Mission Statement

  1. Teacher enhancement - Training of teachers in the mathematics and science content areas will enrich the classroom experience of students, with the expectation of increased math and science literacy of all students and increased student interest in math and science careers. This is especially true for pre-college and Advanced Placement curricula as MST courses emphasize current and updated information and teaching methods. Importantly, NMT faculty follow-up permits continued MST student and faculty interaction, thus sustaining and reinforcing concepts and information delivered during MST coursework. MST graduates have traditionally continued taking NMT courses as a means of staying up-to-date on advances in STEM.

  2. Community outreach - As a public institution of higher education, New Mexico Tech has an obligation to serve the citizens of the state. The Master of Science for Teachers Program provides an opportunity for New Mexico Tech to provide high quality graduate science and math education to educators statewide and opens communication between NMT faculty, MST students AND their students. This is notably important for MST students from rural areas and for teachers wishing to enhance their own course content and diversity.

  3. Recruitment - Educators who participate in the Master of Science for Teachers Program are genuine spokespersons for New Mexico Tech, often encouraging their own students to attend the university following high school graduation. It is also significant that MST graduates are important liaisons, acting to promote the MST Program to other teachers.