The MST program is designed to provide graduate‐level classroom and laboratory instruction for teachers of science, mathematics, engineering, and/or technology.   The emphasis of the courses is on content, rather than pedagogy.  MST students are encouraged to develop laboratory exercises, demonstrations, and teaching methods from the course content and apply these as projects in their own classrooms during the academic year.  Courses for the participants are offered in a variety of disciplines and are taught by New Mexico Tech faculty.   Classes build on fundamental principles and offer new concepts and novel teaching methods.  Courses are offered throughout the year via distance instruction and as live courses on the New Mexico Tech campus and around the state.



Program Prerequisites:

An individual with at least one year of teaching experience may apply for admittance into the MST Program.  The Program encourages individuals to hold a valid teaching certificate when appropriate.


Transfer Credit Policy:

 A maximum of 12 credit hours of course work with grade B or better, earned at another accredited institution, may be approved by the student’s advisory committee for transfer to the MST program.  To be approved, credits must not have been used to satisfy the requirements for a previous degree.  Transfer credits can include upper‐division undergraduate or graduate credit in science, mathematics, engineering, and/or technology.  Transferred credits may include up to six credit hours of professional education courses in areas generally appropriate to this program.  Requests for evaluation of transfer credit hours must be made in writing to the program coordinator and must include the transfer credit form and official transcripts.


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