Members of the Strategic Planning Committee

Barreras Ross, Luz, Office of the Registrar
Bond, Robert, Electrical Engineering
Chamberlin, Louise, Auxiliary Services
Chapin, Chuck, Bureau of Mines and Mineral Resources
Cortez, Jose Luis, EMRTC
Fernandez, Herb, Institutional Development
Goodwin, Laurel,Earth and Environmental Science
Jaramillo-Fleming, Melissa, Admission Office
Johnson, Dave, Earth and Environmental Science
Kieft, Tom, Biology
Lee, Robert, PRRC
Lopez, Dan, Office of the President
Minschwaner, Ken, Physics
Nye, Emily, Humanities
Olsen, Gary, Academic Affairs
Ortega, Richard, Office for Advancement
Peck, Alison, Graduate Student Association
Peterson, Denny, Administration and Finance
Popp, Carl, Academic Affairs
Raymond, Dave, Physics
Romero, Carlos, Student Body
Romero, Van, Research and Economic Development
Stone, Bill, Mathematics
Topliff, Mike, TCC
Torres, Mona, Research and Economic Development
Welborn, Joleen, Student Association
Weinkauf, Don, Petroleum and Chemical Engineering
Wilson, John, Earth and Environmental Science
Yee, Carole, Humanities
Yodaiken, Victor, Computer Science

Shoemaker, Paul, Facilitator
Eiland, Kim, Recorder

All members of the committee

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