Independent Study (IS)


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  1. An IS provides the student with an opportunity to engage in a plan of study under the supervision of NMT Faculty to (a) explore in more depth or detail an area to which the student has been introduced in previous courses or in the field of science-based education and (b) contribute to the knowledge content and/or the application of the knowledge content of the selected area.
  2. An IS is intended to be a project initiated by the student and designed in conjunction with his/her advisory committee.
  3. An IS Plan is normally developed when the student takes ST 529 - Research and Documentation (a required course).


Procedure for Registering for an IS (must be completed in first registration):


  1. The student determines the content and focus of the IS in conjunction with his/her advisory committee and prepares a one-page description of the IS.
  2. The student presents the IS plan to the committee for its review and approval. Changes will be made to obtain unanimous approval before commencing with the IS.


Time Requirement:


  1. The student should plan on spending a minimum of 180 hours on the IS.
  2. It is recommended that the IS and Seminar be completed over a period of one year (3 semesters). This is especially the case for a learning study that generally involves writing, teaching, evaluating, and revising curriculum.
  3. The “deadlines related to degree completion and graduation” as published by the Graduate Office must be adhered to; exceptions must be justified to the Graduate Dean by the advisor. Please note that the first draft of the IS must be submitted to the advisor by the middle of the semester in which the student plans to graduate.
  4. It is the student’s responsibility to schedule all meetings and to distribute materials prior to the meetings. The MST Coordinator will assist as requested.


Content Requirements:


The IS must be original work contributing to the field of science-based education. The student must adhere to all copyright laws including obtaining permission to use copyrighted material.




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