Workshop Presentations

2013-14 Fall Workshop Presentations

Arbitration - Dr. Dave Johnson
   Arbitration PowerPoint Presentation
   Report of Arbitration Form (doc format)
   Report of Arbitration Form (PDF format)

Entomology - Dr. Carol Sutherland
   Entomology PowerPoint Presentation

Heredity and Genetics- Dr. Rebecca Reiss
     Heredity and Genetics Presentation (PDF format)
   Example Questions
      Question 1 (PDF format)
      Question 2 (PDF format)
      Question 3 (PDF format)
      Question 4 (PDF format)

2012-13 Fall Workshop Presentations

Shock Value Presentation - Dr. Len Duda

Write It Do It Samples - Anita Cates / Jerry Leischner

MagLev Presentation - Dr. Carlos Lopez-Carrillo

Keep the Heat / Thermodynamics - Brian Stanley, Tau Beta Pi

Gravity Vehicle Presentation - Dr. Robert Abernathy

Mouse Trap Presentation - Dr. Robert Abernathy





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