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Current SFS Students

Jesse Crawford

Viet Le


Jennifer Lente

Omar Soliman

Current SFS Students Seeking Placement

Patrick Fort

Placed SFS Students

Samuel Ashmore

Heather Bitsoi


David Burton

Margarita Castillo


Eric Cornelius

Chad Cravens


James Curry

Ashley Dearie


Victor Echeverria

Robert Erbes


Paul Ferrell

John Franks


Barry Gavrich

Misty Gottlieb


Curtis Hash

Cheyenne Hollowhorn


Carlisle House

David Hudson


Harley Kozushko

William Kwan


James Lee

Richard Logalbo


Aaron Lovato

Joseph Maurer


Kyle McCready

Scott Miller


Juston Moore

Michael Overton


Justin Pope

Ronald Prine


D Quist

Gordon Rueff


George Schmaltz

Moses Schwartz


Mayuri Shakamuri

Chris Smith


Steve Sones

Aaron Soto


Sherry Thomas

Vincent Urias


Cynthia Veitch

Ryan Ware


James Wernicke

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