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Scholarship Information

2015-16 Scholarships:

NMT Petroleum Engineering Undergraduate & Graduate Students:

  • Check back later for new announcements.

  • Current Graduate Students

  • Check back later for new announcements.

  • SPE International Fellowship. CANCELLED FOR 2016. Apply online through spe.org.

  • Current Undergraduate Students

  • Applications are EMAILED to eligible students. Be sure to check your email and adhere to the deadlines.

  • Denver SPE Scholarship. Awarded Spring 2017.

  • SPE Roswell Scholarship Awarded Spring 2017. Fall 2017 TBA.

  • Not Available. ALRDC Scholarship.

  • Chevron Scholarships DEADLINE September 1.

  • AADE Dallas/Ft. Worth. Awarded Spring 2015/Fall 2015.

  • Fagan Scholarship Applications TBA Spring 2017.

  • Not Available. Schwering Roughneck Scholarship.

  • Capitol Bar/Earl DeBrine Awarded Spring 2016.

  • Dallas SPE Applications Awarded Fall 2017/Spring 2018.

  • SPE International Star Scholarship. CANCELLED FOR 2016. Apply online through spe.org.

  • As scholarship announcements appear, you will be able to review the criteria here. ALL applications are turned in to Karen (MSEC 300A) by the posted department deadlines.

  • SUCCESS! Building an Endowment. The NMT AADE Student Chapter, with efforts from MANY donors, sponsors, faculty, staff, students, alumni, industry and the Kamas Family, has successfully built the Josh Kamas Memorial Endowment to an amount over $16,000. A second Josh Kamas Memorial Scholarship will be awarded to an NMT AADE student member April 2015. THANK YOU!

    Prospective Students

    Gus Archie Scholarship Program

  • The Gus Archie Memorial Scholarship is supported by the Archie Fund of the SPE Foundation and awards an outstanding student who plans to enter a university and pursue an undergraduate degree in petroleum engineering. The student will receive $6,000 per year for up to four years of university study.

  • The application is available online through spe.org. You will need to create a login to apply. Application deadline April 30 every year.

  • Apply Here

    For all scholarships, read the instructions carefully to make sure that you are eligible and that you include all required materials. If the scholarship says you must be a member, be sure your membership information is current and have renewed your membership by December 31!

    Unless otherwise stated, all materials must be delivered in person to MSEC 300A - emailed submissions will not be accepted.

    Call Karen at 575.835.5412 or email for more information.