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Harley Kozushko

Phone: (443) 867-0694

Personal Statement:

I graduated from the Computer Science Department at New Mexico Tech in Socorro, NM in May 2004. I have gained experience in Digital Forensics, developing and exploring new attempts at collection and preservation of Digital Evidence. Along the way I have used and developed some forensic toolkits. Among these, I have used Penguin Sleth, KNOPPIX, and a windows based toolkit that was designed at Sandia National Labs. My research interests include the field of network security, installing and maintaining network and host-based intrusion detection systems or working with digital forensics.


Digital Evidence Paper

Intrusion Detection Paper

Remote Network Bottleneck Diagnosis Abstract


Graduate Seminar: Digital Evidence Slideshow, Fall 2003

Graduate Seminar: Intrusion Detection Presentation, November 28, 2003

MD5 Presentation

CS 589 (Internet Protocol and Performance Analysis) Project: Remote Network Bottleneck Diagnosis Presentation, November 21, 2003