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Samuel Ashmore


Personal Statement:

I graduated from New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Science. I was accepted into the Scholarship for Service Program. I am involved in Information Assurance (Intrusion Detection, Secure Wireless, or Computer Authentication).

I worked at Sandia National Labs for three years in their Cyber Security Division. In this group I was responsible for many projects in the field of Computer Authentication. During my time at Sandia National labs, I had been on many projects that have helped out my teamwork skills. Also in my free time I had been a mentor for New Mexico Adventures in Supercomputing Challenge. I participated in this competition for four years before college, and each year I was a finalist which culminated in second place for my project on Steganography my senior year.


"Waiter! There's a Message in My Soup!" - Uncovering Steganography


SFS Candidacy Presentation: Cyber Security Authentication Methods, May 13, 2005