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Undergraduate Program - General Information

Financial Aid, Scholarships & Employment

The Society of Petroleum Engineers has many regional sections such as the Four Corners Petroleum Section, the Dallas Section of the Society of Petroleum Engineers, and the Society of Petroleum Engineers Alaska Section. These sections offer financial aid in the form scholarships to students enrolled in a field of engineering or science related to the petroleum industry.

Scholarships are based on scholastic achievement, financial need, industry involvement, and recommendations. These scholarships are offered annually based on available funds.

Because some of the sections do not have an official section website, you may contact the New Mexico Tech Petroleum and Chemical Engineering Department for criteria and deadline for application. You may also click on the Scholarships link for more information.

The Petroleum Department occaisionally hires students on a part-time basis.

In addition to the financial aid offered through New Mexico Tech, the Petroleum Engineering Department can also help support an undergraduate student through departmental work-study; thus gaining valuable exposure to petroleum engineering. In addition, there are scholarships from outside companies or organizations. Eligibility criteria for these funds varies.

There are also cooperative programs that employ students for summer internships or on a part-time basis. These positions may result in permanent full-time employment upon graduation.

Please consult your application packet for a detailed outline of all possible financial aid available to you.


The Langdon B. Taylor Award is given to a student who has rendered outstanding service to the student chapter of the Society of Petroleum Engineers.

Career Services/Recruiting

Career Services are available to you to assist in finding employment whether cooperative, summer or full-time permanent positions.

The Career Services department maintains a library of career and employment opportunities, keeps student placement records, coordinates on-campus interviews, and helps you prepare a winning resume.