Campus Clubs

Aditi Natesa: Belly Dance and Drums

Aditi Natesa Belly Dance and Drums club is a performing arts club at New Mexico Tech. It is devoted to exploring the history, technique, and styles of belly dance. Its members are enriched with a library of media, an assortment of folkloric accessories and regular dance workshops. Aditi Natesa performs at school events such as 49ers and Spring Fling.

President: Paige Czoski (

Treasurer: Ying Wang (

Secretary: Emily Snell (


Adventurers Guild

The adventurer’s Guild provides a friendly, entertaining environment for New Mexico Tech’s tabletop gaming community, where players of role-playing games, board games, and card games can get together and play on a weekly basis. The Guild welcomes newcomers at any time and regularly meets to play games in Weir 220 on Fridays at 7:00pm.


Alpha Sigma Kappa (ASK)

Alpha Sigma Kappa, Women in Technical Studies, is a social sorority dedicated to achieving academic success and having fun while doing it.  We are the Eta chapter of Alpha Sigma Kappa and we were founded at New Mexico Tech on December 4th, 2010. Each semester we organize and hold social and philanthropic events that are our ways of giving back to the school and the community. As a group, we strive to promote leadership, kindness, and sisterly bonds in our members.



American Association of Drilling Engineers (AADE)

The NMT student chapter of the American Association of Drilling Engineers (AADE) is an organization committed to providing students with the practical hands-on experience with drilling technologies and procedures necessary to attain employment in the drilling industry. The NMT AADE student chapter is affiliated with and sponsored by the Permian Basin AADE professional chapter. The mission of the NMT AADE student chapter is to impart professionalism, respect, and expertise to all members and to help transition them into industry careers. The NMT AADE student chapter meets once a month to discuss upcoming events and exchange information specific to drilling and industry related topics. Occasionally special guests or industry experts are invited to present in depth coverage on current topics or the latest technologies. Students pursuing degrees in Petroleum Engineering specifically for Drilling Engineering purposes are encouraged to join.


American Association of Petroleum Geologists and the Society of Exploration Geophysicists (AAPG-SEG)

New Mexico Tech’s AAPG-SEG Student Chapter is a joint initiative comprised of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists and the Society of Exploration Geophysicists. Our club is composed of students interested in the application of the geosciences to energy related resources. We meet monthly to discuss group activities/events, share industry and resource information, and to network with colleagues having similar interests. Membership is open to both undergraduate and graduate.


American Chemical Society (ACS)

The New Mexico Tech ACS Chemistry Club was founded to provide interaction between chemistry students on campus, between campuses, the community, and corporations throughout the Southwest. Everyone, even a non-chemistry major, is welcome to join!

We are the first club to be recognized at the Student Appreciation awards for our outreach efforts and participation around campus. The Chemistry club promotes the awareness of chemistry through demonstrations and outreach programs. The club hosted 120 local 2nd graders last fall for Chemistry Magic Shows the week before Halloween. In these demonstrations we explore various chemical phenomena. Then we will explain what science is going on. We introduced “Five Simple and Fun Chemistry Experiments” to Socorro High School.

We are also the one’s responsible for the awesome homemade liquid nitrogen ice cream at school events like 49′ers and Spring Fling.


American Indian Science and Engineering Society (AISES)


American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE)

The chapter promotes AIChE through the Tech campus by conferences, meetings, trips, and other various events. AIChE provides students with technical and social resources across the international chemical engineering community, all of which will improve the foundation for collegiate and professional careers of chemical engineers.

President: Courtney Pruitt (

Vice President: Kathleen Huynh (

Treasurer: Natan Aguirre (

Secretary: Hannah Sullivan (


American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE)

The New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology student chapter of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) is devoted to promoting the pre-professional development of students in preparation for careers in engineering. The ASCE student chapter is open to any student interested. Several major projects are conducted each year, such as the steel bridge and the concrete canoe. The student organization also takes students on field trips and does volunteer work with organizations like habitat for humanity.

President: Jesus Flores (

Vice President: Jon Leyba (

Secretary: Gwendolyn Brown (

Treasurer: Lee Brenner (


American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)


Anime Addicts Anonymous

Anime Addicts Anonymous is an organization of cultural appreciation. Our primary goal is to engage in the leisurely viewing of Japanese animation commonly known as Anime. We meet on a weekly basis to view a selection of anime series that is chosen at the beginning of each semester by member vote. Anime is viewed in the original Japanese dialog with English subtitles to preserve as much cultural context as possible and to provide practice to individuals who wish to learn the Japanese language. All NMIMT students are welcome to join the club or individual meetings at any time. We usually meet every Sunday at 7:00PM in the SAC auditorium with Weir 102 serving as our backup location.


Astronomy Club

The New Mexico Tech Astronomy club is a student supported and run club that focuses primarily on public outreach. Outreach is available to anyone for free. The club runs the Etscorn Observatory at New Mexico Tech where most of our public outreach is conducted. Members are also allowed to use the facilities almost anytime. Club members are mostly Tech students but we also have members from all over New Mexico who participate in varying degrees. Occasionally the club goes on field trips to such places as the VLA, the MRO and Chaco Canyon.



Ballroom Dance Club

The Purpose of the NMT Ballroom Dance club is to provide a friendly and fun environment for dancers to have fun in. The club is also designed to teach and propagate knowledge of many different dance styles (primarily swing) to new and old members. Lastly, the dances held by the club are to serve as an excellent activity to give people a break from school and work and to provide entertainment.

President: Amanda Innis (

Vice President: Syngen Duncan (

Financial Officer: Brian Senft (






Cereal Club

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. The most popular choice for breakfast is cereal. The Cereal Club aims to save lives, punch lions, and provide a healthy breakfast at a more convenient time than early in the morning. We also feed people. The adequate homo-sapiens backing this club are: Tyler Robinson – President (Corporal Crunch), Kris Kupchella – Vice President (General Granola), Nick Davis – Supreme Overload, and Ky Brabson – King Ky.



Cooney Mining Club

Cooney Mining Club is a student chapter of the Society of Mining Engineers (SME) for New Mexico Tech Institute of Mining and Technology. We are driven to support students who are interested in mining and economic geology. Our club is tailored for students who seek a career in the mining industry. As a member, you will be eligible for trips to the annual SME meeting, as well as other mining conferences around the states.

If you are interested in joining our club, send us an email at


Dog Pile Movie Club


Earth Science Club (ESC)

The Earth Science Club is for students who would like to experience earth science outside of the classroom in a fun, informative way. The club organizes field trips and camping trips to places of geological interest. The highlights of this semester will be trips to White Sands National Monument and City of Rocks. In the spring we take a rafting trip on the Chama River.

The Earth Science Club not only benefits its members, but the campus and community as well. The ESC runs a can recycling program on campus. The ESC also does outreach with local schools. We regularly send members to local elementary schools to help with hydrology lessons, as well as plan one or two events each semester that teach children about earth science in a fun, hands-on way. We have received great feedback from both the teachers and the students.


Engineers Without Borders (EWB)

We are the Engineers Without Borders interest group at NMT. Our purpose reflects that of Engineers Without Borders – USA: “to partner with disadvantaged communities to improve their quality of life through implementations of environmentally sound and economically sustainable engineering projects, while developing internationally responsible engineering students.” To that end, we intend to:

  • Create a sense of excitement and enthusiasm about solving technical development problems within a cultural and social context by bringing together those who are interested and encouraging discussion amongst them to solve the problem together
  • Organize project teams to design and implement engineering projects either locally or internatinationally
  • Publicize research opportunities and encourage students to undertake research on technical development problems, and to ensure that the completed research is returned to the EWB-USA database
  • Take the lead on technical development problems that have an “environmentally sound, economically sustainable” bent to them
  • Work with EWB-USA to ensure the quality of the engineering package and the end product for the community

President: Robin Jones (

Vice President: Kent Carson (

Secretary: Gwen Brown (

Treasurer: Carly Cleghorn (

Project Manager: Adrian Blair (


Environmental Engineering Club

The New Mexico Tech Environmental Engineering Club is also the NMT chapter of the Rocky Mountain Section of the American Water Works Association/Rocky Mountain Water Environment Association (RMSAWWA/RMWEA). Our general goal is to get more Environmental Engineering students involved in activities specific to their field of study through field trips, conferences, volunteering, and design projects. Though the RMSAWWA and RMWEA are focused on water and waste-water treatment, club members don’t need to be members of the national organizations to gain experience and networking in many environmental fields.



Golden Key



NMT Grace Life is a club for NMT students to gather together for the purpose of bringing the gospel to our campus, discipling new believers, and the study of Christian apologetics. Our meetings focus on teaching biblical truths in books of the Bible, studying prophecy, fellowshipping together and discussing events around the world from a Christian worldview and perspective. Our members come from all different races and cultural backgrounds but we all share the same beliefs and are more than happy to share those beliefs with whoever has any curiosity. We believe that we can be a light to our campus and help to spread the good news of Jesus Christ.


Ice Cream Club


Institute of Electric and Electronic Engineers (IEEE)

The Institute of Electric and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) is the world’s leading organization for the advancement of technology. Our New Mexico Tech student chapter promotes IEEE throughout campus through BBQ’s, tours, trips, volunteering for school events, and more! Our group connects student life to professional life to maximize our engineering skills. We have multiple guest speakers at our meeting throughout the school year to teach us about current research, graduate school, and life as an engineer. Our goal is to expand our chapter throughout New Mexico and beyond!


Intervarsity Christian Fellowship

The purpose of Intervarsity Christian Fellowship is to establish and nurture witnessing communities here on the NMT campus. We are an interdenominational Christian ministry and fellowship led by students and geared toward evangelism in a campus environment. Our vision is to see students and faculty transformed, campuses renewed, and world changers developed. Intervarsity is a place of community and fellowship, worship and Bible study, and a place to make a difference on this campus and in this world. If you are looking for a welcoming group of people that you can lean on throughout your college career, Intervarsity is for you!

President: Ryan Shea (

Treasurer/Secretary: William Rosenberger (

Prayer Coordinator: Collin Smith (

Small Group Coordinator: Timothy Kesatie (

Outreach Coordinator: Meredith Schuh (

Worship Leader: Miguel Aguirre (

Social Justice Coordinator: Tim Ricard (

Large Group coordinator: Jasmine Hoo (


International Society of Explosive Engineers (ISEE)

We are the New Mexico Tech Student Chapter of the International Society of Explosive Engineers. Our club members are active with EMRTC and get to see explosives demonstrations first hand. The club also has had the privilege of helping out with several projects with the Mythbusters TV show as well as hands on pyrotechnic demonstrations. The club regularly hosts speakers who are standout members in the explosives field. We have members from a variety of all fields on campus, and welcome anyone interested in explosives.


Knife and Tomahawk Throwing Club

The Knife and Tomahawk throwing club is dedicated to the safe and fun use of throwing knives, tomahawks, throwing stars, and other bladed objects that can be thrown.


Japanese Club

Japanese Club focuses on instructing students in Japanese language and culture. We seek to incorporate aspects of speaking and writing in Japanese, as well as inform students of proper Japanese edicate. The club also hosts monthly movie nights open to the entire school, where we showcase Japanese films in their original Japanese. Spoken Japanese is focused on during the weekly club meetings, and all levels of Japanese speakers are welcome to join us! に日本って来ましょう!(“Let’s come learn Japanese together!”)


Latter-Day Saint Student Association (LDS SA)


Minecraft Club

The NMT Minecraft Club is about bringing together NMT students who enjoy Minecraft. Our goal is to create an active community of Minecraft players from all of the students who play Minecraft on campus. We work together to create, compete, and survive in Minecraft. We hold events, on our servers and on campus, for both people who play Minecraft and who don’t. We play Creative Mode, Survival Mode, and PvP. We design maps for other players to play. We meet every Wednesday at 6pm in the Fidel Commons. Come talk/play Minecraft with us!

President: Matthew Broomfield (

Financial Officer: Katey Lacey (

Event Coordinators: Alex Poli ( and Greg Stottlemyer (



In the world of gaming there are many who only know video games. Video games are great, thrilling things, but honestly the work that some people place into them simply isn’t rewarding enough. The work is all digital, hard to show to friends. Welcome to the world of miniatures. Minatures are a great way to get those reward responses the brain craves. Have fun playing with miniatures in a courageous social interaction environment miniature war. Show off your skills of being an accomplished modeler and/or painter. New Mexico Tech Miniatures was created to bring people of like mindedness to play, paint, and enjoy a hobby otherwise scarce or unknown. Miniatures are the oldest form of entertainment and the reason board games exist at all. Have fun! Enjoy yourselves and be happy.

Facebook Page:




NMT Automotive Racing Club (NMTARC)

The New Mexico Tech Automotive Racing Club (NMTARC) is a highly energized group of students from New Mexico Tech that share a common interest in cars. Our members enjoy both working on and racing their cars. We apply engineering and technology from the classroom directly to our automotive hobby.

NMTARC was founded in January of 2002 to encourage and support members of the New Mexico Tech student body interested in any form of auto racing. Our club participates in racing events across New Mexico and is competititve in both autocross and drag racing. We are currently supported by the NMT Student Government Association and the hard work of our members. NMTARC is one of the most active student clubs at New Mexico Tech.


NMT Off Road Club (NMTORC)

The New Mexico Tech Offroad Club (NMTORC) provides students – and everyone else – with an environment essential for safe and fun four wheeling, whether it is Rockcrawling, Mudbogging, or Baja Racing. We make it a goal to know our local trails, help develop new ones, and inform people of the four-wheeling opportunities that are available around Socorro. We organize Trail Runs nearly every week, anyone – student or not – is invited to attend Trail Runs/Trail Builds, Meetings, or Wrenching Parties. Aside from our weekly trail runs, NMTORC organizes/hosts the NMT Mudbog held during Spring Fling. To get involved with the NMT Offroad Club visit our website/forum and introduce yourself.


National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE)



The parkour club is devoted to making a parkour/free-running community at New Mexico Tech. We want everyone interested in trying to be able to learn and have a supporting community available to them. We also want to ensure the safety of those who are willing to learn by providing a safe environment to learn in as well as help from experienced members.


PC Gaming Club

The PC Gaming Club of New Mexico Tech is an excuse for nerds to get together and do what they do best: play video games, avoid sunlight, and be opinionated. We shall host PC Gaming events on the last Saturday of every month.


Pre-Health Proffessionals


Queer Association of Socorro Area Residents (QuASAR)

QuASAR (Queer Association of Socorro Area Residents) is a club based upon the principle of love, respect, and acceptance despite sexual orientation or gender identity. We are a club dedicated to increasing awareness and instilling pride and security within the LGBTQ community of the Socorro area through social interaction and volunteering our time to benefit various LGBTQ-affiliated organizations. We offer education of sexual identity through the use of literature and guest speakers, and advice for those who seek it.




Society of Automotive Engineers

The Society of Automotive Engineers is a club where students can get together and become more informed about student opportunities, network, and a select group of members will be able to travel around the state for more personal opportunities of networking or possible internship and job opportunities in the automotive industry. The purpose of this Organization shall be to promote an educational environment focusing on learning the principles of automotive engineering. These principles include, but are not limited to, design, manufacturing, testing, business, and teamwork skills. This purpose will be achieved through the design and build of various automotive and aeronautics engineering projects, the inclusion of professional speakers with experience in the field, and guidance provide by faulty members with knowledge of the engineering disciplines. Success in competition projects this organization undertakes. Projects will include competitions in the Aerospace, Automotive, and Commercial Vehicle industries.

Club Advisor: Nadir Yilmaz (

Club President: Kyle Benalil (

Vice President/Treasurer: Jake James (


Society of Creative Anachronism

[/expand title]


Search and Rescue

Search and Resuce is a club geared towards introducing students and faculty members to search and rescue activites in the state of New Mexico. Club members will have the opportunity to build and practice skills including map and compass orienteering, radio communication, search gear and clothing, personal safety, and group search techniques as used by actual voluntters during real search and rescue missions. No special skills or equipment are needed to join! Just bring your enthusiasm and get ready to learn how you can make a difference, “so that others may live.”


Society of Economic Geologists (SEG)


Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE)

The Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE) is a professional group on campus with a student chapter. The club is dedicated to being a resource of knowledgeable and talented students to market to companies and graduate schools. We display our abilites at our national conference, which is the largest Hispanic conference in the nation. Even though a large focus of SHPE is dedicated to the national conference where we find internships or even job offers, is to be a member of the Tech community. Previously, we have organized and hosted an information session sponsored by Intel, which was great in giving the tech community exposure to technological companies, looking to hire Tech students. In the past we have held successful breakfast burrito sales to nourish our fellow classmates. For the current school year we are planning to conduct an event for the Science Olympiad and host several taco/burrito sales. We have sent several members to help with the MESA competitions in Albuquerque, and hope to repeat that this year. Though SHPE may have Hispanic in its name, the club invites all members to participate and have the benefits of being a national member.


Society of Physics Students (SPS)

Physics Club’s purpose is to educate people of all ages about the wonders of physics, to cooperatively build the tools for educating people, and to keep it’s own members informed. Physics Club normally meets biweekly in the Physics Club Room (Workman 108).


Society of Technical Communicators Trinitite (STC)

The Trinitite Student Chapter is dedicated to providing Technical Communication (TC) resources for New Mexico Tech (NMT) TC majors and minors, as well as the entire NMT student population. Interested students (and professionals) can find resources, solutions, jobs, and professional connections with the Trinitite Student Chapter. Each semester, Trinitite Chapter offers a variety of workshops, speakers, and trips open to all who are interested.


Society of Women Engineers (SWE)

The Society of Women Engineers (SWE) New Mexico Tech chapter is a club that encourages and promotes women in science and engineering. SWE is open to all majors, and you do not need to be a female to join – as long as you support women being in nontraditional fields. SWE puts great emphasis on outreach events, where the objective is to expose female students to both science and engineering at a young age. SWE has planned various events for this upcoming year. To promote outreach, SWE organizes an event called SWEet Future, where several departments present demos to younger students to expose and gain their interests in chemistry, physics, biology, and a demo is presented up at EMRTC. SWE also helps judge the Science Fair and puts on a workshop for Science Olympiad during the Spring Semester. SWE is responsible for the Pink Pong in October, which raises money to donate to the Susan G. Komen Foundation for breast cancer research. SWE also takes part in Mud Mission every semester, which is a service project where students re-mud the walls of the San Miguel church in Socorro, NM. Along with outreach and volunteering, SWE puts on several fundraisers to help with costs when attending conferences every year. There is an upcoming conference in Baltimore, MD, taking place in October 24-26. This is the National SWE Conference, and it is an event where SWE members can network with a larger recruitment pool, and be able to interact with other SWE members throughout the nation. To help with costs, SWE is currently selling t-shirts and also puts on a Valentine’s Day sale during the Spring Semester.


St. Patricks Newman

The Newman Association is a community of Catholic worship which is dedicated to giving support and direction to students, staff, and faculty at the New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology (New Mexico Tech).


Teas Around the World (Tea Club)

Our first official semester was Spring 2011, and we hope to succeed long enough to be called one of the most amazing clubs at New Mexico Tech.

Our goal is for people to be able to get together and get a taste of all the different kinds of tea available to the world at large.

We meet at least once a week in order to bring all the teas we have collected and to try new ones. At each meeting we provide hot water, tea, strainers, and cups for anyone interested.

If people have suggestions, we are open to them. During meetings we have general discussions about tea involving: how it is made, the best way to prepare different kinds, personal thoughts on different kinds, etc. We hope everyone enjoys tea and has a wonderful time at New Mexico Tech.



Tech Amateur Radio Association (TARA)

TARA is an organization that wants to get people on the air through Amateur Radio. Amateur Radio, more affectionately called Ham Radio, is the hobby of using frequency bands that have been reserved by the FCC for communications between Ham Radio Operators. Uses of Ham frequencies range from Voice, TV, Data, Morse Code, and applications range from disaster relief, search and rescue to bouncing signals off the moon! TARA will help individuals that are interested in obtaining or upgrading their Ham Radio Operators licenses to get certified. A Ham Shack will be made available to licensed club members and we will be working on rebuilding the old Ham Radio infrastructure that New Mexico Tech had in the past. These frequencies were set aside for you, don’t let them just be static!



Transvestite Preservation Society (TPS)




Volcano Lunch

Volcano Lunch is a club comprised of students, faculty, and staff who meet approximately every other Friday at noon for lunch and discussion of a volcano‐related topic by a speaker. Speakers in the past have included students, professors, and guests outside of Tech who have addressed a wide variety of multi‐disciplinary topics.


Waffle Club

The Waffle Club is one of the world’s greatest phenomena, indeed, perhaps the eighth wonder of the modern age: a club devoted to waffles. Do not feel unworthy—the Waffle Club is as casual as it is majestic. Join us at 10:30 on Thursday evenings outside of the Fidel Center near the Health and Counseling entrance for Waffles, and join us ’49ers weekend for the greatest rave of the semester.



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Aditi Natesa-Belly Dance and Drums