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Featured Alumni - 03/08

Veronica Stevenson

Dr. Engler and Veronica Stevenson at the 2007 49'ers Golf Scramble

Veronica (da Costa) Stevenson is GOM / Gulf Coast Production and Reservoir Manager at Red Willow Production Company, where she is responsible for overseeing and coordinating partner-operated drilling and production operations along the Gulf Coast and in the Gulf of Mexico. She also coordinates reservoir engineering, reserves and budgeting for the operated and OBO properties. Prior to joining Red Willow in 2006, Ms. Stevenson worked for several exploration and production companies in a variety of engineering assignments, both domestic and international. As a senior Petroleum Engineer, she has 29 years extensive experience and a diverse working knowledge of domestic onshore and offshore oil, gas, and retrograde gas-condensate reservoirs in Texas and Louisiana, California, Rocky Mountain and Mid-Continent basins.

Veronica was very active in the SPE student chapter at New Mexico Tech during her days as a student. During a time when the industry was glowing, she actively brought in speakers every month and organized many fundraisers and activities. She received the highest honor upon graduation. Several of Veronica's fondest memories include being the first student to receive the Langdon Taylor Award, and working with Tom Engler in Field Camp. "We were partners with 2 others," she explains, "mapping the highest peak of the pick near Taos." Veronica also played a role in the organization and creation in honoring "Lang," as Veronica calls him. "And then they turned the tables on me and made me the first recipient." Veronica is a regular attendee during 49ers weekend. She always joins the SPE at the golf course to catch up with students, faculty, and other alums. Veronica has also donated to the SPE student chapter on a regular basis, and donated to the 2007 Breast Cancer Fundraiser under the SPE student chapter. Her contribution helped the SPE bring in the highest donation from a student club, which resulted in winning a pizza party.

Bachelor of Science in Petroleum Engineering (BS): 1979

Below are some photographs from the late seventies Veronica sent us of the SPE Bong Show - the fundraiser talent show that was a take off of the Gong Show. This Bong Show had Mike Stogner as Host. The judges were Carl Popp, Gary Olsen and Colleen Mahoney (Meinke):

Top Photo: Mike Stogner, with bandmates Rex Moneymaker and Wade Kendall.

A large group of geos and engineers doing the Lumberjack parody from SNL.

They almost sawed the table in half when the judges did not like them.

Mike Stogner.

Mike Stogner and the judges.

The Vintage Vigilantes Band.

Ed Wynn and Mike Stogner.