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MST Courses


  • MST courses are offered during the summer in five two-week, intensive segments. Typically, a course from each distribution area (Math, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Geology, and Engineering/Computer Science/Economics) is offered during each session, depending on the anticipated enrollment. These courses may run the entire two weeks or for only one week. Students may register for as many or as few courses as they like each summer, but they may only take one course in any given time period.
  • The majority of courses during the academic school year are offered via distance learning or live in population centers (i.e Albuquerque).
  • Most MST courses are two credit hours, meeting at least 30 contact hours. One credit hour courses must meet at least 15 contact hours. Only in rare circumstances are MST classes more that 2 credits, usually in the case of extended summer research situations. Students should expect to spend 45-60 hours per credit hour.
  • Courses are added to the program based on the expressed desires of the students, faculty availability, and on the needs perceived by the MST Advisory Committee. All courses must be recommended first by the MST Advisory Committee Member most versed in the subject matter and then approved by the committee. The Graduate Council and The Faculty Senate must then approve the new offering.
  • Required MST Courses are typically offered every semester. These courses are offered via Distance Learning or in a population center in fall and spring. They are offered as live on-campus courses (or in a population center) during the summer. Survey of Physics is offered in the Summer ONLY on the NMT Campus. Every effort is made to offer every course at least once every year.
  • For many courses, students may earn one additional credit by registering for a Directed Study. This study is carried out during the following academic semester and usually involves research into a subject area or application of course materials into the student’s own classroom. Directed Studies each carry different learning objectives and must be agreed upon in writing by both the student and instructor.
  • Full course descriptions for MST courses can be found in the NMT catalog. Current course descriptions can be found on-line, along with prerequisites and distribution area requirement satisfaction.
  • Special weekend workshops are offered throughout the year to introduce students to new concepts. These are generally 2-3 day intensives offered for one credit hour.
  • Augmenting the traditional MST Program are Special Research and Travel Opportunities presented as funding permits.
  • MST students are encouraged to participate in current research projects with MST faculty, enhancing their graduate experience and providing research opportunities for their own students.
  • To enhance faculty-MST student-K-12 student communication and learning, NMT offers the Consulting Scientist Program, in which Tech faculty visit high schools, middle schools, and junior colleges to give talks and work with teachers and their students. This program complements the MST outreach efforts, and helps with special projects as well as meeting with classes to give a topical presentation. This also gives NMT faculty a better idea of teachers' needs, and puts high school students directly in touch with college faculty. This program is coordinated through the NMT Admission Office.

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