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Requirements and Eligibility

The requirements for each student in the program and the eligibility criteria are:

  • Each student must be a United States citizen.
  • Each student must be a full time student within two years of graduation at NMT with a Baccalaureate, Master's, or within three years of graduation with both a Baccalaureate and Master's or Ph. D. degree in an appropriate discipline.
  • Each student must have and maintain a GPA of 3.0 or higher (for undergraduate students) or 3.5 or higher (for graduate students).
  • Each student must be and remain in good standing with a submitted application to NMT.
  • Each student must have at least two years of experience in information assurance before their graduation.
  • Each student must meet selection criteria for federal employment. Final job placement generally requires a security clearance, so each scholarship recipient may be required to undergo the background investigation required to obtain such clearances.
  • During the summer between the academic years in the program, each student will be placed in an internship position at a federal agency or federally funded project.
  • Upon graduation, each student will be required to work at least one year at a federal agency for every year or partial year of support. The period of federal services matches the scholarship support period, with a minimum of at least one year.

  • You may wish to view a formal service agreement last updated on 8/22/12 to get a better idea of what to expect. Please note that this agreement may not be an exact replica of what applicants will be signing.

Application Process

Both graduate and undergraduate scholarships are allowed, but all participants must be enrolled full-time in a degree seeking program that results in a BS, MS, or Ph.D. degree within two or three years of the initial date of scholarship funding. Only students enrolled in disciplines directly related to computer system security are eligible. All students will be completing disciplinary NMT degrees, but student must also take information assurance courses every semester and particpate in additional activities that are specially created for SFS students.

Applicants will be required to present a topic of their choosing about information assurance and security as part of the application process. Applicants should submit their entire application in a sealed envelope.

To be considered each applicant to NMT's SFS program must provide the following:

  • Letter expressing interest in the SFS program that states your citizenship status and indicates an understanding of the two or three year degree seeking nature of the program, the mandatory summer internship(s), and the service commitment to the federal government after graduation. Include:
    • The chosen title of your presentation about information assurance and security.
    • Number of years of support requested (1 or 2 (for BS or MS) or 3 (for BS+MS or PhD)).
    • Terminal degree(s) (i.e., BS in Computer Science, or BS in Technical Communication and MS in Computer Science with Information Technology Option).
  • Copy of transcripts of all college work.
  • A formal resume.
  • Statement of purpose and description of goals in your degree program, and the field of interest within Information Assurance. Include your goals with respect to the agency(ies) that you would like to work for.
  • Recommendation letters from at least two faculty members or employment managers familiar with your background.

Send complete applications in a single package to:

    Scholarship for Service
    Attn: L.M. Liebrock
    New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology
    Computer Science and Engineering Department
    801 Leroy Place
    Socorro, NM 87801
    If you have questions or concerns please contact: Dr. Liebrock