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Information Session

Come to the Info session and find out what SFS has to offer! Meet current SFS students, the PI of the program, and get your questions answered!

The next Info session is:                        
To be determined.
Contact Dr. Liebrock or Dr. Shin for information.


Each student in the program may be supported for up to two years for a BS or MS or up to three years for BS and MS together or PhD. The benefits are:

Stipend: An undergraduate will be paid a stipend of $20,000 per academic year. An Master's student will be paid a stipend of $25,000 per academic year. An PhD student will be paid a stipend of $30,000 per academic year.

Tuition: Applicable tuition and fees, including any out-of-state and graduate student fees, will be paid on behalf of the scholarship recipients.

Professional Development: Additional support funds will be provided to cover the cost of SFS career fair travel and conference travel/professional development up to $3000 per year.

Each student will have a laptop computer made available to them shortly after beginning the program.

Each student will participate on research projects investigating issues on information assurance.

Each student will participate in the SFS professional development course every semester to prepare for government service.

Each student will have access to the NMT SFS parallel computing facility.

Each student work directly with Dr. Liebrock and their student cohort on research.

Requirements and Eligibility

The SFS program awards new scholarships for each semester, subject to availabilty of funds. April 15th is the standard fall application deadline and November 1st is the stardard deadline for spring, but the application process is competitive, so applicants should contact Dr. Liebrock before applying. Applicant presentations are normally scheduled for late April and late November.

Under exceptional circumstances, students may be admitted at other times.

Students can be in the program for one to three years, but are required to graduate within that time frame and then begin a period of paid service to the federal government equal to the time for which they received scholarship support.