unanimous (Executive Branch)
Abstain: 2
Oppose: 0
Change cap for SGA budget and include approval from B&A
In favor: 14 (Legislative Branch), 5 (Executive Branch)
Abstain: 2
Oppose: 1
Disciplinary actions if budget is exceeded
In favor: 15 (Legislative Branch), unanimous (Executive Branch)
Abstain: 1
Oppose: 0
Change requirement of 1 Justice to 2 Justices
In favor: 12 (Legislative Branch) unanimous (Executive Branch)
Abstain: 4
Oppose: 1
All Constitution corrections have been approved.
b. Resolutions
Senator Benson presenting.
I have two resolutions to present tonight; both regarding renewable energy
and they are pretty similar.
The first is a recommendation that we implement solar energy on campus.
We signed the Paris Climate Agreement to reduce emissions. As a tech
school, I think it’s important that engineers lead the way and solve the
nations problems so I think this is a good thing to propose at NMT. This
first bill I’m presenting is to see where the SGA and students stand as far
as how we use renewables.
The second resolution is for the creation of a renewable energy fee. It is a
$30 student fee that will be apply to each semester. It will be used to
purchase solar panels and maybe eventually a solar farm. $100,000 can
purchase about 25kW of solar panels. The goal is to use the money saved
from implementing solar energy (rather than grid energy) to purchase solar
panels and allow our solar use to grow exponentially, hopefully such that
we can power the school. This could result in about $3,000,000 in savings.
He has a chart that I won’t try to reiterate.
I have a chart that considers the expected sunny days, expected hours of
daylight, etc. Hopefully the costs indicated will continue to go down.
Senator Miller: I think it’s a noble cause to make strides for
renewable energy, but I think there are a lot of other steps in the
process to be considered first. I think it would be necessary to poll
the student body first since this will be their money going into this.
If we pass these resolutions with a majority vote then they also have to go
to the general election to receive approval
Senator Miller: You said these would eventually pay themselves
off, even as they need to be replaced? I think this also raises
questions like who would be in charge of maintenancing the
system, where will it be located, etc.?
There won’t be that many panels to go up in the beginning so I expect we
can begin installing them on rooftops.
Senator Miller: Is that feasible for a large amount of energy?
Eventually, as we install more panels, I would ideally like to move the
system to the desert. I know we have a lot of land there that hopefully we
can put to use.
Senator Miller: I recommend that you talk with Socorro Electric
Co-op. It might interfere with residential electricity costs if NMT
use from the Co-op declines.
I haven't looked into that much. I know the City of Socorro wants to do
their own thing with electricity generation and I know a lot of people are
upset with the Co-op at the moment.
Senator Miller: I would like to make a motion to postpone this so
we can further edit these resolutions.
President Montoya: If you do follow through with this, provide
citations for what you're doing. These information sources
promoting the use of solar energy typically don't provide
information on common issues with solar energy. Also take a look
at where else these fees could be used (possibly the Student Health
Center). I met with admin about how we would go about raising
student fees to be applied somewhere and we have the potential to
do it.
GSA Representative Stopa: Is there a guarantee by administration
that they would use the costs toward more solar?
I haven’t contacted them yet, but I included in the resolution that we
would like for them to.
GSA Representative Martinez: Could you discuss this with the
Senator Bradley: Talk to Dr. Dotson to find out more pros and
cons on solar, he teaches classes relating to it.
Senator Dougherty: Can you look at law as to whether or not we
can legally do this? I know there are laws prohibiting certain
entities from generating so much energy.
The first resolution is pretty lenient (basically a poll) so maybe we could
get that going today…
Senator Miller: Can I motion to postpone both resolutions? If this
is presented then we would like proper citations.
VP Kerwin: I would like a definite date for postponement.
President Montoya: I think you should say that you table these
resolutions until the next meeting.
Senator Miller: I motion to table these resolutions for the next
In favor: 14
Oppose: 1
Abstain: 1
Resolutions have been postponed until Senate meeting on April 18 th .
c. Alex Hoffman
VP Kerwin: This will proceed as a normal Q&A session.
Alex Hoffman is presenting. Much of the information presented here is
organized in a PowerPoint presentation.
I’m here to talk today about the general elections that have occurred this
semester. I feel the need to review this information with you because I
reviewed the meeting minutes and have the feeling that a lot of the
information regarding the election had not been made public.
The candidates for the Presidential election were Celeste Herrera, Carlos
Talamante, and myself. The candidates for the VP election were Sean
Standiford, Lina Virgo, and Albert Reed. The qualifications for President
are that they have held office for a minimum of one term as a Senator,
Justice, or Executive Agency Director as Paydirt EIC, SACD, CFO, AFO,
VP, Chief Justice, SAB Fall or Spring Chair, or AV Director. The
qualifications for VP are that they have held office for a minimum of one
term as a Senator, Justice, or Executive Agent.
Albert Reed ran for VP and the Justices were asked to make an
interpretation of his qualifications. They held that he was not properly
qualified, as he did not hold an executive position for a full term. Albert
was a Senator for 2 semesters (took a leave of absence for summer, as
most Senators do). During the fall semester, he was offered a position in
Paydirt and left the Senate to serve the remainder of the academic year in
Paydirt. On February 21 st , Albert and Celeste were notified of
disqualification. This was the day before elections began.
The Dean of Students sent out an email saying that they weren’t qualified,
although Celeste was eligible. Her disqualification was announced in the
SGA the meeting minutes. About 30 minutes before the election began,
she was notified that she was allowed to run.
The results for the race were Carlos Talamante at 115, Celeste Herrera at
65, Sean Standiford at 196, and Lina Virgo at 115.
On March 6 th I was notified of my disqualification from the elections, and
that the decision was made with the Dean of Students.
The email said, “After this decision was made, the justices, along with the
Dean of Students, counted the ballots and the winners were found to be
Sean Standiford as vice president and Carlos Talamante as president, with
the presidential race being only between Celeste and Carlos. Because [s]he
was determined to be unqualified, the votes that were cast to Alex were
not counted.”
Once the decision was made, it was presented to the Dean of Students and
the SGA advisor. Ali Scheer made it public at the next senate meeting that
although my disqualification had occurred, it was still in discussion.
Why was I disqualified? I didn't hold an executive SGA position for a
complete term. The interpretation from the Justices was applied to the
presidential qualification.
The difference between VP qualifications and Presidential qualifications
are that the VP must hold office as an Executive Agent, and the President
must hold office as an Executive Agent Director. The Paydirt EIC is hired
by the president and voted into the cabinet by the Senate.
President Montoya: The reason the position of AFO was created is
because it is in the AFO’s job description that they partially
oversee the budget so that they can oversee the entire budget in a
future term.
I believe that the interpretation of the qualifications for VP as applied to
Albert Reed should not apply to the presidential qualifications. I believe
that a different interpretation should be made for the Presidential
qualifications rather than those made for the VP qualifications applying to
both (as was the case in this election).
I am here to show that I assisted Malcolm Locket as Paydirt EIC. The
responsibilities of the EIC include…
 Sending executive cabinet reports to the president.
 Sending office reports to senate meetings.
 Leading the Paydirt office.
 Assigning articles and requesting photographs.
 Making sure employees work together.
 Publishing articles (this was done online since Paydirt was an office of
3 people).
 Organizing Paydirt archives.
 Handling emails and requests from techies and anyone who wanted to
get a story out there.
 Publicizing current work and the future direction of Paydirt.
Trying to get old files of these meetings has been difficult because it
seems that everything predating Spring 2015 has been removed.
President Montoya: You can request meeting minutes because we
have paper copies all the way back from 1985.
Online records only go back to March 2015.
Paydirt EIC Gross: I’m aware that you’ve been trying to reset the
password for the Paydirt email. If you'd like access to our files then
you would need to ask me. I’m going to gain control of that email
and if you’d like anything from it then you can ask me for that.
Malcolm Lockett was helping me to go through old emails to recover
proof of my activity as the head of Paydirt. The following are emails
showing that we updated the budget for the Paydirt office. There are also
statements that show my roles and activities performed in the Paydirt
Today at 3:16pm I was notified that the Judicial Branch has been ordered
to look over the evidence again and that all evidence should be submitted
by this Friday at 5pm.
Senator Miller: Is there any documentation to show that you were
employed as EIC for the semester in question?
I was hired as an agent of Paydirt. Since Malcolm did not fulfill the duties
of the Paydirt EIC, there had to be someone hired to assume these roles
and duties. There is not a contract that exists. Would a statement from
Malcolm count as documentation?
Senator Miller: What I understand is that you were never
confirmed by the Senate.
No, my contract was never updated from agent to agency director so I
never had to be confirmed. I was never on contract as the EIC but I still
fulfilled the duties of the position.
When I was the EIC we decided not to publish on paper so most our
content was online as we did a lot through social media (we did this
because we only had 3 people on staff). Fall of 2015, all of our computers
and hard drives were taken so our remaining media only existed online.
Senator Dougherty: Can any of that hardware be recovered from
the Property Office?
The Property Office didn’t take it; it was stolen.
Senator Miller: My question right now is what can we do to help
I feel like you should be informed about what’s going on regarding your
elected leaders. It seemed that the meeting minutes were not well informed
so I wanted to make certain that what is known is correct and not hearsay
or rumor.
EOA Allen: Who were those email sent to?
My personal email, they were all pulled off of my
personal email.
Senator Stevens: Have you asked Payroll for records?
I worked for ¾ of a term under Zoë Deiner and some time under Malcom
President Montoya: ¾ of a semester, not a term.
Senator Jungmann: Section 6.4.1 of the Constitution says that the
Executive Cabinet consists of “…any other persons prescribed by
the president.” It makes it difficult for you to say that you were in
the executive cabinet when this could also include anyone
appointed by the President.
Sure, I’d just like to make it known that I was completing the duties of
VIII. Discussion
President Montoya speaking.
I know all of this might be confusing, but I’ve had the chance to review all of
Alex’s information—
Alex Hoffman: It is not all of the information as I’m still gathering
information through Friday.
Ali Scheer and myself were asked by the Dean of Students to review the election
because the information in this presentation had been brought to our attention. We
reviewed the information before we had looked at the election results. We looked
through all of the legality, contracts, meeting minutes, etc. Ali and me met with
Melissa Jaramillo-Fleming to review this information, so the Chief Justice was
involved in the decision process.
The reason that the interpretation of the Vice-Presidential qualifications was
applied to the Presidential qualifications is because of requirements of the
President involve overseeing a sub-organization as opposed to VP requirements
requiring an oversight of items by the SGA. Because of the slight difference in
wording, we decided that yes, this information could be applied to both
candidates. Once the appeal that Alex made with the new information had been
brought to the attention of Melissa Jaramillo-Fleming, she had deemed her as not
Alex Hoffman: Why weren’t more associate Justices involved in the
decision making process since the elections are supposed to be handled by
the Judiciary branch?
I was at conference. Ali?
Chief Justice Scheer: They weren’t involved due to scheduling conflicts
and the need for a rapid solution. They thought that with Gabe and I
responsible, a quick interpretation would be made possible.
VP Kerwin: Gabe, your 5 minutes for speaking have expired.
Senator Strobel: I motion to let Gabe continue speaking for 5 minutes.
In favor: 12
Abstain: 3
Oppose: 0
While we reviewed the information provided by Alex, we recommended that she
get her contract from Budget & Analysis to prove that she completed an entire
term. I reviewed this with Dr. Wells yesterday and he reversed this to the judges.
SACD Talamante: Doesn’t the line before the one that states how justices
handle elections discuss how elections should be handled in a time of
Yes, the one after it, I believe.
Senator Strobel: Could this be defined as a time of need?
GSA Representative Martinez: When this is solved, where will this be
made public?
In a Justice report at the next meeting.
GSA Representative Martinez: If the result of your decision is changed,
will you report this to the GSA?
EOA Allen: I understand that Alex committed an ethics violation—could
you elaborate on this? I heard she cussed someone out?
Melissa Begay: Some students asked her for Alex’s platform and they said
that she cussed at them and threw some F-bombs. The students told me
(not as a report, but mostly as a means to let me know). However I know
that they did take the matter to Melissa Jaramillo-Fleming to report it.
Senator Dougherty: Is there anyway that we can have all of the associate
Justices gather to make a decision on this?
Chief Justice Scheer: That's why we’re meeting this weekend.
GSA Representative Rasmussen: Regarding the Paydirt emails: Paydirt
cannot deny outside request for emails?
No, we are a public organization so all of our records must be made public and
kept on record for 15 years.
Senator Strobel: What is the logic behind requiring someone to hold an
SGA position before becoming President? They already have credit hours.
It seems like it’s within the student’s best interest to lead and they want to
do well for the school.
Senator Miller: It’s not that hard to be elected as a Senator and I think it is
important to have experience in the SGA before taking on a leadership
Senator Strobel: I feel like the fact that the President has to be someone
who has been from the SGA in a way hurts our cause because so many
students don't know who we are in the first place.
Paydirt EIC Gross: Gabe obviously knows his position very well because
he has been in the SGA since he was a Freshman. I think for other people
who have been thrown into a position like hid and been given Gabe’s
duties, like coordinating with administration and legislature, they would
really be struggling. Otherwise, opening up this opportunity to just anyone
would make it a popularity contest
Senator Strobel: Isn't it a popularity contest between those of us in the
Senator Miller: I suppose, but we also have the qualifications for the
positions we hold.
IX. Adjourn (9:14)