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Ryan Ware

Phone: (505) 835-6569

Personal Statement:

I graduated from New Mexico Tech with a B.S. in Computer Science and a B.S. in Mathematics in May 2007. I am interested in the field of information assurance.

I am most interested in network security, both attack and defense, and digital forensics. I have had some experience in both of these fields. I have done research on some of the current uses of neural networks with intrusion detection systems and have worked on a project, with a partner, using neural networks to evaluate network traffic features.

I took digital forensics courses focusing on the parallelization of forensic analyses. I also took a class on visualization in which I learned about current tools and techniques for visualization and did a group project advancing some aspect of the field.

I had an internship with the Advanced Course in Engineering (ACE) Cyber Security Boot Camp in which we learned about a variety of information security related topics including: information warfare, policy and legal issues, cryptography, network attack and defense, digital forensics, covert channels, and wireless security. We also had weekly sessions to introduce us to network attack tools and techniques. At the end of the program, we had the opportunity to put what we learned to use in a two day "hack fest" during which we had to attack two opposing teams as well as defend our own computers.