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Margarita Castillo


Personal Statement:

I received my Bachelors of Science in September 2004 and completed most of the coursework for a Masters of Science in 2007 in Computer Science with an emphasis in Information Technology. I have been also working full-time with University of New Mexico Hospitals (UNMH) where I am the Manager of Security Operations. I have been employed with the UNMH Security Department for the last 21 years. I initially began my employment as a Security Aide in 1984.

I am a Certified Protection Professional (CPP) and received the certification in November of 1995. I am quite proud of this achievement and what it represents. I have thoroughly enjoyed my job in physical security but am very excited about transitioning into the information security aspect. My focus as a student at New Mexico Tech was on Information Assurance. To enhance this knowledge, I had also been mentoring in the UNMH Information Security Department when I was not attending classes.