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Opportunities in Computer Security and Information Assurance

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What the Federal CyberCorps Scholarship for Service Program Offers

New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology (NMT) has received a National Science Foundation (NSF) grant that provides support for outstanding students studying in all fields of information assurance, including computer security, network security, security policy, and cryptography. The NSF Federal CyberCorps Program offers Scholarship for Service (SFS) fellowships for graduate and undergraduate students studying a variety of disciplines including Management, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering or any other discipline that directly applies to computer security. All students receive fellowship stipends, tuition and fees, support for professional development, and a computer system.

About the Scholarship for Service Program

"Cybersecurity is arguably the most important challenge confronting society in the information age. Neither governments nor individuals are exempt from the ravages of malicious cyber acts upon imperfect technologies. Posing cyber conflict solely in terms of classic attackers and defenders shortchanges the diversity and subtlety of the motivations, incentives, ethics, asymmetries, and strategies of the constituent actors and players in cyberspace. The intelligent adversary, whether human or software, learns and evolves to exploit, disrupt, and overpower. Addressing this challenge requires a coordinated multi-disciplinary approach, contributing to the body of knowledge on cybersecurity in multiple disciplines, and leading to practical, deployable technologies. These efforts require an innovative and efficient cybersecurity education system that will create the unrivaled cybersecurity workforce critical to US national security, continued economic growth and future technological innovation in secure cyberspace."*

Scholarship for Service is an initiative funded by the National Science Foundation committed to aid in the protection of America's critical information infrastructure by training exemplary students in information security and information assurance related fields, and then placing them with federal agencies. By working with certified Centers of Academic Excellence for Information Assurance Education (CAE/IAE), of which the New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology is one, the SFS program ensures that highly qualified, trained, and motivated individuals are available for employment with any federal agency that requires their services.

The Scholarship for Service program at the New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology attracts a diverse, interdisciplinary group of students drawn from fields including computer science, information technology, electrical engineering, mathematics, and management. Their interests range from theoretical, research oriented topics, to the practical matters of implementing various aspects of information assurance, to questions of policy and management.

Students in the SFS program have specialized in the following areas:
    Digital Forensics
    Health Systems Security
    Enterprise Security
    Operating system security
    Regulation and policy construction
    Reconfigurable and adaptive systems
    Systems and security administration
    Intrusion detection
    Corporate policy analysis and development
    Vulnerability analysis
    Malware detection and containment
    Wireless security
    Biometrics and bioinformatics

Each student, in addition to training in general information security and information assurance topics and research in his or her field, is also expected to be able to communicate the results of his or her research to an audience of specialists and non-specialists. Communication and presentation skills are considered to be an integral component of the professional development of New Mexico Tech's SFS students.

Currently, New Mexico Tech has SFS students available for permanent placement immediately and at the end of the spring semester, as well as students seeking summer internships. For more information about New Mexico Tech, Scholarship for Service, or to find students to meet particular placement needs, contact Dr. Lorie Liebrock (or (575)835-6729).

* "CyberCorps(R): Scholarship for Service (SFS)" Program Solicitation NSF 14-510.