Undergraduate Program


Bachelor of Science in Psychology


Psychology Courses:

PSY 121 (3)

PSY 205 (4)

PSY 472 (1)

Two courses (with associated labs) chosen from among

PSY 301 (4)

PSY 305 (4)

PSY 309 (4)

15 additional credit hours in psychology


Biology Courses:

BIOL 111 (4)

112 (4)

And at least six (6) upper‐division credits in Biology, exclusive of BIOL 471 or 472


Math Courses:

MATH 283 (3) or 483 (3)



At least four (4) additional credit hours beyond the General Education Core Curriculum (click here) and above the Psychology requirements selected from among Biology, Computer Science, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Physics.


Electives to complete 130 credit hours


Students intending to major in psychology should complete PSY 121 and 205 by the end of their sophomore year. They are advised to complete the biology and mathematics requirements as early as possible since material from these courses will be used in upper‐division courses.


Minor in Psychology


Minimum credit hours required—20

The following courses are required:

PSY 121 (3),

PSY 205 (4)

PSY 301 (4) or PSY 305 (4) or PSY 309 (4)

9 additional credit hours in psychology


Students may also do an option in Cognitive Neuroscience as part of the Biomedical Sciences Program.




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